People in Cleveland haven’t been this happy since…wait, this is the first time they’re happy.
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Probably since they put out the fire in their river...
Not saying this was Biblical event, but Lake Erie Waters parted, and Canadian revelers drove down for the fun! RT
When informed of a giant toxic blob floating around Lake Erie, a Clevelander asked: "Wait, there's more than one?" RT b
actually since they were sold on Howard the Duck being a blockbuster hit...
This is precisely why I've never been a big Conan supporter. I'm not even mad but just so everyone knows. This is what I meant
- Didn't they win that one football game, that one time, before most of us were born, versus not the best team?
Cleveland jokes ?? Really. How original
Trust me on this, because my cranky boo is from Cleveland. He hasn't been happy since 1947.
cleveland is home to the largest theatre district in america outside of nyc...cleveland theatre artists are happy everyday.
Having a good summer?
is this an attempt to discredit the industrial revolution which spurned civilization as unhappy people?
first day in a while the population of Cleveland has actually gone up
what a sho u had hoes wit dildoes woosbooscoosjoos and even a moo libturds moanin n groanin in your fukn loo and a boofuknhoo
I still have yet to figure out why a populace continues to stay in a city with "leve" (sp.?) in its' name.