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And now, the final #reinvent keynote of the week as per my nonsense entertainment. And we start with music that is absolutely *BEAUTIFUL*. This is a balm for the soul.
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We begin with a @Werner video about his "Fear and Loathing" style road trip to Las Vegas in a mustang convertible. Excellent production quality, phenomenal narrative storytelling, great score. WHAT IS HAPPENING
And now @Werner takes the stage!
He's wearing a shirt that's a nod to the @awscloud data egress pricing team.
Meanwhile my shirt is an homage to @Werner's oft-repeated sentiment. #reinvent
Announcing M1 Mac EC2 instances. (Yes, you still need to use them for a minimum 24 hours; that is an Apple licensing issue about which there is precious little @awscloud can do, any more than you or I can get Apple to stop shitting up their keyboards).
Announcing 30 more local zones launching in 2022.
If a shark stops swimming, it dies. If your data stops moving, @awscloud dies. Or at least their margins do.
Announcing @awscloud Cloud WAN, and I already know that @ioshints is going to have to come back on "Screaming in the Cloud" to chat with me about this.
I see I'm going to continue to have to brand them as "Outposts: The Smaller Ones." #reinvent
Now @Werner is talking about a lot of the IoT offerings. Increasingly this segment puts the lie to the "Web" in "Amazon Web Services."
"A bunch of our rugged devices have been taken to Antarctica, and I'm pleased to announce--" That the penguins are holding a bake sale to cover the bill? #reinvent
Hey, a reference Ground Station customer citation!
Ooh, and he's on stage!
"Most sophisticated satellites on the planet" gives "IBM Cloud" a run for its money in the Tech Oxymoron quarterfinals. #reinvent
Now @Werner is talking about how IAM works between regions. I'm torn on the "Azure doesn't see the point" and "I wonder if we can make it run containers" as a joke.
Somewhere at @awscloud someone is seething about not charging for IAM. #reinvent
"At @awscloud we give you primitives, not frameworks." YOU DON'T SAY! It's the blessing and the curse of AWS all at once. The Well Architected Framework team is crying.
"These are our services. I know it's sometimes overwhelming but you have asked for this. It's basically your fault." @Quinnypiglet sometimes asks for ice cream for breakfast, but my job is to offer strong guidance otherwise.
Introducing Amplify Studio, a low-code "Visual Basic for WebApps." It's what I've been wanting for years and I am extremely interested in kicking the tires on this thing.
Introducing @ASpittel whom I finally (and briefly!) got to meet this trip. AND NOW I KNOW WHO TO ASK WHEN I RUN INTO TROUBLE! Ali thinks: *Huh, I'm mid-keynote but somehow I just felt a horrifying chill run down my spine. Weird." #reinvent
Man, this does *NOT* bode well for Amplify Studio competitors, like @adamse. #reinvent
I'm legit excited about this. Now I need to figure out if I'm going to build something with this in a live tweetthread, on a call with an @awscloud product person, or maybe some combination thereof. #reinvent
Generally @awscloud is very good at balance. This is awesome enough that I'm scared about what else @Werner is going to announce to offset it. #reinvent
Just want to say that @ASpittel absolutely crushed it on the #reinvent keynote stage.
Talking about the Cloud Control API. @Werner calls out the inconsistency of the @awscloud APIs. The corporate self-awareness is incredibly refreshing.
What is even happening?! I've been forced out of "snark" mode and well into "deeply impressed" territory. #reinvent
Announcement: Now adding Swift, Kotlin, and Rust SDKs. The first two are code libraries, the third is a PowerPoint template. Okay, there we go. I'm back!
Now the CDK v2 is in preview today. "One mistake we made was having a package for each service." A second was the CDK. #reinvent
They're now making use of semver for the CDK to enrage @Dixie3Flatline, but I don't care because our platypuses are at war. #reinvent
Announcing the Construct Hub, which is a CDK thing so I avoid it.
Now Matt Coulter delivers on his promise so I must follow through with my threat.
I have had to keep so quiet about this but it’s finally out there!!! Join for Werner’s awesome keynote but while you are there, let me tell you @Liberty_IT/@WorkAtLiberty’s story @QuinnyPig, I already fear and look forward to your snark 😬
Well, *my* code is a liability anyway. Not just to production, but to the developers who see it and ragequit.
Now @NIDeveloper is talking about how he built systems from Lambdas, popsicle sticks and APIs Gateway. Now it's 14 lines of CDK and he has nothing to do but drop by and talk about @awscloud in front of thousands of people.
"Then I started volunteering for AWS because the alternative was the enterprise software buzzwords I just spewed because I was cosplaying a billboard ad in an airport." <-- the subtext of what he actually said
Nonsense, I've been saying "complete tool" during CDK evangelism sessions for YEARS! #reinvent
took time to get builders on board. CDK is another complete tool after all #reinvent
"We hired a developer and he was pushing code to production on his first day!" I choose to believe that this is @NIDeveloper spinning horrifyingly lax security controls.
Huh, @Werner now gave @NIDeveloper a "Now Go Build" award. That's the politest framing of "get the hell off of my stage and get back to work" that I've ever seen.
Introducing an @awscloud Shared Sustainability Model. Let me be very clear: at small "I'm learning AWS" scale, you will have more climate impact by googling which services to use sustainably than your resources will. This is primarily for scaled environments.
New Well Architected pillar: sustainability. #reinvent
What on God's flat earth...
I have a new shitposting ground it would seem! Let's start: #awswishlist: I would like you to improve re:Post forum by disabling copying/pasting of text on the site.
Interesting to see @Werner talking about his own legacy.
For re:Invent 2025, this will look the same except it won't be the same screen repeated a bunch of times.
Now showing a video game trailer. Much like an @awscloud architecture diagram, they bear little resemblance to the reality of actual gameplay experience. #reinvent
Aaaaand re:Post completely misses because it's tied to your @awscloud login account; when you change jobs there goes your entire community history and identity. How many times do we have to teach you this lesson, cloud?!
And Werner thanks us for coming, tells us he'll see us tonight at re:Play, and we should go build. This concludes my keynote coverage this year. Subscribe to if you enjoy my nonsense and wish to see it more frequently!
The Podcasts The AWS morning show you never knew you wanted, three days a week. Spend 15 to 20 minutes of your commute listening to host Corey Quinn
Such a shame, hopefully they can fix this soon
on the other hand, when you support 5 different companies, you can have conversations with yourself under your oh-so-many IDs!!
That sucks 🥲
Can't you use your personal AWS account?
I didn't have one of those myself until 2015. You really want to gate a forum like this behind "you have to give us your credit card number?"
I wouldn't hire a developer who doesn't play with AWS after work :-) Also, it seems like they imported questions from somewhere (asked 3 years ago)
I wouldn't suggest a developer work for someone who had that perspective, so... fair, I guess?
That's fair. Unfortunately, all those amazing things (ie. open source) are not often built between 9 to 5. And if you want to learn cloud you don't always have opportunities at work, even if your company uses AWS... so build something on your own :-)
A lot of people don't have the privilege to be able to afford the risk that having an AWS account presents, yes you can secure it all you want but there is always that risk of $$$ bill landing at the end of a month. Don't think that's an inclusive attitude to take at all..
I know plenty of great engineers and architects from a broad variety of backgrounds who work on AWS every day, many of them don't have personal accounts. There's a word for what you're describing and it's "gatekeeping" plain and simple.
Either you're in charge of your life and take (pretty small) risk of creating your AWS account, or you wait for your boss to send you to the training... which may never happen. I know I sound like an asshole, but that's my story. I started learning AWS on my own without any help.
Having said that, I agree that they could create a better registration system, that would not require AWS account :-)
There is an option on the right there to tell rePost how you feel.
There's an option right here on Twitter to tell AWS how I feel, too.
Try being an [only] SSO user
Surprisingly, this does actually work...
Yeah, does seem to. Tested it with both AWS SSO and a 3rd party provider.
Ah, it works quite nicely if I'm already logged in to console before hitting re:Post. So that's nice.
haha this is why I never use the aws forums - I can't decide which profile to log in with
imho this hints at a deeper issue: aws don't understand how much customer grief the "multi-account/non-central auth authority" model is causing customers.
Clearly no one ever changes jobs. <pointedly ignores the last two years>
at least once more, apparently.
Are there any GPUs on fire in close proximity?! 🔥👨‍🚒🚨
The New World part of the presentation is a bit weird considering how many people had login issues when it launched. Not exactly a great advert for scalability.
AWS laying the foundations for their #Metaverse perhaps 🤔
Systems Manager Candy Crush Manager
Where will re:invent 2025 be? I understand the Sands contract ends after 10 years (this year?), so hopefully they please, please find a new & larger venue. #reInvent was so nice in the early years, but unmitigated zoo in recent ones.
We let him keynote at @CloudExpo a dozen years ago, before he got too important to talk to us :-) @REBIForum
I actually like rhis announcement. AWS forum for q and a is quite bad Using SO platform will improve it by miles
Impossible! #AWS decided to replace its amazing web forum that was started in XIII century, and never updated it to look at least remotely modern. Why change it?
Did they rebrand the forums?
Must be hollow with AWS being the least transparent when it comes to sustainability. PUE...carbon footprint...renewable energy...embodied emissions...water consumption...🤷‍♂️
Corey, your ultra-negativity may seem entertaining but in this case I will call you on your bullshit. Matt has spent all his time helping people, free of any charge. As do all the other #aws Heros. That might be a concept foreign to you, but I have immense respect for them.
Shots fired 😬
🤔 depends on the audience but I don’t consider Corey’s brand/tone/voice to be ultra negative. He has also helped people free of charge… I think it is legit to say “snark all you want but Matt is a tremendous person and I respect him and this award is meaningful”…
But imho your tweet is more… off balance (?) than Corey’s. I don’t think he’s an ultra negative asshole who has never helped anyone? He has tens of thousands of tweets to make this judgment on…
Snark works when you punch up. I interpreted this as Werner sticking up for Matt and appreciate that. I hate how snark is the primary language of this platform. But I just sell underwear so what do I know 😄
🤔 makes sense; still feels like “these tweets aren’t snark; you’re punching down. Matt is awesome…. Hope you’ll reconsider in the future.” reads better from AWS CTO (I wouldn’t have responded to such a tweet)
As for snark on Twitter generally… I see this as emergent response to all the things, including tech marketing (hellloooo reinvent!), I think I would rather have snark to go with vendor hyperbole than vendor hyperbole alone?
Oh 100%. But any kind of negative talk is a fine line. It seems to be a twitter pattern that this eventually backfires on people when misapplied (i.e Chrissy Teigan). I think its a completely valid form of speech to hold the powerful to account.
Hi Werner! Before this week at reinvent I had never met Corey before but both him and his business partner have both sat down with me for several hours this week giving me advice because I recently started my own business to offer cloud cost optimisation.
It was something I never asked for in advance but was given freely without charge or expectation. We're all real people behind online personas and Corey's is snarky shitposting. I assure you there is a real honest genuine person behind the scary flesh mask.
I don't know what Matt's opinion on Corey's tweets are and I don't want to assume but when I spoke with Corey last night the work that liberty global has done came up in a positive light.
I suppose Corey's comments can be easily taken out of context and/or interpreted to be bashing AWS in unfounded ways. Personally I just take each one as a joke and have a good laugh. Accepting that this is how @QuinnyPig expresses his ♥️ for @awscloud and the community.
If my snark has been heard as being dismissive of or derogatory towards the incredible work Matt (and others) have done, then I’ve missed dramatically and I’m deeply sorry.
I think Werner may just be context-misunderstanding upset dude of the day. I definitely read zero negativity.
And Matt specifically asked for a call out. But regardless nice to see an exec standing up for folks. This is why we like Werner 😀
I took it as a joke. The difference between: “Now, GO BUILD!” And “now go build” This seems like a big misunderstanding.
Given how far off this seems, it seems like an intentional misinterpretation. Betting there's more to the story here.
^^^ This right here is why I respect @QuinnyPig. That and the fact that he's been able to keep a marriage going with a lawyer for 11 years... That's tough!
I just read this out loud to my wife of 8 years (also a lawyer) and I got a GLARE in response!
I think it was more about the lawyer putting up with him rather than tolerating a lawyer 😜 (sounds like your wife heard it as a slight)
Everything in good measure…we are overdosed on snark in the last months
I follow Corey’s Twitter fairly closely, & despite the playful jabs, I know him to operate from a platform of respect for AWS’ hardworking technologists. As a former AWS employee, I know AWS doesn’t. Your humorless & inflammatory response is consistent with my low expectations.
I have had to keep so quiet about this but it’s finally out there!!! Join for Werner’s awesome keynote but while you are there, let me tell you @Liberty_IT/@WorkAtLiberty’s story @QuinnyPig, I already fear and look forward to your snark 😬
There’s a time and place for snark this was not one of them. Sometimes what is in your head should stay in your head. The AWS teams, community and SLT work hard to bring things to the table and they don’t get it right all the time but FFS wind your neck in sometimes
Matt literally asked for it.
I have had to keep so quiet about this but it’s finally out there!!! Join for Werner’s awesome keynote but while you are there, let me tell you @Liberty_IT/@WorkAtLiberty’s story @QuinnyPig, I already fear and look forward to your snark 😬
Hmm, well then what can one say…if he asked for it then he will get
I may not have any idea what I'm doing, but aren't you supposed to issue a pull request first?
“1500 lines of CloudFormation became 14 lines of CDK” It’s important to understand that the deployed application still has 1500 lines’ worth of operations and maintenance ownership, not 14
So many people owe me a non-alcoholic drink
This is revenge for the time I wrote a super mean article about AWS Code Artifact and hurt a PM's feelings
Kotlin SDK? Can't you call the java sdk from Kotlin code today? I wonder what would be different. #nonjavapersonasking
Not in Kotlin native. Kotlin has multiple flavors now: Java, JS, and native.
Ah, I've been using the Rust SDK alpha. It's pretty good. Solid release.
Something in the water at #reinvent2021 ?😅😂
because you're allergic to marketing bullshit :)
Amazing job @ASpittel !! Killed it !!
I knew her when!
Thank you so much!!!!!!
There's a suggestion for them: "IAM API calls now chargeable, also you have to have a managed NAT gateway to route them through" ;)
So, they brought back the click-drag feature from Visual Studio except “this time, the code won’t suck”?
this does indeed look interesting. if you can review generated code, then you also get to see where the designers+ devs were opinionated. (if it gens code, the rules engine expresses the opinion etc)
I worked on a project that tried to do this with visual Smalltalk about 30 years ago. If it actually works now (and probably does if AWS announced it) that would be stunning.
I do so miss these types of IDEs from the 4GL days of VB, Powerbuilder, etc., especially now with async JS events, so it is & should be like the old days of massive productivity (we built $1M commercial enterprise software in months with 2-3 developers), but we'll see.
"You don't always get what you want, but sometimes, you get what you need"
Or you could just put out ice cream and bacon and organic oatmeal and let @Quinnypiglet choose.
Don’t give them any ideas 💡
Kinda amazed they don't, given they charge for everything else - actually, we need a 'thinning' of billing, i.e. remove 50% of all line items (esp. in networking) as a gift to the world, and our sanity.
Don’t give them ideas!
a lot of empty seats hmm
It’s streaming live. Why sit in a room with lots of people when you can just view it from your hotel room?
i do wonder if they were anticipating a lot of people, would be awkward to talk with a small audience
Does that just mean they're still sitting in a warehouse waiting for Elon to blow them up on the launchpad?
I mean, they gotta compete against every other satellite out there, and I think Hubble still wins hands down.
Wow, is it really THAT empty there?
No, it's pretty full. I'm in the press / analyst section which is way off to the side and fairly far back. There's another empty section past it which is what I'm taking pictures over. There are thousands of people here.
Ah, so you’re at the table at the wedding reception where they isolate all the fun people that neither party could agree to sit at one of the closer in tables.
I think the speaker is a completely different customer than the previous slide. Hope is a UAE goverment mission... but please don't take that statement too literally.
What could possibly go wrong with this? Stalkerware from space!!
I hope Billy is dressing warmly.
Werner's whole presentation so far is essentially about AWS doing edge without I think using the word once.
Ok, first of all,
*SD-WAN has entered the chat, crying*
But what about my SASE....... 😭
Don’t despair. We’re in the lalaland of marketing where everything is possible… until we see the docs.
BTW, when did AWS become like Azure where everything is a preview?
I can only speak for Cloud WAN, but we knew from our beta customers that this space will take longer for customers to move into. So we're releasing it earlier while we work on the last details, and customers can start testing and understanding how it works.
There is also great value in getting more customer feedback, directly or from usage.
So dumb, as we could do so much in testing for Mac apps, Mac compatibility, etc. if we had access to easy-quick to spawn automated Macs, increasing Mac software development, use, testing, and so on. Do they somehow think having a 5 minute Mac on AWS reduces Mac sales?
No. They think that if you and I could spin up a MacOS EC2 instance for 2 hours here and there it would impact Mac sales. It might.
Perhaps on margin, but so useful to developers & others it'd increase Mac sales long-term. And would be mostly used by Mac users, plus a few random Win devs who, yes, might not buy new Macs, but we'd get more & better software, I hope. Even charge a $100 flat enrollment fee.
I think Apple would prefer the $1,500 enrollment fee of buying a Mac.
Sure, now run regression tests on those on every check-in build, securely, from CI, and so on, for distributed teams, no office. Easy on cloud Linux, containers, probably okay on Win, strikes me as painful on Mac. No Mac in cloud feels horribly constraining to me (at any price).
yes, your interests are not aligned with Apple's. But you're pointing your frustration in the wrong direction. I, too, am a member of the "oh FFS Apple get your head out your arse" club.
That terrifying
"JUST ONE SMALL PROBLEM. SELL THEIR HOUSES TO WHO BEN!" -- @Hbomberguy I'm so ridiculously excited!
Wait, where do I get that shirt?
👩‍🍳👌💋 You've been at this for several straight days, and you are as incisive as ever.
Great summary! :D
I believe that music was played by the Cattus Quartet, BTW.