So are we just supposed to WAIT for the next mass shooting? Show me a political system that I can believe in. Please. At least #disarmhate.
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49 dead & forgotten in a little over a week. I cannot understand this.
how are they forgotten?! They are never forgotten! Trying to whitewash this into a gun problem is forgetting
They were murdered with a weapon no civilian should ever be permitted to own & it was purchased legally. #Forgotten
up u think they won't find a way I mean dumb ass people do dumb ass shit how do we stop that???????
stole...just like when we pass a law, this bill/law is pointless if someone hell bent on shooting something
I understand the WANT to knee jerk react to something like this but it's not right and won't help
but someone who threatened to kill people in the name of Isis shouldn't.... But we are free citizens
Enough. The Sandy Hook killer used the same weapon to murder children. He made no allegiance to ISIS. Enough.
and he STOLE those guns.
I don't think anything would change after another mass shooting either - no point in waiting
we can keep waiting for the next many people need to die at once before #Congress does anything?
you don't NEED congress to do anything! You can go yourself and arm yourself and protect yourself and others
Except guns in the home do more harm than good. How often do we see headlines about a toddler shooting themselves or someone else?
funny how you're all so concerned about a young one's life when it comes to guns but not abortions
Abortions happen whether they're legal or not. If you want to make them illegal, it's solely to hurt women.
DING DING DING!!! You've got it. Now replace abortion with shooting and women with innocent citizens and you've finally got it!
See, shooting people is ALREADY illegal.
and yet.... They still do it!! No matter how many laws we make to restrict guns. It still happens
If you are a good, upstanding citizen, you still get a gun. Just not an obscenely oversized one maybe.
not true. Criminals will get guns and the rich will have guns and congress will have guns. Normal & poor people left defenseless
On what planet? They still get guns, they just have to wait a bit. What's so important they need a gun today?
no. The waiting period isn't the problem. But we already have background checks with waiting periods. We don't need more laws
Not if you buy from a gun show or private sale. And why not require licences? You need 'em for cars. Registrations too.
and did you notice who can't afford to keep insurance and licenses? Poor people. And that's a state thing. MO requires checks.
Basically people want to make it harder to get guns so that the opening fire part is harder to achieve.
except it won't be harder. It will just be less likely that an armed good citizens is nearby
This doesn't happen in other countries. Why? It hasn't happened in Australia since they changed their gun laws. Why?
it happened in Australia last year. In a cafe. It happened in Kenya like 4 times last year.
That was a terrorist siege, not a mass shooting. Only two people died.
are you seriously this dumb? Am I being punked?
Do you know what "siege" means? Do you know what "mass shooting" means?
No, Orlando was a mass shooting. 49 people died.
Orlando was a terrorist siege and 49 people died. How dare you!
OK, him being a terrorist is a bit ehhh, his motives are cloudy. It wasn't a siege, it was a slaughter.
Mass shootings in Kenya, 2015: 4. Mass shootings in America, 2015: 372. Source:…
+@NewsHour those were just the 4 they showed you on the news. They ACTUALLY have problems daily with Ms shootings and violence
+@NewsHour you said they don't happen. They do.
As an aside, I have no idea what the gun laws are in Kenya.
it wouldn't matter if you did.
Sure it would. It's clearly relevant to the conversation. Is there a reason you're still talking to me? I said good day.
OK. They happen astoundingly rarely compared to the US. Why?
not true.Africa has some of the worst problems with mass shootings and violence.Venezuela.Plenty of other countries. Propaganda
How do you know it won't be harder? You're not even allowed to study gun violence.
actually that's not true. They were free to start studying it years ago and have chosen not to.
Really? Curious. Link please?
but it was never banned. And instead of shifting $ to it after Sandy Hook they demanded more instead... We don't have more $
$10 mil is nothing for the US budget. Buy one fewer fighter jets. Done.
we don't have any more $$. Most countries don't right now.
You're the richest country in the world. You throw your money away on tax breaks for corporations and the rich.
it was never banned. They just couldn't use injury $$ for it. They choose not to research it for fear of losing finding
I had to find it myself. Obama lifted it after Sandy Hook.…
personal injuries for that. But cannot outlaw research. They just had to research using different funds.
it was NEVER LAW. There was a line put into an appropriations bill that the CDC couldn't use money allocated for researching
link for what?
A source for the change in the law but people not doing anything. I am interested and want more information.
it was never a law. That's made up.
I found your source for you. I am content with my understanding of that situation. Good day to you.
Here's the thing, though: you aren't making any laws to restrict guns. Killers don't commit a single crime until they open fire.
and more bureaucracy means your leaving the poor to fend for themselves also. Which are the most likely affected by crime
The poor already fend for themselves. Your social safety nets are insufficient and your minimum wage is laughable.
minimum wage is a joke because it's against science. And I think our social safety nets are bear traps meant to keep them poor
So you'd... rather they were just starving in the gutter or something?
not what I said. I said scientifically they are crap. And they are meant to jeep people poor.
A higher minimum wage is better economically. Means poor people have more money to spend. Rich people don't buy enough.
actually... Minimum wage is meant to only be for minimal skilled workers. People aren't supposed to stay in those jobs.
imo if the gov won't fix "bootstrap" econ so ppl get living wage education/jobs, then min wage should = living wage.
they can only help econ by lowering taxes,lowering regulations,give incentives for employment & keep company here
I'm happy to pay huge tax to get max GOOD gov benefits. The Nordic Model has its downfalls, but is better than ours imo
the only benefit you should get from the government is a standing army to protect you (fed gov that is)
NO! That makes you and other citizens dependent on government. Why would anyone want that?
Also, I'm going to block you, because I can't deal with your ableism, classism, etc. Your privilege is suffocating. @lacedtight
You are in a super privileged position. I'm disabled. W/o the gov paying my tuition I wouldn't be in college right now @lacedtight
the government CAN'T fix the economy by mandates and legislation.That's the problem.They've been failing miserably
Unfortunately, b/c of our economy, adults are working for min wage, which is not enough to live on. Solution? idek.
the feed is a bunch of crap too. They aren't helping and they get paid to lend everyone $$. Total rigged bs.
is artificially putting off the correction.
yes that's exactly correct! The economy is crap and instead of letting the market correct naturally the gov
I think the issue is that dif nations see min wage as dif thing. There, it is a living wage, here it is for teens.
but teens and elderly were the only ones who really should be working minimum wage. They are for minimally skilled
Not to mention, I've worked a few min wage jobs where the work was not min skilled. Fast food? HARD job.
so then you either get promoted or you move on. That is really what you are supposed to do
I worked fast food. One summer I worked 2 ff jobs. It is minimal skill required at first. And then you get some
I don't think elderly qualify for "minimally skilled" anymore than disabled ppl. Anyone working deserves a living wage.
choices should be made to live within your means, not the gov should make employer pay more bc ppl can't
and minimal skilled jobs are meant to be for minimally skilled people.
and people don't "deserve" anything. That's the point. Everyone thinks they are "owed" something and you're not
elderly ppl can't typically make above a certain amount w/o affecting SS benes. That's why I included them.
Also, min wage started out as a living wage for a family. It hasn't adjusted with inflation.…
their taxes were smaller.
Smaller or bigger, taxes are being used incorrectly now.
The taxes were used in such a way that infrastructure was relatively stable, allowing people to live on minimum wage.
our taxes were minimal. Ppl kept more of their income. Weren't treated like children
they didn't have to have insurance (health or car)
As for our gov fixing economy, I agree. Our gov can't fix shit. I'm all for govs like Denmark and Switzerland.
we need a gov that is involved as little as possible.
Now ppl do have to have insurance, so min wage needs to be enough to cover that and more.
Of course, you are right. Times were different. Min wage was a living wage because they didn't have to have insurance.
it just says it used to be enough for a family of two. Times are different. Ppl then didn't own 2+ cars per family
And yet they pretty much have to now. So I guess just fuck 'em?
No, you said minimum wage is scientifically crap. I think you meant economically. I agree that YOUR minimum wage is crap.
no. I meant scientifically. Because economics is a science. And in said science wage floors and ceilings are crap
[citation needed]
and yet they will do it with or without a legal gun. Whereas law abiding citizens will only do it with legal gun.
OK see, if you're shooting people, you're no longer a law abiding citizen.
then it's too late and you people are screaming about more control needed
Yeah. So the NEXT one doesn't happen. Because you have one nearly every day.
are you an American?
I have family in America. I don't think I could live somewhere where everyone is so afraid all the time.
if you aren't a citizen it's NONE of your business. And you wouldn't be so afraid if you were trained and armed
It's nice you enjoy living in that place full of fear, where "freedom" means "gun" and nothing else. I'll bid you good day.
it's not full of fear. That's more lies and propaganda
I pity you and the dystopia you live in. Stop listening to your echo-chamber. Travel the world. Learn. Live.
I have traveled. And that is why I would never want to live anywhere else.
It's so full of fear, people feel like they need guns. It's a place of fear. It's a place without freedom. I am sorry for you.
no fear here. No redneck here. Logic and not emotional. It's not your place to decide what laws the US should have.
It IS my business, I HAVE FAMILY THERE. FAMILY. I don't want them to, you know, get shot by someone's baby.
then they can get a gun to protect themselves if they are scared. Still none of your business.
100% my business. It's been nice talking to you, but I'm bored with your whole "stereotypical redneck" thing now. Good day.
Here, no one is afraid. We don't need to arm ourselves to feel safe. It's nice. America sounds like a dystopia.
America is a dystopia, especially in inner cities where the majority of the poor, disabled, and POC live. Where I live.
ur right and that's bc there were too many WRONG safety nets. And there taxes are outrageous yet the schools bad
I honestly can't disagree with that. I'm all for taxes, but the money needs to be spent the right way.
But haven't you heard?! Social safety nets just keep people poor! We need to abolish the minimum wage & give poor people guns!
AND bet no one is afraid.......
i'm not armed and I feel fine. But I know if I wanted to I could... And that makes me feel fantastic.
Really? That makes you feel fantastic? Americans are fucking weird, man.
yes. If I wanted to buy a gun...I can. If I wanted to buy a plane. I can. If I wanted to buy a car... Free...
no not nearly every day. Don't be so dramatic. And what I'm saying is it won't stop the next one and you'll still want more next
Like literally nearly every day. 365 days in a year. 372 mass shootings in 2015. Literally more than every day.
still being obtuse.
How is that obtuse? Do you know what "obtuse" means?
absolutely. Do you want me to Google it for you? Lol.
And yet you keep using it in this bizarre way. Maybe it's an American thing.
just 3 people got shot. And so when gangs shoot up other gangs in Chicago every weekend (making up likely half of those stats)
they US considers anything with more than 3 people shot a "mass shooting" that doesn't mean that 20 people (or anyone) died
Yeah, you're still the only country where this happens every day.
"If you make shooting illegal, people will die anyway, you jut don't care about innocent citizens"? That doesn't make ANY of sense
That's what you just said to me. I am telling you that does not make sense as an analogy.
"shootings happen whether they're legal or not. If you make guns illegal is solely to hurt innocent citizens".
It's a shitty analogy is what I am telling you.
nope. You're just being obtuse.
Sweetheart no. Bless.
yes. Like literally.
The innocent people are hurt either way. So in your analogy, your shooter is the woman, which makes no sense.
nope you are just dumb.
Oh honey. Bless your heart.
well I sure am glad that now you've reduced yourself to calling me honey because your arguments are total propaganda crap.
Meanwhile saying "it does too make sense you're just dumb" is a great argument.
but then I realized you weren't a citizen of the greatest free society in the world so you wouldn't understand.
HAHAHAHHA OK now I'm SURE you must be pulling my leg. Nicely done troll, you sucked me right in. I really thought you were a moron!
not an argument. An observation.
lulz. OK. Good day to you.
Right back atcha.
I didn't call you honey... Or use propaganda... Or crap... Or "I know you are but what an I"
Shootings are always illegal. OK? Killing a mass number of people with a gun is not currently legal.
certainly does....
I am aware you think so.
because those people are not following the guidelines for proper storage of those firearms.
So serves 'em right I guess. >.>
you are completely ridiculous. You don't use a grill in your house or next to your house because it could burn your house down
Here's a question. If your gun is safely stored away, how are you going to use it in the event of a home invasion?
You're just throwing out random non sequiturs now aren't you?
really? OK. So can Iran have nuclear weapons now? How about North Korea? We have them, so they MUST need them for d-fens
Iran and North Korea aren't protected by the Constitution. We are lucky enough to live in a free country.
You completely missed the point of that. The logic you used for that argument was frankly...stupid.
Iran and North Korea are making nuclear weapons anyway as they choose to. But they will face the consequences
actually, the argument you used was ridiculous to begin with.A free citizen of the US can choose...
OK. Just so I'm clear: your logic is that if I think civilians should NOT have assault weapons, I should just buy my own
calling them assault weapons is intellectually dishonest and total propaganda
oh dear...I asked if that was your logic. You deftly avoided answering that. Kudos.
I certainly answered that you are out of your mind comparing free citizens to the countries of Iran and N Korea
It was a metaphor. By your logic, if America has nukes, the Iranians and the N. Koreans should too, for "protection"
it is a terrible metaphor by anyone's logic. Because Iran and North Korea are not the US and it's citizens
assault is a noun in this case. It's all about intent. You could use a wiffle ball bay for an assault.
so the best thing to do is to arm and train yourself so that you can defend yourself and others.
congress cannot pass a law that will help you because you will follow the law. Crazy ppl & jihadists will not
no. My logic is that you don't NEED congress to make a new law that will protect you from a mass shooting
Then your logic is flawed. Do you leave your house everyday with an AR? Your own logic dictates that you might want to
some might. I don't leave my house any day with any weapon. But I don't want to take away rights
Neither do I. That's the point. We changed the 1st Amendment after 9/11. There is NOTHING wrong being open to change.
Ummmmm... Excuse me?
Patriot Act effectively modified the basic 1st Amendment rights of all Americans. Fact.
the patriot act did not amend the Constitution and was not extended.
correct, they did not 'amend' but they did 'violate.' You're also correct, many provisions of the Patriot act expired1/2
some were renewed not all. And our first amendment was not amended.
I just said it wasn't amended. I said that it was violated.
except that the press is all owned by like 4 companies so it's really not free
we can agree to disagree because you have clearly lost the plot.
I still had free speech and press also
well I still had, as did everyone else, the freedom of religion so I'm not really sure what you're talking about
that said, they were renewed and restored on 6.2.2015 until 2019. 2/2
That's basically what you're saying, am I correct? Arm myself more to protect my friends and family?
What about the over 3,000 abortions that happened today? But abortion MUST be legal, right?
don't even go there, big guy. That argument doesn't wash because more than that die daily from all guns PERIOD.
yea last I checked a gun had a sick person attached to it....guns don't kill, dumb ass ppl do
Well... Places without legal abortions have just as many. May as well make 'em safe.
Abortions are still more deadly than weapons but they have to be banned but not abortions? That's awful logic.
Besides, then we'd have to argue when personhood begins. No one knows that. Or what right a person has to someone else's body.
Why should there be a debate on that? At conception it's a living organism. Heartbeat within weeks
Legal abortions are less deadly than pregnancy. But if abortions are illegal, they would end up killing MORE. See?
Safe? Abortions aren't safe. They actually damage the woman's uterus and very often cause mental distress.
lol, what have you been reading? Because they're lying to you. They don't damage the uterus, and most are medicinal now.
OB/GYN articles on the matter. But yeah, they don't know anything.
You know what? I think you're going to give me a blog post or something, so I'll save you the time and just block you now.
lol OK then. For example? Give me a link.
Unfortunately I think we'll have to wait for the Democrats to have control of Congress again. =/
I'm following you because I love a liberal in Koch Kountry and because I grew up in Blackwell, OK.
You had it. Obama didn't do shit. You could have passed any law, he didn't because he is part of the problem
Maybe we need to stop calling them mass shootings & start calling them post-birth fetus massacres?
Jess - the next mass shooting will TOTALLY get people to do something. Promise.
so we'll only be waiting a few weeks, maximum?
thoughts on the weekly murders in Chicago?
so long as it beats the previous record
Jessica maybe we have to raise more money than the NRA and just buy these low-lifes out and then expose them.
Banning assault weapons does not solve problems. Criminals/terrorist will always find access to guns. Something else is going on.
Get your logic outta here! Liberals don't wanna hear common sense! LMAO
Next thing ya know the liberals will be fighting for rights to marry their dogs! We gotta draw the line somewhere.
democracy is pretty good.
#DisarmHate #GuiltyOldParty every Gun Show sale, trunk-of-car sale, terror, domestic violence, or hate-inspired death, GOP GUILTY
Yes. It does not exist. No. No. (Politician's answers, not mine.)
I agree. We need to deport Muslims immediately.
+@rachelsedelman I don't understand how they could've voted these sensible measures down. :(
will take people calling everyday to their representatives until it happens. NRA does a wonderful job at this & are outnumbered
Australia is pretty sweet!! Come for the ☀️ stay for the no mass shootings 😡🔫
Not the next one. Not the one after that. Not the one after that, either.
god forbid we have actual bipartisan politics and get anything done around here.
A bunch of you seem confident a larger mass shooting will happen soon. Have you informed the FBI of your suspects? #DisarmHate
if you really cared about weapon violence why not ban knives, which kill more?
weapon violence? Maybe because she's being specific to guns... Knives kill more then a semi auto fun? LOL
when USA, you guys have a problem with guns & politics, people don't admire a country like that, they fear it.
spineless gutless wonders.
according to the @NRA, yes. The only way to prevent them is callous indifference.
watch what the U.K. does after an MP is shot.
And even if people survive them, the medical costs are staggering.
At least nine mass shootings since Orlando.…
If you want a political system to believe in, y'all could always come back to the British Empire.
Maybe work on stopping the domestic radical islamists, not law abiding gun owners? #sanbernardino #orlando
ALL POLITICAL systems will fail you at some time, that's WHY we have bill'o"rights.
+@Dragonrana_ nah mate, you're fucked, get out while you can
it's called Canada. We have guns AND regulations. Shocker, they can co-exist.
Move to Mexico, they've very strict gun laws @msjwilly
So are we just supposed to WAIT for the next mass shooting? Show me a political system that I can believe in. Please. At least #disarmhate.
u mean like the one that forced "gun free zones" on innocent, gay people that got them shot up?
please don't!! Please go out and arm yourself and take a class on self defense!
Try Australia. They not only banned guns, they confiscated them, too.
About 180 kids die from gun violence a year in the US. Meanwhile, 16 times that number die in abortion clinics PER DAY.
How about Sharia? it's on it's way. Ask Hillary.
and wait for the ploice like th 49 who died had to do. Smart.
Next mass shooting will happen regardless of laws, why can't you gun grabbers realize this?
if you think background checks are going to stop the next mass shooting you are truly delusional go buy yourself a gun
Yes because obviously the only acceptable solution is continue to do the same thing and expect a different result. #BanAll #ArmAll
the system exist. People initiatives to bring gun control to the polls and #disarmhate
mass shooting is just entertainment. Ignore it, maybe it will go away.
+@Donna_West The solution is to vote GOP out of congress in November. Only then we can expect to have meaningful laws. #voteblue
I'll indulge you: Russia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Cuba, etc. If you hate it here, please leave. #DisarmDemagogues
+@LisaBloom there were over 40 people killed by guns in this country while the filibuster was going on.
I think will be dead before that happens #DisarmHate
+@JonInSeattle1 we have been waiting since Columbine - o"Bomber did nothing 30 days after Sandy Hook
+@AdamBritten Well, yes, because sales and shares of gun companies jump every time it happens. That's the NRAs end goal.
+@BanjoHfuhruhur Well almost anywhere else in the world....
please feel free to do some research, then buy yourself a one way ticket to wherever that system exists #seeya!
Would you please explain to me how any of the four proposals would have stopped the Orlando mass shooting? I'll wait
How many must die before Senators stop taking BLOOD MONEY from @NRA? The blood of the murdered is on their heads
a much smaller political system is one to believe in
yup. We're fucked.
I hope the next one happens in DC Maybe where these senators kids go to school or at their spouses work. Maybe then they'll change
Disarm hate by taking away freedom? No thanks.
Go to a country that doesnt allow guns then tell me safer. Just like Dems say walls dont work then put them all around their house
The only way Congress will #disarmhate is if, God forbid, there is a mass shooting of Senators and Representatives. Maybe.
the buildings in Washington are protected by men with assault rifles. It's common sense protection for them.
Yes I was not saying it was a practical thing to do LOL
Unfortunately yes, so many idiots are against gun control in this country.
"Obama and Democrats blame GOP for terrorism, while importing terrorists." #DisarmHate by leaving it in Syria @msjwilly
I dunno if we can blame the *system*...when the *people* only barely support it after a mass shooting, and don't otherwise
Guns, guns, guns, guns, SQUIRREL!
They'll never act for us. We just have to vote them out. We've never had a better chance, really. Thanks, Drumpf!
Maybe there should be a nationwide walkout in protest of lack of #CommonSenseGunLaws in this country. #DisarmHate
let's have gun laws like Paris, mass shootings never happen there.