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Web 1.0: the web is for sharing information! Web 2.0: but what if we could make money too? Web 3.0: the web is only for making money.
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To be more slightly historically accurate it's more like: Web 0.1: information! Web 1.0: maybe we can make money too, sometimes? Web 2.0: make money too by designing it all nice! Web 3.0: we built a pyramid scam into the very DNA of the web so you can't NOT make someone money
Not to sound like a communist making fun of capitalism but you're trying to make the very substrate of information flow in the modern age into a ponzi scheme.
I've seen Soviet propaganda that had less severe critiques of capitalism than that. This is some Brave New World/Make Us Happy shit, where you've got a dystopia that takes existing trends and turns them up to 1000 to expose the underlying problems of the system
And that's one of the real problems with trying to make fun of this shit: you cannot make a heightening joke, it just doesn't work. You can't satire it by taking it to the point of absurdity, because it's already there. You end up just describing it accurately
"so imagine in the future, the world is dying because of all the co2 in the atmosphere and someone designs a type of money powered by releasing more of it and destroying computers!" "why would anyone do that? Unrealistic, stick the stories about Martian invasions."
"so people can use the death-of-the-planet money to buy images. But they don't really own the image, it's lot something they can hang on their wall. Instead a computer says they own it, and anyone else can steal it trivially"
"robert, I know you're a grand master of scifi, but I think your story about a polycule fleeing lobster monsters who hate geometry and end up flying to Oz was significantly more realistic."
"OK so here's the new idea: in the future we've got a worldwide network which provides cheap and easy access to all information and communication and commerce, and people are trying to replace it with a version based on making money by killing the planet"
There a lot of people suggesting these NTFS things are just a thinly veiled money laundering scheme and to be honest, I'm not sure I'm that optimistic. Because don't get me wrong, that is the optimistic read on the situation.
"a bunch of rich crooks are using this scam to launder the money from their crimes because it's a new method that's not as monitored as the old ways, so the authorities aren't keeping an eye on it as closely, yet"
That's a way more optimistic take than the one where these people actually think it's worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to kinda prove you own a jpeg
And the twist that would mean it was too unrealistic to be a scifi story? They're not even good jpegs.
You're not "owning" custom art or photographs by modern masters, it's the output of generic procedural generation systems. You've got people paying thousands for a squiggle or a pixel art monkey that should have stayed on 2003 deviantart where it belonged
Oh my God. I just got it. They're bad on purpose. It's part of the scam.
You ever get an email saying you can get millions of dollars from some prince in Nigeria? You know how they're badly spelled and formatted? That's not just them not speaking English well, it's on purpose.
The idea is that the scammers don't want to waste time talking to people who will figure out that it's a scam. Those people waste their time and make them no money.
The scammers want to target the people who will not figure it out, because they are the ones who will make them money. So the bad spelling is an obvious red flag, ensuring the only people who reply are the people who will miss further red flags.
And NTFS are doing the same thing. They're bad on purpose, because if they weren't, they'd attract a bunch of people who'd realize it's a scam and would tell similar people to avoid it.
By making it the silliest and most pointless shit, they're preemptively selecting for people who have no idea about the value of art and clearly don't know anyone who does.
And they're the ones most likely to believe the scam and actually pay up.
They don't want this scam to look half reasonable, because then it'd attract people who look into the details and go "HANG ON A MINUTE!" and start broadcasting that it's all a scam
By making it look bad from minute one, it ensures the only people who will bite are the ones foolish enough to hopefully miss the fact it's a big scam. It saves them time and money and cuts down on the backlash of people figuring it out and telling everyone
"in the future there's a global communication mechanism and there are words you shouldn't say because if you do, robots will show up and copy your name and face and try to get your friends to give them money, and they'll be invisible to you!"
When are the tripods coming? I know they're gonna mind control us while slowly xenoforming our atmosphere, but I think that might be a better future than the one we seem to have ended up in.
At least there the atmosphere is turning poisonous because of the evil aliens we can fight against, instead of doing it ourselves while refusing to stop because we're making a bunch of money, and some brain trusts on the internet figured out how to monetize accelerating the end
My climate change hot take is that I don't give a shit about how much it costs to address the problem and I think it's irresponsible when people talk about the price tag.
Because it seems like this should be obvious to everyone and I feel like a fool saying it, like I'm stating the obvious, but if we're looking at two futures, one where we have to spend a lot of money and still have a planet to live on, and one where we save the money but don't...
It kinda seems obvious which choice I would take.
Like "oh no what if the global economy collapses and its like the 1920s and people are starving in the streets!" versus... We all die. Yeah, those options suck, but I think this is why we've been talking about trolley problems so much recently.
And not just because it distracts people from asking "hey why are we in this situation in the first place?" Because usually when you have to chose between to bad options, it's because you failed to make better choices earlier.
Maybe we would have two bad choices if we'd made better ones 50 years back, but given that we lack a time machine and now are stuck with two options, bad and infinitely bad, mark me down for one "bad", please.
And arguing that it won't be that bad seems pointless. Unless you have some information on why destroying the planet we depend on to live is good, actually, it shouldn't make one cent of difference in which one we'd all pick?
Anyway I keep having a vision of the news saying we've discovered a Dino-killer asteroid coming in fast, and here's the NASA guy to say "good news, it's far enough out that we can stop it. We're working overtime to build the rocket to launch next year and knock it off course"
And for balance here's the wall street fucker who says hang on a minute, let's not be hasty. That rocket is going to cost 50 billion dollars, think of the deficit!
NASA guy: but if we don't launch it, we'll all die! Wallstreet: but 50 billion dollars! Can the country even afford that? NASA: I DON'T CARE HOW MUCH IT COSTS! DO YOU WANT TO DIE? Wallstreet: I don't know, it sounds like you don't care about the economy. People will lose jobs!
Anyway I know I'm known for Twitter threads that go off on weird barely connected tangents, but that isn't one. You should be the thinking about environmental impact every time anyone mentions any aspect of this shit.
It's a way to turn wasting electronics and electricity into money, without producing anything valuable as a side effect. It's like a factory that just produces pollution directly.
Anyway I have to go do things. Hopefully things that will result in useful output and not just wasted time and money and power and carbon and electricity.
OK SO two more things: First, I want to be clear that this isn't just one thing. It's a bunch of interrelated things which are bad and scams and should not be touched: cry/pto/curr/enc/ies in general N/F/Ts web3/web3.0
they are layered on each other and each have their own reason to be bad ideas. In theory you could try to build something that's not a bad scam on top of one of the others, but you still inherent all the problems of the lower layers
in reality, that doesn't seem to have ever happened, probably because anyone legitimately trying to build something good would notice the problems of the lower layers and feel it's a bad idea to try to build on that.
It's like trying to keep homeless kids warm by donating some of the furs from your puppy-killing machine.
secondly I want to be absolutely clear that when I say things like "scam" I am not trying to be hyperbolic, like you might say "Man, Nintendo is still selling Zelda: Breath of the Wild for 60$, four years after release? What a scam!"
no it is my firm believe that all of these technologies are scams, in the classic sense. There may be occasional true believers and theoretically some of them had good intentions at the start, but they are primarily being operated as scams now.
the intention is to take your money and give you nothing, or something worthless.
and the reason this shit is so fractically complicated and confusing is because it's a classic confidence trick. Clearly this is very complicated tech stuff, you can't hope to understand it all, but this guy seems smart and they say they'd made a lot of money off it...
and you don't want to miss out, do you? this is a limited time offer, after all. And here's someone else who says they got rich off it! tell them again, Mr. Shill, how you got a bunch of money off buying some pixelart?
I mean it literally. They are scams. At best they're technically-legal pyramid schemes like "multi-level marketing", and very few of them raise to that high level of ethical quality.
I just say this because I don't want your take-away to be that "foone hates crytypocurrentseas and ntfs and wob3.11". I do, but that's not the point. The point is I'm saying they're scams, and they're bad scams that have bad side-effects.
you'll lose your money and you'll help destroy the planet in the process. You should always react to them by running screaming in the opposite direction.
it would arguably be less damaging and more ethical for them to punch you in the face and run off with your wallet. But they can't do that over the internet and they can't convince VC investors to give them millions for that scheme, so here we are.
like sometimes the discussion comes up like "should we ban crytypocurrentseas?" and I would say that that is asking entirely the wrong question. The correct question is more like "why didn't we already have laws against this kind of scam already?"
"and if we did, why weren't they applied?"
this feels like a variation on that 2000-era boom when a bunch of patents were being issues for doing obvious and old things, but "over the internet".
just now it's "what if we did scams from the victorian era , but using imaginary internet money?"
and just like how "rotating an image BUT OVER THE INTERNET" shouldn't be a patentable thing, doing a classic confidence trick shouldn't be a technically legal thing just because you did it with math-money.
anyway, an actual tangent I thought earlier while I had to pause to drive around: Has anyone thought about how all this shit is the fault of the RIAA/MPAA?
the borkchan is based on p2p technology, distributed hash trees, and the like. These are all technologies they didn't have to invent, they could just reuse from existing projects.
and why did those products exist? well, because napster got shut down by the RIAA, and central directories for p2p became an unworkable liability, so we had to build decentralized methods for distributing data across the internet that the RIAA and MPAA couldn't easily stop
and now we've got bitchon and ethernetpoints and ntfs and wob3.11 all because we wanted to pirate metallica songs and marvel movies in peace and the RIAA/MPAA said no
so all this advanced technology had to be built to evade them and it was just sitting there in open source projects, ready to be reused, and it was snapped up by the worst people imaginable who wanted to make money out of math instead of doing some simple piracy.
/me holds up lighter.gif
LOL nice. But Oof, unforgiven 2? Were you going for worst Metallica songs ever written for the example?
Going from memory the chances of it being an actual Metallica song are about 50/50.
look, this is the song I pirated back in 1998. you can complain to Teenage!Foone if you want, but you'll need a time machine to do it.
Don't tempt them too much. Even Metallica playing their own song on twitch got them DMCA'd. Where else will I get my interesting tech blogs from ? Hacker news ? That's preposterous.
The llama's ass has gone unwhipped for far too long now
I have misophonia! besides, you don't know how my system-wide volume is set, how my external speakers are set. maybe it was REALLY LOUD elsewhere?
I'm surprised this Winamp isn't skinned in something horrible
I actually had to turn off the communist skin in order to take the picture
Now that's the Winamp I remember. 😵‍💫
E.g. Reload cover art with stock theme buttons over it? 😬
A most excellent thread. Spot on foone.
This whips the llamas ass!
Really whipping some llama ass there.
That was a beautiful, beautiful rant. And topped off with a Winamp image, thank you! For one delightful moment, I imagined I was once again in the "information" age...
Today in "JPEGs you can hear" news...
a level of seethe yet unknown to mankind
Is that the sound of a llama's ass being whipped?
Epic rant. Saved.
Whew~ what an ending. You are a marvelous creature
*pc reboots because someone winnuke's every ip that joins a channel*
Oh man the flashbacks.
Anyway I know I'm known for Twitter threads that go off on weird barely connected tangents, but that isn't one. You should be the thinking about environmental impact every time anyone mentions any aspect of this shit.
it always does. my ADHD never sleeps
I love your Twitter threads ❤️
they gotta find a way to soothe the pain somehow.
Love for the triviant bot
Yo, that's hot shit but have you ever tried buying PS1 backups from a list you found on the AOL games channel?
what the Borg Collective is still running ? this was Audiogalaxy's and Napster's predecessors.
this picture is 20 years old
*me feeling nostalgic over a simpler time & internet* *sees this tweet and nightmare fuel of a picture* *no longer feeling nostalgic for that trash fire*
|DiRT|Sr was lars ulrich trying to flood the channel with george michael songs
I cry at least once a day about how awful Slack is, and even with this screenshot I'm feeling another burst of nostalgia for 00's-era IRC clients.
Downloading Linkin Park off of Limewire only to get a mislabeled Rammstein song
Wow ! XDCC, the good old times.
SYSTEM font as the default UI choice in pretty much everything... Glad we're past that. <Looks at a Java app> Uh-oh.
laziness never die. ...or at least not while I'm still alive
#mIRC? Now that's a name I've not heard in a long time.
This thread is why im a data communist
I can't believe that the word "bork ch@in" wasn't already in use by "dog e¢oin"
i like to imagine sətoshi's original vision was b¡tcoin being drug money and he would've been disappointed by it becoming effectively a stock
I mean, BitTorrent is a superior technology for decentralized information sharing in almost every way except scam potential, but we've all been brainwashed into thinking that humans only ever respond to a profit motive
I’m now very upset that I never took the opportunity to download a car, knowing where we’d all end up now
so what you're saying is
(Possibly sensitive)
this is exactly the kind of foone-tangent I live for
I thought that Bram actually forked some crazy protocrypto system to make BT.
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I still don’t understand
The crypto community has been speed-running all of the financial scams of the past millenium over the last decade. It was inevitable they'd get to art dealing.
Crypto steam railway schemes when.
That’s a fair take but I feel it’s also a branch off of a different talking point where when most people talk about banning crypto they’re not talking about the (very real) scam element as much as the actual act of minting stuff for environmental or resource distribution reasons
Of course that said I really have no idea how possible banning the act of minting even IS it’s probably as unworkable as keeping RSA illegal when that was a debate and banning the sale of crypto shit would probably be an easier way to accomplish that goal
In a lot of cases we do, it's just that governments are structurally ill-equipped to deal with white collar crime and full of people whose job it is to be impressed by tech bullshit.
We are two, maybe three, years away from an elegant attack on crypto networks that can’t be defended against because of the nature of decentralised systems that all rely on the same unfixable point of failure. All their theories about unstoppability will be turned upside down.
What is this unfixable point of failure?
I am sorry for my ignorance @Foone but what is web 3.0? I did a quick search but only found things that talk good about it. I dont trust those
And here I am not entirely sure what "Web 3.0" IS. Is it yet another cryp fad?
My younger sib just summed up N|F|Ts perfectly. They're essentially the thneed from The Lorax. Everyone need's a thneed.
Procedurally generated pixel art too, so we don't even have to pay artists more than once!
Hard agree on everything. Zero value is being created with these schemes.
I think it has another layer, it's attractive to people desperate to look smart. Marks are impressed by the deliberately confusing pseudo technical description and convince themselves that they'll look like geniuses if they repeat the buzzwords like crude bots.
I've said it before, but at least with most pyramid schemes you get some storage containers or knives or something. When these guys are left holding the bag they won't even have a bag.
they're selling you a pig in a poke but there's no pig and no poke.
A friend of mine still swears by the CutCo knives he sold almost 20 years ago.
Does that mean I can patent my puppy* killing machine? :) *It works on all small cute looking baby animals that would provide furs for homeless kids :)
Your carbon footprint could be measured in terms of the number of people who wasted time and electricity viewing your mega shitpost thread, but everyone is too busy reading and liking it to worry about it! 🦶👣👣👣👣👣👣👣🤪
Nice thread, thanks.
Oh, but you forget: we get a fancy e-receipt with a QR code that if scanned shows us the logo of the factory that produced the pollution. That *clearly* makes all the difference. /joke
"Our market analysis shows that industries which produce high levels of pollution also generate high profits. Therefore,"
we have somehow managed to turn almost every component of a modern-day computer into something that can be used to accumulate math money online
waiting for the day someone figures out proof-of-NVRAM and proceeds to brick half of all motherboards currently in use
Shove WSG in the rocket in a confined space with access to nothing but a small window and a camera feed back to Earth and send them on a first-hand experience of just how dangerous that asteroid is!
I want to point out that wall street happily financed all the vaccine shit at a loss. But eh
the deep impact remake to upset everyone
Are we talking about climate or about covid now?
Anyway, the asteroid quickly becomes fake news after insane internet people start drawing lines on diagrams showing it flying past in every conceivable direction except the one 99% of scientists agree on
And also there’s this great medicine that treats blindness in orcas that will totally also provide 100% protection against asteroid impacts
And there a a couple of Billionaires saying," hey I have a rocket, who will pay lots of money so you can go into space on my rocket so you can take selfies with the meteor behind you."
Wallstreet: Why can't you use the rocket you have on the launchpad right now? NASA: That would be the one with the JWST on it. NASA: ... NASA: Never mind, of course we'll use that rocket.
Joe Manchin is willing to agree to $5 billion on research for a coal-powered rocket.
Money is never a problem when it comes to The Pentagon.
see the crazy thing is that 50 billion dollars of spending building a rocket would do the exact opposite of making people lose jobs
The real reason Armageddon had oil drillers sent to take on the asteroid.
"Are you willing to sacrifice the Economy to save the Planet?" The Fuck kinda question is that? YES!
It's on its way. They thought it was a dwarf planet, it's that large. 2031 they say. Sure, they also say it'll only reach Saturn, but that's also when the sun is supposed to be hotter. I'm sure everything will be fine...
"actually thousands of asteroids hit the earth every year" - Big Asteroid Propaganda
i have a theory that rich ppl/govt are not doing anything about climate change because they’re trying to kill as many “undesirables” as possible - look at what’s already happening in Africa wrt climate change
Back To the Future II had it right when Doc Emmet Brown confronts Marty with what happens in his future: "What kind of a future do you call that!?" *pointing at news article from future newspaper* 🤪
Climate change is not an existential threat. Not according to science. It's a threat with a specific cost, and yes we can turn fighting it into negative ROI. That so many smart people think fighting climate change is saving the plant is embarrassing.
History has demonstrated time and again that spending shitloads of money always makes the economy thrive. The only time it’s done the opposite is when the money was spent in the stock market.
Especially given that money is MADE UP ANYWAYS. What the whole things winds up being is "we don't want to save the world if it means taking any of that socially constructed numerical thing we prop up a few elite wealthy with away from being funneled into those same wealthy folks.
Now I'm wondering... is there anywhere in human society where the abstraction we've created to represent something has become MORE important than what it represents, but NOT resulted in making things worse as a result?
After the Great Depression the rich decided to create the Federal Reserve so they could make up / produce more money so that they would NEVER AGAIN have to worry about losing their wealth. That's what they did.
Exploding deficits wont mean anything if we're baked alive? Makes sense.
the really obnoxious part is the decades of inaction have made the problem more expensive to solve if we had gone with the boring guy in 2000 the costs were basically next to nothing it's still WAY cheaper to do something now than to let the catastrophe continue
Well then tell Mr President that he should just say that the trillions he's spending are necesarry even if it collapses our economy because we're doomed 100% if we dont. Stop with the BS about it not costing anything. That's all I'm asking. THE. TRUTH!
He can't handle truth and neither can the electorate. Most people know it or suspect it but dont want it said on live TV. I'm done. I'm already forlon and anxiety ridden with the little of it that is out there. Just say it and be done.
If you think it'll be expensive to live in a habitat we saved from destruction, imagine how expensive it will be to live in one we didn't.
"Let's talk about the cost/benefit analysis of breathing"
The destruction of the biosphere all human civilization depends on is likely to render all prior investments worthless. That is the cost of climate change.
All investment exists with the assumption assets will have an opportunity to appreciate. Government bonds are considered some of the safest investments because you generally operate on the assumption your country will not only survive but *outlive* you.
It’s a species literally discussing how much it’s worth in financial terms. So, how much would we pay for one Humanity?
What's the price tag on _not_ fixing the climate?
im excited to become space mulch.
I think we missed them already if my vague memories of the prequel are correct since they took over while people still watched actual television.
Wait a minute. Such as an atmosphere...with a higher CO2 content?!?
If aliens do show up, I sincerely hope they're the sensible kind that would only help us fix our planet. Best worst kind of alien to have pay us a visit! 🤪👾👽🛸
Plot twist: The Tripods show up, take a look at the internet via direct connection to Ethernet, briefly look through some stuff, and leave.
Read the afterwards in 3001 when he loses his shit on independence day stealing his ending and how bogus it is and it makes 0 fucking sense.
“People will re-open old, polluting power plants, just so that computers can shout ‘numberwang!’ at each other? Write some more about that 1000 km living space-wheel with living blimps, pied-piper centaurs and the lands themselves at war”
I’m currently re-reading Varley’s Gea trilogy, and, well, it’s up there with Number of the Beast.…
God damnit I know this one too
I think this one would be a really good episode of Red Dwarf tbh If you took it completely literally
but we're telling everyone! our throats are dry from all the telling!
Isn't that rule 1 of scamming as a way of selecting the best mark anyway?
I have seen a few neat "glitch AI stuff" examples, but yes, everything else looked like shit.
There are semi-legit "not worth it, but not unfathomably stupid" use cases for NFT tech (MTG-style card trading dynamics in digital CCGs, unnerfable game items, even stamp-style collectibles would be saner), but of course the use case that took off had to be the stupidest one.
I wonder if you can apply this to politics. Politicians say something so hateful on purpose knowing that those too dumb and hateful to realize what they are actually saying with defend them and vote for them? It sorta makes sense. We just live in an upside down world is all.
Maybe. But also because they need it to be kinda generic to easily create a series of them. And they need the series in order to wash trade a few of them at a high price to make the rest of them seem like a bargain to the suckers. No that different from beetcons really.
that’s a great insight. Was always stumped by why the emails would be so obviously a fraud.
"it ensures the only people who will bite..." If it's laundering, it ensures nobody else joins the game.
There's the illegality of it all, though. Someone hires a lawyer to have these criminals shut down and suddenly they have to waste money avoiding being found out irrespective of whether it's a bad scam or not. So they use even more illegal and dodgy address munging, vicious cycle
oh my god this makes so much sense
although now im having mental imagery of what it'd be if mainstream media reported as breathlessly on the lost fortune of the nigerian prince as they do nuffties
Hmm. Maybe this is why, as an artist, this whole 'bored apes' thing chaps my ass. Making money and destroying the planet by fleecing rubes with BS "art", and I can't get the time of day from a gallery. Harrumph.
Whatever one might think of my art, good or ill, at least it's better than an ugly monkey looking to the right. I have not seen your art, but I already know it's better than absolutely every NFT I've ever seen.
Haha, well, my avatar is an example of my art. And yeah, even with my impostor syndrome getting in my own way I can admit I turn out better stuff than apes and lions. ;)
Don't sell yourself short, now the one example I've seen is infinitely better than the ugly monkeys. I admit that's a low bar to clear so I'll say yes this is actually good.
I legit laughed out loud at that. Thanks! 😁😊
For what it's worth the global *actual* art market is not much better. Most of it is tax evasion, money laundering and artificial scarcity, not to mention the whole clusterfuck around "Raubkunst" (art stolen by Nazis and other authoritarian regimes) and colonialism.
Bingo. A part of the con is convincing the mark that they're smarter than everyone else.
Why is Adobe getting involved? 🤔
Big news! We've partnered up with @Adobe and @ContentAuth to enhance attribution of NFTs on Rarible. 🔎 Now collectors can see if the wallet used to design an NFT was the same one used to mint it as part of the Content Authenticity Initiative (#CAI) –
Rarible Partners With Adobe to Support Content Attribution for NFTs
Two years ago, Adobe co-founded the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI) to combat visual misinformation and protect creators through…
as an amateur art collector (nothing in the big price ranges) i concur
That might be the most coherent and insightful thing I've read about NFTs
man I was really confused before I realized this was a typo the fuck did I never get that
GPT-3/ AI hype follows the same trend imo
this is it. sure it’s fun and novel for a computer program to spit out stuff that almost makes sense. and, like nigerian prince scams, it can be sort of mellifluous. but without an intention and coherence — only possible with real brains — it won’t go much further
So that it quickly filters out the incredulous people and leaves only the vulnerable marks?
The house is coming from INSIDE the PHONE
Accurate. There are Youtubers that make a whole channel out of exposing these fucks and taking them down.
You just claimed thinking it was money laundering was optimistic, I'm going to say that assuming it's a grand scheme to be bad on purpose is giving bad actors too much credit. I think it's just more about high volume and that means low quality.
And the bad actors probably don't even think of it as a scam it's probably just 'oh hey i figured out a weird trick', they just don't care if they destroy the planet in doing so
Or of course the fallacy of "well someone's gonna do it might as well be me", which is not true as most people don't do the bad thing
Yep. It gets people to go "hey I could get in on this!"
Is the ultimate goal to own the Hamster Dance and then time travel and clean up?
The sheer insanity of it just shows it's not about value or scamming anymore. It's a religion. They worship the technology, and pointless sacrifice is a very typical thing in worship.
The trouble I had to get someone to print & sign a sketch so I could pay for it, because it was ‘only’ digital, so wouldn’t be unique or special. It’s special to me, special b/c it’s by them. If it was a gif or a pile of screen grabs, whatever. I paid for *my* copy.
Yes I could have printed it out at home for free, but I care that it is *from* them, that they made it *for* me, and that they accepted the price I believed it was worth, to me, to have it.
someone got it calling those kitsch art
well how else are you supposed to make money with just a random mii generator and some graphics cards
It's the twist that makes it the least believable to scifi readers, but arguably the one that makes it the most realistic and meaningful story, since the only people doing it are tasteless scammers and marks.
And all I have to do is change one pixel's colour by 1/16.4 millionth of a one channel and it is completely different and can be sold again as a 'unique' work of art
Production quality is always a dead giveaway
I think there’s a few money launderers and a lot of normal people who are blinded by greed.
Well, a ruse always needs two parts: a fool and con. In this case they just might be interchangeable is all.
you're talking about NFT here?
they've got to be dumb rich crooks, though, because making an immutable record of your activities in a system designed to be publicly replicated in thousands of places isn't a great way to crime.
Oh! It's a simpler scam than that. To mint an NFT you have to pay the proprietor of the block chain a processing fee, most likely paid in an appreciating crypo coin.
NTFS is a serviceable filesystem and despite coming out of Microsoft probably not a laundering scheme...
The only time I ever lost all the data was when I upgraded from NT 3.5 beta to NT 3.5, and the upgraded BusLogic driver used some undocumented commands that my BusLogic-emulating AMI SCSI host interpreted as “initialize partition”. 1/?
Funnily enough the Linux system on another partition was unaffected. And I was singing, no, not bye bye American Pie but Technically not an NTFS bug, I guess, but I lived happily ever after.
Boston - Don't Look Back
Music video by Boston performing Don't Look Back. (C) 1978 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment
Surely that's 3/2?
Or, possibly, (2+j)/2...
They are not talking about the filesystem, flip the middle letters around, it's to prevent keyword searching bots
I knew what was meant, wasn't aware of the bot thing. It just amused me...
I take issue with the "thinly veiled" part of that description.
“NTFS”?! 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Well, that too 🤣 but: Bad Autocorrect! Bad, BAD, BAAAD Autocorrect!
Quite sure Boston Dynamics is not implementing those.
tell me people aren't actually trying to replace existing systems
I hate that I know exactly what this is.
Wasn't it him who described himself as a "radical libertarian", though? If there's anything that unifies the cr*pto goons it's hardcore libertarianism. I can't imagine he wouldn't be in there minting N*Ts of his pixelated toenail clippings with the rest of 'em.
This is so, so, so backhanded I love it
Web 3.0, in its entirety, consumes less energy than Christmas lights. Where’s the outrage over Christmas lights?
Christmas lights have an actual function.
They may look pretty, but they’re not gonna send my kids to Harvard.
The last question was asked for the first time, half in jest, on May 21, 2061, at a time when humanity first stepped into the light. The question came about as a result of a five dollar bet over highballs, about what the key would be to the last ɓἲȶĉὀìῆ ever minted.
Reminds me somewhat of the plot of signal to noise.
This just landed jn my reddit inbox.
Huxley is rolling in his grave, which powers dynamos used to mine Ethereum
Me in English class, 2002: This shit is kinda heavy-handed Me in 2021: lol nevermind
You skipped Web 2.5: information is nothing but chum to lure in our prey so we can blast their eye holes with pixels that are scientifically engineered to to deliver psychology-altering messages to their brain stems and influence their purchasing decisions
You don't sound like a communist at all, that would make sense. You sound like someone who didn't buy any ethereum.
Capitalism can just deal with it.
I mean when we're doing capitalism *this badly* we deserve the ridicule
Reality will be worse than the dystopias
I like to ask people "which company do you want to win capitalism?"
that's why we go decentralized. secure scuttlebutt,earthstar,moderator,ipfs,hypercore. let web3 deprecate away, time for society 4.0
Maybe they'll finally have a use for Error 402
I like (to some extent) the original Semantic Web concept, an internet where everything is modular and can be shared on every platform, and where everything is systematized and catalogued. But now, everyone made it look like it's all about Blockchain and nothing else
The concept is nice, but to me it has always been: "...and then we'll get Experts to verify the information and provide metadata" "But how will we convince experts of all possible fields to annotate all the data in the world?" "*cough* here's how the data structures look like"
Thats exactly what a 5hr meeting about blockchain boiled down to at a previous job. We couldn't even get our clients to use a standard excel doc, let alone sign up to all this tech wank.
web 2.0 was the perfect web
Pretty sure web 1.0 was more "infor[CLICK HERE TO GIVE US MONEY]mati[OR GET A BIGGER PENIS]on!"
Hey, I was @ that inbox!
it's just a bunch of distributed ledgers, relax
Web 1.0: We can read content from creators/publishers Web 2.0: Now we're all creators/publishers Web 3.0: Now we're all The Franklin Mint
Snorted my Sleepy Time right out the nose on that one.
I hate that the Internet has picked up on the Web 3.0 term which was exclusively coined by crypto idiots to shape the narrative and act like anyone other than crypto idiots think it’s the future.
This is the first I've ever heard of Wob 3.0 and it sounds horrid
A wob is a terrible thing to use for webbing or surfing too wobbly.
I think the transition happened when frames got super popular.
2.0 was "let's wrestle this thing into being an application platform", which laid the groundwork for some cool stuff but also the fully instrumented ad tech surveillance racket that re-centralized the web and is dissolving society slowly in acid
er, ignore the "re-" next to centralized, I'm too used to typing "re-decentralize"
One of the reasons I like the @freenetproject -- it feels very much like a time before commercialization. No server side processing, no javascript*, no ads, no trackers, no databases of user/password pairs to be leaked... *unless explicitly enabled via userscripts or plugins.
If used carefully,non exposed, dynamically, follow up FOLLOW UP, securely, earn and save.
No.4 😬
😋. i'm not all caught up on the web3 shenanigan's but i'm dreading to read something about it (the shit show that will be ) now...😅
Or you can simplify it by starting with @QuickNode guides😅🫂
easy block lol
"I'm JuSt HaViNg A cOnVeRsAtIoN"
gotdamnit man 🤬
Just a placeholder🤷‍♂️
Actually you mean "web3", "Web 3.0" predates web3. web3 is a blockchain buzzword, Web 3.0 is just the semantic web.
I allays thought Web 2.0 was ' we make a platform but you make the content that we can monetise'
That's basically the evolution of every great idea humanity has ever had.
Web 4.0: Downloading embedded Chromium compiled to WebAssembly, which will then display your requested website, 2.3 / 756.4 MiB complete...
truth hurts 😂
4.0 will be used with sticks and stones.
i'm tempted to make some "web 4.0" things limited to something insane like 100kbyte maximum program footprints and a single core; the only acceleration you get is emoji and 2d tile rendering ... aaaand go
like, I kinda wanna see web 4.0 be "oh yeah an esp32 with a small LCD and buttons/keyboards that speak over the internet to other esp32's running either services or end nodes, or both! and not need to communicate via web sockets to AWS"
thx I'm here all year
Project Gemini is kinda close
J2ME mobile games had similar resource constraints.
Or it might be Virtual Reality through Metaverse or another VR platform to interact with others and everything.
We should set up a new internet. Call it something like Mosaic I mean Collage
remember “information wants to be free”
but bros want to get paid
Google has become unusable
greed is the number one(1) driver of human innovation
Late-stage webitalism
Web 1.0: let's use the web to make the world a better place. Web 2.0: let's use the web to make money. Oh, we can manipulate masses too. Web 3.0: let's use the web to make money. And make the world a better place again.
If Web 3.0 means you can’t get banned by half-assed copyright AI then i’m on board
This is only correct if your interpretation of "a better place again" is a burning hellscape.
We'll end up there anyway 🤗
So let's just hasten our demise
In a sense you are right, but in another sense you are wrong. The block chain may be both of them seperately or at the same time. The difference will emerge on who is more organized, capitalists or free minds.
Screw Web 3.0, honestly. Web 1.0 got to the point. Think how much useful real data and information we could share with today's infrastructure instead of the AD-infested mental health nightmare we ended up with.
We did wonders with it at one point, we still could if we tried.
You can't even reach information now as a lot of pages are locked behind a wall asking your to sign in.
You can run a raspberry Pi server with the entire Wikipedia on a 4 GB SSD.
Shout out to all the real ones paying 25 cents a minute for internet access on their flip phones 👀
I still personally believe crypto-con-artists co-opted the term web3 from what it was meant to mean.
you're not wrong. what remains is to ridicule it to the point that they give up. Or we could go straight to 4.0, a place that's actually nice.
Like the software I'm developing at work. 1.x was groundbreaking 2.x represented significant maturation 3.x kept it on the leading edge of the tech at the time 5.x was necessary re-architecting 6.x brings a really nice modern UX 4.x? we... look, we don't talk about 4.x. capice?
I don't think that parallels directly to the web.. but also, I'd recommend semantic-release for avoiding this sort of release pattern
What I'm trying to say is that this supposed web 3.0 should be strangled in the womb just like our 4.x. ended up being. Then we can go on to nicer things. And don't worry, we've been doing semver for a very long time. Going from major version 1 to 6 represents several decades.
Must've read that too quickly, I see now that you said semantic-/release/. I'll give it a look.
I think I'd be inclined to agree but under different pretenses. What I think web 4.0 will be is what web 3.0 was meant to be and ultimately failed at
the term has been adopted by many developers and projects... ridicule the term just makes you look ridiculous while you rant on your internet corner. But that's fine, the internet is a big place full of corners
Cool, cool, G, such valuable additive opinion. But ultimately you didn't add anything, you instead made grand gestures that just reinforce the idea you tried to contradict
Huh, which idea am I trying to contradict, according to you?
No, I just said you had such valuable input, that's all
Web has been always about making money, but this time someone else can make money besides Silicon Valley founders and VCs.
Yeah right, so Tim Berners-Lee is a billionaire right? Don't talk nonsense.
Tim Berners-Lee is a genius, but not a good business person
Have you considered that he didn't do what he did as a business move? It's a key thing Web 3.0 seem to miss. Progress doesn't need to be paired with personal profit.
People can make money on the internet right now, without using any cryptocurrencies. They are not solving any existing problem.
Web 2.0 was definitely rounded corners and "look — I found some investor money to burn though for next year or two".
Web 4.0: the web is an uncomfortable headset your boss makes you wear all day
literally 'making money' too, not in exchange for a product. we are the product.
There's predictions that solar flare activity will disrupt communications more than ever, haven't yet seen it happen, but if it does happen all of these NTFs are going to be among the first to go down the internet's drainhole of obsolesence!🤪
What would be web4 ? Everyone is poor here the rich are on the metaverse ?
I've been a web developer for 15 years and I'm still not sure what web 2.0 was supposed to be. These terms are meaningless to me.
The only thing I know is that I asked for a business card once and my boss said business cards aren't very Web 2.0. So it's not business cards.
It was meant to be user authorship sort of, but really it was the rise of social media. Web 2.0 is facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, medium, tumblr, etc. Before then you had geocities. forums and blogs which weren't quite the same.
Web 4.0: The web is for destroying the planet
Web 3.0: the web is for stealing information to make even more money. Looks like legit progress!
Web 4.0: the only human left is Jeff Bezos.
Wait. Are you saying this message that someone left a computer on wasn't a good investment?
crypto boomer discovers capitalism
Web3.0: the web is made for ads and cookies consent banners 😅
Bitcoin is the worst and ancient use case of blockchain, as long as it's used as a leash to keep cryptomarket in check, it won't thrive. This whole metaverse and web3 is fad. Yet still, it's about perception, you either stay out of frenzy or join it for a logical period of time.
FUD! if you hate money so much why don't you live on the street. /s
I've said it before, the internet is for two things: porn and pictures of cute cats. This is why I respect and fear furries. They only need ONE thing. Imagine what they could do with all that extra time?
They need one thing but have the power to do everything. They have unbelievable power.
Have you not 𝘮𝘦𝘵 humans?! What they'd do with free time indeed.
p*rn and making money ;)
Oh... I had the wrong assumption that Web 3.0 was defined as "the web exists only to saturate bandwidth and storage with useless data". :>
Khaled Mardam-Bey Hopes you registered this mIRC.
Web 2.0: but what if we (the shareholders of big tech) could make money too? Web 3.0: value is being accrued to users and creators only
Web 0.1: can the military use this
I don't like this. :(
Perfect description. It’s super depressing to see the web degenerate from a platform perhaps best (although belatedly) encapsulated by the Creative Commons… sink to Web 3.0, which is a system of assigning prices to everything and value to nothing.
Web 1.0: Freebies Web 2.0: Freedom Web 3.0: Casino
The fuck are you talking about? I mean, jokes, but I don't even get the premise. 1.0 -> 2.0 transitioned from read to read/write and 3.0 is an undefined blob of buzzwords that changes depending on which cringe-inducing Shingy DIGITAL hypeman you ask.
Having lived through all of these, and currently being paid to write code for the web... Das tru.
What a brilliant thread. Still trying to catch my breath over here.
A single tweet that sums up why I miss the Web 1.0 days.
JavaScript is a cancer. If I could remake the Web and every app without it, I would.
Web 4.0: but what if we could destroy lives too?
A coin gets minted everytime someone plants a tree. There was a sci-fi about Terraforming the Sahara. Then in 2021 the Green wall project is underway.
[insert anything you like] 1.0: [x] is for everyone! [insert anything you like] 2.0: but what if we could make money too? [insert anything you like] 3.0: [x] is only for making money.
Late stage capitalism personified quite well. It’s like capitalism is some disease that infests every idea that can exist. One day we’ll monetize the right to breath in certain places, “breathing in public is only available from 9- 7pm without proper H2NFT cardage on hand
Web 4 : the web is only for stealing money and the one who steals the most wins the web.
We can always revert to gopher and Usenet for information
I feel like we are finding ways to monetize Web 3.0 rather than exploring its full potential.
WEB 4.0: what if the money had access to the web
Web is one the most money making digital force/world, I agree.
This is so unbelievably naive.
spot one. and the last battle will be of price.
Web 4.0 your life depend on the web and you've to pay us to use it.
Web 1: you can pay a hosting fee to share content and make money. Web 2: you can share it for free on our platform and we’ll make the money. Web 3: you can share it for free and get paid, but we’ll take a cut.
The internet may have been designed for sharing information, but in reality people want to watch titties and cat videos.