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Quick survey: what's your home internet speed and how much do you pay for it? (Bonus points for your city and provider if you want to share.)
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1000/1000 (more like 940/880), $59.99 after everything, AT&T, Murfreesboro, TN
100mbps - £25 (Inc tv and landline with bb). UK with virgin media
$130 (unlimited). 160Mbps/15Mbps. Cocks. Tucson, AZ. I am being screwed.
Oh wait yeah, forgot to say my AT&T includes unlimited (seriously underrated plan)
Gigabit up/down for $70 a month. Yes, in Pensacola. :p
This is basically the same for me, I am on CenturyLink fiber in Phoenix Arizona
Gigabit up/down £35 a month, Milton Keynes (England)
Vodafone Gigafast 😀
I'm getting conned then 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣.
Yeah, fttc best through them here.. Stuck on Virgin :(
Waiting for Hyperoptic but I'll be waiting a while. VM have a bloody monopoly on value
We got a bit lucky in MK, for ages we had awful awful broadband now most of the town can get FTTH through either VF or some through BT too
1 gig $79 wave broadband seattle
i should add that i pay a bit of an uplift to have no data cap
Bell Aliant / 1GBS / $90/mth / Halifax, NS.
250Mbit/25Mbit - £43 per month, Midlands, UK
400/20 $95/mo 🤬 @GetSpectrum Winston-Salem NC
Oooooooof, symetrical fiber is a requirement for any house I have from this point on
$95 for 400/20 is a rip off
You're telling me. There's a local provider @YadtelTelecom that's not quite in my area yet but has *way* better pricing. I've been pushing my neighbors to fill out their request form.
I feel that. For a while, Comcast was the only one in my area and we were paying $90 for 300/15. They’re the only two providers in my area. It’s nuts.
I can technically do Windstream or ATT, but both are basically DSL at my address
100/20 £35/month (Virgin Media UK)
200/10 $70 @GetSpectrum LA/OC California I so want to leave them but Frontier FIOS isn’t available in my block. Yes, block. It’s available down the road.
1 Gig Telus Fibre $97 a month on a 2 year contract. Will need to threaten to move to Shaw to keep that price when the 2 years roll around I assume. Edmonton, AB
60/20, and too goddamn much because there's no alternative
Eh, I'd rather live where I do in the middle of nowhere than where I used to live with fast broadband.
The UK gets so bloody screwed it's messed up man
Yeah and tbf where I lived before in Lincoln the network was so old I could get 350 down but upload as standard was 12.
Bell. fibe 50. $65. Windsor.
Rural Ontario, 1mb/s download 1 mb/s upload, ISP "Eh!Tel" - 70$ a month yes this is real lol
i live like 2 hours north west of toronto lol
luckily fibre is being put down in my area in june but the cost will go up 50$ approximately for 500up/500down
Gigabit up/down, Fios, NYC, $88.55/month after taxes etc
500 down, 50 up Wide Open West, Columbus, OH $44.99/month
It's a sweet deal. I recently left Spectrum. They were charging $84.99 for 400 down and 20 up. Spectrum has an app, better tech support, and slightly more stable network, but for $400/yr savings I'll diagnose my own Internet problems lol.
Rogers. Toronto. $97.
It’s .... yeah.
$70 a month Fiber through CenturyLink. This is at peak hours, via WiFi to a computer that is pretty far from the router. It's much faster with ethernet or next to the router. I've seen as high as 600 Mbps.
1000/1000 (technically 940), $64.99, CenturyLink, Seattle, WA.
Gigabit up and down from AT&T fiber. $60/mo in LA area
Sydney, Australia Provider - iiNet 100 down, 40 up AUD$99/month (CAD$97/month)
$75 / 100/15 Erie, PA/ Spectrum. Spectrum is the ONLY provider. There is a local fiber company but you have to be in very limited and certain neighborhoods. Covers maybe 1% Erie County. @VNET_IT
Phoenix, Az gigabit but it's really like 600-700 down. It's about a hundred bucks a monthly.
I pay $65 a month for CenturyLink here in Phoenix. For gigabit fiber
Believe me I am waiting for century link to get fiber in my neighborhood, I hate cox, I'd even settle for starlink when available at 100mbps to drop them.
Gigabit up/down, ISP - Xfinity, Location - Rochester Michigan, 106$ a month.
Rogers, Oshawa. 101 Mbps up, 11 Mbps down. $83 /mo.
Used to be $70/m for gigabit up and down in NYC. Now on $60/m for 500 up/down but usually get 800/600 with spectrum in SF! Fun fact, also used to pay $60+ each month for 80/20 in the UK 🙄
Yeah didn't realize the UK was such a broadband hellhole until now
80/20 was max for a long time b/c of limits of Openreach's infrastructure. It's not quite as bad now compared to when Nirave was a proper brit. Virgin's coverage has expanded. More FTTP. More competition from 3rd parties like Hyperoptic. And 80/20 is cheaper if that's your limit
Yep I only get 65/30 and no choice of Virgin or FTTP but I only pay £25 ($33) although I'd happily pay for a better connection if I could get one
$67.99 gig and no caps
Fido: $75/month for 150 down (but closer to 250/300 when using Ethernet) and 15 up - Pickering
I find my Fido speeds go down severely around 5pm.
Hmm, I haven't had the issue but I'm also using my Fido modem/router in bridge and using a Asus Router instead
Yeah that’s my setup as well. Asus ac86u.
I'm using the Asus ax11000 but sometimes there's a firmware update available for the Asus router and that sometimes fixes some issues
I had the same issues with my last ISP, so I don’t thinks it’s my router. It works fine at other times of the day.
Maybe it has to do with the Rogers/Fido line connection to your house from the junction box on your street
Down: Pay for 350Mbps. Get almost 400Mbps. Up: 40Mbps Doncaster, UK Virgin Media. Unlimited data. £50/m
165/165 (paying for 150 but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯). Around US$45/mo
1gb regularly get 875mbps In a very tech heavy household. Pay €45pm approx $55 based in Ireland
750 down, 200 up. $50.01 after taxes/fees. Cincinnati area, Cincinnati Bell (Fios). I wish it were symmetrical up/down, but it's hard to complain about these prices. We have competition in this area (Spectrum, etc.). I do call in every year to keep my price as it's "promotional."
Competition makes a huge difference. I've been paying $50 for well over a decade, but my speeds have gone up and up and up. Every time Spectrum sends me an offer that beats what I have, I take it to my ISP and they match it.
That said, I also give mad mad props to Cincinnati Bell. They do not throttle. At all. And they openly state that they abide by net neutrality principles.
600/150 fiber in central Illinois. $60/mo.
36 down, 10 up, no data cap for £24 (32 USD) in London, EE
Service Electric, 100/10, $80/mo. Cheapest we can get.
Pay: 200 down 20 up Actually get: 195 down 18ish up Cost: $70 USD Provider: Suddenlink by Altice Location: North East Arkansas
Alberta. Telus. 1gb/1gb 85 dollars
100/30 @ $80/mo for 1.2TB up from 1TB at start of covid), $30 per 100GB surcharge if you go over, or $130 for "unlimited" (which is somehow legalese for 5TB cap) in Boise ID.
100 Mbps download/7 Mbps upload with Unlimited data thru Access Communications in Regina, SK. $84.95/month less bundle discount of $10/month
$86/mo, 100 down 10 up, Charter, Oxford MA
Cox, like $240 forced TV/internet bundle ~100/10 speeds. Internet alone is like $90 with a 1TB data cap. $50 for unlimited.
100 down and 20 up. $54.99. @TekSavvyBuzz Fibre in Chatham Kent Ontario. No clue why they limit the upload to 20mbps. Its dumb.
100 down, 10 up Xfinity, Springfield OR $65
100/40 35 EUR, Berlin - Deutsche Telekom
That's expensive. I pay 25€ for 500/100 internet + cable in Lisbon.
oof uploading must be annoying
25€ (+25€ for unlimited Mobile plan) 100/30 VDSL. The Hague / T-Mobile
250Mbps plan, with Coextro in downtown Toronto for about $60.
Bell Fibe. 1Gb up and down. $64CAD/M. Montreal.
150 Mbits at ~50 € /mo - Austria
400/50 Charter Spectrum, $50-60, Asheville NC
500/100 Mbps Fiber Lisbon, Vodafone
And bonuses (all included for the same price): Dial-in TV - 140 channels Amazon Prime Video for 2 years HBO Max for 2 years FOX+ for 2 years
100 up and 100 down, $40/month with WaveG. Considered doing gigabit for $60 but didn’t need it!
2 Lines 70M/30 £32 200/20 £40
100 Mbps (only 5 Mbps up) $35/month with a year contract. Have to renegotiate every year. Xfinity (Comcast) in Englewood, CO (suburb of Denver)
Still on the FIOS promotion, 320/320Mbps tested $40/month Central PA
100/10, $50, Orlando, FL I'm trapped with Spectrum.
1Gbps up/down with At&t fiber for $100/month. Was $70 for the first 12 months.
$65 for 400/400 Verizon FiOS in NYC
In USD, about 30 bucks for 500/500 fiber on HKBN in HK.
*sorry meant HKT, not HKBN
5G 75$ a month with a 2 years commitment 😁 Country: Kuwait The speed = 🗑️⬆️+ ⬇️ 😁
UK- Vodafone Gigafast - Milton Keynes 500/500 £33 a Month
Over Wi-Fi
's craptastic network team "only" charges me $50/mo for 30/3 in Fort Worth, TX. Yep, 30/3. They're kind enough to charge my neighbors two streets over the same for 500/500 fiber, though, so it's OK. I hate AT&T. Passionately.
I think $135/496Download, Rockridge/Oakland,CA and I should be getting a 1GB in Vegas in a month for about $150 ooof😢
$45 for 1000/1000 AT&T Fiber in Sacramento
250mbit down 45mbit up, Telekom germany, 50 euros a month (with phone)
Gig up and down $70/month AT&T Ann Arbor, MI
Country matters or US only poll?
gigabit up/down for $80/mo, FiOS, hudson valley ny
same, same, Manhattan ny
200/20 $70/mo Spectrum in Orange, CA. not bundled with any other services. recently went up from $60/mo.
Unlimited 400/30 for $58/mo (after fees and taxes) with SuddenLink in Ruston, LA.
200/20 ~$55 (that includes a phone line and TV with some premium channels), with Claro in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Gigabit up and down, $70/mo, houston, at&t
1000 down / 250 up $45/month Cincinnati Bell Fioptics Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
300Mbps down / 30-40Mbps up. Xfinity (Comcast), Sacramento area, $99/mo.
Austin TX Google Fiber 1,000/1,000 $70/mo
Pay nothing, since living in dorm.
gig down, 40 up for $90/month (+$25 for unlimited). Comcast in San Jose, CA
500/20 - Cox Comms, Tulsa, $54.99/month.
(Up to) Gigabit Down and 50 Up, 20€ for 24 Month
1000/1000 uncapped for $74 a month with @sonic in SF. Super happy with them, as Americans say.
Gigabit, $70/mo in Turners Falls, Comcast
Claro $33 10 dwn/ 5 up, El Salvador.
16/4 on the best of days. Shitty af. At the collapsed black market Lebanese lira rate now, I pay $5, which is fine for that I s'pose. At the official rate, it's $30. Much less fine.
1GB up and down, £40 a month. So $54 US.
Edinburgh with Hyperoptic.
200down/20up Twinsburg Ohio Spectrum 200/ month
Claro, Brazil. 250/20. ~20 USD
fios gigabit. burbs of jersey. internet + cable bundle. $155.
100/100 mbit fiber, 35$ per month (in Sweden, on open municipal fiber where you can still choose from 20+ providers)
200/10, $100/mo, Cox. Las Vegas, NV
300/80 for $75/m SaskTel in a City population ~10k in Sask, Canada
30/60 included in the rent. Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany
876/37 (unlimited download) $120 per month Comcast - Bay Area
1000 down/1000 Up. 70$ Google Fiber - Irvine CA
1000/35 Comcast Bay area $90/mo 1.2TB cap
1Gb, 88€/Month, Dublin/Ireland, Virgin Media