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Ohh the memories.. nice.
The memories. In 3D now.
Love the aging & imperfections!
Oh my god. I love it.
This really whips the llamas ass.
More fun to skin now 🥰
Supercool. The Shuffle und Repeat Buttons especially are so neat - they make me question how I think the real thing actually looked.
finally a render that gets how chunky this should be
it is honestly one of the few renders that really does keep the spirit of the classic skin alive whilst also making it realistic
This is flippin RAD! I thought it was a physical replica until I saw the tags. Bravo!
But does it really whup the yadda yadda, you know where this is going
man if i could have pulled out an mp3 player like that in college i would have been just as lame as i was
but goddamn would i have felt like a cool guy
You could use a motorized fader for the seek bar
I'd put a stepper/encoder with belt and carrier. The retrograde jump when a next track starts would be so cool
I wonder if you could make this a physical thing, with a RPi Zero 2, an OLED display and some switches...
don't tempt me
can i tempt you
Do itttttt.
Related: Does anyone know of any electromechanically latching switches (That is, press them and they stay latched until they are electronically released) to reproduce the feel of the mechanical buttons?
might be easier to use relays with test buttons in this day and age if you're trying to do it with production parts
Thinking about it, you could do it with a coil in-line with a momentary switch, and a magnet on the button. Push button, circuit is completed and coil energizes, keeping switch down until MCU momentarily interrupts the power or ground, at which point key releases. Like a toaster.
please, be our hero!
Naah, that's way too cool to actually make, @Foone, isn't it...
But that would really whip the llama's ass.
You wouldn't 😉 🙏
Car stereo version
Ok.. so motorised slide pots are about £25-£30. So this is gonna happen. Hardest part will be the long oled , any ideas ?
This hints at how ideas are beautiful when considered as physical forms.
This needs to be 3d printed, with a pi stuffed into it, for a pluggable jukebox 😍 Awesome work!
Oh that is EXCELLENT! 😮
(No comment)
It really kicks the llama's ass.
still the best audio player after all these years 🤘
It really does whip the llamas ass
can we build this?
it really whips the llama's ass
This really whips the llama's ass!
oh man i would love for this to be a real- waitaminute
That definitely whips the llama's ass. 🤘
So, when's the kickstarter campaign?
I'd buy this but only if it continues to whip the llama's ass
same, but only if it folds out an equalizer and playlist (whatever that'd look like) when pressing the corresponding buttons
replace the physical progress slider with an LED strip, and release to manufacturing!
Haha, nice! My tribute to Winamp, is me still using Winamp, in Linux. :3
A nice nostalgic project to turn this into a physical device.
That is awesome
Hiw cool will be a remote controller for Winamp like that
Is there a obj/blender file for this??
It really whips the lama's ass
Why does it say "NFT" on it