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Big app update tomorrow. Phase one of the redesign, plus finally adding the most commonly requested features since Overcast 1.0 in 2014! Stay tuned.
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Can’t wait! Thank you for all of the hard work. All of us users appreciate it!
I mean, if you ignore the annual world ending threat...
Siracusa Pronoun Inserter?
mine pitch rise
On a Friday, @marcoarment?! Why would you do this to yourself? (Still very excited!)
It’s actually intentional. There’s a chance of heavy server load for a little while after everyone updates, and I want that to occur mostly over the weekend when traffic is down so it’s resolved for the Monday peak hours.
I imagine Marco monitoring servers from The Albatross.
Sadly, they’re not open for the season until about a month from now.
Interesting to me to see how my usage pattern differs from the normal. I use Overcast when I exercise, which I do the same amount every day. I also use it doing chores, which means I might even use it more on the weekend.
Still not seeing the update up here in Canada. Is the international rollout staggered? (Congrats on the release!🎉)
Good, maybe it will finally work again in CarPlay for me.
hmm, I use it with CarPlay all the time. Only once or twice I've had to open Overcast on the actual phone and swipe it away and relaunch it on CarPlay due to something getting out of whack
It actually got better with CarPlay for me a few months ago. I mean, there are still a few bugs, but it’s at least usable!
It got better with an update a few months ago, but recently it won’t open automatically. I have to open & play on my phone for CarPlay to recognize it has data. Hoping this is one of the fixes!
weird, yeah that's what happened to me those couple times, it would say there's no data but force quit made it work fine again. I use it almost every weekday morning
I’ve seen this as well, but just ask Siri to play my podcast using overcast (“play the latest episode of The Talk Show using Overcast”) and it resolves it for me.
Yes indeed. I have this issue every time I get in the car. Opening the app on my phone refreshes the content list.
CarPlay is glitchy I think more than it being Overcasts fault
I have this same bug. No Data Found and need to relaunch the app on the iPhone
yeeaaaowwww yes!
Are you not on the TestFlight? You should ask to be on the TestFlight. It’s pretty great in here. <grin>
Classic Mac OS System 9 version confirmed!
This is my favourite app for podcasts. So many cool features! Very exciting news.
Hoping it's a way to see the episodes I have downloaded, for ease of playing while offline?
good lord i'm so excited
You’re finally adding the ability to edit tweets!?!?
Awesome. Excited to see it.
I love the work you do on this! Thanks Marco can’t wait to see the new features!
Looking forward to it.. since you kicked me off the beta :(
Same—I presume he booted everyone off.
This is why it is important to maintain a subscription with certain apps. Thank you for not letting this app grow stale.
An option to put the farts back in instead of cutting out dead air?
Oh, I thought of a real one! Can we have a Apple TV app please? 🙏
That's interesting, what's your use case for that?
I can listen to music on the ATV. There’s an Apple podcasts app I have no desire to use but I do sometimes cast from the laptop for the louder speakers plugged into the telly. If it could also handle video like @css tricks screencasts that would be ace.
It was my (limited) understanding that universal apps could be produced by ticking the right box in Xcode. I’d be happy if it was just a clone of the phone app on the tv. I sometimes want to use it there instead.
Why not just AirPlay the audio from your phone to your AppleTV? That's what I do. That's more convenient than having the app on AppleTV itself since you can easily pause/resume playback from your phone (or watch).
I stream to it from the laptop sometimes, but the same applies, sometimes I want to dedicate the tv to its job of providing audio/visual stimulation and keep the laptop audio separate while I’m working on it. It would be a nice to have, and I would use it on the tv.
LossLiss! Finally!!! In case you are out of the loop, this will ensure @caseyliss sounds even more authentic and lifelike when compared to his cohost(s). It’s the feature that EVERYONE has undoubtedly been clamoring for over the last 6 years.
Making it easier to pick which podcasts sync to your Apple Watch?
Making things actually sync to your Apple Watch?
Oooooh. Very excited!
I hope this update includes being able to review and rate podcasts
Did you cull the beta herd?
Still hoping to be able to add files to an iCloud Drive folder when we have one we want to upload (vs going to the uploads website)
I’m thrilled. Perhaps I consider switching my Podcast App this time! :) good luck for the launch! :)
Good luck tomorrow. I'm excited to see what we get and what is to come in the future. #DFIU
🤞 please let it be perma-favorites-list, if it's a faves list that initializes with all my past favorited episodes I'd be 💕💕💕
Good luck, congrats, and thank you!
We're going to be able to filter by our own starred episodes? Finally? At long last?
Sort by: Published Date in a Queue ?!?!?
Nice! So finally the cover images of uploaded files will be shown in the list view?
Oh nice! I can’t wait. Hope I can see all my starred favorite episodes somehow! 🤞
Finally, Sleep-Mode, so after pressing play it resumes only for 5 minutes, so I don't have to listen to the whole podcast if I fall asleep.
There’s already a sleep timer feature
Yeah, but if you set it to, let say 10 minutes, and again press play, because you are still awake, it is no longer active. Sleep-Mode would set it again to 10 min.
What would be really neat is if you could set the sleep timer from the watch. I usually leave my phone in a different room, but play a podcast via AirPlay from my watch.
You mean you finally made the skip chapter button large so I don’t nearly crash my car while I try to over and over to hit it while driving? 🤓
Nice! Looling forward to it (and I’ll hold my CarPlay bug report back to first see if the new version fixes it…)
Anxious but excited to see what happens!
and a new test flight right?
Launching on a Friday? Bold.
“Downloaded” or “in-progress” playlists?
I’m hoping the app doesn’t freeze on an M1 MacBook Pro
Excellent news. Looking forward to the update.
Any chance of an Alexa skill so I can keep my podcasts synched between there and my phone more easily?
I wouldn’t hold your breath
The best podcast app ever can you please give us a teaser?
I think this tweet is the very definition of a teaser 👍
thanks, king!
Maybe be able to sort by date in both directions again.
There’s supposed to be a ? after the statement, not a period.
and @buzzsprout would welcome more podcasting 2.0 features!
Can’t wait! Sooo much teasing during your podcasts 😁
Thank you based Marco
Ooooh, the suspense! ☺️
the volume slider!, finally!
maybe better alignment of podcast names
Would love to hear your thoughts on a podcast about scheduling sizeable changes. It’s not easy at a big company, let alone when it’s you’re own! What provisions did you take into consideration (assuming coffee stock levels is the obvious). Can’t wait!
Marking episodes as played, selecting multiple ep to manage them please please please please please!
Especially in CarPlay!
Not saying this shouldn’t exist, but just FYI, you can delete/download All when on the ALL tab on the top-right. I do really hope this is improved…
I know, but: - imagine returning to overcast - my favorite podcast has 400+ episodes - I’ve heard last 150 episodes - I can manually delete these 150 episodes or manually add 250 (because I want to listen them all) which is hell
Add them to smart list and then you can check multiple episodes and delete them in one click
What kind of sorcery is that?! Thank you! It is still 150 taps but 150 taps > 150 slides 🙏🏻
Miło pomóc koledze wąsaczowi ;)
I'm surprised it doesn't support Apple's new two-finger swipe gesture in the edit mode. I wonder if this is a SwiftUI thing 😅
Adding sleep timer access to the Apple Watch screen???
My guess is watch support
Episode search results (within a single podcast) sorted by episode date descending? Or really any order but random? 😉 🧡
I don't know what this order is... but I get the same order after the update as in this screenshot. So it is some order. Maybe it is quality of match for the sort.
redesign? it's basically already perfect!
Lmao, a podcast app sounds like a simple ask but somehow they’re all varying levels of bad and actively getting worse
So. Finally the android app is coming.
NOW I’m hooked 😊
Can't wait! Was disappointed that I was booted from the TestFlight however. 😊
We all were, there’s a new one on the slack
Thank you. Ah Slack. That’s a name I haven’t hears for a long time
Looking forward to it!
I will be thrilled if one of the new features is a smart playlist that shows all my in-progress episodes. That's something I've wanted for years.
Is this basically a queue? That would be awesome
This app sucks so bad because it doesn’t have THE MOST BASIC FEATURES like a queue to see what’s playing next. #fail
Good news for you then, as the updated version now has a queue playlist.
Is there a way to have the podcast delete from all episodes when added to queue, kind of like an inbox?
But where is the queue? I can’t see it. I just add podcasts to the queue but where is it visually?
Press the add playlist button, then add the queue playlist.
Right but is there a way to have it then delete from the all episodes at the same time?
I will be a happy camper if this is included!
I literally emailed feedback about this 2 days ago. Fingers crossed 🤞
You can ally least hide the “recent” carousel. Click the 3rd icon from the left at the top of the screen to bring this menu. And then click “Hide Recent Episodes”
Longshot here since it’s a super specific and nitpicky feature but are we finally getting the ability to use a remote to skip chapters? 🤔
Can’t wait! We finally get to change the icon to @siracusa ‘s cheese grater!
Remote Chapter Skip option? 🙏🏻
I'd love to see podcast covers from my uploads in the playlist. 🤔🤩
…some sort of easy triaging? 🙏🏻
Hopefully a better queuing system
Is it the data storage issue where a podcast with no unplayed podcasts is using several gigs of storage? With delete episodes set to when completed?
Hope there’s a section with the faved podcasts
🤞 that playstate syncing between watch and phone can improve. Partially played episodes are a gamble. I’d love to not have to remember in my head where I’m at and then scrub through on the watch to get back to where I was.
More than 500 podcasts on a playlist?
A repeat option would be awesome if possible.
Ouuuuuh 🤩
If you’re taking requests, a sleep timer that stops at chapter markers would be awesome! (Example screengrab from Libby, an audiobook player for library ebooks.) 🧡 @marcoarment
Oh, this would be great, I second this request! I also always thought it'd be useful to use the silence detection used for smart speed to avoid the sleep timer cutting people off mid-word (or possibly mid-sentence)
Wouldn’t you third it?
Still my favorite app for podcasts!
Hey Marco, I have recently discovered a bug in Xcode 13.3 which makes apps built with it crash in iOS 14. You might want to check that before releasing. Xcode 13.2.1 is fine though
I can’t wait!
Podcasting 2.0 would be dope.
🤞🏻for P2.0 features!!
Just updated my subscription from the v1.0 one, in anticipation!
Listen Live with background audio when the phone goes to lock? :)
I love how you say it’s dropping tomorrow, and everyone replies with what they hope you’ll add. Like, I wanted to, too. I get the impulse. But, what’s done is done. Lol. Also, please add pull-past-refresh to delete played to episodes from a playlist. (And an undo shake) 🙃
Yeah. Kinda Marco's fault for teasing... it invites the speculation. I'm sure he doesn't mind.
Fix this on CarPlay?
Getting to podcast settings from now playing screen?
Nice redesign! Cleaner, tigger, more initiative than it already was. Great job.
looking good 👍
Just got the update. It looks very nice. I like it.
I’d love to be able to customize the “skip forward” length for individual podcasts!
I'm loving the updates. Keep it up.
Really love the new app! Just hit in the store for me.
Holy crap, this is an amazing update. You really outdid yourself, @marcoarment. Looks great!
Pls place recent episodes above the playlists section for quicker access. For people with extensive playlists it would be more useful with less scrolling. Thanks for the update!
Really looking forward!!
Update just dropped!
Great update ✅
Sweet, finally the much-needed Siri and integrations you've been holding out on us.
Hopefully it fixes the mega lag that has been happening. The app has been nearly unusable for the last month. Constantly freezing and unresponsive.
How about a history tab so I can see all episodes I’ve listened to.
New layout seems nice!
Did you watch @caseyliss’s 26 minute tips video before hitting publish? 😉 Can’t wait to see what you’ve been working on!
Any plans to utilize the default San Francisco font for the UI please?
Will it be possible to return to the old list view or remove all episodes and the recent tiles?
You can remove the recent tiles in the dropdown menu of 'add playlist' button
Damn 😎🤌🏼
Homepage is beautiful, can’t wait to see the now playing redesign too
Looking good, some nice features! Please take a look at icon sizes though. Round icons always appear smaller to the eye as same-sized „normal“ icons. Trashcan and share icon need to be a bit smaller imho to look same-sized and aligned. cc @twittlik
Ah I was hoping there would be a way to skip a̶d̶ ̶b̶r̶e̶a̶k̶s̶ chapters from headphone controls. Everything else is great tho.
Not sure how I feel about it but I will give it a shot. Is there no way to just see all podcasts in a list like we used to? Not filtering active/inactive etc? Also the UI is super choppy scrolling
Much better. Love it.
The new update fixed the media keys on macOS and that alone might be the best new feature since a long time. 🤗
Is there any way to go back to the old look? The new UI design makes everything larger and increases the amount of scrolling.
Same here, the one time I don’t read the update notes :/ I don’t want the giant “all eps” and “recent” covering my homescreen, increasing scrolling. Old menu also allowed me to see *all* my podcasts sorted by if they have an unplayed ep or not. Now can only see one or the other
Feels like the new reddit vs old reddit design. I’m sure most people love it, but I’ll forever use old.reddit
Somewhat counterintuitive but you can tap this button to edit the main screen layout and hide the Recent section. And then swipe-to-remove All Episodes.
Thanks, that solves half of my problem. I initially thought deleting “all episodes” would delete the episodes from my device. But now I see it’s just a playlist name.
Enjoying the little improvements for Mac 😊
Love it, thanks! Finally went premium because of que!
The best podcast app has just gotten even better - thank you @OvercastFM, great update!
Any way to turn off these pastel colors?
Thank you for All your work !! @OvercastFM is my favorite and only podcast app :)
This redesign is spectacular. Thank you!
Love these changes!
The best update ever, thank you for giving us such an outstanding Podcast client.
getting emotional because it now supports play/pause controls on the mac 😅
Worst update ever
Love the new look!! I know people regard design as subjective, but honestly "design is how it works" - and this visual design is beautiful and more functional too.
What did you guys do?? Wow. So the ONLY feature that made it possible to use the app is now gone?? How do I make a podcast ‘play next??’ Now it’s a check mark that means what?? I might need to switch apps again.
What does the Star do?? If I’m listening to a podcast, and tap the Star on that podcast, it just stops and when I start it again it starts from the beginning. And where to see my queue? I see how to add a podcast to my queue, but where is it?
I was pleasantly surprised to see the huge app update yesterday. Love the changes! So glad to have a recently played section now since I’m always jumping between podcasts. 😊💕