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#Podcasting Has a Privacy Problem: ICYMI, last week the @IABTechLab released a doc discussing the consequences if @Apple gets serious about privacy in the podcast space: @podcast411 @JamesCridland @GeekNews @BryanBarletta @PodcastMovement @InsidePodcstng
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This is a pretty bad take, echoing further Rob’s bad takes. I’d re-read the IAB doc as well, since it’s focus is asking for communication on how to collaboratively solve for these issues if Apple makes these changes platform-wide. A lot more than podcasting is hurt w/o IP
Seth - you're a nice man, but this is lazy bullshit and is beneath you. If you've read any of my work over the last five years, you'd notice I don't care about upsetting advertisers. Just ask Acast, Libsyn, Spotify or Backtracks.
Id consider just deleting the article and tweets
Also: "Podcasting has a privacy problem" posted on a website with trackers to Google, Facebook, Twitter and Formstack. Compare with our coverage (that we didn't apparently do) on our own website, which makes no third-party tracking calls. Sorry, who has the privacy problem now?
Yes, we use analytics on Jacobs Media. But our website isn't at risk of being shut down by Apple. On an ethical level, I'm personally divided on the issue. What I like as a marketer I dislike as a private citizen.
"analytics" = sharing IP addresses with Facebook/Google/LinkedIn/Twitter/Formstack without any opportunity to opt out of that? So all these companies can track users? I use analytics on Podnews, too. That's the call (which has a page explaining it).
Bryan, you're one of the signatories on the @IABlabtech document. If you think I'm incorrect in the way I've characterized it, please feel free to elaborate.
I think James shared enough about your inaccuracies and I pointed out your spammy attempt to gain traction with these bad takes. Highly suggest reading through more @Podnews and @SoundsProfNews to fill in any gaps. Not really up for doing free editing
Sure. If you've got any particular articles you want to direct me, please send a link.
Seth please listen to the New Media Show where I talk about it in detail. I was one of a number of people that contributed to it.
Absolutely! Got a link? I would love to hear people who are smarter than me (and they aren't hard to find) talking about this issue. I'd like to see many more people talk about this issue.