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We’re not supposed to put beta 1 on our regular phones with our regular iCloud accounts. But for those of you who haven’t done this because we’re not supposed to… uh… how’s it going? (Because I’m definitely not thinking of doing it on mine, because we’re not supposed to.)
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on my phone, Beta 1 is remarkably stable, especially considering the reports to expect the worst.
I had some UI lockups on my iPad Pro (not m1, so not related to the new UI stuff). But my phone has been solid.
i’ve not noticed any difference from using iOS 15
All good so far! Not that I have done it* because that would be irresponsible. * That’s a lie.
working great for me except I need to upgrade my Mac OS to install the new Xcode that can install on my phone
Can’t you just copy the device support folder from the new Xcode to the old one?
Oh I assume by update you mean to the latest released version, not the beta?
In order to deploy to an iOS 16 beta iPhone you need Xcode 14 beta. In order to install Xcode 14 beta you need Mac OS 13 beta. I have no idea if there is some other workaround though.
I have the Xcode 14 beta installed on macOS 12.4 and it's working without any problems. Are there specific issues with iPhones with it?
Hmm. Maybe I wasn't on the latest 12.4 when I tried it. Thanks!
Ok, my fault. I was on previous Mac version the first time I tried it. Installing Xcode 14 beta now on 12.4.
You don’t need the macOS 13 beta, 12.4 works fine for me. I had the same issue when trying to install it, wasn’t updated to the last release yet 😄
It’s quite stable. I only noticed that battery life isn’t great anymore.
I’ve installed it on my iPad, while my iPhone is still on 15. I seem to not have yet lost any iCloud data.
Spotlight search is super laggy, some apps crash every now and then. Other than that…almost smooth.
Battery on my 13 is about half of what it normally is but iCloud sync seems ok so far. I’m too afraid to check all my photos though lol
Much more stable than the “former guy” is apparently…
Eh. It’s fine honestly. It’s a beta, but largely everything is fine.
Going fine, actually! Minor UI bugs and major battery drain, but it’s not unusable. I wouldn’t recommend the Mac beta though. Constant kernel panics. But the iOS one is about 70% there.
Very rarely apps and items on the share sheet have disappeared and occasionally some spotlight searches yield 0 results incorrectly but for day-to-day use it’s been pretty darn solid.
No issues so far 🤞
I can neither confirm nor deny that I did this. My sources tell me that it’s been pretty good after 5-ish days. Only minor bugs and rare crashes. But we may not know for sure, because we’re not supposed to.
There’s some minor jank and performance issues (XS), but otherwise pretty fine
There are some UI actions that are laggy, and some things that are clearly unpolished, but I've found nothing that doesn't work. It's taking a bit more battery life, but not as much as previous betas.
Has been solid for me, but worse battery life
Shockingly stable. I hear Slack maybe isn’t great but I’ve had ALMOST zero issues. Spark mail & Apple mail are slightly less stable on iPad but totally usable, iPhone runs great. The “Clear All Notifications” button on lock screen doesn’t work and that’s the only bug I’ve seen.
No issues on iOS. iPad OS I had a few crashes in Stage Manager but none in normal mode.
The only app that's crashing for me is Microsoft Teams. Which is only applicable to you if you have the unfortunate requirement to use it for work. Teams is so bad that I barely use it as is this is just forcing me to use it even less.
The only real issue I’ve noticed was battery life. But: while it was bad for the first few days, it’s almost back to normal now. That’s for iPhone 13 Pro Max, Series 7, and an iPad Pro. Haven’t noticed battery life issues on my MBP, since it’s almost always plugged in.
Spotlight on iOS 16 seems to have some issues finding installed apps (my preferred way to launch things). It just can’t find them or I’m just not waiting long enough.
I feel like that might be due to iOS’ smart battery Managment. Pretty neat, actually! To bad it didn’t work in iOS 13 lol
Good input in this thread for @isiosstable
Not even worth it because it’s so underwhelming. They removed the slider button and volume control on the lock screen to decrease its size and consequently its usability. The interface for customizing spatial audio was so confusing that I gave up. Text highlighting looks better.
On iPad, it’s fine. Except for Stage Manager which is incredibly buggy
It's great! Genuinely, very few bugs. No showstoppers. iOS beta is the best. watchOS has glaring bugs (persistent scrollbar). macOS beta Keyboard settings reset after unplugging a keyboard. Stage manager okay on macOS. I haven't tested iPadOS enough. I'm daily driving all.
macOS has delayed notifications sometimes (from Messages), probably biggest issue
I put it on my old iPhone (the X) and it seems to run great except for the fact that my battery there is not in great shape and the phone does get hot. Not sure I’d be willing to put it on my main yet. But I have been mulling it over…
My 13 is running so perfect on 15.5 I don’t think I wanna risk it.
Don’t for the Mac, photo library breaks every day and goes into recovering. Also image previews in finder and images in messages are broken.
totally fine except for battery life. everything seems in good order.
Seemingly super stable on my 13 pro max and I use my phone extensively throughout the day. I was reluctant to install it but no issues so far.
So far so good, occasional crashes here & there but nothings that would make me regret it yet.
Did it on my iPad, not a single issue. It’s amazingly stable for a first beta version.
After an earlier iOS beta broke a bunch of things across my iCloud account I made sure to stay away from the early dev betas. I have constant Reminders state syncing issues that I think was still caused by that beta years ago. I now have testing iCloud accounts.
Teams is the only unusable app for me. Rest is good. Couple of springboard crashes, but nothing worse than usual beta 1.
Is that a general statement about teams or a Beta issue?! I’m waiting for Marco to not install it on his phone before I don’t install it on mine. My usual QA approach.
It’s going…”fine?” 😎
How about iPad OS Beta?
I have not installed that yet
Issues have been: some settings silently reset (like 1Password auto fill), battery life is bad on both my 13 max and watch (expected), spotlight can be slow to respond, Siri says “Oklahoma” for “OK” (makes me laugh every time) Pretty stable.
Lockscreen stuff is buggy but no other issues. Haven’t noticed any extra battery drain or anything like some previous first betas (that I also didn’t install)
Haven’t tried iPad yet, but iPhone + Watch has been A+. Initial hit on battery for like 2 hours, but then the drain is on-par with 15. Only bugs I’ve hit are with the new wallpaper setter.
Top and bottom edge swipes on watchOS seem busted for me, but everything else seems fine
I had a weird watchOS bug where the little scroll indicator was stuck on screen, persisting through charging and multiple screen changes. Eventually went away, but it was weird
Beta 1 on M1 iPad Pro is killing battery. Few app crashes here and there but not terrible.
I have it on my M1 iPad Pro 11". So far so good. There are bugs but they are mostly UI related and did not break anything yet.
I’ve never seen a more stable Beta 1. It’s unbelievable. Same goes for my Series 7 Watch and iPad Pro with M1. SO STABLE. This isn’t hyperbole either. Genuinely blown away.
No hypothetical regrets.
My iPhone 12 gets a bit hot and battery drains faster but otherwise pretty stable. A few minor glitches here and there, no major problems with any app I rely on, including banking apps and such.
Just don’t do it. Every year.. just wait!
I mean there’s hardly any difference when installing it. On the ipad it’s a bold font on the Lock Screen. On the iPhone it’s mostly the Lock Screen. I haven’t noticed any battery issue at all. It’s pretty boring.
Better than a few .0 releases in the past several years.
Battery life sucks, occasional kernel panics, overall less stable than iOS 15 Beta 1.
I’m not a dev or beta tester, but I want it so bad. I don’t wanna wait for September/October 😩
Tue only think I have issues with is changing wallpapers between different lock screens. That is still terribly bugged. But nearly no crashes
Been absolutely flawless as far the beta itself and iCloud data are concerned.
I did not not install it immediately when it was available on both my iPhone and M1 iPad Air. Beside a few quirks with Stage Manager on iPad it’s been super stable. Microsoft Teams was crashing frequently but seems they updated it mid week and it doesn’t crash now.
Mail is broken in many ways (again just like in iOS 13 Beta) Weather app sucks battery in the background so much that my 12 Pro needs charging twice daily. Setting app is missing settings like Private Relay and keeps crashing. It’s pretty rough.
No issues so far. A few weird UI bugs, but nothing that sticks around long term. None of the new iMessage features work unless you're messaging someone else on the beta, but that's not really a bug.
It’s been really solid. Spotlight search is a bit slow and battery life is worse, but otherwise no issues.