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This meme is deeply true but the thing few realize is it’s equally sad for the people in the podcast Like, they’re doing it because they want to vibe with like-minded people but there is a wall The distance sucks I blame the RSS format (cc @mignano)
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Podcasts but listeners can talk to the hosts by calling in. I’ll call it Rad-E-O
That would be cool! Even honestly just time stamped emoji reactions with optional comments
Would be so so so so much better to see
Isn't this essentially soundcloud?
As in an audio file in a player that has timestamped comments and reactions. Hmmm, wouldn't be too hard to flip the temporal axis to a top to bottom scroll and add indented and more context aware comment hierarchy. 🤔
Hmm, I think Twitter should make this. My Twitter graph is the most relevant filter for which comments to see first.
You could record live.
That is why so many podcasts have their discords or are on twich.
... when you're listening to a podcast and start arguing with the hosts even if they don't hear you
How dare you suggest RSS is imperfect! 😂😉
You see *technically* this could totally work in RSS, you just need to implement a new standard for sending timestamped feedback from client apps to podcast hosts… yada yada lol
RSS isn't holding anything back. It's probably not robust enough to be the future (even though decentralized access has its benefits). The thing holding back innovation is a lack of funding of actual good product ideas in the podcast space
It provides a solid stepping stone to work from. If companies fail to make any kind of meaningful dent, and yet have millions in funding and access to world class engineers, that is b/c *they* are bad at what they are doing