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Got 40 identical iMessages from Apple at 2:16 AM today about the status of a repair, in case we’re wondering how the web services are doing
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How is that repair coming along? ;)
Is 40 better than radio silence? Apple's website system had no info about a recent repair that dragged on for weeks beyond the quoted time. Only by wading through their phone support was I able to find out any info; even then it was "Well, maybe we'll know in another week."
Did they tell you about Verizon 5G too?
“Family sharing will fix this”
Guarantees: At least once
Just had a similar experience. System was probably created by that outsourced IT shitshow they use for low priority stuff
Now that is customer service!
A conscience tech company would be pissed about this. They should be contacting you to understand how to reproduce and fix immediately.
I got these. All the same code from 2:24 to 4:30am 👀🤣
Happens to me too - 2FA codes show up in batches 6-12 hours later. And I’m on that fancy Verizon network Apple’s taken to bragging about 🤣
Same. It was incredibly annoying until I remembered I could silence that number. Ran on from 1:16 to 3:40 central.
I received 14 between 11.46 last night and 1.40 this morning. The good news is it’s repaired and at a UPS center 5 miles away. The bad news is, UPS is delaying the delivery under the false excuse of severe weather condition.
When this happened to me it turned out to be a whole warehouse shut down for Covid. 😳
Thanks for reaching out to our team. Please DM the details about your tracking number, contact phone number and complete address for assistance. ^AP
and I received 0 letting me know my repair was done and ready to pick up ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Wow, the web services must be doing amazing if they could send that many iMessages at once!
AppStore Connect has been a hot mess all week
They just want you to know that they're hard at work at 2:16 am
same here. hopefully the battery replacement on my iphone x will be swift regardless :-)
Did you receive these messages thanks to Verizon's ultrafast new 5g network?
I got 12 identical messages at 11:16 last night. They have had my Mac for a week.
If I get one of those messages, it’s game over for the thief
I also got this
If the status hasn’t changed, of course the message would be identical, duh!
Sounds like a cry for help