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students are starting to steal each other's notes with iOS 15 and it's... kind of genius
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Can someone explain to me what I’m looking at. Someone took a picture of someone’s notes over their shoulder? Then what. Sorry I’m not following the process 🙁
He took a picture of the other student’s screen/note, Then he extracted the text from the image. So he doesn’t need to take notes himself. He’ll just wait for someone to do it and then boom😅
The new iOS allows you to extract text from photos the same way we can highlight/copy/paste text from texts/websites.
gaat ie weer viral boy
My past self would be so hyped by this. I’ve always been the most lazy one 😅
at my university, people were selling their notes for $$$... sorry to see their business model destroyed
Wow....we generated a public script and open sourced it with the approval of the prof. People can be dicks sometimes :-/
Apple back again destroying whole markets xD
You destroyed my notifications Juan, I’m not used to this 😅 Feels like a boomer now
Sit in the back. Or just get one of those privacy screens. I went in 2000, almost no one had a laptop in class.
this feels up your street.
Oh my god.
It's hilarious when ios users praise a new feature which android users have been using for ages.
No one asked?
You don't have to ask for something to be said
You don't have to ask for something to be said...
What point is there to be made, it’s just a funny video no one asked what operating system had it first not stated iOS did.
You know how Twitter is, they'll always call you out on it.
Android fanboy got rekt by a simple fact. And who asked you btw?
"have been using for ages" lol no Most people aren't aware of this
acting like most people will use this feature on iOS
That's the point. It's a cool but niche feature no matter the OS. Saying "android users have been using it" is a fallacy. Especially when apps that did it even before google created lens existed in both systems. OCR is not new at all.
I have been using photo to text feature so much more! It also directly takes you to tracking website if you have a receipt from fedex or something like that!
They will, it is built into the device and stock photos app unliked having to download google lens, and using it I have accidentally highlighted things multiple times in my photos so people will know it exists by that
Ppl will use it
Actually curious since when and how can I use this on my Android
Who the hell even uses that 😂
As an Android user I can say.. never 😂
I actually use that...a lot
It's pretty good for looking up obscure items, like furniture etc.
I also use it to translate and look for similar or original pictures and memes
I use it all the time to look up prices for random stuff I come across in case I wanna buy them. Or identify flowers, or read QR codes or do live translation of signs.
I do. It's also on google assistant. It comes in handy almost always.
I use it regularly.
People who - scan QR codes - Search for similar product by scanning the actual product - Translate something on the fly. Really useful
The thing is... Apple made it built in into the camera hardware to detect it, Google Lens is a software, the intuitiveness is what Apple does best.
Well an extra step won't change much man What apple is best at is just polishing some features
Excuses, at least give them credit for that, hardware advancement and integration is important for tech and they did that, the recent Pro features and Cinematic mode was leagues ahead of Android.
What's the point of a powerful hardware that I can't use with the operating system that I want!! They really had big achievement in the past and no one can deny that but recently they are not advancing. And that's a shame especially them refusing the USB type C and killing jake
Wtf are you talking about? Apple made USB-C mainstream on every single product they sell except iPhone. Which is probably inevitable. They are advancing faster than any other company and are 5+ years ahead of all competition on wearables and their own silicon. Get a clue
Everything is inevitable for apple! Compare what they have achieved for the tech industry in these recent years to other companies and you'll get what I mean.
>apple made it built in into the camera hardware to detect it >google's is a software
Makes perfect sense. You’re just being facetious
It doesn't make any fucking sense what are you talking about
Google does a poor job letting people know what they can do. That’s why you see a bunch of praise for Apple for doing this. Apple made sure everyone knew this feature existed.
Imagine 😂😂😂
I'm just learning this feature is possible on my phone. Apple is the 🐐 when it comes to marketing.
Naaah its not apple rather it is their device users who go nuts over things that were already there in other OS.
Android and Google phones have like 500 features nobody needs which makes ppl forget about the key ones they actually need. Most ppl are simple minded and can only remember so much Apple knows that
Apple be taking 5-10 of those 500 features nobody wants or cares about to features that people want every new iOS release. Apple is so good at that.
Exactly average everyday ppl don’t retain technology that well
Sure. But you don’t see Android users doing it because they don’t know they can. Apple users are because they know the feature exists. That’s because Apple markets the feature.
Oh they already know they can and the feature exists, they dont make big deal out of it after learning that feature. That's why there are comments that we have been doing this for years. And it aint that much of big deal. Apple company was just too slow to bring that feature.
A different point. It doesn’t matter to Apple users that android users have been doing it. Apple users didn’t know they could do it with Google Lens before Apple built this feature in. Why not? Because Google doesn’t let anyone know.
Apple users are paying premium prices least they deserve is new features not the ones that are few years old. That's the fault of apple users if they dont what are the full features of the app not everything needs to be marketed. If u think this shud be, u are paying too much
When i was in Germany, i was using google lense to translate stuff all the time and it helped me a lot. Not sure if iphones version has a built in translator but that stuff is incredible.
I believe it does now, but didn’t when it was first available.
Well, Apple doesn’t throw in every new iteration of iOS many unnecessary features that will make those useful hard to find.
Unnecessary? I'd say a lot of these features seem Unnecessary at first then someone finds out well its actually cool. This text from image thing you probably would have called Unnecessary years ago but now here you are praising it
Very true. The idea that people as consumers of products should know the capabilities of the product plus the possibilities is very fundamental to Jobs' ideology for Apple. It's mentioned in his biography by Walter Isaacson.
android students are honest. they brains are so fine. they dont need copy pasta
Marketing hype doesn't translate to market success. Apple can hype their product as much as they want. They will not have the value customer with their pricing strategy
Lol what? Apple has the most loyal customers, and the biggest market success
Lmao.Have you seen India and China's mobile market share? Apple has like 10% global market share. It's not US/Europe like how they show in Hollywood
Well they haven’t done too badly with ‘poor marketing and poor market share’ (according to you) I’m sure they trounce any android competitor. Not sure apple would even target China/India as they would have to slash prices leading to cheap exports going to Europe/U.S.
Apple's been struggling for a decade to get into the Indian and chinese market. From a growth standpoint, those are the countries that can open up new avenues.The numbers in the west - most of them are already tapped. Fake marketing wouldn't work in value economies. Hence failing
But apple is worth more than any company selling android phones in India and China, so who’s really winning? You sound bitter bro, android is ok. But it’s just not apple 🍎 🤷‍♂️
Your comparison is silly. Just because more shoes are sold in India and China doesn’t mean that they are more valuable than cars. Man grow up. Apple has the most valuable market segment. Those who can pay a premium and spend on apps.
Anyone wanna tell him or should I?
Yeah! We are not talking about value. Market share doesn't translate to value always. There's pricing aspect. Noob!
by your logic apple only is the most valuable company in the world bc they sell mediocre tech/devices. what does that then say about 2nd,3rd, 4th, etc place?
Tell yourself this, first 🤡
That's market share not value of iOS products. Apple makes their own phones which uses their own software. While Android phones are made from several different brands and google only liscences it's android version to those phones.
Do you think they want the “value customer”? (Ignoring the fact that value is subjective and what I think is valuable might not be to you)
Value is value - globally. You shouldn't have a bias from a 1 st world stand point which I think you do have while making that statement.
No no. Value is subjective. I can find value in a $1k phone, and therefor the price is fine for me. Other people might not. If you’re talking about “affordability” then that’s different. Some people, no matter what, can’t afford a $1k phone.
Do you think that's a 1 k $ worth phone? It's all hyped. Apple probably has a margin of more than 50%(Not including Foxconn/manufacturer's) cut. My point is apple isn't as huge as people make out it to be since these people are users themselves without seeing how the globe works
I don’t care about their margins. I care if what they make has value to me. Now multiply me by millions of people. If enough of us didn’t find value in a $1k phone we wouldn’t buy them and Apple would stop making them. If Apple wanted to make a $150 phone they could.
Read the 2 nd statement if my earlier reply. Read your reply to that See how selfish you sound and miss the bigger picture? Apple isn't big globally. It's hyped
Bigger picture? You’re talking about smartphones. Who the hell cares about any of this
Every consumer is selfish lol. We buy what we want. If enough people choose to buy the same things then those companies keep making those things. How do you define “being big globally”? #1 smartphone maker by sales is primarily in China. Does that make them “small”?
“Marketing hype doesn’t translate to market success.” Except with apple, it literally does. The reason they’re so successful in the West despite having lesser features then Android is because of their marketing g success. That’s how they became a trillion dollar company
"Marketing hype doesn't translate to market success" Except IT SO DID not in China and India. Apple's been struggling there for well over a decade now and they have numbers. They don't buy the ape hype. As for apple's success in the west, the mobile market void wass fulfilled-1
It literally could have been anyone who entered the market in the west. It's NOT the features.
I don’t understand the point you’re making. Is it that Apple is only successful because they were early to the market? That would mean that a better product could come along and dislodge them from that position. And so far, it hasn’t. (In “the west” at least)
Yes! The void was fulfilled by Apple and it's like that's a benchmark for the west, unfortunately.
There was a second part to my response. If the product is inferior it would be replaced. That’s how markets and competition work. Huge companies have tried and failed. So you have to acknowledge that the product is actually good.
Tell me you're an Apple fanboy without telling me you're an Apple fanboy.
Me? Nah. I like their products. But I also like Pixel and (gasp) Windows. Thinking Apple (or any other company) makes good products doesn’t make someone a fanboy.
Part of the reason Apple has such a market share compared to Android is not bc of Android, but because of Windows before it. Many older ppl only switched to Apple bc of crashing, virus-ridden Windows machines. After a while, they were too invested in 🍎 systems to switch back.
I know because I’m one of these “aged” folk
This is a more plausible reason. Apple provides an entire ecosystem. Once you're in, it's hard to get out and that is the biggest catch
Nah, Apple built up loyal cult in the west and its quite numerous. But, as the numbers show, they still aren't the most used daily driver smartphone, it's Android phones. Being the first one to market hard to consumers did benefit them though
See, where you lose me is when you start referring to millions of people that use a product you don’t (presumably) as a cult.
I own an IPad, it's a very good device, still running strong since 2018,only Apple product I own. In the USA, the loyalty seen to Apple products to many of its users is much stronger than any other product, creeping to the, "cult" realm
There are only more android users because pretty much every smartphone that isnt an iphone uses android my dude
I think I’m future people shouldn’t refer to android phones in general. They should actually name 1 specific company that has beaten apple in market share. Android is literally any smartphone other than iPhone. Should compare specific to companies.
I absolutely love when consumers argue with each other abt how companies work. Enjoy your own preference? Nah, lets try our best to shit on other companies and glorify the company that we bought the products from. Very civilized
Nokia was there with Symbian. Windows Mobile was there. Both more or less rolled over and died despite being far ahead with features. Hyper matters, delivering what was hyped matters more, good execution matters the most.
There's more cumulative Android users than Apple users though? Trying to get the premise here of where you're going with this
I don’t know if you been around to those places you been naming, but Apple 100% does not (get to) hype their products up in India or China like they do in the west. India has so many good cheap alternatives and Apple is literally considered ‘inferior’ in China.
Dafaq, you talking? I am literally from one of those places. I have a better and a realistic perspective than you ☺️
sure, man. Most iPhone users in India are just people that follow the west, and the customer base for smartphones in India has a very high ratio of coding-friendly people. People who aren’t likely to choose comfort over freedom. Especially when freedom can also be comfortable.
And mind you, in India, you can grab a “smartphone” for under US$100, if you’re really squeezing it. That’s a lot farther to go to an iPhone that a budget phone in “the west”. There’s only so much you can justify in costs until a phone of that price just doesn’t make sense.
That’s affordability, and I agree with you. Value and affordability are different topics.
That’s where the second part of that tweet comes in. If at US$80, you get a barebones smartphone, how much better is the value at $160? $320? $640? How much can you justify under “value”? A OnePlus Nord is $400 in India. Apple doesn’t have such marketing presence there.
You’re mixing value and affordability. It doesn’t matter if someone sees the value in a $1k phone if they can’t afford to buy it. Value is subjective. Affordability is not.
Ah, if that’s the train of thought to follow, it’s far simpler to answer. Xiaomi or Samsung can offer more or less the same, at the same price, while being androidOS rather than iOS, which is an objectively more customisable software. Without marketing, there’s no room for Apple.
In my case, my last phone was an iPhone which lasted 5 years (still gets software updates) and the only reason I upgraded was because my screen couldn’t withstand a 28ft drop. My current iPhone has a record to beat. A promise of longevity doesn’t sell it for most people though.
Without marketing, there are no companies (oversimplification). You can’t define something subjective like value the way you’re trying to. For example, I don’t value software customization at all.
Yes, that’s exactly the point, I replied to this thread because of two specific countries a person mentioned as a rebuttal to the effectivity of marketing. India has a very high population of pro-coding people who are customers to smartphones, making iOS less valuable.
This could be true for any country that has a high ratio of people that are very into computer stuff or at the very least understand it, but the difference is that countries like that which fall under the sphere of “first world”/“west” have very aggressive marketing from Apple.
Apple has an undeniably greater ad presence in these countries than somewhere like India where they’re not that successful, or China, where it’s just a western product.
What is wrong about what he said then?
That's because of competition and the fact that *apple products are expensive*
Who is talking anything about products? People here confusing market share phone products. Although, most of it's revenue is contributes by phones, market valuation is a wrong metric
The cost of the products is important because India and China have a lower cost of living, so the potential market share is lower.
Apple products are still the products of choice for the *affluent* in China and India. The only reason Apple have not enjoyed the success they have in the west is because most people can’t afford them. If people have the choice, the choose apple. Therefore, the hype does work.
They’re the highest valued company on the planet AND they have more cash on hand than some small countries. GG. Less features but worth 50% more than Google. 🤷‍♂️
The reason it’s failing in those regions is because people there don’t have money to buy a 1000 dollar phone that is actually even more expensive there than here in the west
Apple is a highly aspirational brand in China & India. Sure per capita incomes aren't that high in both countries, so people have to really think before buying an iPhone. But consider this, both the champagne gold & rose gold colours are a result of Chinese demand.
India doesn't bite the hype it's expensive there and people don't have the money. China doesn't bite it because china is china and apple is America.
that's global, they were talking about sales in the WEST
Disagree. You can have short term success based on just hype. But to maintain that success you have to have actually good products. Apple has maintained their success because their products are, overall, good.
I’d say Apple has maintained long term success lol
Agree. Of course they’ve had misses (Macs for years until M1), but overall they make good stuff and people continue to buy it.
Yes because they make GOOD stuff
That's literally what he is saying
Kevin right now 😂
then what argument were you trying to make in the first place...
You sound like a moron dude and I’m not even trying to be an Apple fanboy
right, marketing is quintessential to any success
“Marketing hype doesn’t equal market success” bro apple is a trillion dollar company. Whatever they’re doing, clearly works.
As long as ppl are buying those phones apple is Happy to remain on course. Also Apple still have cheaper options available which give you latest OS. How long android gives OS updates on your phone?
They don't want the value customer
True. Apple is good at marketing features. I'll give them props for that. Google Lens can do alot more but Google didn't do a great job of emphasising it.
Hell, Microsoft had a free app for iOS that could do this in 2016. Apple is Apple because they know how to clearly communicate features via product design choices and marketing
You could do it with google now on tap back in like 2014. Where you could bring up google now and have it select text on your screen.
I remember vividly Google showcasing that in their Google I/O keynote. One thing is not watching the keynote, another is claim they didn't talk about it.
I’ve never even heard of google lens and have had a couple androids and the rest apples.
True but its not just Google Samsung etc do a bad job to this feature is built in to bixby vision Samsung don't really advertise bixby vision much in fact when's the last time bixby was even advertised
Bixby as whole was seen as crap but it has features such as routines bixby vision etc they're all pretty cool and Samsung just didn't bother advertising it.
Google do not do the marketing for companies. It's down to the manufacturers. Pixel users are well aware of their features. Simply put, it's iPhone dominance that's the reason why.
Google is a software company. They make Google Lens. They can absolutely market it. It works on almost every phone in the world.
it's called we do a little astroturfing
As an Android user for years, definitely can't disagree with that
I have an iPhone and two Android phones. I am definitely more aware of the features available on the iPhone than I am the Android phones. (I think both platforms are good, too)
As someone that doesnt like apple i even have to agree thats a very fair take
this is VERY VERY VERY true...
Maybe it's because the folk with Apple products are the sort that need hand holding with tech, but generally Android users are decent with tech and know what they're doing to be able to find all the stuff?
That’s a bad stereotype. “Savvy” users exist on both platforms. “Basic” users exist on both platforms. 🤷🏻‍♂️
not really, yes both savvy and basic users exists in both platforms but apple's devices cater more to those who are basic, because of its simplicity and ease of use Apple has always been like this, remember when they standardized the GUI interface? replacing the commandline?
the main issue is that some people think they're tech savvy just because they got an android 💀
yes, and no, most apple users like the convenience, don't really need it when I had an android I had no idea google lens was a thing until 2019, im no tech expert but when it was hard to find such a useful and powerful feature that's just bad UX
This is Google lens lol
Well they would have to pick out of the 5000 features that nobody uses but brags about having
Well it’s also objectively worse when it can’t be used offline. I can just go straight into my camera, take a photo and copy and paste the text straightaway. Google Lens can’t. I don’t really care who did it first, I prefer who did it best 🤷‍♂️
wait you need internet to use google lens? even on an android phone? WHAT?
I've never heard it described this way before. I think you're onto something.
lol I Samsung been doing this for the past two years, Apple kinda late to the party
Android users don't need Google to chew their food before they can "digest" it. If something cannot be done, surely someone will create an app for that. Apple users doesn't know what Android can do because they they do not have the capacity to explore what they can and cannot do.
Calling tens of millions of people dumb is…a take.
Roughly 4 billion people globally have a two digit IQ
All those who own a google phone know the features. Only iphone users don't
apple didn't say shit about this beloved feature tho
That’s technically an accessibility feature so they probably didn’t market it as much
true, but a lot of people loved it tho
I did not know this feature existed
don't worry, they dont understand marketing and how apple uses it.
Unconditional rollout of new features by Apple helps with that. All iPhones since X have Face ID, all 4S up have Siri, there's rarely "selected models only" - and if so, it's advertised as extra. Android - you don't know what you get until you check, future support being unknown.
My point is: advertising aside, Google does a terrible job enforcing certain baseline feature set and support framework. MS had good idea (every device gets all updates, fixed minimum support time, actually enforced by MS directly) but Windows Phone died (for other reasons).
Apple brags Android doesn't
If only they could make better phones
Google's afraid you'll use it and then be angry when they discontinue it.
Wait I can do this on Android? TIL
not only thank but you don’t need 27367 third part apps to do simple stuff like this. This is integrated into the camera and photos app.
Well you gotta give it to Apple for shouting the loudest about their 'innovative and new' technologies
Samsung's camera app works just like Apple's in regards of this, so what's your point?
They have a whole keynote talking about those features in multiple languages. If people don't hear about it, it's kind of on them, not Google.
Hold on my men, let me check who ask you that.
it’s hilarious when you care so much about something that don’t even effect you
add_brain to Ayush 🤦
and toilet
Cough cough .. Face ID
This feature can only be used inside Google lens app on android (or so I have heard). Meanwhile, this is now baked into iOS literally everywhere possible. You can invoke live text directly from a search field etc.,
Not to mention doing it safely on device vs sending it to be processed out there by a company you may or may not “trust”.
yeah but you still have to use an android
Yeah, the burden of having better hardware for a cheaper price and an UI that doesn't suck 🤣
Better Hardware? Stop coping
You can suck on this fat L if you think android hardware is better
Cheaper price 🤣
Not to mention Apple's shitty repair polices and their fucking terrible ecosystem
Good luck getting any bitches with that bomb in your pocket
We don't have to, we want to😉
It’s always an Indian tech nerd under every single post about iPhones that gotta bring up Android like why are y’all so bitter? Like we know iPhones in India are rare and expensive as shit that most of the country simply cannot afford but damn y’all that pressed about it?
Yeah no I don’t want all my notes sent to whichever server Google is sending it to.
but ur fine with sending to apple's servers? bothered abt google ads ig.
Yeah because Apple encrypts it and doesn’t harvest it for ad revenue
It’s not sent anywhere on iPhones. It’s all local AI text recognition. iPhones have a lot of intelligence built into the device itself than sending it to Google like on Androids
Google lens is available for both Android and IOS for years.
Same old 💩 android users say 😪
The sound of someone insecure about there smartphone choice. 😏
If Android is so much better than Apple y’all wouldn’t feel the need to Attempt to insult iOS users every chance you get. Instead there y’all are, insecure & proud of it.
Notice we haven’t seen this done before until now? Close the door on your way out
It’s hilarious how insecure android users are that iOS users enjoy their phones. Why does it matter who did what first? Lol Makes zero difference. Now more ppl get to use this feature, that’s bad to you?
Yea but androids are for ugly peoples
Why would you out yourself for being poor?
Google Lens doesn't work offline like iOS 15's Live Text does. Nobody is saying Apple invented OCR, and Google Lens (which is pretty awesome) was not the first implementation of mobile OCR. Capability != Good implementation
It does, but it's hidden: It works in the "translate" tab if you download a language
It does on pixel phones
Android fanboy: *sees iPhone user enjoying features and being happy* Android fanboy: "we've had this feature since the Roman empire 🤓"
Nah, it's just amusing how a company like Apple routinely call themselves "revolutionary" but have been playing catchup ever since Steve jobs died.
How does replying imply you care? Twitter doesn’t read one’s mind to post automatically saying “we don’t care”. The user has to take action to make their views heard.
Not really 🤷🏽‍♂️ there are plenty of times when Android and even PC manufacturers have to catch up to Apple. Yes Apple isn't the most innovative company but don't just sit here and lie like that like Apple does nothing. Also... It's marketing...
(Possibly sensitive)
Android still didn’t have a decent FaceID alternative. It’s Been 5 years 😂
Literally every android has face recognition (some like Huawei also 3d) and they all got a fingerprint reader as well (great in pandemic times)
Face recognition is not equal to FaceID. closest android got is pixels SOLI face recognition but it doesn’t know if persons eyes are open or closed (at launch not sure about it now) Yeah finger print reader is good during pandemic times. Mine unlocks with my Apple Watch though.
Bro, even my OnePlus 6 face recognition can differentiate between open and closed eyes. So I don't see why apple wastes so much space by this huuge 2017 looking notch for a technique that could be hidden in a punch hole
Because the whole punch is just using a 2D camera. My pixels face unlock (before pixel 4 XL) unlocked with a picture of me. Yea the notch looks ridiculous but it has a purpose
I got a 2D unlock too but it doesn't unlock with a picture of me and my eyes closed neither. Seems good enough to me
At least they didn’t have exploding batteries and phones that were banned on flights lol
C'mon now that was 5 years ago.
Expect they didn’t, some stranger pointed out how students are making use of an iOS 15 feature and you android fanboys are in this thread speeding total misinformation and saying things nobody has said. Nice try
It’s hilarious when grown adults get upset over smartphone features and who did it first. Get a life 😂😂
Which Google still does it terribly even thought they've hAD it for yEaRs
OCR isn’t new and isn’t new to the iPhone. It’s just now built in.
It’s hilarious when Android users make fun of iOS users when Acrobat users have been using this for years…
Also hilarious that no one even mentioned Android vs IOS and here you are. Wanna take your stupid conflicts elsewhere cause no one asked for it?
"Ages" year and a half, 2 years tops.
🤣🤣but yet “android users” never use it or never found any use of it until “ios users” did . Apple marketing 10/10
How’s that removable battery working out for you? Oh wait. How’s that headphone jack working out for you? Oh wait.
It's hilarious how always and indian guy has to talk about android already having a certain feature under an ios feature video
Deep down, they know they would buy an iphone if they could 😅
Some have us have had it on our iPhone for years by just downloading Google photos
(Possibly sensitive)
It’s irrelevant that Android did it first because android phones are trash 🤷‍♂️👍🏼
It’s always an Indian bro
Yea ur right. Apple just waits to do it better.
It's not Apple's fault that Google and every Android maker are so anemic showing its features. Marketing is king.
Same can be said about toilets
This was one of the best features in a android Enjoy
....we can do this???
...that wasn't particularly well implemented. That and marketing can make a huge difference.
Imagine arguing over fucking phones go outside
This has not been on Android for ages in the way Apple did it. Sure OCR existed but not like that.
This. Android has many features that apple introduced way to late. But then apple is implementing that feature very good or even better than android. E.g. you needed Google lens which is buggy due to camera2api, or you used bixby vision, or smth like that
If Google Lens is buggy for you, you're using the shittiest Android device ever made
pretty sure they meant in the early stages of google lens mate
😂 In what way apple did it? Stop the B.S. It's the same thing. It's just Android version is way ahead at identifying objects, and can translate way more languages.
As someone who uses both iOS and Android over the last decade this is false. Google had this baked into camera, and photos 3+yrs ago. I've been using this seamlessly with no extra Google lens app required since it's baked into the camera app. Using both they're very similar
Unfortunately, there is no contest here. iOS has the superior implementation, probably by 10x at minimum. Google Lens is simply not as good at speed or accuracy.
Hahaha then you haven't used it. I've used both, they're nearly identical in use, speed, and ability. Plus Google's smart recognition of objects is still better. I like iOS15, it's great but what you're saying is false.
Or actually curious, are you talking about Google lens on iOS? Bc yeah that's not great bc of the way apple won't allow it's integration (which is fine) but Android camera app has had this baked it without needing the separate lens app for a long time now
he just said you dont need google lens
My Sammy could do it by it self no Google lens or Google help is needed.
I used Google lens in my class to take pictures of the whiteboard.
Take a picture, auto detect text, select text to copy and paste? No, no... that's the way Android has been doing it all this time.
There’s a whole lot more to that. Live text is integrated throughout iOS. It’s not just one app you open.
Okk tell me what you can do with OCR on iOS that you cannot do with OCR on Android.
Can you do this from Twitter? Or any app for that matter?
Its actually integrated into camera, photos app, assistant app, etc. The only thing iOS has is sync with keyboard.
What are you talking about? It's been a Google Lens feature for years.
U didn't see samsung's
Note8? Atleast,.. I know I once had to copy some data for easy access and took a picture to extract text.
Google lens🙄. Its much more advanced than apples shit
In what universe is it shit?
a tech enthusiast who has never used google lens:
How is that hilarious? Good for you.
aren’t y’all tired of bringing up the same point, what do you wanna prove
Because it’s shit on android. That’s why Apple wait until they can actually perfected it. It’s always people from 3rd world 🤦‍♂️
Because on iOS it actually works
Wow haven’t heard this reply before how original
It’s hilarious when android users think iOS users care.
it wasn’t a built in android only thing it was part of google apps. you could get it on ios too if you had the google app.
Here’s the thing we don’t care for android 🤷🏼
I agree that android had this for a while but...why so toxic? It's great iOS users have it now too and can enjoy it :)
You mean, CRAP ones?
did it work on your shamshung galashy core Indian edition ?
I was just about to say, I think my phone has been doing this.
Been doing this and more for years on android😼
The West has many people who are either lazy or have more money than sense. They either don't want to or don't know how to look up a nice feature that might exist. Apple waits until there is sufficient demand, then blasts marketing, whether it's new or not. Despite cost, it works
The reason why apple implements features later than android is because they do it better. Android constantly feels like beta testing. 🤣I would never go back to android not even for money. Such an awful unoptimized OS and awful integration with any other product. No thanks
Because Apple does it better? That’s why android will never succeed Over Apple because they are to busy rushing new features, instead of perfecting them.
Apparently they weren't. If they did, we would be watching their video
I never understand this argument. Why would I care that an android had a certain feature before my phone? All I care about is that my phone now has that feature too.
No Android users in schools or universities though, so this use case is new.
I was waiting to see something revolutionary than I'm like wait... Been using the photo to text ocr for a while now.
Ok and
Android users always trying to make it about themselves 💀
don’t care sadly 🤷🏾‍♂️
My iphone 11 is the only phone I've ever had where it is still working as it did when I bought it (2 years ago) eg: no slowing down, no battery issues etc. I've had other high end Android phones, imo apple phones are superior.
Downloading shitty Google Lens that doesn’t work offline and is a separate app from the default camera app is not the same.
Pixel phones can do that offline
In the default camera app?
You have to click on the photo. iOS does it without going to the gallery
Always android dudes think they better than everybody else
Apple too has Google lens but , the fact is this feature is much much reliable n quicker,built into the camera app and works offline 😅
عرفت هتتخرج ازاي
تنفع ف الامتحانت دي😂😂💔
just have a google doc guys jeez
How would you “STEAL” using google docs.
You don't? You just share and/or multiple people get to add notes at the same time helping everybody.
So that’s sharing darling.
And he never said you could steal using docs so what's your point😶
What did he say? Something along the lines of “just ask for your friend to print the notes and give them to you”. Or “just use a pen drive and have your classmate save the notes there”. Well, duh.
just have a google doc guys jeez
It's a good idea, but only a few people add notes while the others say they will, but instead leach off the ones who do all the work. Only works when you have a small productive group who gets their work done
I meant help everyone even if they don't take notes. I used to take photos of slides and never once I opened them. Some will be that kind of lazy and won't even bother to check the doc. Some might be bad at taking notes but pay enough attention so they'll benefit.
Yeh I get you. If the kid genuinely needs help, then I'll for sure share. But from my experience, people just want to use you if you have good notes. Not gonna let someone free load off my hard work lol
honestly who cares lmao, you sound so obnoxious saying shit like this. it’s not like notes are some easy way to get good grades, you actually have to reread them and study them to get any value from them. no one is coasting through a class because you give them notes
if someone tried to steal my notes i’d just find it kind of amusing. like you could have asked and i would have given them to you, it’s not a big deal
Lmaoo facts. “First-benchers”
Not obnoxious lol. I've dealt with a lot of people in undergrad who just want to take advantage of you. As long as someone is helpful, wants to collab, or even just needs extra help, I'm always willing to share.
Yeah, the act of taking the notes and paying attention in class is more helpful than merely reading them later. For hard classes I had to copy my notes over again after class.
This is how the entire world works, so might as well get used to it in school 😬😬
But does this change anything for those taking notes?
Probably not, just more of a moral thing I guess. Like for ex, in my master's class, students always say they want to work together on notes/objectives, and it always ends up being a few students spending hours on notes while the majority just lay back and don't do anything.
Notes help you learn IF you create them yourself as a way to process/comprehend the information as you are taking it in (and then have a system for working with and reviewing them afterward). If capturing the information were the primary purpose, you'd just record/transcribe.
PS taking pictures of someone's screen is creepy.
This is why I’d rather just have teacher share PowerPoints / google docs with everything in it
A few people do the work while most come along for the free ride. Just like real life. Preparing students for the real world. 🤭
You could steal on android with google lens, which has been there for years....
Just use Google Lens.. does the exact same thing.
Had to name check myself here😂
Name checks out
I prefer my privacy over Google. iWork or OnlyOffice works great.
If we have the tech for that, surely we have the tech to share notes.
you might like this
Game changer 💪🏻
Gates Advantage
Bruh kids these days...
😂🤣they on 50g we on 4g still
When I was in college, many of our lectures were just Powerpoint presentations that the professors wanted us to takes notes from. Would’ve loved to have been able to just sit in the back and take photos of the slides for copying and pasting.
They made software for this (aimed at the blind/handicaped) all the way back to the early 00's.
At my uni, not only is it mandatory for all lecturers to provide recorded videos of their lectures for students to watch online (mainly die to the lockdowns), lecturers also tend to release all their PowerPoints for students to take notes from.
During Cinema Appreciation class, I had the teacher copy his PowerPoint to my flask drive and I studied from there. It was much more convenient than writing down notes.
Would have got so much more out of the lectures...
They sent us the slides
If only I were in uni...
Juan, delete this bro. The teachers are going to really hate us. 🥲
As a teacher, I’m cool with it. I’d be happy you just got the notes
Your not most teachers
Maybe they’ll even read ‘em.
We need more teachers like you
As a teacher, I disagree. Note-taking is an important skill that aids comprehension, organisation and retention. I wouldn't mind collaborative note-taking once in a while. However, this would just mean another reason for students to be on social media during classes.
As a teacher as well, go for it! I’d rather you not stress out about class, especially if you’re not good at taking notes
We don’t care bc when kids borrow each others’ notes, they’re often less effective. You want less effective notes? Enjoy.
this is how it should be
is it easier then just asking them to give you their notes
(No comment)
The amount of cases of plagiarising assignments, without the original author enevn knowing about it, could explode. Brilliant thinking though.
And they said iOS is for unintelligent folks who “knows nothing”
Me when I make things up
Na, happens all of the time. It’s known as a generalization. “Android users are broke” is another common generalization. This tweet was mainly sarcasm.
It was sarcasm. It was mainly to trigger some people in who’ll read this.
Is this sarcasm? Cus this is literally proving that point
It was sarcasm. It was mainly to trigger some people in who’ll read this.
Well yeah. People don't seem to know google lens, which is able to do that for years...
We also had google lens for years tho
They never said that you didn't
Yeah my fault bro
They are unintelligent that's why copying homework? This is a *joke*...
a quote from a certain educator
Where the tutorial for this??? 🤣🤣
Point your camera at text and there should be a symbol in the bottom right corner. Select that then highlight the text
OOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!! I always fucking noticed that and never knew what it was, I thought maybe something with the focus or idk! Fucking brilliant. Thank you!!
It works in all or the photos in your photo library as well. Take a photo of a shipping label then later touch and hold the tracking number and a menu will pop up to track the shipment.
OHhhhh yes!!! I didn’t notice it in the camera roll! Holy moly!!! This is amazing 🤩
Doesn’t work for me for some reason. 🤔
It works with my handwriting as well 🥲 I clearly need to catch up with watching my tech videos again 😅😅😅 thanks again!!!
It’s a very new feature. You haven’t been missing anything.
Does it only works on newer iPhone models? My X is not reading text via camera (am on iOS 15.0.2).
JAJAJJAJA que buen tip
this is genius
this is genius! 😂
why not just ask lol
Because is not his friend for sure lmao
teachers after seeing this -
Spot the future drop outs
(No comment)
Can’t blame that
Well, not much of a genius if you didn't pick up a phone with Google Lens that could do this years ago XD
Just way worse 🤷🏻‍♂️
Lmao been doing this for months on my Samsung
(No comment)
Bro that’s fucking genius
Mkb retuitou isso hahhahhhaahha demai
se fosse na minha época
kkkkk perfeito
google lens be like
“Why were you taking photos of me?” “Oh uhhh I was taking a picture of your notes to copy into a google doc”
I'm more surprised they're in a classroom setting. I do everything online from home.
LMFAO that’s awesome
We can do this on android for years... #googlelens
That’s an app which can be downloaded on iOS too. It isn’t an OS feature. Here, it’s fully baked into iOS
You think it isnt fully baked in samsungs??
LoL Google lens is baked in on Pixels soooo what are you saying? It's not an app for us Pixel users. And not all Androids are the made equal/ same. They vary so much visually, in features and in functionality that they can almost be considered different OSes.
The difference is: 40% of US mobiles are Android and 60% Apple. What is the number of Android devices that have the proper OS to do that Vs almost every single iPhone in the 60% of Apple devices right now. This is why people know about this feature and why the think is new.
Totally agree with you. I am just here to answer the question or the comments about people saying it's not baked in on Android yes it is. it's baked in on Pixel devices.
I will admit due to Apple's popularity and greater influence on the market this feature will become more popular however it cannot be said that Google didn't do it first and Apple isn't actually doing anything different from what Google is doing.
The key they are doing different is just keeping it simple in their echosystem. All devices same OS. Android unfortunately is a mess with all diferent versions in lot of devices. Not a critic, just describing the situation.
wow amazing how the US are not representative of the world here any reason why Apple is so predominant there? the market share is closer to 25% Apple vs 75% Android worlwide, why's it 60% in the US?
Several reasons, but I assume that being an american company (although devices are made in Asia) and also higher salaries than in most of the countries in Europe could be some of them. You just have to walk around in NY and most of the people have an iPhone.
The main reason is the budget. Research shows that if price is not an issue, 75% people will prefer an iPhone. This is proved by the following fact: Overall market share iOS 25% ; Android 75% >$400 Market Share iOS 50% ; Android 50% >$800 Market Share iOS 75% ; Android 25%
So, it’s very natural to see iPhone having the highest market share in the top 10 richest countries in the world. Because if people can afford any phone they want to, 3 out of 4 would chose iPhones
Pretty much any android over $500.
So you’re saying most Android phones are pieces of crap. But some are good…? Gotta have the right OS…got it. Oh damn, can’t upgrade OSs…
It's been baked into my OnePlus camera app for years
It's been baked-in to Pixels for years. You're grossly uninformed Mr Led
Good for the dozens of people who have Pixels
Lol their loss... .. sometimes 😂
Not true. You can also do it from within the camera on most Samsung phones.
i mean he’s right….google lens is a app that can be downloaded…he didn’t say ur phone couldn’t do it
His phrasing of the tweet suggested he didn't think it was
That logic dosent compute. Google have made their software available on the app store for android users and apple users for free. But when apple makes a similar application and makes it exclusive to their devices, all of a sudden the feature is better? Because its exclusive? lol
well, Live Text wasn’t even application in the first place. it’s a feature that integrated into the OS itself, hence why you can use Live Text anywhere else and not just 1 specific app
SMH live text isn’t the only thing the “feature” it’s applicable to. You can map locations from business names or addresses in a photo. You can call a phone number from a number in a photo. You can convert hand written note to text and vice versa. Android is 💩
Pretty sure Lens does all or most of that too. Also has translation, copying to clipboard of any connected computer, and searching for any item you take a picture of. Idk how many of those features IOS also delivers, just saying that it's not an empty basket over in Android.
Fortunately, iOS15 has added all of that and more. Spotlight search of text scans across the OS (photos, notes, messages, mail etc). You can then do text to speech or translate it to a dozen languages on-device
Google lens can do all that and translate and even recognize plants. Get in line, isheep
Umm, have you tried it out? It’s far better than what Google Lens kicked off then kicked the the can around on for years & then buried the feature. Same for Microsoft’s app that is named the same. The iOS baked in feature runs circles around both apps, because it’s integrated.
Google lens is baked into my camera system on the Pixel soooo...
Great… all the 100 pixel users can enjoy it
Bro nobody cares
“AnDrOiD hAs BeEn DoInG tHaT fOr YeArS”
and we can do it too by downloading a google lens
Smart kid. Could've been using it for quite some time if he knew about Google Lens.
Yeah i was wondering why this was news. Been doing this, in different circumstances of course, for a number of years
Yea. Google lens works great. Apple is great at marketing its features. I can give them props for that.
But can you use it offline lol
On iOS 15 it works for all photos natively without a need for a 3rd party app and it works offline. This is what it does when you have no connection. I can’t copy and paste text at all
Yeah. Lens is also useful for translation of signs in foreign languages. For a while now.
It does same thing through the live camera too
Do ya’ll dumbass android users realise google lens has been a thing on iOS for years as well?? iOS 15’s implementation is superior and works offline
I use google Lens on the iPhone. It’s not that intuitive
I use it in android and it does everything it needs to. And stays out of the way when it needs to. Doesn't mess with the double tap to zoom on pictures.
I’m not saying it’s not really useful, otherwise I wouldn’t be using it. But I don’t think it could read text that size from that distance. Obviously it probably works better on it’s native OS so idk
It's an iphone, did you really expect an intuitive experience?
Dude, before 3 months ago I had been using Androids for my entire life and I didn’t know about Google Lens up untill this tweet. They markey their phones so bad
Increase in productivity of this feature it’s insane.
why do people always mention iOS 15 with these, it’s not like text recognition has been a thing for years now
It's always like that. It was the same thing with the AR stuff. Android had it for years but everyone shits at android and then hypes the exact same features when it's on ios.
bro only because glens was integrated into android a little bit, it doesn’t mean it’s from android. google has had it for years but not android
Of couse it's not "from" android, it's from google. Just like android is from google. And glens is an fucking app so of course android had it cause you cannot use it without a phone.
greetings from glens on my iPad. it’s not android
When exactly did I say it was android only? My point was that people shit on android when it also has it for years.
That doesn't show that they said it was only android ffs
reading is hard for some
Ironically in this thread I see exactly nobody shitting on Android, but a bunch of Android fans shitting on iOS, you included… That seems to be the norm online for some reason. Lots of Android users talking about iOS nonstop and iPhone users not thinking about Android at all. 🙃
no, there are android fans shitting on iOS and there are iOS fans that are shitting on android
That's far from the truth and you know it lol
Uhh Tim? Apple invented everything. It doesn't matter that everyone else was doing it first. Apple invented it. Thems the rules.
Weil ein Feature erst dann geil ist wenn es geil umgesetzt wird. Google Lens ist scheiße. Fakt.
Hä was ist an Google Lens scheiße
Alles. Das funktioniert unzuverlässiger als die Deutsche Bahn
Bei mir funktioniert es super kp welches Google Lens du nutzt
Apples „Lens“ funktionier 1000x mal besser als Googles. Apple erkennt Handschrift besser. Übersetzt besser und es ist für den Konsumenten einfacher zu benutzten. Foto machen, doppelklick aufs Bild und makieren. Fertig.
Aber zumindest bei letzterem ist Google Lens auch nicht schlechter Sorry hab schlechtes Internet hahhaa
Näh. Handschrift, Tafelbilder, Notizen vom iPad, dafür ist das wohl eher gedacht (Apples Scan) der Rest, klar kann Google Lens das auch aber das bleibt dann auch nur beim „Rest“
Google hat allgemein eine größere datenmänge zur Verfügung für lens
das heißt erstmal nicht die welt
Naja Google Lens wird mit Google-Multitask-Unified-Model (mum), ge-updated, via mum ist Lens in der Lage visuelle such Ergebnisse mit Text befehlen zu verknüpfen.
Tolles unbrauchbares Feature
Ne eher nicht, via Lens mit mum bist du in der Lage z.b ein Kleidungsmuster zu scannen, ähnliche zu suchen, und mit der Text Verknüpfung auch Befehle zu geben, z.b Rucksäcke mit der selben an Musterung die visuell erfasst wurde, dies wird dann vorgeschlagen.
*Visuell erfasst wurde, zu suchen*
Ja das ist aber nicht das Google Lens worüber ich rede. Sondern über Text auf einem Foto zu scannen und in Digitalen umzuwandeln. Das kann Google Lens schlicht weg echt schlecht. Ja der rest von Google Lens ist geil, keine Frage.
Nicht nach meiner Erfahrung
Ich Frage mich eher wieso du solch schlechte Erfahrungen gemacht hast? I mean die Zuverlässigkeit ist bei mir äußerst hoch, kann vielleicht auch dran liegen das ich ein Google gerät habe, aber naja weird
Falls es daran liegen sollte, dass du ein Google Gerät hast ist das traurig. Google erkennt meine Handschrift nicht, nicht weil sie nicht lesbar ist, denn das ist sie. Apple aber erkennt sie.
Wieso traurig?
Ja eben weil du ja gesagt hast Google die größeren Datensätze hat, was ja stimmt. Warum also sollte es einen unterschied machen? Kamera? Nein.
Android (Open source) Google Lens (closed source) Google Kamera (closed source) (Closed source = andere (außer Google) können nicht den kompletten Umfang des Quellcodes oder des Systems einsehen, und oder nutzen) Z.b kommen spezielle Feature drops nur für Google Geräte.
Google Geräte erhalten Features für closed source Google Applikationen, die anderen nicht im selben Umfang nutzen können.
Schon Trash ein geiles Festure schlecht zu machen und es als Exclusive verkaufen
Es ist nicht schlecht gemacht, nur besser optimiert ans system, es wird nicht einzeln verkauft, es sind die Phones von Google die dem Bereich von Leuten ansprechen die Google Applikationen nutzen und Software Handys haben wollen.
So "exklusiv" ist ein schweres Wort, es wird stetig geupdatet, und mum kommt auch übergreifend auf alle anderen Geräte, Lens läuft soweit auf allen neueren Systemen einwandfrei.
I mean, mein Huawei P8 konnte früher damit effizient was erkennen
Ich habe nicht gesagt, dass Lens nichts erkennt, denn das tut es. Aber nicht für meinen Usecase, die Schule. Da ist das Ding nutzloser als Armin Laschet im Bundestag
Also schulisch läuft es bei mir TipTop, es gibt sogar unter Lens einen *Hausaufgaben* Punkt, der ist sehr hilfreich zu Recherche.
Naja gehe jetzt pennen. Kann dir ja sowieso nichts weiß machen, da du sowieso ein Android Gerät hast und das für dich komplett irrelevant ist. GuNa.
Deep oder du „Depp“?
Ja aber ich will ein geiles Feature nicht in beschissenem Stock Android usen. Es ist useless wenn der Rest des Smartphones einfach unattraktiv ist und man es somit nicht benutzten kann
Wir reden von Text Erkennung oder?, Denn das taten wir. Es ist lediglich ans system besser optimiert, sowas machen literally alle Hersteller, mit deren Applikationen und Produkten, Samsung mit dem Samsung Apps und Ökosystem, und das selbe bei Apple, Apple Applikationen sind mit.
Apple Geräten am besten, effizientesten und simpelsten zu benutzen.
Ich würde nicht eine apple watch ohne iPhone nutzen.
Doch kannst du aber und das sigsr echt gut :)
Ja klar. Mit der Familienfunktion bist du seit der Apple Watch 6 nicht mehr wirklich limitiert ein iPhone zu besitzten. Deine Eltern oder Geschwister reichen um eine Applewatch jedeglich einzurichten
Und dies geht nicht ohne familienfunktion?
Nein du kannst ja keine Apple Watch ohne ein iPhone einrichten und somit benutzten. Es ist aber möglich sobald es eigerichtet ist deine Apple Watch zu benutzten ohne dass du ein iPhone besitzt, klar bekommst du die Daten nicht auf dein Handy aber du hast die Uhr un kannsr sie ben
Naja wenigstens das, und alle Software Optimierungen und oder durch IOS entstehende Vorteile besitzt man auch?
Du hast nur die Uhr limitiert mit den Features die nur die Uhr kann. Wenn du aber deinem Kind die Uhr gibst das einrichtest bekommst du ja dann obv die ganzen Daten und kannst es sogar Tracken via GPS
Ja und das mit der Limitierung ist der Grund wieso ich mir ein iPhone kaufen würde wenn ich die Uhr unbedingt nutzen wollen würde
Naja das selbe macht Twitter ja auch immer bei neuen Features
Also ich feiere es auch nicht, aber bei Google Lens kann ich es noch mehr verstehen, da man keine Kapazitäten hat, das auf alle Geräte anzupassen
chip/google mag oft iOS apps weniger?
hat google nicht noch vor 2 monaten oder so große updates zur handschrifterlennung veröffentlicht?
Bin mir da unsicher, habe nichts mitbekommen dazu
??? hab das mal mit live text verglichen und lens war besser (A14 falls das wichtig ist)
Oh leave them alone, they have to justify blowing all that cash on a phone somehow!
I don't think they're blowing their money out of their windows but I don't like it how people are hyped about a feature which is (except for a bit of integration) already existant and that version is even better
Maybe because it just got added to iPhones through iOS 15 without need for a third party app and users are enjoying this feature? Just a guess 🤷🏻‍♂️🥴
but in the tweet above it more sounds like it's a never seen before revolutionary feature
This is genius 😂
Hahaha legit!! Bhai but this has made things so easy!
Wait.. did iOS not have google lens before?
It has it as an app and a widget for a while
iOS has had google lens for years, it’s just now it’s implemented directly into iOS and works offline using the neural engine, which google lens can’t do
Wish I had iOS 15 when I was in high school 😅
Wish I had a laptop when I was in high school 😅
Effettivamente l’università sarebbe stata più semplice, tante foto alla lavagna, ma zero voglia di trascrivere
If they can already click the picture they can just study from the picture even without this new feature
Apple 2021: now you can steal fully editable documents at a glance and track unsuspecting people's movement
(Possibly sensitive)
nos habríamos ahorrado mucho trabajo
Socorro... vamos tarde
(No comment)
(No comment)
Trending when Apple adds a old feature that Google added years ago because was trashy implemented.
Trashy implemented? Even as it is, lens does a better job
Well, nobody talks about it? but iOS users speak and even Android users who come to talk about the iOS feature. ironic.
Well depends- here nobody talks about live text but every talks about lens. Since it's been there for 2/3 years now Ironic. And that iOS is a trend setter, iphone fanatics don't care/knows ABT cool features until iOS implements it. And it becomes the talk!!
Nobody talks abt it so its worse. What are you smoking?
Trusting Google 😅
Someone did that during class too lol
The tech has become too powerful 😱
In Android, this feature can only be used inside Google lens app (or so I have heard). Meanwhile, this is now baked into iOS literally everywhere possible. You can invoke live text directly from a search field.
Try using a Samsung. It's been there for over 3 years
“AnDrOiD hAs BeEn DoInG tHaT fOr YeArS”
Exactly TRY to use Samsung if it doesn’t explodes or crashes. 😂😂😂😂
Wow someone obviously hasn't seen a Samsung in many years
You can tell how awesome it is because of all the people who have been tweeting about it for the last three years. Oh wait… nobody of note has. 🤷‍♂️
Cos android users dont make a fuss over minor features like iphones users do. You wont even have Samsung or Google making noise over such a feature
Reminds me of the noise iphone users made when they had widgets for the first time😂
Don’t make a fuss unless an iPhone user posts about it like in this video. You guys get riled up
Why are you comparing iPhone users to Samsung or Google? Apple hasn’t said anything about it, besides announcing it exists. So are you just mad that a group you don’t belong to likes something? Because that sounds sad and petty.
as opposed to you, who in no way sounds sad and petty when you try to explain to android users that a feature they have had for 3 years doesn't exist.
Nice straw man. Try again, this time sans logical fallacies.
You are about to enter the courtroom of Judge Judy
I had one and no, the implementation is worlds apart from the seamless experience Apple managed to deliver.
You "had" one. You dont "have" 1. I had an iphone 3GS years ago. I dont assume iphones today feel the same way as the 3GS did !!
All you're doing is using the typical fancy words you see others use when describing iphone implementations. What is "seamless" about extraction of texts? You're just trying to sound like a techie when you know not what you say.
I used a Samsung s10 for a year. Never again.
Used an iphone X for a year and a half. Never again!!!
S10: 2019 iPhone X: 2017
maybe because not everyone got it all at once 😋
How do i use it?? Samsung Gal S6. Been emailing myself for years
This is always a poor comment. Getting that data form the image is then universal. You can paste to any Mac device on the same network you have without any messing around and any app on IOS has access to it and it’s all seamless. This is why apple take their time on features.
Not true. Go buy a Pixel and find out Apple is 2-3yrs late to the party
Hold press on camera view and it's there! Thank you to know that!
Through this Apple thread I learned of google lens. This is useful…
You can scan any photo for text and searching your photos with keywords will also search for the text in photos. Pixel user.
Can iPhones do text to speech and translation from photo text? Genuinely curious.
Shhh, leave them something to invent in 2023!
iOS15 Spotlight search has added text search across the OS including iMessages, Files and Photos. You can also select text in images and translate it on-device to 12 different languages
Answer is yes. The spotlight search combs through the entire OS including photos, Notes, iMessages, Files etc and you can also do text to Speech or live translate on device on the text in photos
You mean something like this ?
Yes it's been baked in
My 3 year old Pixel phone can launch this feature direct from the camera, or against any app via the carousel.
Lol my pixel has had it built into the camera app for 4yrs
That’s Great that you and your 10 other pixel friends have enjoyed this feature for so many years 😇
Samsung also.
Lol oh no I'm not part of a giant group for validation what ever will I do. I think iphones are great too for what it's worth. How vanilla the world would be if ppl were only able to like 1 thing in each category
But then you have to use a pixel 💀
Haha had iPhone from the 3G through the 6, switched to pixel 2xl for camera and while my wife has upgraded to newer iPhones I haven't been back. Tho the 13 pro is very appealing for it's photos matching latest pixels and video far surpassing everything else
Wait I have a pixel (first gen) and I’ve never seen that option on the camera itself without having to use google Lena
You have to open/view a photo in the app. I have the lens feature in both Photos and the Camera apps, and I'm using a BLU phone.
I had it on my 2XL? Maybe that update didn't roll back all the way to the 1?
it's even integrated right into my OnePlus 7 Pro camera app lmaoooooo
clearly you don't use android :) there's a "Select 👆" button to do OCR under ever running app when you bring up the app switching view. it doesnt work for bank apps that turn off screenshots annoyingly
I always forget about that! I turned airplane mode on to test if it needed internet too, pretty neat!
which version of android is that?
Just wait until y'all get Hold for me (no more annoying music, while waiting for someone to pick up) & call screen. It's coming eventually, but lens & translate has been baked in.
Lens is baked into most android OEM camera apps
Google Lens is in the Photo app and in the search bar too.
Something like this I suppose
No, the shortcut is literally in the search bar.
Lesson: Start taking notes on paper and in small cursive handwriting
Thanks for telling me
Work smarter not harder
hmm reason to buy iphone?
😂😂simply amazing!
Se ha pasado la vida
Lol we used to just share a Google doc with everyone in the class who could then edit it. Worked great
St*u! You of a op or some!
Selling my samsung right now
Apple: here’s $99 anti-screen capture dongle for your mac
come on! it's not going to cost $99! 😆
Apple sells 4 wheels for 699, they can do anything 😂
it's true. but $99 was a bit low... i'm still looking for the person who bought those wheels, which do NOT lock. i just want to see one person!
but that student using ASUS laptop, so should they buy it or not?
welcome to 2017
There are even apps from 2013 with this feature 😂
Just ask the guy haha
Work smarter not harder
It’s called copy and paste
(No comment)
(No comment)
What happens if we use 100% of our brain capacity?
She has to sue Apple for this. Apple should pay for this FRAUD ACT
Bola tha teko kaam aayega😂
WOW🤣🤣🤣 i love the internet
Personel privacy issue is coming up...
A new kind of cheating😅
التوظيف الامن😂
And the inventor of google lens rests peacefully in his grave.
probier mal aus
If only we had this
Uni would have been so easy!
(No comment)
After “stealing” You have to understand the notes. Unless you’re the author, you might not. Also, how many photos does the stealer have to take? And assuming lots of photos are required, the teacher will eventually catch you taking photos and not paying attention. Low ROI
Samsung has quite the same technology like years.
“AnDrOiD hAs BeEn DoInG tHaT fOr YeArS”
Is Google lens a joke to you ?
I'm glad iPhone users don't need to use Google Lens anymore, yay
Well looks like I’m giving up my jailbreak
(No comment)
ma man here living in 2094
My notes where just copies of the slides shown in class from the class's shared folder......but that was years ago
_. Maybe i'm just a fucking nerd but why tf would you risk/spend 10-30 seconds to get the proper angle to someone's PC for some damn notes? LMAO?
Mano, isso nao vai prestar KKKKKKKK
Android users : wE haD thAt ALeady. Rest of the world: no one cared then. No one cares now. We don’t read green bubbles.
Lmao my thoughts exactly. I used all those features before and now have an iPhone 13. Who cares. People need to grow up and get a life
Like the folks who talk about the color of their chat bubbles?
We only do that because it bothers you 🤣outside of that, no one cares.
So you only care when apple does it? Odd.
I make money when Apple does it. So, there’s that.
ok? You work for Apple's marketing team?
Investments are more my speed. I just let Apple pay for all of my Apple products.
Enjoy the same phone every year lmao
Feeling rich because a few crumbles they left for you? Wake up dude.
(Possibly sensitive)
I mean, if you recall the above tweets we've had this ability for a bit now.
Oh hey look it's Tim Apple!
Okay, but we can still use this, and mach more useful items, wich apple don't include in ios. So... apple is just a beautiful outside device, but not functional
The cult of smug apple snobs is why I won't use any apple products ever again.
(Possibly sensitive)
Oops, I left out the word 'insufferable'...
(Possibly sensitive)
The rest of the world actually uses more android that ios
Quality Quantity
Actually, the rest of the world is more like "Look at this sweet new Xiaomi Android phone I got with much better specs than iPhone, they sure did beat Apple to that whole 5g thing by about a year."
It's a little bit cause US tech infrastructure is crap and a little bit cause Apple doesn't have to compete in a country where it's a monopoly, but y'know.
Yes. That’s why Xiaomi and Samsung are 2.3 trillion dollar market cap companies like App… oh wait. How much do they make per phone? Services? Okay. It’s not the size, it’s how you use it. And this time it isn’t just to protect your feelings.
Lol so your counter argument here is that Apple charges more for phones that match or have lower specs than Android competitors? I mean okay, if you like doing that to yourself...
"It's not the size, it's how you use it." Charging customers a premium so they can market "new" features that have been out there for years already? Hmm I see. 🤔
I said nothing about the phone prices. But if that’s all you know this will be a short conversation. And corvettes have “higher specs” than cars you can actually use. Doesn’t make them better in anything but one place. A straight away.
You brought up how much they make per phone. Ergo, paying less for materials and/or making a higher profit margin off customers. That might impress you I guess, but as a customer I'd rather not be charged more for hype?
Wow. You still literally don’t understand anything. Yet you are so sure you do.
Lolololol you're hilarious.
Personally I don't care much about what comes down to preference... just pointing out that the "rest of the world" not caring about Android is... Definitely not true.
you realize that androids have pretty much been the majority of the mobile marketshare globally right?
Samsung and Apple charge the same prices for phones so that point you made kinda doesn’t hold up….
No, he’s saying that Android is a piece of crap that can’t even upgrade software. And catches on fire. Or whose screen peels off or cracks just by folding it. And is basically worth nothing after just a couple years. 🗑
I guess only Apple fanbois are happy to tell others how happy they are that their favorite company gouges them better than others to earn all that profit. Lol!
They love being exploited
Apple doesn’t care about you and here you are boasting about how much profit they make on a phone by charging more than what other companies do. Sad life man, defending a company like this who doesn’t even know who you are. Grow up
Ha ha you thought you made a point. Too bad you missed the original one.
LoL 🤣😂🤣😂 you're justifying Apple overcharging for simple stuff. Damn that's hard-core fanboyism right there.
Lol who cares about 5G. Grow up child
I never got the green bubbles thing? It's a bit weird as an adult, no?
It’s a dumb joke that triggers them. The real laugh comes from their overreaction. At this point though, it is getting a bit boring.
I don't think anyone has ever been triggered by that 🤣
Rest of the world = america
This is me caring? 😭😭 Nah this is me entertaining myself with such gullible sheep. Insults, incorrect out of context data…you are all trying soooo hard and it’s hilarious.
I’m looping you in on this madness 🤯🤣
Duuuuude! That is actually awesome, haha. But also, good luck getting my tiny ass notes written between lines and sideways. 😎👉👉
Jared’s notes 🤣
As much as I like to shit on Apple for their hardware, I have to say that the software aspect of their products is absolutely impeccable. It looks so smooth.
(No comment)
🧐 students today 🙉😀
Feels like an extra step? Surely if you’ve taken the photo, you’ve got the notes in photo form already
If only my note 2 could have done this when I was in school 🤣
Il te faut un iphone !!!
(No comment)
Wished I had this 10 years ago
how long until ppl start putting stuff in like, "to that creepy sloot 2 rows back, I see you."
this is my country
(No comment)
It's cool, but since it's notes, just ask them to send a copy. That's what I did in college. My notes were super organized that I would always have people ask me
how did you organise your notes
android users are cumming themselves thinking they’re relevant lol
You ever heard of Google lens in Google photos?
you mean the ios app?
Google lens is built in with my camera.
massive security flaws and a gross experience are built into your phone so go flex on that
There are still people thinking iPhones are actually better for security? And then posting opinions on Twitter which collects 10x more data than IOS?
Ironic cuz i have seen to many celebs nudes from icloud hack lul
Didn’t ios have a massive security flaw a month ago
That got patched almost instantly. Android still plagued with common malware attacks to this day Lmfao
you mean the israeli spyware that apple patched in a week while android still has exploits commonly sold for full access
actually they refused to patch 2 more spyware vulnerabilities for some reason
No one cares about your recent anime watchlist history enough to sell that data.
What a dumb response.
thank you for your meaningless input peteboner
Thanks for your dumb comeback.
For the desktop users 👉 @TextSniperApp copies uncopyable text — in photos, PDFs, videos, online presentations, apps, and more.
Are you using the official twitter app in Mac? 🤔
I needed this thanks. 🙏
OwlOCR is better and free. I have both
couldnt they just ask?
If I had this when I was as in school... I would have been Magnum Cum Louday
Before yall say sum I know it's Magna Cum Laude
(No comment)
genius fr
Love how all the comments are “but android had it for years” everytime we hear it and everytime you just know it they sure had it but it was dogshit
Google Lens actually works a lot better than Apple's Live text. And it's integrated into every Android phone for several years.
… no, cheating is still cheating, no matter how clever you are. 🧐🤨🤭
it has nothing to do with ios, image recognition had been available for tens of years on other platforms.
You know google lens had that feature for a long time already right?
(No comment)
That sound track used. Title?
Only time by Enya
Only Time by Enya
To some who think this isn’t new, iOS does it on device and without internet unlike Google Lens, which needs it.
No android users will reply on this one with “We HaD iT fOr YeArS”.
Damn called it, that’s literally the top reply to the tweet lmao
Got me there! Turned on airplane mode on my Pixel 3 to confirm. All well. Still not buying an iPhone.
Speaking technically, pixels had this feature for a while already. Works offline. But you'd have to go to the recents and long press the text. The thing is if the texts are too tiny and probably will copy the whole image. Hopefully someday google lens can be used offline...
...other than just translations.
My Pixel doesn't need to be online for text copying since Android 9.
Umm I tried it on my Pixel 4 too before posting that. Didn't work in the native camera app as well.
So it did work without internet on my Pixel but I had to open the Google Photos app, and click on Lens for it to detect the text, which isn't as intuitive as iOS does, IMO.
Unfortunately, not working on my Pixel 4a😡. Guess this works for premium Pixel-ists, huh? Lose for us 'A'wesome series-ians. Why @Google.
AnDroID cAn DOes it - let’s see. Oh iTs nOt worKing rIght now - 😂 Every single time
I think Huawei can? I used to have a Huawei
samsung can apparently.
just open the lens app directly. 1 step.
Oh wow. I’m impressed any students are still taking notes
help for uni m8
Ok unreal cheers m8 😂😂
Its that chunin exam? 🥷
Ojalá tenerlo en la universidad para copiar las diapositivas de las clases
The teacher 🤯😧, replying at .😂😂😂
“AnDrOiD aLrEaDy HaS iT” yeah but it’s always half baked and looks like crap. Remember when iOS widgets came out last year and they tried to tell us this shit was comparable
Lol we get you prefer Apple but why show a clearly pre-2013 set of widgets. You’re just wrong. It doesn’t look like and it shows you’ve never held a newer Android.
IOS VS Android (same era) 😂
Pic of the same screen every iphone has vs some bad examples of using widgets in the pool of millions and millions of beautiful custom launchers and skins (same era) 😂 Try again bud
iPhone is what you get when you are a flesh automaton who can't rub two neurons together. No enthusiast will put up with the locked up Guantanamo Bay nature of IOS. Can't get my bing bing wahoo fix on iPhone without going full matrix on the kernel.
What are you doing on your phone that requires kernel access? I swear you guys like complexity for the sake of it
It's an analogy you square. Saying iPhone is better because it's pretty and ergonomic is like saying a PT Cruiser is better than a Integra sedan because the driving position doesn't hurt your knees and back. Like yeah sure but what about the rest of the car (or phone).
Him: why are we looking at screens pre-2013 You: ha ha look at these screenshots from 2008 Me: congrats on your archaeology degree
That's IOS 3.0 2009-2010 fool. If you want to compare 2013 it looked like this.
Cognitive deficits
Comparing with same era iOS. Heck Android still better 🤪
I mean both implementations of widgets don't look bad
Ew Android.. get away peasant!
Phone wars are stupid, if it makes you feel better my next phone might be an iPhone :)
a peasant that can afford $1000 phone?
I always find it funny cuz there are people that are actually like that and I don't know if he's just trolling or not when they say oh you didn't spend $900 on a new iPhone when most people buy their phone through a contract where they pay monthly payments I spent $750 on mine
they obviously trolling and if not i don’t even know anymore. this generalization is killing me, not every Android users are broke and not every iOS users are dumb. to be fair smartphone’s prices are skyrocketing so calling someone a peasant that’s kinda dumb.
That’s why I use the app clear spaces, I think it’s much cleaner
Yeah those transitions are nice
That transition is bloody clean, it's like it's a hidden compartment opening up or something
Super easy to set up plus lets me move icons further down for reachability. Big fan of that app
I can definitely see why lol, just wish it was on Android but even if it was I doubt my S8 would be supported
On your s8, you can just move the icons and leave the space blank.
Corvus os gang
God damn right my i8t hasn't seen any security patch updates in about 2 months so I might switch to CR droid
this gotta be the dumbest take on the blue app ive seen in a hot minute
It’s only a dumb take if you enjoy bad ascetics. That Android shit is just ugly.
homie those screenshots are from before like, 2010. chill
low ass quality picture
pixel ass quality profile picture
when you compare a 10 year old image to another image taken a yaer ago heres how far android widgets have come
Yep, they still think that Androids still stutter, are slow, that take bad pictures... Apple fanboys have the most lack of awareness of their favorite brand's rivals from all the fanboys out there.
Don't ask the apple fanboys who makes their cameras.
hmmm, Samsung... probably to a design supplied by Apple. Just like Samsung made screens for Apple... and probably the whole reason why some of Samsung's products have borne a surprising similarity to Apple's in the past.
Lol. Samsung is the worst copy cat. They even had a internal document to imitate ios & apple pixel by pixel. Xiaomi started as an ios theme for android, oppo got it name since it sounds like apple in Chinese accent 😂
Nah, actually all of Apple's image sensors are from Sony. Sony just supplies the CMOS though, the lens or the IBIS-like elements are designed by Apple in-house. The difference in image quality comes down to image sensor, lens, stabilization, and most importantly image processing.
They're still blocking ability to repair your own phone, with will always be a deal breaker for me
Apple makes their own cameras, design makes their sensors, the reef outsourced by Samsung, and you’d point?
apple uses sony sensors. what are are you on about?
Too many misspelling in my other tweet, I meant “Apple designs their own cameras, Sony makes their sensors, the rest is outsourced by Samsung”
that just went from "Apple makes..." to "Apple designs..."
Apple designs them, period
I’m an apple fanboy but I know that Android is actually really good, everything at the end comes down to preferences.
The only correct answer.
when apple people talk about camera quality I just show them these. the black and white ones I took on a S6 edge in 2017 and the moon pic I took on a note 20 ultra
Twitter compression is unfortunate 😭
It’s sad that you have an ego and think You feel like you completed something in life showing these
It's sad that you have an ego and think you feel like you completed something in life posting this
Ok but androids on any app other than the stock default camera app is complete shit. It’s just a screen recording of the viewfinder. You can’t deny that.
Nice duck. You do commission work? Don't use discord.
It's almost like those app developers are refusing to support those phones and it's not the fault of the manufacturers.
Lol you watch too many fake tech reviewers.
That did happen with Instagram, but with some phones only. I'm not sure if it's the same now. But who the hell uses IG's own camera to shoot a video or s photo if the phone's camera is much better? You can't do an IG story with 1080p/60fps with an iPhone.
in-app camera view looks worse (compared to the camera app) on my iphone SE as well tho. it seems both OS implement image quality improvement into their camera app rather than the shared camera API. and I still don't understand why? 🤷🏽‍♂️
and the theory about camera view in android apps being just screen records is just doesn't make much sense to me. camera api have been a part of android since 2.x, while there is still no reliable way to control/detect screen recording from an android app in 2021.
and even if that's possible, then the video capturing process will look like this: retrieve a frame from camera -> show it on screen -> capture the screen -> save to file which is arguably more difficult than just taking the frame and write to file directly.
I would have to disagree, android widgets are way better and have been for years, on my Android phone I can set a widget to play music, interact with the Gmail widget to read and delete emails without opening Gmail, it's cool, on iOS they just have buttons to open the app...
Say it louder
It was the years I spent on Android that led me to iOS, so I’d say there is a reason people think these things…
Iphones have VERY good budget phones. For $200 i got an Android and it started lagging and spamming prompts that could not be disabled every 2 minutes or so. For $200 you can get the iPhone XS which is x5 better, trust me, i’ve used Android for my entire life up untill 3 months
The camera apps are also really good, I can get lots of camera apps that are super nice, fast and do the preprocessing that Google and apple do, they also let you record a video and take a picture during the recording, and pause recording 🙃
Android fanboys are more annoying though. Just insulting people for buying something different than them. Any type of this crap is bad behavior though. Android has its pros and cons and so does iPhones and people choose what they prefer. No need to get upset about it.
still looks like shit
It's not the only style, we have so many options and shapes and we can change them to our liking instead of being limited to just a square or rectangle. Plus, Android widgets are interactive unlike iOS, we can do specific tasks directly from the widget without opening the app.
These are kwgt widgets, right ? Can you link the widget pack used in the home screen above ?
das ugly doe 😞
Not the point of the post…
It's not the only style, we have so many options and shapes and we can change them to our liking instead of being limited to just a square or rectangle. Plus, Android widgets are interactive unlike iOS, we can do specific tasks directly from the widget without opening the app.
Still doesn’t looks aesthetic at all lol
It's not the only style, we have so many options and shapes and we can change them to our liking instead of being limited to just a square or rectangle. Plus, Android widgets are interactive unlike iOS, we can do specific tasks directly from the widget without opening the app.
Is that stock apps without downloads?
If I remember rightly yea, a nice thing is being able to use widgets from other apps like SoundCloud/YT music/Spotify for example, I think it's the pixel ones and Google usually does pretty well on UI for it (going off their web apps and stuff)
im an iphone guy til the end but android widgets do look better
That also easily takes 30 minutes to do. Not worth it.
If you don't want to spend time customizing your widgets, there are plenty of stock widgets to choose from and they look good. Android now isn't the same as it was in 2010. And at least you have the option to customize them instead of being stuck with squares and rectangles.
I also use the same Qur'an app
Yeah like I didn't see anyone customizing their App logos on their IPhone using siri shortcuts
No, there are apps with cool presets, besides, if you like it, take it or leave it
What widgets are those? Any widget app?
What's the widget pack?
is this a widget pack or a launcher? looks lovely
Off topic but where r u from in Hyderabad?
*Proceeds to use screenshots from 2010 because if he used screenshots from recent Android versions his argument would become pointless*
Lmao u destroyed him.
Ohhhhhhhh 🔥🔥🔥
That's a cool bot😂 I wanna try
Apply cold water to burnt area
Hit tweet right there😁
Damn right on the face🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
🎉Straight to the finals of Twitter’s Got Talent🎉
I'm surprised that you could find a screenshot from such an old Android version. Do you live under a rock with your iPhone or you know nothing about Android?
Honestly it’s a joke, but the updated versions people replied with look bad too
Honestly homie it doesnt really come off as one but like maybe clarified instead of digging yoursepf into a deeper hole that probably gonna make you waste more time in this cursed cesspool of a bird app
I know you're just kidding, it's good Apple finally allowed customization, outside of jailbreak (because the typical ios screen was always childish), I left along time ago. Android has always been the best in that regard, without rooting. But, bruh pulled old ass gingerbread 💀🧢
How do you get the first look? Any widget app or something? It looks very simple but great.
Oh, I didn't get the irony. Now I see it because it didn't made any sense to take some really old school versions of Android and compare them to iOS.
Still looks cleaner than the ios implementation
Can you do this on your iPhone?
Why would I want my phone to look like a kindle 😂 I prefer a designed experience not something that looks like a winamp skin from 2002
I didn't ask about your tastes. I asked if your phone could do that. Pay attention
Ok then - yes you can with custom app icons and widgets it’s possible, not that you’d ever want to. You could go even further with a jailbreak.
So what you're saying is, stock, it can't. Gotcha.
Can you read, that image is stock
Joel you are a fckn apple fan boy
No. What is in his screenshot is all done without a jailbreak.
you can, with shortcuts. it’s been possible since iOS 14
Shortcuts are annoying
With shortcut u can
Does iOS have something like icon pack presets or you'd have to manually set them all?
You can download icon packs and manually set them on iOS ueah
i tried it in iOS 14 and remembered that these would open the shortcut app first then redirect to the actual app, is that still the case with 15? 😅
Nope, now it opens directly the app
Well again, talking about custom app icons and widget- It literally takes a minute or two to completely change the look on an android while it takes way more time to do the same on an iPhone. I'll let you be the judge of which one is half baked.
No you can't. Show me your home screen without battery and time at the top. Also you probably have to pay for the half baked iPhone solution
We can do it without jailbreak and they aren't just another app,they are icons that replaces the original icon
No you can't. Battery, time are showing at the top. The icons don't look great imo and you probably have to pay for them in the first place
Android user here. Unless you are 12 yrs old no body cares about something this stupid and juvenile. Utilizing the phone is more important than playing with the home screens.
You can. It’s pretty easy, and plenty of designers are doing it.
Bodied the clown MF😂😂😂
Switching to iPhone for the Apple ecosystem, gonna miss my Android
For the same reason people post things on their walls
LIKE A WINAMP SKIN ☠️ That one killed me and took me back 😂
agree with you
why not? is kindle really a pejorative
People say. I m insulting people by calling isheep. What shd i call, anything else to call an isheep
why on earth would you want to do that, and yes, i can do that.
Yes. Only better.
Time and battery still showing
I am more interested knowing why Dr Chris has prayer call times on his phone 😂
They icons look terrible, you have to jailbreak and the time and battery icons are still showing. That's a fail for me
Design is subjective - just as with android there are hundreds of themes for icons and other elements available, jailbreaking is quite easy and totally reversible, and should I want to remove time and battery (which I don’t) I can.
At the end of the day, it is easier for you to achieve the same result with Android. But both platforms have their own advantages and disadvantages, and should you really want to get around iOS’ restrictions, it’s quite possible with a little bit of work
Yes, iphone has custom app icons and widgets
Can the app name under the widgets be hidden?
Yes it can but no thanks
You tell me it importance to me 😎
This is like android 4 or 5.🤷‍♀️
Actually that screenshot is from Android gingerbread aka around version 2.0
Imagine comparing the android 2.0 widget to that of iOS 15 😹
I use an iPhone an even I know that androids don’t look like this anymore, maybe in like 2011 ¿¿¿
Bro living in 2010
So are you purposefully incorrect or just accidentally?
the fact that you had to use an image of Android 2012 widgets to make a point lmaaao
Just use what phone you like you turbo nut sucker
What are you talking about?
What's the theme?
Bruhhh that’s a screenshot from like Android 2.0 😂
True 😂, but even today’s androids UI look funky
Android UI actually varies greatly, because android users have a plethora of choice customizations. Can edit your phone to look in almost any way you want. While iPhone lacks as much customization, it does offer a uniformity and more consistent experience
Dude as an iphone user, please dont embarress us. Androids are more customizable. They can 1:1 do the iphone look if they want to. Ur not doing us a favor
I mean this is only one example out of many, but the UI and design has come a long way.
Ah yes, so funky...
We have very similar home pages
I think Androids user interface is mich Mord fluent and customizable. I mean, look at Material you. Thats an amazing design and it Looks way better than IOS.
Yeah I still didn't get my hands on it yet, but based on the presentation it looked really great 👍
Today's Android ui looks however you want it to look
Where the f*** did you get those screenshots? 2009?
This is literally from 10 years ago, and the top left is not even Android 💀 it's a windows phone from that era
That is actually an Android phone it's just using a custom launcher. I remember when Windows Phones was semi popular there was a tonne of them on the app store. I even used one for a little bit back in like 2012 💀
Why you take 10 year old Android photos to try and make your point?
why are you using a picture from Android 2
Wow you really got us there showing screenshots of Android 12 years ago lmao. One of them isn't even showing screenshots just a launcher someone installed.
not an android fan but these are like 2013 software, you seriously can’t compare that to 2020 iPhones.
Bruh that's from like 2009 lmao
You're actually showing screenshots for the first versions of Android and you really think people are gonna take your saying seriously? Who's the hypocrite here?
Such a dishonest screenshots from 2012 at best….do better fanboy
Please stop embarrassing yourself.
Not sure what Android Gingerbread had to do with this. iOS couldn't do elegant widgets back in 2010 either. 🤷‍♀️ (And by elegant I mean any)
My guy really used android 2.3 screenshots
This is not at all what Android looks like
It’s a joke but the new versions look just as bad
You really think so??? This is my homescreen. If anything, I've noticed iOS looking more and more like Android
You don’t have any widgets though?
Okay I added one. I don't see how this looks much different from iOS. I think your idea of what Android looks like is based on Android from 10 years ago
Here's an example of a music one
these are actually my fav kind of widgets! Back when I used Android, I'd have these in an Action Launcher drawer, hidden but always reachable 👀
I am not into it, but it's not ugly either, so... 🤷🏻‍♂️
Customisation is based on your taste dear
You customize however you want. You can even change launchers and default apps.
Well that "crap" look was not considered bad 10 years ago, instead it was praised
Now way you show pictures of 2012😂😂😂😂
Literally every image here is 10+ years old. Come on.
🤣 that pic is so old, you probably still wore diapers my young padawan.
Incorrect.. your using old ass images. Android always has tech advantage ux over ios since the god damn outta here 🦆
to be fair he compared when widgets first introduced on Android and iOS.
Yearh, iPhone processors are soooo slow when compared to Android ;)
(No comment)
Windows is better
your jacket, wack as fk
Why are we still arguing over someone’s choice of platform? All phones right now are great. iOS and android. Enjoy what you enjoy!
This dude pulled up a pic of Android in 2012 💀
It was comparable, it worked.
widgets from like 8 years ago..bruh
Yo, this looks like my Winamp skin from 2002
Wow. Posting shit like this only exposes your ignorance. Android doesn't look like this for a decade already, and anyway it's purposely messed-up picture. I use iOS right now, but also I used Android for years, and you can make it look like anything, literally.
Did you just compare the a year old iphone widget with 2012 android widget?
Thats like a 10 year old android. Pls also show me the 10 year old ios widget since u just came out from cave !!
🎯 .. always the worst version of the software which is why its never promoted.. The entire damn device is risky and you really can’t trust the software or developers in all honesty.. can’t even send a risk-free text on a damn droid smh
But Android's Design oft the widget fits into design of the time. And the App-Developers arebthe ones who design the Widgets.
I mean look at Windows 7 or the first IOS. That looked like shit too in my todays opinion.
You really can't get more ignorant. Widgets on iOS are half baked, many of them aren't even functional and you still can't place them exactly where you want and sizes are pre fixed. Ever heard of KWGT?
So you really just went ahead comparing apples new widgets to ones from 2012 android? Look what android can do now. You think you can do this on your iPhone?
you're using screenshots from 2010? lmao isheeps are a different breed.
ios widget will be comparable to android 5 widgets after 10 years. enjoy ur cheap knock off crap widgets on ios
it is comparable, sorry not sorry > posts pictures so old that graphic design standards have changed since then > I wonder why people keep mentioning apples software is still primitive
Holy fuck is that from android 4??? Atleast post a pic of something recent you sheep.
But, can you play easily retro games on a iPhone ?
Man change your pants you took a shit
I would rather use manual geared car than to wait 3-4 years for self driving car.
you are comparing 2009 to 2021? ok bye
The fact you decided to show android from 11 years ago,shows that if you showed one from 2015 your point won't make sense
dude this is like android from the 14th century this is android's widgets now
why are you comparing a 2010 widgets lmao
Well it seems like you don't have the audacity to showcase the newer versions. Ironically iOS hasn't changed that much in past couple of years. Similar design, similar aesthetic, but at least you guys have widgets now. If you want to argue then provide valid ones.
Heck that 10 year old Android is still better than the current iOS
Hey u know something... even sheeps have better brain than u
Yeah but that's what looked cool back in the day, and iOS didnt look much better tbh with you
Its 2021 kid. Plsa delete ur tweet. Its cringe as hell lmao
It’s obvious u live in a cave😂😂😂
You are using screenshots from like 12 years ago, LMAO. if you used any modern screenshots, your argument would be pointless (even this way it still is LOL)
U were saying something?
Posting 2012 Android UI...
Why don't you show maybe a newer version of Android?
Yeah keep celebrating the genius in cheating, that’ll show em…
Fact, already doing this 🤣🤣
Ostras tener esto cuando estudiaba hubiese sido grandioso!!
Someone stole your novel? You upset bro?
😆😆😆 No words can justify my initial reaction
I did this in 2019 during a lecture where the slides wouldn't be uploaded on the server as it would be too easy to copy the content for your own report. I have an android.
You guys have to download an app. For apple they integrated it into the cam so it works seamlessly even without wifi
I dreamed of being able to do this so many times in lectures
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Best feature
This would have been so handy. I was terrible at writing notes
where was this when we were at uni 😂
Too busy playing snake on my nokia for notes mate
My notes where the best but
What if he’s really just writing bad slash-fic?
oh my, that is something else.
The Chinese would be proud.
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Hasta que los Capuleto se convierten en los Capusotto.
bruh i been doin this from ios 15 launch
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When's the brain upload coming?
You can steal notes, but you can't steal the thinking process (omg i sound like an annoying teacher)
why didn’t we have this tech when I was actively pursuing my major 😭
I love technology sm
😁Google Lens #android
It's also invasion of privacy... #iOS15
Noooo! This is genius! 😂
Students “school is hard” Also students
That's kinda cool, but I agree w/ a lot of ppl in the threads. We should probs keep this low-key else they ban digital notes.
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Yay, video! Your download link's at You can bookmark this link and check it whenever you make a new download request. Got questions? See 🤗
מה שיפה זה שסוף סוף אפל תומכים ב ocr
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It’s not stealing when there helping u become smarter 🥸
Genius? Lmao, Android shipped this 3 years back with Google lens
Why would I? It's more hilarious that IOS user still thinks this is a new innovative feature whereas Android user using it from ages. 😂
That yoshi looks pretty innovative to me.
Yeah you sound bothered. So where iOS users. Google lens has been on iOS for years. Keep squirting
Nope it wasn't You had to download the google apps whereas In androids it was already built in with the Google assistant which made it easier to access the google lens
Show me your Snapchat camera
Here we go 😭😭
Don't begrudge Apple for re-innovating. One day, they might re-innovate the hole punch camera or even the ability to put an app icon wherever you want on the home screen.
Sad Story Short. No one ever cares. Cheers!
Aw! It's sad that you think everyone has the same rubbish mindset as you Cheers!
"Genius" isn't the app/feature. It's how the students are using it that people are calling genius
And nobody cares..
I kinda cared, when Google lense added the live translation I found that cool, as well as the sext selection in photos 🙃
yea and who did it better, google lens which requires an internet connection and in an out of the way menu, or apple, where its literally baked into the camera
Yall don't share notes😳?
Next generation ! :p
You steal my notes I'm coming after you though... beware!
It is genius. 😄
Kind of genius - many have been doing the exact same genius thing for years.
Video? Here we go: Ad: Auto Tweet your Instagram photos/videos via @TweetGramApp.
Incredible time to be alive
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Que bien nos hubiera venio
Information wants to be free
All good, my friend! One new download for you at Enjoy your day!😁
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Okay okay *accent*
Google lens from a zillion years ago says hi.
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Haha ich liebe dieses Feature
Thank goodness I finished school for good. I hated college years but loved HS years.
"Back when I was a kid, we had to steal other people's work by hand!"
i dont call it stealing i call it borrowing without asking :()
well it kinda isnt stealing. the teacher gives the notes to all students!! :)
Android Warriors are instant here 🤣🤣🤣🤡
I remember having heard of classes taking "disitrbuted notes" using Google Docs. That was genius (distributing work over the full class). Copy/pasting one student notes is, to my mind, not genius, just theft.
you are always on the funny side of life, eh?
Well, I find the feat technically impressive, but it looks way too much like a predation capitalism metaphor to be so fun to me, if you see what I mean
Lmao i used to do it years ago with my pixel 2 XL
I hate to think that this may be taken away somehow at some point…
Yo thats french
(No comment)
Unless the person in front you is missing key notes
I and my @madebygoogle siblings have been doing this for years thanks to #teampixel
Jajajaja es ingenio, adaptarse y sobrevivir. En la escuela usaba mi celular cada que me mandaban al fondo del salón, como no podía ver bien el pizarrón, la cámara era buena aliada.
Android Use be like: we are doing this from since. But you have to download Google lens firstThen you have to download another transfer App to text first and so on…!! But Apple Universal Clipboard and Camera Ai detection is ❤️ imagine open camera copy text and ctrl + v on mac❤️
Or.. android users be like "I bought a Samsung" end of story.
This is not true at all. Did it all the time in class right from my Pixel camera junior year of college circa 2017ish 2018ish. Don't remember, it was years ago lol
AI detection lol, that's called OCR it has been around for ages.
OCR without AI? Give me code i would like to implement in my App for Iphone 7 Plus
Lol all of this came on my Pixel 4 when I got it.
Like I get being an apple fan but at least do the research. Funnily enough this is just how Windows fanboys used to sound to macOS users.
A bunch of Pixel 4 users right above this all failing to do it at all. So, yeah, you thought you had it but never actually used it because it was buggy and half baked.
I mean... I've definitely been using the feature...
What was that you were Sayin'?
Nice Universal Clipboard 🤔🤷
Again. You had to use Google Lens and a clipboard app. This is baked into the standard camera app and iOS. What do you not get here? Also text amount, size, distance - etc
The problem with fandroids, 99% of the time you don’t even get the feature - just the half baked versions you’ve been ignoring because it was never ready for real use.
This is baked into Oneplus phones from the last year or so
Very happy for you to show even a newer pixel do anything near what’s being shown here. I’ll wait…
no body care about pixel it barley sell 500k phones in year
I think you don't know about Samsung's Bixby Vision.
Man it's in the camera app. Only y'all iOS plebs download Google lens
You don't have to lie to pass your point across you know
Dick move.
the game has changed, are you keeping up?
Is not iOS 14 has Google Lens? Why it is started now?
Did it even copy right words, sometimes it's wrong
I’m glad I don’t have in person class if someone straight up stole my notes I’d be irritated
Isheeps act like this something new lol
they just did ENHANCE
They have failed at life. Not genius, just lazy. If they cannot be arsed learning the subject, then they should choose another path in life.
Where was this when i was i school 🙄
Nigga all we had was eyes and hope 😭
If you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying
y’all be careful sharing this. we don’t want teachers seeing it 💀
Personally, I would love to have an iPhone for the video taking capability, and that's it. Everything else, my Android got it covered. On the flip side, as I got busier, I become less interested in tinkering. Phones are simply launch platform for apps, and iOS would've suffice.
Kinda Agree, But I just love that platform more Being more secure and lese customisable ( yes ) Cause It's aesthetically love it
To each his own. Security is more of individual literacy, though. iOS is supposedly more secure, but let's remember that many, if not most, of those 'private stuffs' leaks comes from iPhone users. 🙈
it is because they really* want to leak it ! there's nothing to do with the security.. 😂😂 @SamiFathi_ help him :P
Not really. Or maybe we're talking about different crowds. 😆
I recently switched from android to iOS because of that. iOS is More convenient when you want things to simply work without having to put too much thought into it. Everything is exactly where it needs to be and just works.
Does android not just work too? I personally have found android to just work very nicely, even if it is not my primary OS at this time...
It does. What I was saying is: Android's flexibility might not matter as much to some people. I used to spend hours doing things like modding System UI and such. iOS would've been boring for my younger self. Now, I can't even remember the last time I use non stock wallpaper.
Android works, but its miles away from the flawless integration Apple has. Thats the bonus when you are also building your own hardware. No Android Smartwatch has ever worked so flawlessly like my Apple Watch. And Siri working with apps is so much better than Google Assitant.
That is cool and scary
Teachers are the responsibles for allowing the use of smartphones by students in the classrooms.
Yea, I am pretty sure a teacher is going to recognize plagiarism.
Good old days with my CFW PSP and Notes... they thought I was listening music 🤣
It’s a really good feature.
Maybe I'll get an iPhone next
(No comment)
Carai kkkkkk
Isn't this a really old feature? I've been using this for the last couple of years
Can that be done from a #NintendoSwitch Mr. Wolf?
Jajajaja I guess not
One of the reasons I required students take notes by hand. But more importantly because studies have shown increased comprehension and understanding with hand written notes when compared to those typed. Call me old fashioned but I stand by this comment!
I wholesomely agree on this but as the kids would say…
that is obnoxiously ableist. some people aren't able to pay attention and write at the same time, and forcing them to do so just adds to their anxiety. even if you have studies saying it's beneficial to 80% of students, what about the other 20%?
by "old fashioned" you must mean "catering to the privileged while leaving those who struggle even farther behind."
I wish so badly twitter had a dislike button.
Guess you’re not part of the beta
how much does an iphone cost
You know people can type stuff in devices other than a iPhone, right?
Ya like a pen and a paper
Yeah, like that too, ir maybe a cheap laptop They could be taking notes wherever they like
I’m sure the 20% if it’s even that high can figure it out. Life’s about adapting. Not to mention hand written is objectively better for memory and comprehension.
Also if someone is disabled they likely have a 504 and can get access to a computer to type things out.
So why not allow that for everyone anyway to make the class universally accessible? Why should a disabled person have to go through extra paperwork just to use an essential support need?
"Because studies have shown increased comprehension and understanding with hand written notes when compared to those typed"
What if the person doesn't have hands though 🤔
What if I actually learn and understand better when I type?
If you had any of those issues, but the last, you would 100% have a 504 you're giving to all your professors at the start of the semester. It's a really easy process. I think professors should be able make pedagogical choices within reason.
Why do students need to disclose a disability in order to record information the way they know best? Why is the burden always placed on disabled students? Are you aware that many disabled people are lacking support and accommodation?
It's definitely not an easy process to get accommodations. That's great if it was for you.
There are clear and proven pedagogical reasons for why you would want to discourage students from being on computers in class. They are disruptive and teachers should be able to help students make better choices.
I don't really think these kinds of arguments are very productive, but there are also disabled students who get extremely distracted from the presence and use of computers and these kinds of policies would really help their ability to learn and focus in class.
Maybe the whole idea is broken if it requires excluding "certain" people in order to work
We already know from "many studies" that lecture is highly ineffective pedagogy anyway.
Yeah I mean that rings true to me, but that isn't really up to the guy who's job it is to maximize the effectiveness of a lecture.
You can make similar arguments for why their needs to be stairs in the lecture halls and that is why the person who uses a wheelchair needs to sit in a special spot away from other students. But it's still a leisure and exclusionary.
What? That is a completely different situation. I don't really feel like you're arguing in good faith if you're going to say weird stuff like that.
It's not. You are equating disabled with having accommodations and it is just not true. Also, banning computers but allowing it for documented disabled students creates stigma
Do you really think students are not going to be aware of who is using computers and that means they are disabled and different?
Bold of you to assume everyone who has these kinds of disabilities has the paperwork that allows them these exceptions when half of us have to fight to even have our diagnosis taken seriously by other mental health professionals LET ALONE a school faculty signing off on it