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These were our most played albums of the year at #WOXY in 2000. We were very album-oriented, so we played multiple tracks from each. This is what we sounded like at a time when the "alternative" format was going to shit all around us.
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The full '97 Best of' list for 2000 is here:
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And then there is a @TrackbaseApp archive of the internet-only era here:
It’s beautiful. 😢 Often I’ll make a “woxy” mix or talk to people and think about bigger bands and think blah woxy didn’t play Oasis and Smashing Pumpkins, but obvi you did play all that great music along with the other cooler, hipper stuff. Fuck I miss that radio station.
During the FM years we played tons of the bigger major label bands. I think people forget we were a commercial alt in a college town, which meant DMB, 311, Blink 182...tons of stuff that we relegated to the WOXY Vintage stream when we went online.
What we DIDN'T do was follow the format down the path of buttrock. There was a delicate balance when it came to more aggro stuff - we played Tool and Rob Zombie and NIN, but "alt rock" went nu-metal and we sat that out.
Thank god. I sat that out as well. And emo. Though I find I like a lot of that emo stuff I’d previously ignored. I loved finding shit like and you will know us by the trail of dead and spiritualized. Where the fuck else would I have heard that
Well. I loved it all. Except maybe DMB. 😂
Oh, I fucking HATED DMB. But, you know, I didn't have to love everything we played (and thankfully I loved 90% of it).
💜 that Ass Ponys album
Ah, memories, that was during my time! Thanks for sharing
Love that Superdrag album so much
snuck a lil BT, Fatboy and Roni Size in there...MISS THAT.
Electronic artists did well on air - the lone exception was when we playlisted "It Began in Africa" from the Chems. I think that was just so repetitive even in the single version and we got a lot of negative reaction to it. But by and large, the audience was receptive!
Ugh. That song. Man, did people call and complain on that one. A rare miss from @ChemBros. Luckily, they followed it a bit later with the amazing “Golden Path” track.
I adored it, but it wasn't really a radio single. We gave it a shot, though!
A true alternative. Man I loved you all. I will never forget, years later in Austin, standing on the roof and talking about you all picking up my show. There was nothing bigger to me at the time than that.
I often think about what could have happened with us here in Austin had things not gone down the way they did, but we certainly had a hell of a ride!