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About to watch YouTube’s presentation about podcasting. Probably the talk I’m most excited for at @PodcastMovement. The room is packed.
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Talk is about how they see how YouTube fits into the podcasting ecosystem now and what they can do in the future.
“Where we shine is with our discoverability and recommendation tools.” “Another thing is monetization.” YouTube has 10 separate monetization channels for video creators.
talking about how YouTube has helped him grow his podcast. He focused on having a consistent visual style for all his videos help viewers to digest and learn the content. Video + audio makes it much easier for people to learn new content.
One of the benefits of @YouTube is that the back catalog of episodes are consistently surfaced to new viewers through search.
Colin Thompson from @KastMedia talking about the importance of cutting episodes into shorter clips. They turn each video into 3-5 clips. These serve as more ways for people to discover their shows.
“The comments section on YouTube is incredible… we recommend for everybody who listens to go to YouTube to leave us comments for the show. We didn’t want to be shouting into a tunnel on the internet.” - @hubermanlab
The comments help shows learn what’s working, what fans like, and what content is confusing. YouTube comments are how the audience is able to influence the show. It helps foster a community around the show.
Remember, this is similar to what @joerogan fans said when he moved to @spotifypodcasts.
I haven't seen anybody talk about this yet, but the ability to comment on podcast episodes as they play is a big deal. @joerogan, and his fans, have talked about how much they miss the YouTube comments after he moved to Spotify. Now Facebook is adding that ability to podcasts.
Colin Thompson highlighting the power of cross-promotion to grow shows. They use the demographic data from their @YouTube analytics to decide what shows and hosts to cross-promote.
As @JamesCridland said, no real announcement, but watch this space.
At the @YouTube session at @PodcastMovement . No real announcement; but perhaps something in the future. Here's the quote.
Short clips are the move, IMO. I would think it’s due to watch time.