I'm okay that we lost... I just can't take people coming at my family for absolutely no reason. Something I don't understand or stand for.
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no she not
this is too funny
😂 Steph you sleeping on the couch!
(Possibly sensitive)
Labron could do better than that
Who ever is doing this needs to stop its very childish
bitch you better remove that picture right now
how did u not learn anything from the first time. You are no longer the "normal" u once were.
Y'all got too much time on your hands
I don't get why people feel the need to disparage people you don't know on social media. Y'all must be bored
well that's as close as LeBron can get to the MVP award this year
+@Cammalleri that's cold! By the way you suck!!
you were right
sure, it's Warriors + Ayesha vs the world
well i mean your tweet wasnt wrong
so @warriors 73 wins,his 2 MVPs @NBA rigged?How sorry is curry family to live off felonious sport
what I hate ab all you mf warrior fans can't take an L
ah yes it was dead wrong. They got smashed. #whostherealmvp
the officials are controlling the game.
I think that's the idea 😉
Literal or figurative? 😻😻😉😒
it was wrong.
was the NBA "rigged" when Golden State beat OKC? coming back from a 3-1 deficient...was it "rigged" then?
yeah that 1st Q looked rigged ! Idiot
She was right. If the refs would call the games correctly, the Cavs would've ended it in 6.
plus she is saying it was rigged no okc fans were saying its rigged after they came back 1-3
Her and Steph both had mental meltdowns. The Cavs physical play is starting to wear on GSW. Steph lost it
lol well fair enough there. She didn't raise that angle however
People just need to chill and enjoy game 7.
they can react how they want. True ball players know the game was won in the 1st Q. Multiple 20pt leads TOUGH 2 comeback from
Agreed. Lue deserves some credit. He's out coached Kerr 3 outta 4. He made adjustments that GSW hasn't answered.
good point. Because Lue started off as a no-show
Doesn't hurt when LBJ goes for 41 back to back either.
He says Doc Rivers taught him how to coach. I believe that after the last 4 games.
and while I'm having why does he look 50 at 38. One reason: ALLEN IVERSON
Doc is that dude. Props to Lue for getting schooled proper. Lue still couldn't couldn't play for shit lmao 😂.
shut the fuck up
y'all voting for this man?? smh
30for30: "the tales of Michael Vick"
The fan that got hit with Stephs Mouthpiece should've fell down! Lol
(No comment)
was Bron snitching 😂😂😂
this kid is getting to loose lately throwing shit like that what a fag
yep. A Cavalier would have.....does🤔😆😠
I liked seeing Curry rebel.I don't like Tiger throwing clubs but I'm full on board 4 Steph throwing his mouthpiece.
lol. Like LeBron dipping his head into Curry's chest and falling over.
Calls go where dollars please.
if it hit Anderson varejao he would of flopped harder than he ever has.
aww he lost his pacifier? Whatever will he do without it. #crybaby
he should have flopped lol
he knew Curry. He's one of the owners kids
it was the owners kid that got hit with the wind bitch curry
lmao Lebron is such a bitch
curry is shooter, watch the video haha :D
curry a bitch n he Aint from akron come thru here n get snatchd real quick
throwing an object at somebody is assult ...I'm pretty sure the fan will sue!
Give this to Steph🍼😂😂😂 Temper tantrums 🐸☕️
LeBron pointed like " Yo this lil bitch buggin "
should of fell to the floor holding his eye in agony
"Fuck , that's bullshit man"
I woulda fell down, cried in pain, and then sued for assault or something hahaha
ya that's bad sportsmanship at its best.
You A Bitch 🔫😂
even when he mad he look happy lol
I hope the fan stuck it down his pants before giving it back.
if he hit Lebron he would have fell like a little baby.
someone's salty! 😂😂😂😂 #GoCavs 💯🏀 pic.twitter.com/iNkUOLc3Z8
that's all you got?#salty - #Lebron is 💯 & his wife keeps it classy!
don't need to say more because it is true. It's nice of Lebron to marry his wife 9 yrs after son was born. Classy 👌🏽
wow that's unheard of? You're really digging DEEP! #LMAO 😂#Warriors #salty #bandwagon #fans #Cavs7 #eyeofthetiger 💯🏀
funny how #nba & #media placed #Warriors on pedestal #noclass #highroad #GoCavs 💯🏀
didn't Lebron cheat on her?
sue him fuck that apology & keep the mouth piece too #DOUBLEWIN
+@TheLiaijon nothing but Flop
+@DiggsandCo I would've been speaking with Johny Cochran right now...
lmao he shoulda flop just like curry
that a great person to sue haha 😂💰 or if that doesn't work out just keep it and auction it off to his band wagoners
like #Lebron on those fake calls?
he shoulda picked it up and sold that mf!
+@BIGWHIT425 Varejao would of flown back to the 4th row if he got hit
snitching on steph caught on camera
+@mdlacek I guess that's taking the high road out
Brons wife wouldn't make him look like a fool. #JussSayin
look at lebron acting dumb like he don't know what he did such a loser...he is a sneaker dirty player.
LOOOOL! That woulda been funny!
look at Lebron snitching like a lil bitch, Draymond was right!
LeFlop would have
I'm pretty strong. I'm surprised I didn't knock him out!
+@dj9o1 he going to the lawyer like
nah. I think it's ur English that would fallen him/her
+@KingJames was there to rat him out
he shoulda got them coins
grab it and sell it on eBay lol
the kid is already rich... he hit the owner's son...
Seriously! I'd hang it up on my shelf for a souvenir from game 6 of the NBA Finals haha
fuck that lol, that's nasty. I'd definitely sell it.
I may be Indian but damn Curry sucks
nah ffs got money in gsw
you wish you were Indian
this needs 1k
you are crazy dumb if you think that
shut up curry good
LMFAOOOOOO ahahahaha sensational
he doesn't suck not as nearly as much as your mother
+@OzilAssist Lol this has reached American Twitter. Bare bants ahead.
right buddy. 1st Unanimous MVP ever. Go back to cricket cause u obviously do NOT know Basketball. Duechebag!
You know media votes for MVP right?
people don't know basketball? Do you know how to spell "Douchebag" properly? I rest my case. 😂😂😂
smd curry id elite
that's funny
and Indian like U sucks?
stfu Punjabi merchant
u suk bitch
Zak my hero my mate
That's why you think he sucks. Only two types of people do, Lebron fanatics, or people that don't know basketball
It's not that uncommon. I'm Polish but I can't stand cabbage.
omdssss 😂👌🏾
Ye ang indian's armpit smells awful SUCKS "my friend"
you're also a soccer player too right? next...
are u an idiot? He clearly does not suck ....learn the game
Congrats on your 1000❤️ tweet! favstar.fm/t/743660811965…
+@ayeshacurry I may be Indian but damn Curry sucks
like Fuck with a tech. 🚮🚮🚮🚮
damm that's funny 2 bad u stole it
Are you stupid. Leave Curry and his wife alone.
If he sucks why curry is mvp twice explain that to me hater.
jokes are difficult to understand, it's okay you don't have to be ashamed
because people seem to forget the MOST VALUABLE part. Curry has the best overall team he's not MVP
idc if you think he's the best, that's not what MVP means. W/o Curry GSW is still middle of the west
without LeBron the Cavs probably don't make the playoffs or are a low seed and first round exit
you're an idiot, fuck allah
that's why he got back to back mvp right👌
wow how can u b that ignorant ??
Congrats on your 500❤️ tweet! favstar.fm/t/743660811965…
+@ayeshacurry I may be Indian but damn Curry sucks
elite 😭😭😭
I'm not even Indian lmao found it funny tho
you need attention that bad
well his Lobotomy didn't take, but he has no brain, so, there you go
it's a joke get off Twitter if you can't handle it lmao
when you wanna be Ayesha Curry so bad 💀💀
You do realize that she doesn't give a f*ck about your cyber bullying bs
You "should try digging up more bandwagon" from my tweets
u just got exposed lol gtfoh bitch ass
3 years ago
You really think I was serious about bandwagoning onto 3 teams at once, in the middle of July, when I was in a camp with my friends
First of all, I lived in Los Angeles at that time, and I like KD he is one of my favorite players. Also, KD2DC! Or GSW!
and stop wit ur pussy ass bandwagoning bs
Just delete your account.
Wants 2 b her because she done accomplished SO MUCH(other than getting knocked up by a talented athlete.)
she's been through enough tonight you don't need your dumbass giving her any more crap
enough tonight? Oh yes her life is terrible stfu
(Possibly sensitive)
I can't believe u got so many RT's and Favs 😂😭
tell @GranitZaka to take his alibaba carpet riding goat chasing ass somewhere and stop being disrespectful.
Curry sucks dude? Really? C'mon man stop it. That's ridiculous!
Your tweet sucks cause all the haters keep saying #StephCurry sucks
that why is was the MVP this yeat
+@CassidyJrdn this just a dumb tweet.
zak, you have won the Internet today
tf you being indian gotta do with wtf she just said 😂😂😂and steph curry?
he's the back to back MVP and yet you saying he sucks?!?!? Hmmmm oohhhh kaaayyyy
bro i don't get how he suck when he won mvp two years in a row 😂
no you want him to suck
don't ever in yo life come at my favorite player like that again
curry is the best shooter ever. And he sucks. 'MVP' and to you he still sucks. Man your hard to please.
my nigga😹😹😹😹
Steph cheated on you with that cheerleader
wtf that gotta do southwhat shejust said lol
no he didnt why do you have to be a dick?
don't pay any attention to them..
Please don't listen to crazy!!! FOOLISH GROW UP!!!!
damn you want attention bad
what's your excuse, you seem like the attention seeker
hahahaha you got burned 😂
She is not making it better, she is showing what a whiner actually is! Sure not Bron!
Lebron doesn't whine? Ok...
what is your problem. Stupid.
savage. 😭
That's honestly just a waste to say that... She's not worried about you dumb comments 🤗
yall hella disrespectful 😩🙄
how would you know? You sound like a fool. Find a life and stay out of others.
Steph just likes to eat the pussy no sex
shut up and leave her alone at least she got a man that cares and loves her so shut the fuck up @EchelonWinter
like shut the fuck up keyboard warrior get the hell out of here bitch
(Possibly sensitive)
what the cheerleader @ she was bad 😼
that's a stupid and hurtful thing to say!!
and ur point is someone did or will cheat on you, why soo in their draws
Wow! Unbelievable that someone would say such horrible things. Mr. Curry is one example of a upstanding dude!
now your extending your vocabulary keep trying maybe you'll eventually say something smart.
bro stop mentioning me. You acting like she's your wife. She don't give 2 fucks about that tweet or you. Kys
I don't need her to care about me but what you said to her was disrespectful. I was talking to her not you.
Decent Human AWARD You Stand Out HERE LIKE A Lighthouse? OR As Eath Stands OUT From Space Shuttle?
how was I disrespectful? Did I call her or her family names? Stop bitching.
that's what the fuck I thought
you dont want that pressure for nig you you a suckaz nig
Best. Reply. Ever!
Is that the best you got! Shut up! What are we in grad school!
the salt is serious.
stfu nigga stop believing what you hear
you're fucking act is tiring keyboard warrior
Dude will you just, SHUT THE FCK UP?
Come on mann.
just know what the Devils look like. They all satan's helpers. They don't know God
they all cheat. She knows that. Has probably accepted it.
kill urself
lol, she doesn't care the benfits of being a basketball wife- Call out the NBA 4 rigging& spend their money
Shut the fuck up. Ayesha is an amazing wife to Steph, their relationship proves it. Asshole.
ching ching chong noyyy
FFUCK these #HATERS girl @ayeshacurry.. Yeah. We'll see who has the LAST LAUGH on #FathersDay The world's 4real gona kno
be a fucking idiot elsewhere dude...
pretty sad ur that jealous and don't realize they have 2 kids and he's an MVP but keep attacking- stay classy
funny is funny
y'all need to chill
stupidest post of the night. Ridiculous. Just shut up
you have no respect. Mommy not teach you any manners?
Wow, you are a dumbass.
shut up. Leave her alone. If you don't have something nice to say to her just shut up.nobody wants to her ur bs
You Da Real MVP lol!!!
That's wrong on so many levels leave curry family alone hater.
I'm a warrior fan dumbass
shutup u punkass
u have no Evidence to support that and Steph loves @ayeshacurry and In my opinion,he would never do that.
Mrs. Curry, let me apologize on behalf of all respectful conscious human beings.
curry has two kids idiot he won't cheat on his wife
gtfo with that shit
she wasn't a cheerleader dumb ass lol smh
what do u mean did he flirt w a cheerleader or somthing
Why r u so mean?It's just a basketball game.At the end of the day,it's nothing
oh my GOD 😂😂😂😂😂
stop lying @StephenCurry30 is not cheating on @ayeshacurry with a cheerleader cuz Steph loves her with all his heart 💗💖
shut up #StephCurry is coming back Sunday for revenge
I love Jason Days daughter not yours
Who's this HATER that send this tweet u don't like to see or know of anything good right? Leave the people alone
impossible, Steph is with Klay
this the best reply I've gotten
REALLY It's Sports People - Get A Grip HMMM Fitting Video? What's Your Damage: youtube.com/watch?v=dNptND…
you mad that your wife a hoe or what
my girl not a hoe bitch lmao. You just another salty warrior fan.
so you are just another Stephen Curry Hater
😂😂😂👌👌 bitch don't care. Would you? She gold digging millions for that goofy lookin fuck
+@_Willuminati93 stop encouraging the cyber bullying of Ayesha curry William u twat
shouldn't you be in the kitchen....
you are lame...
It was a model not a cheerleader. If you're gonna talk crap then talk it correctly dumbass
how old are u? Shame mehn.
nigga shut up and stop defending her like she's your wife. Gay ass
so anybody who tries to show u ur folly is gay, i never knew. Greatly Awesome!
no nigga you just a straight up bitch getting hurt by a tweet not related to you
and i guess her own tweet was related to you. Yeah ryt.
how would you know?? Like you must be out of your mind, if not back your shit up with valid info.
and your just ugly.....
damn you marry an NBA star you suddenly think you know everything
agreed the slander has been taking too far
lets go cavs
it's okay we'll take them in game 7 fam
ur still hot it's ok
stfu you hate when the game is fair huh
(Possibly sensitive)
Is the @NBA still rigged?
it's okay Ayesha you got 100 goons ready to ride for you
😅😂 Yall chill
thats the internet
u do realize ur classing down further ur boy Lebron/making ayesha and Steph look@that@much better with this
this is stupid.
NBA announces that Steph Curry will be suspended for Game 7 following tonight's ejection.
(Possibly sensitive)
OMG this is crazy. I can't help but laugh
cavs 2-1 FG
alright calm down... Lets not get crazy
straight up disrespectful.
+@RobertRiol I am done with the Internet 🙈
It's a dishonorable place in many ways. Doesn't have to be.
No wonder half time took so long ....
This is disgusting and extremely disrespectful what an idiot
wooooww why tf twitter ain'ttake this shit down
bruh 😭😭😭 y'all act to fast 😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂
hahahahaha I'm actually crying
hopefully she sees this. Keep retweeting and favoring till she sees it
run outt
omfg stop I'm dying 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Delete this.
you should stop
wrong man
ppl like you have no life and obviously no girlfriend/wife posting a pic like that
ah damn wtf 😂😂😂
nigga you got no respect Bruh like just kys
that's somebody momma man!!😂😂😂
its funny but's it's to much, if that was my girl id fuckin kill someone fuckin kill
OH NOOOOO 🙈😂🙈 You're wrong! I'm weak AF! 😲🤐
that's just disrespectful man.. And you know it.
y'all just disrespectful af
you are an absolute disgrace to humans beings for posting this about this lady. May God bless your soul!
God danm you guys are too much smh
bruh that's OD 😵😵😵
im a Cavs fan but this picture is very disrespectful. Some immature fucks find it funny but not us mature people.
this is completely uncalled for
now y'all going to far so disrespectful
woooah! Bruh... Bruh. . . I'm dead.
+@banksboy_22 this some shit @Shmoemoe35 would retweet 😭😭😭
+@juicyjey_ DAWG 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
im so doneee 💀💀💀
+@ohiosports216 come on man that makes Cleveland fans look like d-bags. Be better than that
have you forgotten that Cleveland is trash this why people hate them
fuck Cleveland and the whole state of Ohio
😂😂😂😂😂 Fr smh they some L's
The heck is wrong with you?!
that's why you got no hoes nick
damn that's hot
bruhhhh the drawl😂
that's just disrespekful
welcome to the Internet
whoooooooooooa OK; NO; I Can't!
there's definitely no chill lol
wut is wrong with people..
why cross the line like this? You can call Ayesha out on her BS but why go this low? Fucking pig.
disgusting and disrespectful. Be ashamed.
lmfaoooo yo im sleep.
hahahahahaha. Take that dick
i thought you'd enjoy that lol
best tweet ever by far
it's all fun and games until someone does that to your wife one day. You immature prick
😂😂😭 they sick
swears mfs wlding lol
haha that's fucked up man
+@simonil97 bruh this is too much 😂😂😂😂😂😂
HOLY FUCK LOL dunno if i should RT
might do it as a social experiment to see how many followers i lose
nick you are a savage fam
there was a line and you completely crossed that shit.. I'm done lmao
Yoo this too much 😂😂😂
enough Twitter for me today
I feel bad for the amount of violation
this is very very disrespectful!!! Do better
I'm dead 😂😂😂😂
yall did her wrong lmfaooo 😂😂😂😂
This post is sick and went way to far. Get a life.
you gotten blocked yet?
noooooooooooooooooooooo 😭
😂😂😂😂😂😂 Exposed and Blocked by her....
straight disrespectful. Why follow her if u feel that way?
lol straight savage 😂😂😂
awwwww I know if Steph seen that he would be hot I'd be hot too if I was him😂
I laughed way to hard at this😂😂😂
😂😂 spot on
wtf wrong with yall 😭😭😭😭😭
That's just fucked up.
This gotta be the most fucked up thing. People too disrespectful Fr. Social media takes it over board
+@BMS_Derek the Internet is undefeated!!! Wowwww!! Smh!!
¿Qué ganas con hacer eso? ¿Te pagan a caso? 😒
what your mom be doing for that bread 😂😂😂 so disrespectful
You just a sick ass man fuckin disrespectful ass pussy
u should get fined for that pic u took it far
+@Tweener__ lmfaoooooooooooo LeBron and Kyrie
Coming from a Cavs fan , this pic is ignorant
+@MassiveDumps4U this is so inappropriate
why did you tag me dnadez?
+@Twiitface87 o lol did you see the one where klay is getting penetrated by a lady with a dildo
fuck klay lol how u gonna call lebron soft then run off the court before its over
chill I enjoy klay
I enjoy watching klay play what's wrong with that?
WHAT IS THIS?!?!? 😶😮
😂😂😂forceee, no respek
lmaooooo this too much
+@Negrotiation +@Its_Krash this might be crossing the line 😂😂
there is nothing funny about that, just plain disrespectful
she's a married woman& mother&he's a married man. That is vile. But if this is the best YOU then keep it up @ayeshacurry
hahhahahah😂 😂 😂 😂
Hahahaha 😂😂😂😂😝
this is just rude!
+@KyrieIrving facial expression is the best part of this
no man 😂
LMAO thats fucked up and funny at the same time
Haahahah is it bad that I know that's jayden Jaymes
😭😭😭😭 I'm fucking dead
really!! You are real disrespectful. You need to go to church.
we look bad? Bitch called it a conspiracy. Only after someone else came back down 2.
yall so fucked up man, thats straight dissrespect, smh
LOVE THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
just take the L😂😂😂
that's being a celebrity
the next game ours
don't tweet. Ur asking for the slander. Just fall back.
sometimes, you need to take an L when it's needed
why you take your tweet down
yeah have a good night tho
family is out of bounds.
(Possibly sensitive)
it's the enemy. But don't worry. Trust.
they're looking attention. 🙄🙄
still #DubNation 👏🏾🙏🏾💯
stay true to yourself. don't let them get to you.
did your dad throw his mouthpiece at the cop?
hold this L.
preach to all the haters🙌
it's ok I'll keep you warm when curry not hom
give me your password so I can drag people sis
ikr! Half these replies are rude and unnecessary. If you're happy they lost okay but you don't have to be like that
im tryna tell you please let me go in
yeaahhh thumbs up ayesha! GSW for the win!
shut yo sexy ass up
it's your own fault. You started this.
you mean like this ? @ayeshacurry
<- Stupid ass dude - Probably happened to you already so you clowns on Twitter like your cool LMAO #WackAssDude @ayeshacurry
Not cool bud. From a Muslim to a Muslim, it's not how we talk to women.
really? This is what you post? Y'all need Jesus in the worst way... Foolish.
change your pad
keep doing you. you're an inspiration ✨💘
seriously, delete your account
something you shouldn't stand for either ♥️♥️
sometimes silence cuts deepest.
there were 25 fouls for each team tonight. Sorry your boo doesn't get special treatment like Kerr wants #ThatdBeRigged
it's okay boo! Hold your man down.
lol, LBJ is already on the job!
I don't blame you.
JJ keep your head up mam' the man above sees everything❤
don't come at lebron
pull the race card cause you lost
excuses excuses
the game was still rigged
you have nothing to apologize for. You're absolutely right
no ones "coming at ur family" chill tf out.
The more @ayeshacurry tweets, the worst it gets.
<------------ young esh most hard headed woman in america i still love her tho lol
shut up! Get off Twitter
I saw this on the Sharks page lmao pussy
oh but you can stand "classy" gsw fans calling Lebron a "pussy ass bitch" sit down
we know the NBA is rigged. It's cool lol
you don't deserve it
Family 1st 👍🏼
chefs over refs!!
its ridiculous that people have to go so low to go at families of the players.
lemme give you some advice: GO TO BED 💀💀
I can believe it
how does this have anything to do with Christian values..speaking out on twitter to something you feel is rigged..
did she deleted that tweet cuz I don't see it on her page
"I won't be silent" deletes tweet
Wow. Class act there. Christian values at their finest, SMH.
it's possible and her statement is pretty easy to back up is
bitch how you think lebron feels
I know that's right. I'm not mad at cha this is understandable
oh shut up whore
yes maam absolutely! You are strong beautiful Christian woman!# proverbs 31
That's why I fought that fan. For both of us. ❤️
why is this happening?
you keep talking and making it worse. You haven't seen Savannah on Twitter have you?
tune out, dont let them change you
Curry put it on himself this game...I'm sorry but the freight train was not to be stopped tonight.
☺🙏 God will never give us something we cannot surpass! #Believe #DubNation
fight the refs
that's right!
tell your husband to put his pacifier back in
welcome to sports and Twitter
Then get off of social media!
Now the game isn't rigged, you're just unduly singled out for online bullying........ Omg @ayeshacurry
Pray on it. ✊✊☝🙏🙏
they're just jealous that your family is full of MVPs
Just continue to pray for your the happiness of your family and your husband's team. Sunday their success will speak volumes.
just beat a bitch up yup
League is still Rigged
bih shut the fuck up, you were just crying about how it was rigged.
UR The one that came at the NBA... FOR LOSING A GAME
cavs fan are so disrespectful they going stick their 🖕🏻 up at steph like don't do that ✋🏽
girl just go to bed
can you tweet more recipes please? we don't want to see anything else.
if you don't wanna see anything else then leave 👉🚪
hello twitter troll. how are you on this fine, sunday evening?
you should be the last one talking with your back handed comments. Twitter troll my ass. But I'm fine thanks for asking
you gotta stop tweeting about the Nba games cos of your popularity
NBA is scripted!
if Lebron wasn't with the cavs there would be no cavs or fan base, warriors got the next game
your family sucks LMAO
enough already. Just put the phone down.
who are you? You're not the one to come up on someone's Twitter and tell to be quiet. You and just leave simple as that.
stop explaining yourself to these people girl
You have my respect girl
eat shit retard
tell them to leave us alone boo
you're insane. Seriously just stop please
they hating cause y'all are happy boo 😊
you tweeted it was rigged... Was it rigged when GS came back from 3-1 against OKC?! Stfu and sit down bitch
we gonna beat them up
ok please just stop talking
called haters tell Steph his biggest fan said turn up game 7 fuck the bullshit and hate please 🙌🏾
don't take this personally. The refs sucked.
brah shut up and go to sleep
Did they really do it? Racial profiling or angry Cav's fans? Either one, no excuse!
go to sleep
Get em' sis! RT @ayeshacurry: I'm okay that we lost... I just can't take people coming at my family for ... tmi.me/1fevhA
Get it the spotlight. Lmao
Agreed - stupid people out there. Sorry u have to endure Keep the faith We got this #DubNation #StrengthInNumbers
you accused officials of a national sports league of making calls for money or ratings. Stop the excuses.
(Possibly sensitive)
Bron has much higher standards...#hoodrat
+@acripp13 bro these are killing me 😂
Elevation always breed hateration......it's all good; stay focused!!! Dubs got this!!!!
they wish they were you
stop talking you're making yourself look worse
Why would you even read twitter right now?
you have every right to express your emotions.
and you shouldn't have to stand for it. #chinupchick
have several arena Seats please #teamSavanna
Yeah it just doesn't make any sense.
you really should've of said anything in the first place
we still love you.
They are coming for you because you are dumber than a brick
It's just a lack of respect in our society. Ignore it.
stop tweeting ....
I love you and steph curry so much! I want to meet you so badly! @ayeshacurry my life dream is to meet @StephenCurry30!
you should probably put your phone down or delete Twitter when you make the comments you make what do you expect
you need some milk
you should make your Twitter private so you don't have to deal with these clowns.
you poor thing how do you sleep in your 7 million dollar bed at night lmaooo
just shut up already
yea. You’re clearly ok about the loss 😂😂😂
higop sabaw na lang.
you are a troll... you know it... accept it and take your medicine... :-)
its ok life must go on :) just stay strong 💪
you got every right to speak your mind & defend your husband. You did nothing wrong stop explaining yourself.
Girl, where have you been? I'm so agree with what you tweeted. It's funny to see people saying shitty shit, there's haters everywh
PREACH! People are being childish and disrespect on the stuff that they are posting to the curry family.
you mad? Lmao
not mad, confused.
nah just mad that you think you know what you're talking about, but in reality you're just another irrelevant figure!
if I'm irrelevant why are you talking to me? You can exit my mentions little boy.
but you can't defend your man by saying shit about others....
oh yeah except that bit about the nba being rigged..... Durrrrr
she did very wrong. Stfu
nobody is coming at you. You're running your mouth about NBA being rigged because your a SORE LOSER. Have some class.
bitch stfu Lebron James you daddy now
don't mind them. Love u :x
none of that represents this city or its ppl i for one alologize on thier behalf..however this happens everywhere it needs2stop
I'm with chu.
maybe because you are cocky
no matter it's uncalled for to involve family, this coming from a Cavs fan. Sry that ppl are cruel..
Cavs fans are classless, just ignore them and stay off twitter until game 7.
stfu and u both take this L..#OKC
warrior fans chanted lebrons a bitch I that seems pretty classless to me
eat a dick. With wht gloves on.
lmao shut up fanwagon. See you next year on another team with someone else's yang in your mouth 😂😂😂
believeland, watch it.
yea because warriors fans booing LeBron James the whole game 5 is so much class gtfoh
gs fans are all bandwagons
i agree with you she's the most respectful and beautiful woman on earth and she doesn't go around talking about people
warrior fans aren't loyal
neither are cavs fans. I'm sorry lebron fans
coming from a fanbase that burned lebron's jersey and started a petition to keep k love from playing? lmao
people burned lebrons jersey because he made a promise to get cleveland a championship
no u burned LJ jersey Because he is an arrogant asshole who said "bringing my talent to SB" & cause u r the worst fans in sports!
Is this series as rigged as when the lakers ""beat"" the Sacramento Kings ??
you are a LA fan and Lebron is arrogant huh. If only he was a humble rapist like Kobe huh.
and now you're fans again yet call warriors fans not loyal okay pal
because he came back and made that promise alive again???
after they burned his jersey? what kind of fans?????lmao
yeah after he took his talents to south beach
yet most of the GS fans are Bandwagon Fans who literally became fans last season
where he went is irrelevant to what you were saying😂
cavs fans are loyal, to the team u jack ass. Not one player. That's what team loyalty is. I probgot on a Spurs undershirt
and your fan base isn't?!?! Have you seen the way they talk to LBJ and other cavs players? GTFO
Never seen Warriors fans shit talk LBJ's kids the way CLE fans do Riley.
why bring Riley into this mess? She's a 3 year old.
hold up..... This was not me, not any of my friends. And as I have already stated it is MESSED up.
not directing it at you. But just saying it's uncalled for. The idea of even bringing up a kid into this.
that is too far, yes. But I can also bet you the majority are not real cavs fans who have stayed w/ them when LBJ left
nobody should b talking about the kids. But you don't see Savannah on social media with mess. #kidsofflimits
and warriors fans are crybabies
Class is hitting a fan in the face with a mouth piece, I'll give you that.
that fan will make a lot of money one day😂 I hate steph curry but yeah hahaha
he threw his mouth piece that the fan was hit was an accident. He's classier than Lecry or his worse day.
Class is also apologizing for an accident.
thats not class. Thats realizing you hit the minority owners son you dumb shit.
Just take the L you bandwagon
Class is not doing it in the first place, you would think he would retaliate since he's the 'MVP' and all.
throwing a mouthpiece into the stands isn't an accident, it's a lack of self control.
not lack of self control.cavs majority owners son,perfect shot n it was from beyond the arc
Your classless that's why curry threw his little binky like the baby he is
and do their best to make the right calls and yah they make bad calls it happens
u gotta give the refs a break too, they dnt see all the plays in slow motion they see it in real time
and im not attacking anybody by any means im just simply stating my opinion
and im honestly tired of hearing it fr
cleveland has had way more bad calls throughout the series than this one golden state game where it didnt go there way
thats not what im saying yah we might be upset but my biggest point is u guys cant complain about the refs
very true👏love ya ur amazing Ayesha! all these Twitter trolls smh
anyways you shouldnt leave the refs to decide the fate of the game if Gs so good they would have won without ref dec
if he fouled out of a finals game on bogus calls with 5 minutes left still.
never once said we lost because of the refs so??? and don't sit there acting like you and Lebron wouldn't have a fit
played better. Curry was ejected when the game was already basically over....
so i dnt want to hear all these excuses and bullshit jesus " golden state lost cause of refs" no they lost cause Cle
honestly Gs fans bitch about a couple bad calls in one game when the whole series terrible calls been goin against cav
are you dumb!? The whole arena boo'ed lebron every time he touched the ball! Is that class? Or you just stupid?
dick riding simp
"bandwagon" is the only comeback you people have lmao
absolutely! In Cleveland, we love our sports teams win or lose, before last year u never heard of a warriors fan
"in Cleveland, if you leave, we will burn your jersey. If you're traded, we will still boo you." Nice 🤘🏼
oracle arena had sold out crowds almost every game even BEFORE they won the championship, next.
why would u throw it in the first place.
uh, maybe bc the refs called ridiculous fouls on him and fouled him out of a FINALS game??
let me know the last time LBJ got fouled out of a playoff game off of tic-tac fouls
that's literally your guys' response to everything when you don't know how to respond 😂
I'll give u that one! 👊
do you think that draymond "accidentally" kicks people in the nuts and curry "accidentally" threw his mouthpiece??
I said he "accidentally" hit somebody with the mouth piece dumbass
lmao you literally called me something you are, it's a rhetorical question and you think he accidentally threw it? lol
lmao stfu dumb kid, when LeBron left cavs fans stayed cavs fans
We picked up lot of pointers from y'all in the OKC series ;) #hatersgonnahate
being from Northern California I never seen warrior fans till about 2 years ago , let's be real ...
they burned lebrons jersey, they didn't stop being cavs fans..did you think about your comment? Lebron a player not a team...
Curry threw his mouth piece at a Cavs fan. Your coach said he shouldn't be fouled bc he's the MVP. Y'all classless
you tell her! WE are the classy ones! #ClevelandCamelot
clearly was a accident. But we see evidence doesn't come before pride.
it was an accident that he hit a fan. not that her threw his mouth guard. y'all just butt hurt you lose
and I'm more of a @chicagobulls fan, die hard Chicago fan, never a trader. Lose or win.
it's a mouth piece, it's wet. It slips out of your hand. Played football and happened to me before
I played basketball for 8yrs, never ONCE threw it.
but you ever hold it and swing your hand with force? It'll slip out.
No, because that's poor sportsmanship
I'm not a sports fan, but i do pay attention to details and think logically here.
accident or no accident, total lack of class.
how is it lack of class I can say its unsportsmanlike if it was done purposely or maybe unprofessional
that means it's intentional.
he intentionally threw it. look at his interview. he said he usually does it when he's angry.
he intentionally threw it, duh. Didn't intent to have it hit someone. Hence why he apologized.
I'm officially lost on who's talking to who. So back to the money i go.
He's still classless. He shouldn't have thrown it, period.
make you classless.
oh Jesus, stop it. Getting frustrated and throwing you mouth piece in the heat of the moment doesn't
sit ya ass down buddy
warriors fans are such babies 😂😂
yet I'm sure you say nothing to LBJ pushing over a player, then stepping over him. That's class, right?
your entire team is dirty, classless
ha no thats dominance.
he didn't push him, one, and two he was falling so he stepped. Chill. Green straight kicked a guy in the dick
lol girl stop you know damn well he purposely walked over him
i have to agree he could've walled around him not over him. Anyone with common sense would walk around
you clearly have never played a sport. or understood the concept of momentum.
i played football, defensive tackle and mlb and also offensive tackle. Trust me ik.
Yeah, I doubt it.
Lmao, you're just salty the "mvp" ain't shit.
being a fan of the Cavs makes us classless, but being a little bitch and throwing a hissy fit doesn't?
i actually actually say anyone didn't have class just simply asked a question.
What were you even trying to say in this tweet??
look at the details. he hit a fan bc he was pissed he got called out for a foul.
Apparently you've never lost your temper? Do you walk on water too? 🤔 2/2
Good game, guys!
it was a great game! Sad we lost but it was a great game. Just wish all the games would have been like that.
Hey, I don't even care. It was a FANTASTIC game. For both teams.
Ha. Parma, huh? #nufsaid 😂😂😂😂
Do you even know where Parma is? Doubt it.
only good thing in Parma is State Meats.
don't be so sure of yourself. I know exactly where it's at.
Clearly you don't know about Parma then. 😂😂
don't be so sure of yourself young buck. I live closer to Parma than you think. 😘
Doubt it 👅👅
Also, I don't throw a bit hit when I don't get my way, no
right. You must be perfect. Let's judge those that aren't.
That's not the argument. The argument is that is was totally classless
yes he threw the mouth piece, no he didn't hit the fan on purpose. Hence why he apologized.1/2
that's exactly what I said ??
he "accidentally" hit somebody with his mouthpiece lmao gtfo he even apologized right after
doesn't mean he has class. if he had class he wouldn't have thrown it 🤔
hurr durr NBA is rigged, Warriors can't win because of refs only
no we lost that game bc we fucking sucked the 1st quarter. Doesn't take away from my statement
u didnt just "suck" the 1st quarter. Its the worst quarter uve ever had. Suck it.
so throwing a mouth guard & posting ridiculous tweets are classy?? You are all classless crybabies
need to be like US! What do light skins know bout classy leg tats? #NotAthang
your own team member literally complained about being called a name and asked for a suspension lol stop
Nope. A punch was thrown at his manhood. Watch the film.
CAVS players DON'T hit players in the groin or have hissy fit & throw a mouth guard at fans GS R DIRTY PLAYERS & CRYBABY FANS
golden state players don't knock players down to the floor then step over them
we set a record - choke on it!!!
at least it wasn't a hit to the groin
your golden boy & his wife are the joke of the NBA today - nuff said
"Cavs players don't throw hissy fits" that's where I stopped. Clearly you don't watch your own team
hahahahaha yes! 💯💯💯
agree w/ u!!classless
plenty of Warriors fans are classless as well. Goes both ways
but the Warriors fan last year who yelled out to LeBron that he's a "pussy ass bitch" is a class act
you are ignorant
yeah we are classless. Got cha. Lol #All-In
yea until we win😌 #CavNation
these aren't just Cavs fans lol this is the Internet 😂😂😂 she's getting flamed
enough quit complaining fuck aha that's all u do is COMPLAIN
you don't have to explain yourself. Your sticking up for your family and for the Warriors.
God doesn't make mistakes; minor setback for a major comeback 🙏🏾 blessings 2 ur family
Man how does Steph stand all that whining you do.. Sheeeeeeesh shut that mouth woman.
Ayesha, I love you girl, I really do. But no more tweets tonight. You were upset, you made a mistake, it's okay.
nuh huh. Don't try to play victim now. You tweeted something uncalled for. Just apologize and move on. Don't throw pity party
go home ! go to aleep ! get some dick shut up😂
Shit bring town busy next 👊💪
u kno u be suck lebron dicks😂
but you're not on the team?
Shut the fuk up. You are embarrassing yourself
3 days and they'll be on to the next thing. No stress. No need to explain yourself.
ignore them ...
I agree, at the end of the day its just a game, and we are all human #letlovewin
No disrespect but I think this loss hit u hard.
All right. Now be good.
do us all a favor, please and thank you.
bailout Ayesha! People are really messed up in this world. Full of trolls and ignorance.
this is your new family
Just wow. The disrespect game is just too far here. Don't listen them and hope everything is all well.
Deion Sanders would be jealous of this backpedal.
Girl if you don't shut up and log off.. Save yourself the embarrassment..
sooooo the NBA is coming after your family.......?
are you sure you're ok...? Your tweet accusing the NBA would suggest otherwise.
the truth hurts and what you spoken was the absolute truth!
lbj is Riley's father 😱😱
you came at the NBA, the refs, cleveland's POLICE DEPARTMENT... shut off your phone.
you're just being protective and passionate
girl you have got to hursh. You're only making it worse.
you and your husband lost your cool tonight. No class.
dubs family sticks together!
sore loser. Lol
time to stop tweeting
also, who stands for that?
fuck that pussy ass nigga steph curry
girl 🙏it up!💙💛 ignore the noise!
they're clowns
Mrs. Curry, leave it to GOD. Believe. Have Faith. Golden State will win. We just need to block off all the negative noise.
some of you people are ridiculous. Must be boring in moms basement lol #trolllife
Bruh 😂😂😂
+@_badgalkikii 😂😂😂😂😂
delete your account. You stink and so does your family.
someone needs to take your phone away
nobody going to so your pointless and irrelevant 💯
urhusband is a soft bitch! He threw a mouthpiece at fan smh Stuffed curry is more aggressive than him.
Just tweet through it. @ayeshacurry it'll all be over on Sunday. Warriors winning it all.
i am a clevland fan and you are right it is so sick to speak like that hope you good luck see you in game 7
you should be standing up. Proud of you!
you just don't know when to stop
it's okay you were right all along theres alot of cheating going on. Especially the refs. Don't mind the haters 😊
dont mind them. As long as you know whats the truth! :) #DubNation
ppl are simply stupid
don't erase tweets
haters are always gonna hate. Keep being you and change for nobody
den shut up & take them loses
if you would just quit your bitching, people might not come at your damn family
Until then STOP responding to the peasants Ayesha! Babygirl you are MORE than this. I don't think you even realize who u are.
lol you tried internet don't forget
you wasn't saying that when they did it to okc, now did you?? I'll wait
if Steph comes into game 7 angry and fired up, refs won't matter.
go back to your cooking show
Advice: Stay away from twitter after losses
your not the only one with problems .... SHUT UP!!
you were right no need to apologize
you're too real. And I bet you just won the refs back. The FBI has already investigated this league once before.
GS loses and everybody wanna blame the refs. They beat KD the hell up. And nobody said jack. Man up!!!!
Steph finna take your phone if you keep tweeting dumb shit.
aww I'm sorry to here that some people are just rude
you guys are in the lime light and it comes with the territory.. Doesn't make it right but because of your family's position
We are behind you and your family. Game 7 done deal.
whatever we like Riley better than you anyway.
Love u!! Don't take their S***! Cleveland has nothing else!!
the maybe don't tweet the nba is rigged and piss off a bunch of people when the warriors have gotten away with so much???
you go girl!
it's because he is black right? Typical....
just log off for the night 😕 tomorrow's a new day.
Stay encouraged and positive. God will take care of it. #ContinueToBeABlessing @StephenCurry30
keep fighting, girl. there's no need to defend yourself. you go, mamabear!
lol how is it rigged the ball still has to go in the goal. And curry wouldn't react like that if it was ..
you're famous lady chill you and ur fam gonna take people comin at u forever
don't worry, these guys just hating
its okay, you're still awesome .
put the wine down. Give your phone a rest. You fucking up.
they cheated that's why they one smh!!! 👊🏽💥😡 it's ok tho... #game7 #dubnation #warriors #thecurrys 🙌🏽🏀👌🏽
They are commenting bcuz of you stating the game was rigged!
we got you and Steph it's all good and you were right
Delete your account bae
tweet through it
your husband assaulted a boy with a mouthpiece today
don't worry Queen💖
(Possibly sensitive)
ignore...key thing... please see this tweet to help you..
so suddenly the NBA isn't rigged?🤔
quit whining
they're trolling with nothing better to do. Don't pay them not attention...at all!
Then don't put yourself out there on twitter. Stay off social media and stay in the kitchen.
then stop tweeting you're just asking for it
ALL IM Saying is the warriors got they ass kicked aint nobody got time for excuses
bihh shut up u just mad curry got kilt by Kyrie
People stop blaming the man and let the chef get this W !!
hahahahaha is the NBA rigged or not????? Why you gotta delete it????
there just Jelouse you guys are amazing there trying to bring ye down.
it's not just any people, it's Cleveland fans. No class.
own those statements cause you're right I respect a person who doesn't second guess their opinions. Their yours for a reason👍
but what u tweeted had no relevance to what happened to ur dad 🤔
exactly they showed her in the stands talking trash to people just like mama curry
Exactly. Those two aren't related. Just sounds like a sore loser smh
lol I was thinking this same thing. Surprised no one mentioned this
She's trying to get sympathy. It wasn't profiling, it was mistaken identity. Quit politicizing everything.
it does!.because she's emotional ,U get caught up in that moment!
right?? It's called back pedaling 😂
Shut up you sound stupid!! You act like she said something wrong. She goes hard for her family as she should💯💯
fuck her dad nobody care about her dad or her bitch just mad cause her husband a soft light skinned nigger
I understand though she has every reason to be stressed out constant travel young kids husband on the road etc
so what ur trying to say is, her dad getting almost arrested has nothing to do with her being frustrated
she said it because they got the snot beat out of them
no what I'm saying is her tweet was abt the nba being rigged , which was irrelevant to her father
she said that because she was clearly frustrated with what was going on
She meant that she was frustrated with everything that was occurring , she took it out on the game 🙄
that's what I'm saying.
but when y'all played last series vs OKC y'all didn't say anything is rigged when y'all came back come on #facts
it's ridiculous what some of these people are tweeting. The nba and your family life are 2 completely separate things
speak up for yourself! Keep saying what you believe!
you go girl! #DubNation got your back!
sweety I don't know if u will read this , but tweeter is not good for u , stay off of here it's not good for u and your family
stop explaining yourself. We're all human we all hate taking loses its normal!
why did your husband throw me?
it's gonna be ok.
You are human. Love you...take care of self and family. ❤️
it's the Internet they trolling n stuff for RTs n favs
in my prayers God is in control !
I just peeped you get a quick 30k followers tho
you're a good example to all ladies out there protecting their man. That's a right thing to do!
welcome to being famous in 2016.
hopefully everything turns out alright <3
you're just mad because you lost.
these are ignorant people who doesnt know sports. they are gambler and afraid to lost. God is always with you to keep you safe.
no one does but you have to act with better class!
its the ppl with the minds of 5 yr olds that disgust me the most when they attack u and ur family. Despicable and cowardly LOL
who's your daddy?
Ayesha we love y'all don't worry about these fools in your mentions. Game 7 is ours. #StrengthInNumbers
You're beautiful
Don't worry we will win on sunday😁
I heard Stephen don't pull out
they are just jealous girl. If any of them bumped into you or Steph they would melt in your hands. #PeopleAreCorny
delete your account
we gotcha back sis
these folks broke who cares about them
the hate is strong in these comments
(Possibly sensitive)
y'all have to take the high road.. Those were some bad calls on Steph but Warriors came out flat this game
you should just stop tweeting. Or do you need a safe space?
you can't win them all... it's #KingJames year... #23
then quit bitching on Twitter if you dont want negative feedback! You are famous what the hell do you expect??
Dont you ever get tired of people on social media im tired of seeing yall get disrepected I Love you and your family
no your not hoe
bitch you ha don impact on the game.. You didn't play lmaooooo
you keep saying pplcmng at you put you the one keep talking
hold this L award
come at or come on? 😘😘💦💦
No..... You said it right. It's an absolute joke all about the money they always want game 7 I can prove it :)
+@itsthewarriors real haters in h8land, OH. No worries we all will boycott Dairy Queen now we'll see how that works out 4 them
I think you should take a break from social media for a while people are ruthless on here especially when you're famous :/
God will take care of them! 😏 that's for sure !!!!!!
There's never a reason for that. But did you really believe the game was rigged for profit?
or giving your husband 6 fouls when half of them he didn't touch the player
why you worry about what they say you still got millions 😂😂
it's ok we got game 7 at home! Let's get it currys! Go Warriors game 7!
this family ?
no offense but when you push your family so publicly, you have to take the good with the mad. It's just how it goes.
nobody cares bro
they have nothing better to do with their lives. Keep living yours.
(No comment)
I sincerely apologies to you and your family on behalf of the idiots out there. It's ok to have fun but leave family out of it.
your family came at a fan with his bodily fluid-covered mouth guard.
your as disrespectful to our #CLE fans with your tweets. Your a hypocrite. And now your pissed because you realize you f'ed up.
ha really good one! I'm sure you speak in ebonics....
face the fact curry will never be as good as Lebron #23>73
count to ten (maybe 100) before tweet
shut the fuck up and enjoy the life that you did nothing to get and don't deserve, You married well
where there is love there is hate. Don't worry game 7 back in you're house!!
you need a nap girl
delete this tweet
no worries. Haters with hate. Love conquers all! Keep your head up!❤️
get back to the kitchen and cook something, apparently your husband can't ☕️🐸
way to back pedal
Your entitled attitude. Your husband's unsportsmanlike behavior. Your ugly ass nappy headed daughter. #ByeAyesha
Stephen cheats on you daily and your dad is a bitch
"if you ain't got no haters you ain't poppin"
that's Cleveland for you
Just don't tweet and try to minimize our accomplishments tonight. Cleveland dont STAND for that..
for the sake of your sanity.... drop this phone
it's Twitter baby it's not deep
it's just Twitter. No one actually had anything against her or her fam, we just gotta get these jokes off 😂😂😂😂😂
shut up cavs in 7
Look your husband is nice but no Lebron just own it like an adult with class and stop embarrassing yourself and your husband.
i love you and your family ❤❤
dumb broad. You wont be hearing dj khalid saying "you smart" anytime soon
can't wait 2 c incident report you'll file and the body-cam footage from the cops camera- better than Stephs highlights 4 sure
It's ok. We're at Oracle on Sunday, our crowd, and it's father's day :)
Must be rigged against your family..........
get em young eeesh!
girl, own your tweet and suck it up. You said it. You meant it. Hush up.
can you shut up and go to sleep... You must be dreaming while the game was on... Don't let your husband loose his fan base
if some says curry is a bum that has nothing to do with your family everything to do with the player only 1 person is playing
you and your family are amazing. .. don't listen to those hateful ppl
maybe they're in the heat of the moment😂😂😂❤️💛❤️💛 bye Ayesha
then give the cavs some respect. Ur sitting here blaming the refs even though y'all lost by double digits AGAIN
That right!!! That's what a mom, wife, daughter, sister, WOMAN is suppose to do! Defend home! 💛💙#DubNation
then KEEP UR MOUTH CLOSE like all the rest of the basketball players wives. Ur not different. 😭😭😭😭
log off for the night. You are really digging the hole
who is coming at you? Nobody? Your husband got rightfully kicked out of a game chill it happens. A photo edit isn't an attack
when he acts like a little douchebag in front of 50 million people you get that. That why he is paid like he is you moron
there's no law on speaking how you feel. no apologies necessary.
"I'm ok that we lost" but you sound hella salty right here..
that's not salty.... That's the exact opposite
its like you never saw an NBA playoff game with the Jordan era Bulls...they got ALL the calls
She's got bi racial privilege issues
she is right. It is rigged. U think after game four with how dominant GS was there was anyway without refs go7
them without a foul called. Once game got out of reach they started callin fair n each time GS comes back...weird
all the sudden when GS was gonna blow em out in 4 the refs made sure Cavs could do whatever they wanted n GS couldnt touch
ya were u not watchin? Refs were lettin Cavs grab him n man handle on every play! Foul after foul. It was obvious 2 every1!
But Steph wasn't putting up any points 2/3 of those wins.
it was certainly rigged when your husband got the unanimous mvp! 😂
If uve watched the nba for 10 years and can't see how they rig games, then you're the sucker lol.
she should be its fucking rigged asf I'm not a warriors or cavs fan but this game was trash the refs sucked
as if she doesn't know about the drama happening to the NBA lol
EVERYBODY says stuff against the refs in ANY sport. she's human and she can speak her mind. people trippin!
when your salty and you lose you think the refs are cheating. I see where your husband gets it from
please people stop saying the word salty. Please. So fucking annoying
ok. I'm over it. You helped me. Thank you.
salty salty salty S A L T Y
mature 👍🏻 pepper
y'all are so fucking disrespectful leave her family alone
stop tweeting baby, stawp it
I don't understand why you go after the refs? 🤔 quit your crying
I know one thing...y'all better stop coming at her like that. That's not cool at all
u go boo! Stand up for your family! Leave twitter now before this gets messy
You bae but u gotta log off
All the love and respect to you and you family from Toronto Canada. Go #warriors
looks like u need a nice long LeBron dick slap across ya face bitch.
let klay hit it one time
I really respect your fight, faith and commitment to your family. May God continue to bless and comfort you all. Praying 4 you.
you should stop tweeting. Really.
We got you 😍 You don't need to explain yourself. You have every right to be angry.
those are ppl that weren't raised any better and need some attention! Don't pay attention to them! Love ya 💛💙
nobody coming for ya family , so stfu now , husband 👎🏻
Just understand that because of your popularity, you have to be careful what you say no matter what.
saying the the league that has provided ur family with obscene money is rigged?
they hating thats all .. next game just wait #warriors coming hard .
take the L and go home
you have the right to express yourself!!
We understand...the officiating was the WORST! Ugh! So sorry 2 hear about all the drama! @ayeshacurry #familyfirst
was you saying that when Steph and Klay were down 3-1 and beat OKC, NOPE!
Sure was! I just like good, FAIR basketball! They NEVER make those calls on Bron! @TuckkcuT24
Yeah on those calls last night. Let them play basketball!
Yeah... not good but watcha Gina do? At least we get s game 7! Should be fun to watch! 👍🏼@pjbsays
😂😂 Going to be a good game no matter what "Gina" does😂😂😜
Those typos were awful (Twitter or not) 😂) I meant 'whatcha gonna do?) @pjbsays
They call him all the time for bull do you even watch cavs basketball????
No, I don't really! I'm not a LeBron fan so that's why I have that opinion. @AlpacaPartyluv @TuckkcuT24
what are you talking about??
you were in the conversation i was in i think it auto tagged you
Bron doesn't get any calls... y'all funny though, stop crying like y'all told Bron, 🍼
Are u a Cavs fan or LeBron fan? @TuckkcuT24
neither... but y'all Warriors fan making me one 😂😂😂😂😂😂
No dog in the fight? Hmmm... 🙊Lol!!! @TuckkcuT24
so let me guess you WERE a Lakers fan, then Clippers, and recently (last year) a Warriors fan???
Grew up a Laker fan, ❤️ the Clippers & ❤️ the Warriors! I 😍 all the Cali teams! @TuckkcuT24
fan of the NBA, nothing wrong with that is it??
who cares what you think...you're a NOTHING...what an embarrassment you are!
you and Steph have GOD in your lives, ignore the ignorant!
stop tweeting stupid shit then.
your only human we love you no need to explain only God can judge you good night
Welcome to the internet m'lady.
welcome to the internet and people doing stuff with no consequences. thanks @twitter
Lebron had the same reason for being mad at Draymond for attacking his family. He got hate and baby bottle tweets.
thats twitter i feel for you but cavs in 7
some people take things too far. Especially when they have a screen to hide behind
my god you're a huge cunt
it's infuriating to read all of the senseless and inciting comments that people start hurling at you. 🙄 People are dumb af
do the wives get a ring too. You bugging
I wish you didn't pull that tweet down girl. You are 100% right. Somebody got paid
You are 200% correct the ppl questioning ure husbands MVP's don't know what the hell they are talking about. Defend ure fam!!!
yahhh, your right.
no matter what you do or don't do, you will always receive attacks from different people, it's life. Just rely on your loveones
Completely understand Ayesha! No worries!
you Gucci fam ✊🏾✊🏾
good so dont tweet this bullshit when yall lose on saturday
Some people have to have the last word in every argument. Let it go. Quit wasting your energy. You have a destiny to fulfill.
clearly you can't bc you're still tweeting dumb shit
you talk trash every game
love you mom
You're clearly not "okay" that you lost since you have been crying all night and blaming referees. You're pathetic.
I'm tired, but I can't turn away from your ongoing car wreck...
Just turn it over to God. 🙏🏾
i feel you!!!!! Bad calls
(Possibly sensitive)
just stop you've embarrassed yourself enough for one night
than stop tweeting the things you are tweeting
even Jesus Christ had people bad mouth him when He was carrying the cross for all of us, sending positive vibes to your family!
ur ok that u lost? U just accused a professional sports association of being rigged for ratings and money
stop please. Youre fueling the flame. Just chill
can't take the heat stay out the kitchen 😂
dont mind them ms ayesha you're right after all
yall got em Game 7 Nba Finals anthem "Drake Lebron Im Steph Curry!" worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.p…
Your tweets hurt the #Warriors chances of winning the #NBAFinals. But I don't think you can even comprehend that, honestly.
those ratings and money from the league finance your cushy spoiled lifestyle. Yet they say LeBron is the cry baby?
if he would've hit me with that mouth piece I would've fell down and faked hurt🙂
Warriors come back from 3-1 down against Thunder = Not Rigged. Cavs come back = RIGGED pic.twitter.com/IFcO6lAgcf
keep playing that victim card
Don't feed the trolls Ayesha. You just make them stronger.
put the Twitter downnnn!
your NOT okay that you lost. your husband cussed , threw a mouth piece and was ejected✌🏾️
stop tweeting ur making it worse
Keep the excuses coming now that you look like an idiot and embarrassed your family... #nicetry #byeayesha
#byeayesha I love it 😂😂😂😂
forget wat people say wait until Sunday it's your husband night I
I respect and love your family! 💙💛
how the hell do you call this rigged when warriors was down 3-1 their self.Accept the fact that cavs are coming back.No excuse
she pretty much said all their wins were rigged too. Foot meet mouth.
you have no backbone 🤔
LOL your man doesn't know how to lose and have some class, NBA is fixed cause they won't suspend him for acting like a child.
😭😭😭😭 look at her trynna act like she not mad asf We won 😂😂😂
Ayesha,you need to stay off Twitter doing the Playoff and the Finals.
where were these tweets last season when you were winning? Holy shit this is weak af
just please stop tweeting smh, you're only digging a bigger hole for yourself .
shut yo lame ass up 😂
BC your family is a fraud looks like you and steph got y'all feelings hurt tonight after Lebron exposed him on that BLOCK 😂😂😂😂
yeah. Blame it on people coming at your family.
fuck you and ya lightskin family nigga
someone needs to take your phone away from you IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!! And I hate your husbands team for the record but u buggin!
just look at the box score next time before reacting at 1 call
it's ok, but we're going to have to cut you off. #overserved
shut the fuck up you sad pathetic bitch. Stop spilling ur emotions out on Twitter.
Your daughter will grow up to be a THOT
your Twitter way to hot you need to cut it
People are trolls but take comfort in knowing they're broke. Go check your bank account balance. You'll be alright.
just keep digging yourself into a deeper hole pic.twitter.com/CCNLNpBYjP
shut da fuck up already..
Take L and log off twitter
stay strong and just consider the source! Bunch of ignorant haters! Not worth letting the idiots get to u! Curry=Class
fuck you and your bitch ass husband... You salty as fuck
just log off. It's too many people out there that live for this stuff. Don't entertain it. Not worth it.
You have to have tough skin in the world you are in.
Stay Strong and just Let God handle these kind of situations
y'all got whooped just like we got whooped game 1 &2 game 7 i don't expect the Warriors to lay down #ALLin216 #Game7 #showdown
You heard what Kobe told Draymond if being great was easy anybody can do it don't let the bs get to you Warriors in 7
The haters are just jealous!
you good man you don't gotta apologize too NOBODY 💯💯💯
let the haters hate it all ends next game
it's all these people from Ohio....they're special.
we knew this was rigged from the get-go to even have a game 7
they are haters... Their opinions do not bless you or pay your bills... Keep walking with the Lord.
sorry sometimes we speak "in the heat of the moment" pic.twitter.com/Wn7KrIipDk
Did u just hire a PR person to tweet for you? If so,that is just fake toughness of yours. Your bae cant defend. He got exposed.
she's just passionate like gabrielle union be going off on twitter
OMG, somebody finally said it! She's low-key becoming annoying!
lebron is discriminated alone..gsw fans did not include his family..cavs fans r classless and insecure
fuck lebron his crusty ugly fifty shades of dusty looking ass
@ insecure people is pathetic..
we got no fucks to give about lebaby
difference is she doesn't get paid to... She's not her husband so why take your issue with him out on her and hers
Exactly!!! 👏🏾👏🏾
she's not an NBA player, she's a wife. People don't come at Lebron or his family so why do this shit to curry wife?
Lebron's wife isn't all over Twitter. Lebron has the balls to speak up. Curry cant, cause his wife has the balls
maybe lebrons wife do nt know how to use d computer..lol
she's on the internet strictly talking about basketball though. Y'all really not getting the point.
you put yourself out there on the Internet, there are no rules to have these people behave. You should know that
so that makes it ok to disrespect a mans whole family?
you must be young. You really get on the Internet expecting everyone to make polite and proper comments?
well I'm 20 I guess I'm young, however you might just be missing my point
I get your point. I just don't waste my time on the rude people. It's the Internet, they won't stop or change
a wife that talks a lot and is involved, yet gets upset when it backlashes at her. U see LeBrons wife doing that?
bcause ayesha is a wife and a fan..lebrons wife is not..lol
proof it's embarrassing, Curry had to address it today and said he might have to cut off wifi, she's representing him.
u have no right to interfere on them..u bitter so much..pathetic attitude
a wife that's a fan doesn't have to always get involved and talk and not be surprised when it backlashes at her. Plus,
curry and his wife deserves respect..and a person like u is an idiot nit no understand that
says the guy entering other people's mentions. You done now?
that only shows that people like u are so bitter and jealous..
same for Lebron it's wrong to slander his family because they are fans. Either way it's wrong
1. I don't say anything about currys family. 2. ppl hate on lebron win or lose so get out of her with that bs
especially to his children. You may not do that shit but others do that to currys children and its uncalled for
people hate on Bron not his family. You can talk shit to a player all you want just don't be disrespectful
lmao you obviously don't know anything he's constantly disrespected
but not to d extent of hurting his family
I'm talking about disrespecting his family 😒 obviously you can't read. I've been talking about his family
remember she's only a fan of her husband. She or her family deserve this disrespect.
this dude is a idiot. Don't put yourself out there and expect the Internet to be friendly.
wow!! What a comment coming from an idiotic fan like.
LeBron's wife, he didn't need to apologize but because curry and her is the golden boy family, it would look wrong lol.
oh I just love what Stephen A. Smith said to her, he wasn't comparing them both but saying she should learn from LeBron's
ayesha is brave enough to speak her mind out..idiot
brave, lol. It's the Internet. That's why your boy Curry even said he is killing the Internet
now beat it.
that what she is doing is not brave, that's being a whiner and a crybaby when stuff doesn't go their way.
hypocrite and not only making Curry look bad but also God by taking cheap shots/slandering refs/lebron/nba
like u who don't understand, now she will catch heat and all thanks to Curry's insecure wife who's a
want his wife to have that burden he does, unfortunately EVEN THOUGH SHE HASN'T DONE OR SAID SHIT, IDIOTS
smart to keep her out of the spotlight because he is the most scrutinized player this era and doesn't want
insecure people like u is undestandable..obviously u r so jealous of them..i pity u
to write a day later.
stop tagging other people and no I'm not insecure idiot. Just let it go already, its funny you decide to
u fucking blind moron like most fans don't get it. LeBrons wife doesnt want nor brings drama, LeBron is
well its the nba her husband is in the spotlight now n she's tweeting so we both kno ppl r going 2 attack her
she is attacked by empty headed,low class people like u
just keep it basketball, should never go pass that
don't tell me that. tell the ppl tweeting her
u r one of those..go tell them!! Do not go byond
you're one of them 🤔
your point? I don't see anything that's attacking her or her family.
its a certain line you shouldn't cross, disrespecting a little girl and his wife is that line. Same for Bron
do you think ppl who hide behind their computer screens really care?
and for d wiman hu does nothing but air her side
we do..the fans hu deeply care and love d children of curry.
(Possibly sensitive)
omg..super doopet classless insecure psychotic people!!
get real disrespectful she simply just talk about basketball, y'all get to disrespecting her family
she's a fan of her husband. However you guys
Are you serious? For real serious? Are we talking about the same LeBron? The man who has haters on his back 24/7 @ogbobbyforte @Twiitface87
he deserves it..disrespectful ass
now if they lose game 7 y'all gone look real fucking stupid
I don't think it's possible to look as stupid as Curry's wife!
and u are more idiot than anybody else
u r heartless idiotic moron not to feel hurt by this pic..
still don't change the fact that her or her family she get that much disrespect.
Nobody should be disrespected! But she disrespected her husband and his career by starting this crap.
all she said was it was rigged... Curry laughed and made a joke about it... Obviously it wasn't disrespectful
Then why did she delete it?
Lol how many celebrities delete they tweet What does that prove? Didn't feel disrespected.
he made a joke about it, wasn't that serious. Like I said the level of disrespect is uncalled for
Tweeting Stephen A didn't help her case. She needs to shut up and sit down. I feel bad for Curry honestly.
you're still failing to realize that she still gets disrespected on an entirely different level of disrespect.
... She said the NBA is rigged... Just like many people says... I'm not understanding.
and y'all are only doing it because Lebron and them might do the impossible
I worded it wrong, I meant his family doesn't get bashed. Yeah Lebron does but nobody ever went at his family
That's because LeBron's wife don't get on social media making an ass out of herself.
is that really d reason? Come on..
(Possibly sensitive)
Yeah, you're pretty ignorant...
nor did I post it to be ignorant.
how am I ignorant? I didn't make the picture.
so nobody slanders his mom? Ppl til this day still bring her relationship she had with delonte.
y'all go after his children and wife, for no reason. It's uncalled for.
this is what we call,insecurities