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“Podcasters have never created universally recognized open standards like the web. We haven’t effectively pushed tech platforms to evolve and serve creators. For most podcasters, there’s only one way to make a living: Sell ads.” By @HennsEggs: #Predix2021
Has independent podcasting peaked?
"The truth is that the old business model embraced by independent podcasters isn't sustainable — especially if you're trying to do ambitious rigorous journalism."
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What? I’ve listened to podcasts for a decade and this is simply not true.
I thought podcasts existed due to standards like RSS and MPEG? It can take a decade to create new standards. I was evangelising xAPI 10 yrs ago, it's almost at the point where it's about to become an IEEE standard now. What were you hoping to happen in a year? 😄
might have something to say about this - see his work with RSS 20 years ago. Sheesh, this would have taken about 8 seconds worth of research to check.
The RSS is open and incredibly flexible. The issue is that large platforms have created podcast clients that are not. Simple changes like supporting direct donation buttons on play cards are easy to write into an RSS feed but meaningless unless supported by platforms.
I'm talking about microscopic scale here, but I managed to have one of my podcast backed by a public library, and another one should be financed by a music school (still public) when the epidemic is over and we can do live recordings. But on a hyperlocal scale.
Research. Do you even know about podcasting? If you’re talking about the tech, talk to @DaveWiener & @adamcurry. They built it 100% open. If you’re talking about the business side, talk to @benthompson and the many before who do it 100% independent and don’t rely on advertising.
The RSS ecosystem is incredibly flexible. But the big platforms do not support user interactions that would enable interactive story telling or direct in-stream donation. @benthompson's model is great. It would be great if it were easier to emulate. Innovation at lightning speed
I love this index and love that you are marking it public. Have you done any work to identify duplicate feeds?