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I have multiple SwiftUI apps that are 95% finished but that I can't get out the door because of lack of ability to polish. So many rough edges that I can't stomach. There is always a point where I regret not starting with UIKit. Compels me though.
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Same, I spent months writing a new app I was excited about in SwiftUI, about 70% done but it got so hacky and messy with workarounds I couldn’t bring myself to finish it. If I’d started in UKit it would be on the store now but SwitUI sapped all my motivation to start again.
This is when I wish Apple open sources SwiftUI and allows updates throughout the year instead of milestones annually and incremental quarterly.
Sadly I can relate to this a lot. Keeps hitting me on a major project. Unsure what we in the community might be able to do? While the various attempts to fill the holes in SwiftUI’s documentation are helpful, something more targeted toward these “5% pitfalls” might be in order?
“How to Find The Energy to Rewrite in UIKit For Tired Developers”
The UIKit rewrite was way faster than I anticipated, fortunately. Heck, I wrote the UIKit code faster than the I did the original SwiftUI code.
It does make you wonder who their target audience is.
SwiftUI offers lowers the learning curve for web developers wanting to jump over to iOS.
Would definitely be interested in blog posts or tweets on the 5% cases. Also would be super interested to know—are these 5% cases still present if you could only target iOS 15, or are they still present in this latest iteration of SwiftUI?
Yep! Just scraped my SwiftUI project and went back to UIKit.
Me too and it’s going great.
This is such a mood.
Curious what rough edges you’re running into? I had the same experience with an app I did in SwiftUI 1, but have been converting an app to SwiftUI 2 soon and have been loving how fast it is to develop.
I was 95% done a SwiftUI project before I rewrote almost the entire UI in UIKit. The handful of SwiftUI code that remained broke in iOS 15 🤦‍♂️ When considering time needed to debug, SwiftUI isn’t any faster than UIKit. Never again.
Especially that last part — SwiftUI is very easy to get started with which can be appealing/misleading to newer devs
Me too, can’t find a way of obtaining the List cell that is in the middle of the screen and can’t disable scrolling. Not sure the cell autoresizing will work if i replace only the list with tableview
Disabling scrolling is a peculiar one. I’ve used introspect to do that which seems to work fairly well
Thanks, that seems to work if i store the tableView and disable scrolling with a delay. My use case is to disable scrolling after i programatically scroll to a position, i think the animation enables it back. I should even be able to add 2 delegates and get the offset.
Wow, and 100% support in all these replies. I’ve written and shipped 3 apps in SwiftUI for major clients including a major healthcare firm, and polish was not an issue. Missing something in SwiftUI- wrap a UIKit view in there.
I’ve gone back to the drawing board a number of times wrt some weird behavior. Turns out I wasn’t very clear about a few foundational aspects if SwiftUI. The WWDC session on demistify SwiftUI helped a lot. iOS15 has broken a few things. Possibly me misusing the framework again.