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Anyone using Cloudflare R2? (S3 clone, still in beta) Reliable enough yet? Any weird behavior to be aware of?
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Exposing for public use is quite annoying as it involves the need for cloudflare workers Private use is fine I guess? Haven’t found any 3rd party app that support it (yes, hi beta)
Solid for private buckets, but they have no public buckets. Public serving means writing your own proxy server on CF Workers. I was getting >400ms latency, which is fine for downloads or services, but maybe not website images to live users.
No public serving without a worker yet. I have a script that will upload a worker to serve a bucket for public reads in the meantime.… Also even though they will have global distribution eventually, right now the bucket lives wherever you create it.
R2 Public Read · Denoflare
Easily make your R2 bucket publicly-readable on your own domain.
Use it for a few use cases where I backup Zendesk data for customers and host assets for FAQs. It’s what they promise: stable, cheap and no or very minimal changes from the S3 API. We use it mainly through with @Cloudflare Workers though.
I have been using R2 for a few months. No problems so far. The built in CDN and its distributed nature is where R2 really shines. You have to write a small js function to expose the bucket to the public though.
I tried when it became public beta. It seems not compatible enough with existing S3 clients/SDKs. For now Backblaze B2 is still a better S3 clone for me.
Could you follow me, @mudkip_me, so we can DM on this topic? I’d be very interested in learning more about your experience of R2 vs B2