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Thanks for the article, great insights! Just about confirms what I did already expect, but still very good to get some real facts from someone who’s not a dummy :)
The iOS part as of iOS 14 is good enough to have fun. 😬
What about iPadOS 14 and specific views only available on tablet, e.g. split view?
Not sure what? Sidebar stuff maps well to iPhone
AutoLayout crashes? In 2020??? SwiftUI should just copy React Native and use CSS flexbox 🙃🤔😅
That would likely be faster.
"The web is eating the world"
Browser engines don’t layout for seconds.
But only because there is cut-throat competition in the browser world. Which is sadly declining and becoming a Google Chrome engine only world. So the seconds waiting for something could return.
People click more on ads if the internet is fast. Chrome will stay fast because that directly correlates to more money for Google.
Have you seen the Chrome Dev Tools? They push (excessively imo) hard on web performance. The real risk is vendor-specific APIs leading to lock-in. We're already seeing it.
Great article, thanks!
So what you're telling me is I should build Mac apps with SwiftUI+Catalyst? :D
My *guess* is that Catalyst is the way forward on the Mac in the long run anyways. HomeKit for example is only available with Catalyst, not on AppKit.
Dang, you’re probably right.
TL:DR; use catalyst (AppKit support has many performance and stability issues). UIKit is getting better over time so hobby projects are probably okay, but production SwiftUI apps are a risk at best. Improvements are part of the OS, so your users will need to stay up-to-date.
Apple should have followed what Microsoft is doing with WinUI. UI bit will be detached from the OS.
We work with WinUI, it’s also buggy but promising!
"If you are curious about SwiftUI, please don’t let this stop your enthusiasm. It’s clearly the future at Apple and all these issues will be resolved within a few years." Seems like a long time to wait
Depending on complexity it might already be good enough - in my experience it takes always a few years until something is really good - be it Apple or another vendor.
I waited switching from objC to swift until we got swift4.0 with a stable abi. I’ll do the same for swiftui and wait till it becomes matured enough. As you said, it is good for hobby projects but not good enough for business.
Thank goodness, I thought it was just me.