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$THCB- still cant decide if this is big buyers playing games or we really gonna go to $8 on this one 🙄. I tend towards the former but sheesh this is brutal...
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what did i tell you 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
every single spac around NAV gets taken down
This may be for alternative reasons though, the way this moves I suspect hedge funds have significant interest in it whereas the others have been stuck at 10 forever and PIPE are the shorts... PIPE cant short this as THCB
I doubt we see $8 without a crash. I am buying here. Crazier things have happened but im willing to take the risk. Could just as easily go +30%
We may face added pressure here if PIPE wants to short it to lock in profit or avoid losses, if they believe it'll go they wont short it for at least tomorrow.
I am a bag holder on warrants and I feel it is going lower. I got out of my options last week after reading what @spacanpanman wrote about $THCB and redeployed to $SOFI $GENI
Its going to IPO on a Friday and their PR/prescence is non-existent. I do not think I can play it but still watching. Valuation isn't bad but its not a bargain like a MUDS.
look at faraday...pure rap today!
I hate to sound like a tin foil hat wearer but that pump in the pre-market smells like CHYNA lol... they were PIPE to an extent and we know they love to manipulate. ABSOLUTELY zero reason for 1M+ volume and to 20 for that turd.
I think we will see a +30%, so yes I think the big buyers are playing games.
1000000000% they are playing games. I would bet my house on it
How low can they play this game?
Hopefully a little while longer, while $sofi and $wish take off 😅 then I’ll go all in
I wont say a price but its lower... that's where I am willing to go... lol
See what happens over the next few weeks.
That valuation is looking better and better. Who else in this sector is trading at 1x 2025 EBITDA
Franky, no one cares about your 2025 projections, need to prove it first as a publicly traded company that you can hit earnings. Where are Microvasts Q1? Why didn't they release them? Incompetence (probably) or didn't look good?
I mean they do, that's literally the premise of a growth company and one of the main advantages of a spac. To lay out forecast not allowable via an ipo route. Why would Microvast need to disclose public accounts until they are public, meets US rules 🤷‍♂️
Most SPACs release their earnings in a sign of good faith. Now, are projections valuable sure but once you're a publicly traded company- you are a publicly traded company valued like anyone else. The projections are often just smoke and mirrors which retail bought into
The ones that rip come to market at a valuation LOWER than their peers or like a GHVI has potential because no other publicly traded company does what they do for their TAM... now that is, before it was just anything lol
Agreed, time will tell but we will know quite quickly as it's not a $qs saying no rev till 24 but revenue this year. Peers are difficult as some are bad and some are wishy washy but I think they have a good segment in the market
But I do believe they are a techie non fashionable company and PR doesn't interest them too much. I don't really care if they turn out to be profitable. Funds and big buyers will always be more valuable than retail
they released 2020 numbers and q1 2021 numbers
I know they released the final 2020 numbers but missed the 2021 Q1, was looking everywhere.. share if you can. Thanks... at the very least no press and no sharing with public could be buried in Docs and I missed...
If I remember correctly it's in the pre14a I made a tweet thread about it too
I reached my conclusion and pivoted stances about 1-2 weeks ago as we started falling across the board SPACs are overvalued using 2021 projections compared to peers, its why no one is buying them. THCB really has no comparisons as many do batteries in house and RMO sucks.
At this point $8 is a good thing. I mean, who the heck would sell now? It’s so low. What’s the point? Buy a massive dip at $8 and hold
Never ending short pressure and no buying volume does wicked things... agree though. A big run tomorrow wouldn't surprise me but I am not holding so not betting on it lol
We are going to $4
If there's a run tomorrow then ppl will eventually sell to lock at least some profit considering spacs were getting spanked. But doubt there'll be a huge run. Moreover think that it'll do what most spacs I've been in or interested in lately - faulter...
Only spac that's done me well recently and has slowly been going up is $skin. Been steady. Only regret not buying more.
I got a sell order in for 13.50 to take a small profit and edit for pull back. Doubt I get that but need to say least try.