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We're not an audio production company. There are already *so* many amazing production companies. Instead, we're a "podcast growth agency." Or an "audio strategy consultancy." Or an "audience development services company."
Why Bumper? Bumper means "exceptionally large, fine, or successful." A bumper year. A bumper crop. Or... a bumper podcast. We help our clients find greater success in podcasting: more downloads, more time and attention, and most importantly... bigger business impact.
Congrats Dan, this is so exciting!!
Thanks Laura — VERY good GIF!
Congratulations and best of luck gents!
Congrats on the new company!
Thanks Ellen!
Congratulations. Much needed play for the podcast world.
Congrats Dan and Jonas!
Thanks Roger!
Congrats, let me know if you need someone in London!
Nathan with the perfect GIF
Congratulations- and awesome name!
Thanks Chris!
Big congrats both! 🚀
Congrats you two! 🎉 Your framework for podcast growth is the best I've seen. 👍
Thanks Justin! Watching you and @jonbuda build @TransistorFM has been an entrepreneurial inspiration!
Great name. Excited for you to lead more pods forward.
Best of luck with the new venture ! @Limorapp will definitely help you to help your clients grow their #podcast 📲🎤🎧📈
Amazing! Can’t wait to see what mountains you two are able to move.