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To me, the most amazing thing about Snapchat, Uber, and a few other apps is they all don’t need the web.
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and this is just the beginning of that trend
airbnb has a great site but I book solely thru its app. works very well.
yes they do, just not in the way you're thinking.
yep, I guarantee you every single one of those apps is using web servers and an API to communicate with their native app.
do you think that model will change/evolve, or is the web the most efficient host for this kind of function?
it's conceivable that http could fall by the wayside for that model, but it's hard to imagine tcp/ip being replaced.
Great discussion. Owning the data and infrastructure vs the interface and experience (customer?) We debate it constantly.
that their UI is not presented in a web browser doesn't mean they don't need the web.
actually they're kinda useless without connection... :)
restated, they reduce the web to pipes instead of a point of interaction.
yes this a better way of stating it - thx guys
only games can function without the web, and then all social/viral features would be disabled
nobody is going to be using the web soon.
i think it'll work the opposite. there will no longer be such an 'app' just seamless browsing
How many yrs until native mobile apps as we know them don't exist? 10? No more installing. Mobile browsers/OS will be different beasts then
you think we'll still be "installing" apps left and right? I think we will never say "install" again. it'll just be there.
mobile browsers will be more integrated with the core mobile OS, sites wont be like visiting static sites but contained rich expernc
the web is just the long tail of apps that you haven't installed yet. cc @DavidSacks
yeah i think we're starting to see the beginning of this with app indexing
and Google having now (and again) a central role to play with app indexing and Google Now @rabois @DavidSacks
unfortunately this would mean we're going to rely more on these gatekeepers and app stores until we develop new dist
at least on iOS, Apple has little incentive to allow 3rd parties full access to webUIview. android maybe diff
I generally agree w Keith. But you do need long tail eg links off twitter.
think we're talking about the same thing: every 'site' will be a rich exp like an app, easy to hop between
I'm just suggesting that perhaps they will not feel like 'apps' as you wont need to install them. just be there.
I'm on this. @trywildcard beta opens in January.
omg all your hinting tweets just connecting and I realized what you are building. Wow @Stammy @cdixon @rabois
love this thread. Agree w @Stammy - just a matter of time
@semil +1 really fascinating/important thread. Would love to hear @JasonLBaptiste’s thoughts
Think of the web another app for content consumption + the most popular one.
I agree. Nexus5 UI = SearchBar+NowCards+Deep Linking. Won't Google results just be cards in the future?
Problem is that mobile web experience will always pale in comparison to contemporaneous app experience
always? Things may change in 5-10yrs. I'm excited to see what happens, either way.
as “always” as “always” gets in this industry, which isn’t really “always” :-)
that might not stay true
+@Stammy as “always” as “always” gets in this industry, which isn’t really “always” :-)
deep links to apps via twitter I imagine
An APP is putting any (interactive) web on a surface. We love them because we own them, unlike a website
I agree with Paul here, but future is more about how personalize any web / app can be. Starting w/ Siri.
related: what does this mean for domain names. will they cease to be (as) important if we're just browsing apps
Domain names are already less important. Multiple apps can have same name -- and do.
well the Web will be dead.
It's '97 all over with portals (apps) currently... someone has to come & create entrypoint for all mobile... #maybeiwill
actually... it is but for native apps and not just mobile web
the notion of typing an address or clicking a link in a browser will seem as antiquated as programming a VCR to record TV
@semil +1. For people growing up with mobile and tablets - the web is an alien experience.
I’d add to this even moreso as 1bn new folks come online who will never own a laptop.
I told an entrepreneur the other day the fact that he had zero reliance on the Web meant he might be onto something...