The most articulate take on #Brexit is actually this FT reader comment today.
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Only problem with the comment is that it was not an age bias in the vote but an education bias
Yes if you were educated enough you could see the pit the EU was descending into.
I have mixed views. EU politics was/is giving control to corporations. But it also had benefits. Intertwined.
I agree most intelligent people looked at the balance. I would have had worry this morning over the future with either result.
+@Angela_Griffin why would there be a war.. Where's the logic in that ?
+@MarkWBennett Every remain eulogy has to sport the bigotry trope. I knew it would be in there somewhere.
+@Angela_Griffin who said that British people will no longer have the right to live and work in 27 other countries?
I didnt know you cannot leave UK now. Mustve missed it. Olol.
third or scariest: post-factual democracy
Who is the anonymous pseudo intellectual I know it all author of such hysterical drivel?
'The right to live & work'.. No one is barred: it's a free world. Go to Oz, work in NZ, etc @viewmagazine @nicoleperlroth @paulbradshaw
The Swiss visit Europe, so do the Norwegians (and vice versa): don't be so dramatic
+@patrickwintour it's but hurt motivated imaginary nonsense.
+@henrysherrell most of this is either untrue or based on unproven opinions only.
How sad :(. how were they even living before EU ? :(
+@chrislhayes A pretty good warning for American voters in there.
u really gotta feel bad for these people (Trump/remain voters)...they know their lives suck but they can't figure out why...
+@Saverocity not so much agree on that. It's not like people won't travel anymore. UK has never really been part of EU.
how many countries have you lived in?
Italy, Spain, Czech Rep., UK, Chile, USA.
that won't be so easy and you are a real person..
nothing great is ever easy. I think Brexit going to be tough but better for UK.
I'm just thinking about my UK.. Which isn't going to be better
I think in the long run it's going be better. Never accepted Euro,2 work had 2 get NIN bank account & tax ID
it's not like people didn't travel b4 EU :) . so many interests 4 IN OUT issue, few have 2 do w/ real people.
+@Thooorin Freedom of movement wasn't taken away. BS, educate yourselves.
What you have is merely the most articulate whine by a loser @nicoleperlroth @SeanTrende #Brexit
+@frrlou Post-factual democracy ... the modern-day version of the Tower of Babel.
The most articulate take: Today the British voters have declared they wish Britain to be a sovereign country @nicoleperlroth @SeanTrende
+@SeanTrende The "experts" have delivered great results for Davos Men unseen by Dagenham Man or Daytona Man
+@chrislhayes Not anti-intellectualism. Anti- INEPT intellectualism. Big difference. Not sure whether LEAVE is good, tho.
+@chrislhayes Brilliantly expressed! Very true in Britain and the US.
+@LOLGOP This is so spot on.
+@SeanTrende that was hot garbage
+@_daveleach there are winners and losers on both sides of this vote outcome, the only way to be truely free is with Jesus 😏
Ok, on that we agree mate.
+@chrislhayes We live in a sound bite world where facts and reality are now fantasy.
An excellent post. Thank you.
The previous national EC treaties have not been cancelled. Fearmongering to claim "young people could not work in Europe"!
+@adamfeuerstein +@CRange32 not only will your soccer team still suck but now your economy lol
+@virtuallylaw The real, real tragedy is that with sensible immigration and economic policies, this could have been avoided.
+@LOLGOP Yes, this is excellent. ty
that's not articulate, that's just called whinging
All of this is FUD. None of this has happened. UK has not left the EU. Negotiations may take years with rights preserved.
+@djolivier Written from a middle or higher class point of view. Its one world view.
I don't disagree, but it's points are valid and worth considering. There are no simple answers or causes though.
+@adamfeuerstein welcome to a generation of high unemployment and stagnation. You deserve it.
+@DanielKingChess garbage unutterable self-pitying pathetic feeble narcassistic arrogant entitled whining shallow ignorant
This is pixel-for-pixel the same screenshot as @OffsideLiam @nicoleperlroth - Is this the way it's exported by FT?
This is a superb comment on the Financial Times. Sums it up perfectly.
So much time is spent demonizing from both sides of the political spectrum, this is a root cause of our political problems.
+@katriord This is what is happening in the U.S. as well.Doomed to failure in long run.Resistance 2 positive change.
This should be a wake up call for compromise. Polarization is the problem, there's common ground and it's ok to find it.
+@murphavfc Just one mans opinion
+@EmilWallner Do you think this will necessarily result in freedom of movement?
Unclear, they'll probably go for EEA or a visa system similar to Australia.
+@GrahamtRuddick APART fact that my 5 year old daughter will not face huge demand 4 housing driving price to stratosphere.
+@DeborahJaneOrr This captures the tragedy perfectly. #EUref
+@ElleActually it's just a vote against bureaucracy, it doesn't mean people can't be united.
Libertarians should be over the moon. Less EU-foisted government, baby!
+@lecanardnoir freedom work work and live in EU countries can be retained if we remain in the single market.
That lady climbed up mountains in a woollen maxi skirt and corsets.
If EU were only about free movement of goods, services and people (all fine things) doubt if this would ever have happened.
But that was never the intention of the EU's founding fathers - Jean Monnet et al.
I did say 'If'.
As for travel, us Brits were renouned for epic travelling exploits well before the EU was invented. Isabella Bird!
That's because passports and border control were very loose back then, because tourism wasn't common
And imperialism. And colonialism
+@RobinWigg Those countries are very welcome to take as many Brits as wish to go there. This vote doesn't change that.
+@rolandsmartin and the USA better pay attention or the regrets will be there.
The British people are NOT sick of experts. What were sick of is Common Purpose LSE trained clones pretending to be experts… & THEY ARE STILL MANOUVERING SUBVERTING THE DEMOCRATIC PROCESS, BEYOND AUTHORITY APPARENTLY
+@MissPeelpants Pretty sure folk can still travel. #generationsnowflake
Too true. UK went from fending off the shark of corporatism in the ocean to fending it off in a pond.
+@MarkCharnock_ article said "already drowning". Doesn't that just prove this historic vote?
+@NatalieMcgarry Post factual society - so true but it's not a recent development, it started during project fear in IndyRef.
Except none of it is true.
+@jack Why would the British have lost the right to work and live in Europe? What a rubbish, this comment is export free
Complete bollocks.
What a profound response, Jason. What a tool.
Don't tweet me you halfwit
Sorry, who made you God?
Who made you a dunce?
How so? And why such eloquence...
Why don't you go fuck yourself.?
Why don't you at least learn to debate in an adult manner, or apply for grant for a free lobotomy from the EU before too late!
+@jack U think it's "articulate" cuz u're a shallow irrational collectivist leftwing groupie. Stand on ur own feet. Sad!
+@jfreewright just like Clinton plans for the US
+@David_Yarrow Thatcherism was anti (prevailing) intellectual orthodoxy.
+@jack Oh cry me a freaking river! Utter pseudo-intellectual gibberish. Slave mindset. UK is free to stop getting raped by EU
I'm from the U.S. What type of Government does the U.K. have now?
What makes you think I give a shit about you? I don't care who you are or where you come from. Go troll elsewhere.
omg I just asked you a question. FUCK YOU If you are too stupid to know the answer look it up dumbass.
ahhhhh shut up. Go get "triggered" elsewhere dumbass.
Shut up, stupid. I simply said you are irrelevant to me. I don't give a shit about your questions. Move on, loser.
nice use of rape there you meathead spunk trumpet. Go produce yerself gibbontits
Yeah! Stop feeding me facts, figures, and logic.
Awesome. Only globalism dependent leftists and clueless youth agree with that so, I'm good with it.
u mean everyone that understand how modern economy works
hahaha!! The "modern economy" that's been economically enslaving the west to feed socialism to failures?
that is called neoliberalism, that is what destroyed UK economy not UE
Wrong again and as #Brexit shows, millions disagree with your thesis. Globalism Cultural Marxism did it.
by rapes you mean providing 44% of our trade?
sell that gibberish globalist talking point elsewhere. Nobody buying it. Switzerland didn't die.
Switzerland is part of the EEA. Abides all regulations, free movemt, no say in governance in exch for trade
Switzerland never left the eu you cretin
EU economically enslaving UK and smothering them. UK free now without that leftist monster.
Europe is the monster, not EU. Brits cannot vote that away. But by all means, pls try to. @therealgarlando @nicoleperlroth @jack
28 arrog. countries, diff lang, cult, relig. 1500 y. of constant war. And EU to blame? @therealgarlando @nicoleperlroth @jack
by enslaving you mean giving us shit loads of money and people to do the jobs we wouldn't? Free to do what exactly?
the wimpering of soft, fat, dependent beta sheep. Go produce. You're free now. Slave.
your the sheep you moron. Thick enough to think boris and farage are your working class heroes. You have no clue
you are what a stupid economic slave sounds like. Go play poker or watch some stupid football, idiot. Get to work too.
Hahaha! Don't be clueless. Our trade continues. Everyone knows EU was taxing UK up the nose. Giving 0
taxing up the nose? The cost was less than 2% of our gdp
your people get taxed way fucking more than 2%. It's that pathetic "spin" why your globalism shatterd
try to find me one that's proves your deluded thoughts
"Big Man Utd. and UFC fan." Welcome to the real world dumbass. Time to grow up and leave wonderland.
yeah yeah. Shut up. Slavery may very well look good on you. Wear it. Good thing people UK awake to BS
ah just shut the fuck up. Troll.
"fact sheet" because keeping piles of your own money for your people and sovereignty isn't good. lol
here's one of a million articles showing how stupid you are
shit up fool. You lost. EU in deep shit and UK first of many to leave. But keep kissing Germany ass
prove it dickwad
"dickwad" "prove it" Typical of stupid ass globalist mind controlled sheep. #Brexit happened. Poof!
our trade continues? Are you that thick? We have to renegotiate every single trade agreement with 27 countries
umm yes. That would be called the big bad sovereignty. It's what free nations do with each other. Globalist sheep. Go work.
and they will, with better leverage. You sound so beta and weak. Typical.
better leverage? Lol you moron
trump supporter?
Sorry but #Trump is not about #democracy but corporate interests. Trump is more like #FiFA .
complete bollocks
boo-hoo. Go cry with the rest of the slave mindset lefties who want their globalist test. Learn freedom.
coming from a yank and your nutty country 😅
well slow down there, mate. UK showing us they're a step ahead of us in the nutty dept. God bless them. Ha!
hmm. I'll gloss over health provision and gun control then.
Awesome. "Gun control." There's a doozy. We need more of them for these psychos they're iimporting. Cheers!
we find it quite important, kind of helps to limit mass shootings. But you know best...
+@RedFoxglove Story of Britain leaving EU will be similar to the story of the Pobble losing his toes.…
+@LOSTINFICTIONUK But when in all its centuries of conquering other nations has the UK been anything other than bigoted?
Compare the economies of former British colonies to their surrounding countries...
If you don't like it here leave, bye
Thanks. I'm not from the UK. Can't really leave. I'm happy with my country.
Shut up. You know fuck all.
Give equal time to all the imperialist powers in history Don't cherry pick Great Britain @nicoleperlroth @LOSTINFICTIONUK
we cherry picked because the Brits don't want any immigrants after having invaded everyone
It's not immigration it's a Muslim invasion going on worldwide It's part of the Jihad package @ewiggins66 @nicoleperlroth
EU is NWO imperialists erasing nationhood 12 economic zones worldwide, one world government @ewiggins66 @nicoleperlroth
Was commenting on an article about the UK. Why would I talk about anyone else?
Shut it, you fat twat. What a load of moronic nonsense.
created the basics of human rights, banned slavery and child labour, magna carta bill of rights, stood up to nazism?
After engaging in slavery for centuries, killing natives all over the world, and forcibly taking over lands that weren't theirs
the great America, last western country to ban slavery and the most successful at eradicating all natives from the land it stole
And a 1% that want to be the ultimate ruling class; value of ordinary people=profit potential they can generate.
Slave labor still works plantations in Brazil. Desperate people make bad deals with their freedom, losing all.
Funny but slavery still exists in Asia and Africa ... And democracy came from the Greek not the Brits.
but not in the West. And that Greek democracy vanished centuries ago, modern democracy is traceable to the Uk.
every nation has engaged in slavery and the taking over of land. The Uk is different, it banned slavery and gave democracy.
The guy gives you a perfectly adequate answer to your "when" question & yet you try to reframe? #SpecialPleading
Thank you! The people who brought slavery to New York! It wasn't the Dutch!
just try visiting any part of the former Empire to hear the locals confirm that.
You're an ahistorical fool!
at least there's something historical about us. You seem completely oblivious of history
Oh, you poor thing. Feeling sorry for ourselves because the hoi polloi won't listen to you?
the oi polloi are those who started all the wars in history. Hitler and Mussolini were supported by the oi polloi
So you want to keep them there. Cretin!
I believe we have a different concept of dictatorship. Hitler and Mussolini had a lot of consensus, just remember that
are you really comparing a vote for self government to Hitler's Germany?
absolutely. Hitler got regularly elected. Read Mein Kampf nd ull see a lot of similarities with Farage
Sorry, you should seek help. You are awash in delusion.
delusion is 4 leavers who believed Boris'fake promises nd are now frantically googling EU after they voted
when the side you support lose elections then you call winning side bigot? It explains u well.
I was responding to the original text thread. Not making a random judgement based on the vote.
this decision affects the whole country and was made by puppet mastered fools
it is useless to argue with fanatics like you who see the people holding other views as evil
That was when Britain was great!
You might try reading some real history books, maybe talk to some Veterans @ewiggins66 @nicoleperlroth @LOSTINFICTIONUK
Um what? Did you read the "articulate post" I originally referred to? I have a history degree.
Then there is no excuse for that 'bigoted' @ewiggins66 @nicoleperlroth @LOSTINFICTIONUK
never, I'm afraid 😨
Are you a young, regressive Corbynite?
I'm a person with a brain
+@WhelanKarl Do you really belieave there are no Yanks, Aussies, Japanese, Brazilians etc. working in #EU? Deep breaths...
please. Still opportunities, just need to fill in a form, easy for those educated lot that voted remain
Funny that a #Hillary shill (@jfreewright) RT'd this. #Merica's headed the exact same path be it Lady Corruption OR #Trump. @nicoleperlroth
Brexit won! Accept the choice your country made. It is called democracy.
+@jack welcome to the new world order mate
+@AnArtDecoDiva Yes. And even in that "led" was mis-spelt.
+@Billbrowder Do you deny/discount that people in UK voted against the corrupt/rigged status quo that does nothing for them?
it does everything for whoever wants it and makes use of it.
if they did, they used the wrong vote to do it on.
They also reelected the austerity policies that did nothing for them.
neither does the commenter but that anger was misdirected and counterproductive
ssshh. Nobody wants to hear that. Easier and quicker for left-wing lovies to just cry "racism"
are you talking about Westminster or Brussels? Given the clear primacy of Westminster, I'm assuming the former.
EU has received a totally disproportionate share of blame. Tories cause the problem and then come up smelling of roses.
*people in England.
They are going to realize Just How Much the EU Did for them, too little too late
seems like if you voted either way most citizens are screwed?
how can anybody who regains control of their country be screwed?!
corruption and mis spending of tax payers money.
Not necessarily. Some may view it that way but change presents opportunity if you seize it.
do you think they'll seize the opportunity or dilly dally along?
Some will seize it and many won't. Let competitive, free, fair, & open markets work.
Except there is no such thing as a fair free open market - get real!
oh yes bc those always benefit the common man.
I'm not sure your third adj. can exist with the other 3.
Let's never forsake worthy pursuit >> competitive, free, fair, open mkts
I think I've seen human and corporate greed too much to trust truly open markets in the long run.
all u need are neutral officials to enforce the rules of the game. Sadly those end up being government officials
problem with govt. peeps is that politics comes in. How do you find 'neutrals' to deliver oversight?
I do not disagree and wrote a book, In Bed with Wall Street, to expose that very reality:…
nice. I'll check it out. I admire your optimism, especially given your obvious wealth of knowledge on the subject.
never stop fighting.
+@thisisTomRiley slightly erroneous to suggest those people willing & able to work abroad can no longer do so.
sounds all so familiar
l envy that blue tick....l thout it's a privilege for big shots¿
+@jack - sounds like gobbledegook. Elitist global bankers are angry. That alone makes me smile.
so true. I'm lucky I have more than one passport
so do I but keep it under your hat 😉
+@qhardy Perhaps the writer doesn't understand this new concept of democracy & self determination
Interesting how digital world contributes to 2 items here. New economy, dangerous confirmation bias in reviewing info.
+@qhardy True. On the other hand, the Brits have escaped the suffocating regulations of an unelected bureaucratic elite.
Not. unelected. And "elite" = funny given the state of US politics.
and yet Germany is thriving...
but ran straight into the spears of another, bureaucratic elite.....
You must have missed how the House of Lords is populated!
Even if the EU disbands England will have to abide by 27 different forms of regulation. #BrexitVote
Not if they want to do business with any country in Europe. The EU is still there. #BrexitVote
for god sake's all of you, take me off this thread.
I stopped tweeting on this thread the instant you asked. It's taken on a life of its own.
Remains to be seen if that's the case. Unlikely if they want to trade with the EU.
Interesting: not one word about one main motive for Brexit: threat of refugees into UK
and swapped them for an elected bureaucratic elite that admits it's only focus was to win the vote?
yeah cos we were REALLY suffocating...
what's unelected about MEPs?
EU MEPs live the Life of Riley but don't write the regulations…
like the House of Lords?
The House of Lords was long ago limited to impotent blowhard status. Like Hollywood celebrities.
Still blocks many bills from going into law. Not that impotent!
suffocating regulations UK helped to create
True. The disease is widespread and needs to be eradicated at the roots. Gotta start somewhere. Think big.
and hopefully a unified Ireland as well (how my late gran would have loved that)
yes excited: finally Nicola Sturgeon may get an independent Scotland in our lifetime
that is so ignorant view.
UK was also involved n writing those regulations.Let's not forget that!
not really the coalition government wasn't elected. Nor was Brown b4 them. We still need a PM
And all the workers rights, consumer rights, environmentel protections...
So you don't plan on doing any trade with the EU again? Because their regs aren't going anywhere.
Only those selling into the EU will need to comply with the regulations not all as now.
Which apart from the most local industries, is almost everyone.
Ironic then the number of people who voted in this referendum yet admitted to never having voted before
Have you ever had to deal with the U.K. Civil Service? Doubt it, as they make the EU look efficient.
The bureaucratic elites ruling Britain were elected. They can be unelected, as they were before.
Lastly, we do have elected reps in EU. They're called MEPs & UK has 73 of them.
And they don't have any fucking power to change laws! Try researching for yourself FFS!!
The real power lies with the commission which is unelected.
Give 'The Thick of It' a watch, it explains it beautifully to those unfamiliar with the British system.
Civil Service is not elected, bureaucrats are not politicians. Seriously, you're embarrassing yourself.
Civil servants can be dismissed by determined elected officials. See air traffic controllers.
And elected politicians from the member states or the EP appoint the EU civil servants. Same thing.
That's a college kid answer, based on idealism more than fact. Have you ever seen 'Yes, Minister'?!
Someone who writes about whether enough curvy women are in ads, being this condescending is hilarious.
Not sure how the two are related but thanks for reading my blog post, that's me up to 17 views now ☺️
Explain Thatcher. Britain was in a deeper cesspit when she was elected. Today's repair job is easier.
I can't fix that in 140 characters. Have a good weekend.
I'm sorry but it's clear you have no understanding of the reality of UK politics or society.
The masters of the financial universe sure demonstrated that they understood British politics, huh?
Was that the point I was making? No. Straw men don't fly with me.
Are you kidding? We're being ripped from a union which was central to repairing the damage she did!
I can't fix central planning madness in 140 characters. Have a nice life. Consider moving to Paris.
Central planning? Mate, our politics is devolved. Do you really have your own radio show?! 😂
Ha, thanks but I'll have to pass. Enjoy your weekend ☺️
Ah yes, Paris. Less sand in which to bury one's head.
Er, House of Lords?
no they haven't. They've just lost their voice in what those regulations might be.
and the House of Lords is what, exactly?
I clearly rember voting and electing MEPs. I don't remember electing House of Lords though...
just for Cameron to resign and an unelected bureaucratic elite lead instead...
Do you know that there are elections for the UE parliament?
voting for people we've never heard of.
Aristotle said it best, small communities with local control
Aristole was a primitive in a time of slaves, w/o jets or antibiotics
that does not mean he is not still relevant or correct.
pretty sure they admit he was a super genius
He was. (But Re: government, the world is different.)
but people still basically the same in many respects.
but... He wasnt aware of republics yet (roman republic wasnt premier)
your input means more when its local control
but the maxim is still true - local control is best control.
prezactly. Behemoths are deleterious and intimidating.
yeah it was like 50 yrs later pyrrus "won" against rome.
not really, democracies, dictatorships, and republics. Same shit diff day.
and we live in a age when the average attention span is that of a gold fish
That's your problem. I always try to find out who the candidates are.
well done you! I'm sure every resume is a crisply honest document.
But the ones making the decisions are NOT. Your MEP can do NOTHING to contest an EU law
+@JPexsquaddie The why have one? Or the veto?
It is all bureaucracy, we COULD veto, but how do you think that would make the EU feel.
more bloody minded than it is already.
You mean the UK MEP that happily voted about 95% of them?
oh that outweighs it all. Woopey-doo 🙄
The European Parliament is an elected body of politicians. Nigel Farage sat on it in every sense.
And the next step is to throw out their homegrown bureaucratic elite. Central planning doesn't work.
you children say the cutest things. I take it you found someone old political posters
How does that help the young people of Britain or don't you give a shit and that is why you voted leave?
They can still Travel That's PROPAGANDA
Proper gander or a polite duck?
how does the march towards a soviet state protect the future?…
you may have missed the memo but a lot of people died for a united Europe.
Say, by evading the fate of unemployed Spanish youth?
The U.K. needs a Thatcher, not a nanny. The biggest threat to the young is entitlement democracy.
of the young?! Benefit preservation for the OLD was a red line issue here.
crikey welcome to the jungle
Except Bill has blocked me and it's no fun anymore.
Wahh wahh somebody call the wahmbulance!
I couldn't give a crap about 2.7trilion in losses caused by conservatives
....but the $18 trillion loss courtesy of the Democrats: you'll give them a pass.
and what did GWB do with the Clinton era surplus?
No the #GOP & #KenStarr just use it ALL 2 prove he got 1, just 4 political gain. Pot calling the kettle black!
huh?? "blah-blah-blah-BLAH-blah-blah-blah!" Sounds like SOMEONE needs a bowel movement.
yes. And I just went and "gave birth to a conservative"
The wisdom of a toilet bug.
The way u come off, it appears it wld be u! My suggestion, prunes 2 go with that puss of urs! #bahahahaha 😄😃😂😁
Well one thing's for sure: GWB didn't use it to get blow jobs from WH interns.
no. He had Karl Rove to do that.
From the duodenum of dementia.
Pretty rich coming from a fossilized pissflap like yourself, btw.
Coming from a star-spangled amoeba that is somewhat ironic.
or moronic libertarians who cry and go home when challenged.
How did Bill arrive at such opinions - I'm intrigued - perhaps some childhood trauma?
Maybe his Mummy dressed him funny. Or shot his hamster.
Childhood trauma consisted of LBJ, Nixon, Carter.
One of these things is not like the other...
senility usually has different symptoms. Try again
I remember those times here uk, re war Vietnam, plus media fairy tales... as it turned out
FFs! "Entitlement democracy"? You want to see entitlement in action look at the super rich.
It was old people who voted out, the ones greedy for a bigger NHS, with old-style pensions.
What is this myth? It's based on an online poll of 5000 people.
please take me off this
those greedy old people!
There are more than two "sides" to this debate. Many correctly voted Leave for the wrong reasons.
please take me off this thread.
If we would have stayed in the EU there wouldn't be an NHS.
Ever heard of the EU law on Procurement of healthcare.Thats privatisation of the NHS
Yes. And now it's time for the youth of the world to rise and say - your entitlement days are over.
The youth are the ones use to being entitled.
Yeah, I retweeted him thinking that is what he meant. Freaking Brats.
"Spot the Contradiction," we have a winner!
Things have to get worse before they get better. Millennials need serious shock therapy, and will get it
as a US citizen I think it's great... you should never be controlled by unelected officals
Yes, the USA, the best democracy that money bought. Owned by the CEOs, certainly not the people
good thing we're not a democracy
spoken with true arrogance. Millennials already know they are being ripped off by your gen
I don't know why people want to make things hard for Millennials and then get mad when they're upset
Shock therapy shouldn't be causing a historic drop in currency value and just expecting Millennials to deal
Especially when many of those Millennials voted AGAINST this very thing happening.
and you need to successfully complete your primary grades
Can you talk without tickling your nipples, with your head that far up your arse?
Whereas libertarians just need therapy.
Great. Destabilize Europe and create conditions for another war. That'll learn the little bastards.
this might prevent war, if you know what US NATO are trying to pull on russia
You mean, when they come off the Mobile, they've got energy left for all this? @taylor_jlt @BillFrezza @nicoleperlroth @qhardy
THEN they might have the right to voice an opinion. Until then? "Fuck. Right. Off."
Good. Follow your advice.
How about, they participate like actual citizens in the democratic process hm?
they did you berk just outvoted by the prostatariat .
But hey, so far the only response you've got is "IT'S NOT FAAAAIR" *cry*
I think Boris the Buffoon and Farage are maybe thinking that.
Nigel perhaps, Boris is simply not dancing on Dave's still warm corpse.
Farage does not possess the power of thought. Boris is holding a dead baby.
We'll see. Time will prove one of us right.
it is certainly an interesting time.
had they, y'know, come out in the right numbers, this may be a very different result
honestly don't know why you bothered. What is the nett gain?
I know that's a tricky concept for you to grasp, I'm guessing you're a millenial.
Nope. Guess again pussy.
Oh. The Xbox live crowd, right, a teenager. That saves me time and effort.
What are those? I prefer a 4wt fly rod and intelligent conversation.
Anyone who uses the word "pussy" as an attempted insult on twitter falls into that bracket.
I was guided by your handle and avatar
I'm sure you were. Any other insights?
I think you are well meaning.
Self determination, and preserving what little democracy we DO have left.
That'll keep you warm at night.
Worth the cost to me, principles are something I won't compromise on. What about you?
Certainly. But principles are deuced expensive.
May be tricky for you to understand, I guess you never served your country.
Sorry. 5 years in what you call the Territorials to pay for University.
My family has service in the blood, sometimes there are things that are worth the cost.
My Granda was Brit Army RSM in WWII- we have a service ethic too and my son's interested
please take me off this thread.
I get that the San Fran press bunch is one giant echo chamber so opinions outside of your assumptions scare you, but still!
Done so, but why? Scared of seeing a UK leave voter that challenges your preconceptions? *playful*
No, fine with that and your typical preconceptions about me. I'm on vacation and getting 100s of these.
You work for the NYT though, so I'll credit you for working for a publication I do respect. Cookie for that. *grin*
What can I say? The 'net centered journalists who base out of San Fran all tend to speak a lot but say very little. *cheerful*
Then you should understand why my principles matter to me as they do.
Indeed. We just have a different view.
I might not -like- our politicians, but at least we can vote the buggers out when we get bored of them. Try that with Junker.
So you tell me, what would you prefer? An organisation that sacrifices a country for a currency, or our lot, bent as they are?
Those who govt as exercise of responsibility and not power.
(2/2) let said country out of the currency to straighten their affairs and get back to some kind of normality is in it for power
Any organisation that's willing to turn a country into a third world mess to protect their vanity currency, rather than (1/2)
All whilst other countries meekly watch Greece slowly collapse and lose what little infrastructure it has left.
Rather than it be one where Brussels steamroller Europe into a paste, using the EU army to put down dissent (and it will)
Do I expect it to be rosy? Absolutely not, there's going to be a rocky road ahead. But I'd rather it be one of our making.
that is to your credit but I cannot see the political classes taking any responsibility or doing heavy lifting.
If they don't the Conservatives will be obliterated in the next GE. Basically the next few years will either define or bury them
ok. Signing off now - battery dying.
You need to start asking some serious and searching questions about the direction that power is travelling
I do and I don't really like any that chase power for its own sake such as Gove, Boris, Farage etc
All politicians are the same, but as stated, we can at least vote -our- ones out from time to time. Euro Commission is insulated
you can vote out MEPs?
Commission is not elected by democratic process, is all done internally by the mandarins.
True enough. Well good luck and all that. I'm watching with interest (as a former Brit who escaped prior to Thatcher).
Let's see, ex mil, ex-pat, escaped prior to Thatcher, Spain or France?
Fair enough. Take care.
You too. Nice having a natter.
MEP's have no legislative power. They cannot create directives, only the commission can do that.
One that will answer to the "EU" and not to any sovereign nation, and thus be unaccountable to any elected government
And Rupert Murdoch.
But when the European Commission (who is elected by absolutely nobody) is now tracking proposals for a pan European Army
A step up from NATO? And no-one voted for the House of Lords or Mrs Windsor.
It's very easy to say "The economy lost so and so bn", and it's easy to say "Our currency has dipped due to us leaving"
or 350m will go back into the NHS.
In the UK we've a proud tradition of telling our MP's to get bent ever since the expenses scandal.
Well I don't truthfully think most people -believed- the politicians, or at least took them at face value.
I see those risks and costs as "acceptable" because in the long term we regain and retain things which you simply cannot value.
My choice was based on the understanding that leaving the EU is going to cost, and there are significant risks.
Fine. Both eyes open.
I am poor, and I am willing to *die* for my principles. What about you?
See the stats, 18-25 yo turnout - between 36-43%, -way- below the national average
Their voting turnout in this referendum was sub 40%, how about, they get off their ass.
were they riding donkeys at Blackpool then?
Well they sure as hell weren't voting.
And you have the brass balls to suggest they need to lecture people about entitlement?
no. It would be called freedom of speech, pillock.
Oh sure, but considering most of these plonkers didn't vote, frankly they don't *deserve* it
No. But given the value wiped out of shares etc perhaps others do.
Oh please, shares have already recovered and the currency has stabilised. Next ignorant bit?
For the moment. This party hasn't started yet.
Better life opportunities, better options, and better support than even I did 15 yrs prior
Oh cry me the Bay of Biscay.
Are we both living in the same world? The 18-25 yo demographic of today have better mobility
perhaps not now you lot have peed in the soup.
Oh please, the world isn't going to end, we're not suddenly going to end up in mud huts.
You've never been to Dorset then?
Tell me, is it hard to breathe in the smug where you live? *grins*
Nope. I love watching people exercise their democratic rights to be stupid.
I'm next door to it, and I can safely assert we live in houses.
Glad to hear it. Mind you if you didn't the National Trust would pay good money for huts
I think my irony meter just exploded. The youth of the world speaking about "entitlement" ?
sure it wasn't your two brain cells being required to think?
But they didn't rise to the challenge. Low turnout rates amongst the young, but it's "not my fault". Classic.
All those old people who weren't around prior to the EU and don't have grandchildren. Wait..
absolute nonsense so we should be ruled by none elected so young people can work in Spain
Oh, and your National Anthem asks an unelected person to hang around and reign over you, so...
if you think they rule over me or this country then you are clueless.
It's your song pal. I'm not carrying that one for you. But if they don't how does Europe?
how would you know he impact of you do t live here?
Ever heard of the House of Lords?
no what's that? Educated young people will have no issues working abroad so what's the issue
You seemed to have an issue with unelected people.
it's like me commenting on Oz politics how would I know what really is going on there.
am 24 and I voted leave and proud
there's no accounting for young and stupid.
STUPID Is still crying over it its happing time to come back together as 1 proud #LeaveEU
stupid is believing idiots like Farage.
well thats a matter of opinion again STUPID!!! Is believing everything you say is right
or supporting Middlesbrough
we are out 😊🇪🇺 back to great Britain Your showing your self up now go away and cry
My brain is depreciating more and more the longer I study
and Farage wants to "reward" them with a privatised insurance's on record.
What about when YOU'RE old? The old farts did u a favor. Now u might be able to retire 1 day
U mean "Old People" who made Britain Great in the 1st place? My GOD! Think of U'r heritage!
cut out the granny bashing!
I'm not old and I voted out. Also a lot of younger people I know in their 20's voted out
Oh God. You bloody conservatives and your bondage mistress fantasy woman. Get over it.
Not a conservative. A libertarian. Get used to it.
you misspelled spoiled, clueless 10 year old with a sense of entitlement. Proofread please
u cant be a libertarian if u are against democracy
The lesser of the species.
You sir are an idiot and as a yank have NO SAY!
Thatcher was very much a nanny centraliser, don't you think? (sic) ;-)
That's exactly the problem we face w/the Democrats here in the US.
Yep. Brexit is all Obama's fault. I got the memo. #sockpuppet
much more stupid to leave it to the market!
how well does elite private planning work for the many?
Bill, you clearly know nothing about the British civil service. It's a trade, not an escape.
One step at a time. The Brits threw of socialism once, they can do it again. Have faith in freedom.
People who don't know what "socialism" actually means are a disgrace to those who had to live under it.
we have loads of freedoms thanks. Less after last night sadly.
you have no clue what youre saying. Do some research!
tell me what more freedom you have if you are a yank.
im not american, check out some of th eu regulations. I.e. kids under 8 cant blowup balloons
yeah vacuum and toasters regulations. But not really that intrusive.
also checkout 100000 troops next to russias western border trying to provoke war
check out the seven big reason why brexit left
socialism? I thought it was to throw of neo liberalism. So what is it now?
what a load of old cobblers
We need more not less socialist policies almost all our socialist policies are UK highlights.
unelected rubbish, lords, queens, permanent under secretary, Britain is the master in unelected rulers.
man you have no idea what you are talking about
and replaced it with a vote rigging elite - turkeys voted for Christmas to happen every day
those regulations constantly give me safety in my care job...not sure I am ready to give that up tbh
They just traded it for suffocating regulations from an elected bureaucratic elite.
That's exactly what has to be fixed next. One step at a time. Freedom isn't bought in a day.
Maybe they shld'v voted out austerity politics at home first.
but they also don't spend 2 years & billions electing their leaders
by regulations you mean standards, don't you?
You can't say "true" to the last sentence and the say "on the other hand." There is no other hand.
no they haven't. UK still has an upper chamber made of unelected members. House of Lords.
yeah t/#Brits escaped,but whats even more Detrimentally Untenable,the World is still #Stuck with YOU!
unfortunately, the first thing the UK gets is an un-elected PM.
Regulation that we will have to follow if we want to trade with them whilst having even less say.
At least our government had a say in selecting EU bureaucrats. Who has a say on Murdoch?
we have escaped the unelected elite. When do you last vote for someone into the House of Lords.
sorry, which bureaucratic elite are you referring to--the one in Westminster?
for isolationism!! Hardly an escape! And unless you have experienced it you have no idea
uhm, aren't Members of European Parliament actually democratically elected?
Nope, the House of Lords still exists....
the House of Lords? Muppet!
sort of the U.K. already has too much centralised control with top civil servants from Oxbridge !
Call Me a Bigot For Standing Against Ruthless Slave Labor Elites!
There are too many drama queens around. nothing of this will happen!
Neatly reinforcing the point of facts bouncing off myths.
you have a low IQ.
Maybe you are the one with a low IQ. Put things in perspective if you are that clever!
+@AndyRichter intellectualism killed 100 Million in the 20th Century.
+@JamiePeacock10 based on the assumption that long term it's a poor choice. Only time will tell.
+@paulocoelho Britex was a product of an weary electorate. It is not bigotry to care for family and country.
Most liberal crap I have read - not surprised (NYT) view on world would destroy everything we hold dear #Brexit #TrumpTrain
+@AndyRichter So it's not just in the U.S. where this shit happens. I don't feel as bad.
+@heyjturner 12-14 million Muslims looking to move out of Turkey and into UK within next 5 years. You wouldn't get a say.
+@Simongane the cruelest part? That our parents generation have had everything and are denying us everything.
but dont want to dwell on negative. As a creative person my duty is to create and encourage others.
It's hard right now, but I'll try to do likewise.
More like they can be jobless in 27 countries!
weird logic anti-ntellectualism -> bigotry when world's leading mass murderers despots hv been intellectuals' heroes!
+@AdamMallon it's a bit of a stretch to say that people would want to be friends with the English
+@_sleepingsouls brilliant (and sad because they're true) comments.
+@SophiaCannon Articulate but wrong. Sneering undertone, "how dare you plebs vote the way you did" is the gist.
last week's @TheEconomist lead piece also said it elegantly: "Yet in the post-truth politics that is rocking..." (1/2)
"...Western democracies, illusions are far more alluring than authority." (2/2)
obviously we didn't exist before the EU.....
Brilliantly summed up. Well done.
+@samarthbhaskar that last line is hauntingly relevant these days
+@chrislhayes The US should pay very close attention to that last sentence.
+@xecretcode The fact is Switzerland is doing extremly fine outside the EU. Contrary to prdictions in 1992.
The prescient words of Edmund Burke echo in the #demagoguery of the #UK #Brexit campaigning style.
+@MrMubinShaikh Drivel. #VoteLeave rejected a paradigm in which those "experts" were vested & to which they're still captive.
You can be in Schengen, while out of EU. See Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, et al. #brexit
did you understand all those long words?
first two points cancel out, don't they? Doubt lower classes have benefitted, as much as suffered, from freedom of movement.
UK only left the EU that Germany led. A new EU will emerge that will be under UK n will not be politically correct
what a load of sentimental bullshit.
What a pessimist!
+@JeffReevesIP Democracy is messy. Revolutions required to ensure democracy of the people, evolves.
+@Kevin__Davies articulate yes, but just an opinion like everyone else has.
what a bunch of artsy fartsy bullshit.
+@thedesignnomad anti-intellectualism reminds me of cultural revolution in communist China...
+@Sijo04 absolute bollocks and scaremongering, what so now we've voted out we'll never be able to visit EU countries again
+@lil_lost Locks on my doors does not a bigot make.
+@JimSterling So why the fuck did the 'younger generayion' not get off their fucking arses and vote?
46% of 18-25 and 53% of 25-35 turned out vs nearly 80% of over 65.
Too late moaning about old farts making your choice if you couldn't be arsed to vote.
+@ChmlBillKelly Point forgotten: pulse of the people matters most of all.All flows from that crucial fact.No wool over eyes!
all neoliberal sour grapes bluster. We are better off out. Catalyst for change EU now dead 👍😄
How is inciting hatred of the previous generation not ignorance and bigotry>
+@Kevin__Davies working classes can now be economically regarded, Visas will still be attainable and remain gave no facts?
Nicole for those of us who don't live there can you explain why you won't be able to travel to the other countries?
+@carsten_erdmann This is really nonsense, pure emotional. UK still part of europe.
@nicoleperlroth: The most articulate take on #Brexit is actually this FT reader comment today. ”// so true!!
+@EmilyDreyfuss this reminds me of when a Bush Jr. Advisor said, "We don't care about the facts. We make our own reality."
And these same elite who would that every soul on earth wander into the USA and Europe unfettered will block their travels?
+@Nick_Hewer Younger people have not lost the right to live & work in other European countries, you're talking utter tosh.
So the elite will seek revenge on these common folk by boycotting them and treating them as pariahs?
+@jack teri maa ka lora maru
This is impresive. Not one accurate argument given. 1 false one though. Oh, and fear mongering.
+@csooran oh come on. Sour grapes. We've finally reasserted our democratic rights vs bloated, corrupt, incompetent EU elite
+@ImAnitaSharma why does everyone think it's the end of the world why can't you travel marry and do what you like
I suppose you voted leave right.
When the US declared independence from England, was that also "anti-intellectualism"?
UK is not in Shengen. They have a separate deal ffs.
+@doryashore "a post factual democracy"--if that phrase doesn't fill you with dread, I'm worried about you
So taking back control means having the next PM elected by 150,000 con party members
+@JimSterling Communist China's Anti-Intellectualism led to lots of things besides bigotry, sure they were almost all bad...
when did we ever live in a "factual democracy" era?
+@ruthpenfold Do we really want to keep turning people against people? That's how it all started...
+@EbbaBrooks the "facts" we're corrupt lies and we know that and that leave won't be a panacea. The cleanup starts.
+@chrislhayes That was a powerful read. Short, succinct and more than a tad bit scary unfortunately.
thirdly is correct
People make it sound like it is impossible to go to another country, now it is done democratically rather than moronically
1.They swapped 2 elites for 1! 2.They have not yet lost that right, UK may retain access to single market. 3. Oversimplfied!
+@EbbaBrooks bending facts to suit your opinion makes you a corrupt expert. Surely that is the problem.
Articulate, yes. Utopian, yes. Naive, yes. My guess is that foreigners will continue to immigrate to UK
+@usarsnl showed this to a right wing fellow on Facebook and his only rebuttal was "Oh twitter is a first class news source"
+@zzste It wasn't anti-intellectualism. This happened because a despised patrician class failed to deliver real prosperity.
No one wins, everybody loses. But many do not realise that yet. #Brexit #EU
+@Nick_Hewer What drivel produced by somebody who believes themselves to be intellectually superior . . Pious and insulting
+@Angela_Griffin So rude about your audience. We had a democratic vote. We will recover, have faith in your Country.
Oh my goodness. Who wrote this? Whoever wrote this is, frankly, a genius with a beautifully perceptive mind.
+@Mariobatali Globalization will destroy the world. We need independent countries that can think for themselves. #BREXITYES
+@perkleberry anyone can live and work anywhere they want you just have to meet a certain criteria, oh! except for uk!
@nicoleperlroth: The most articulate take on #Brexit is actually this FT reader comment today. ” #sadtimes #onwards
freedom of movement has not been taken away by parents etc. Please don't accept generalisations
+@allahpundit but you will be able to regulate female mutilation, special dispensation for those informed by the 5th century
+@TheSocBiz Those with shallow views and little education voting out. Like the idea of London & Scotland in; & East Sussex?
Will our children be lonely and single now that they will never ever meet a foreigner again?
+@MissDahlELama articulate perhaps, but mostly untrue.
What utter bollocks! My uncle DIED to give us democracy, and that same democracy has just won. Live with it. Idiot
Hahaha like country's aren't going to accept skilled workers into their country
oh @nicoleperlroth don't be a cry baby.
+@RealDMitchell Think we might be OK with the old friendships and marriages bit, though.
+@chrislhayes What do you think the experts and "facts" said about American independence?
Was that actually a "reader" comment? Or mis-typed "leader"?
+@pjm1kbw Crikey.......but fairly correct.
+@JimSterling what a load of tripe.
+@JimSterling They have not lost the right.... It's called a fucking VISA....
(No comment)
Rubbish. People from all over the world work in Europe. good job the older generation weren't such defeatist!
over and out :( “@nicoleperlroth: The most articulate take on #Brexit is actually this FT reader comment today. ”
applies to the US as well
my feeling exactly about the current US political environment. End of the era of famed Western democracy where logic reigned
Is a significant premise of "globalization" or of a union to deter secession by the potential consequences they may face?
I was unaware Britons would be incapable of travel abroad due to this.
It won't be prison.
(No comment)
There is a reason ancientGreek philosophers called democracy 'mob rule'
so on point.
A democracy w/o facts doesn't remain a democracy f/ long. They have shot themselves in the foot. It will be harder to walk.
+@ponyace Which is to say, if you think that Britain not having open transit is a tragedy, what about the rest of us?
Spot on. Thx.
+@chrislhayes I have a sinking feeling that the US will be joining Britain in stepping backward to the dark ages in November.
Wow… This. Is. All. “@nicoleperlroth: The most articulate take on #Brexit is actually this FT reader comment today. ”
interesting read...thanks for posting!
+@markoff ok so is globalism the only choice?
:No stop>work abroad+cut Global Corp/Banks down size+protect NationState Sovereignty is good=UK voted all benefit not few
+@RichardINSorge Yeah sure they build the wall. It is huge righ and beautiful right around GB. And they let them pay for it.
I admit I don't understand this disdain for democracy by the remainers, it's like the want to be subservient to all?
I suppose if you cannot think for yourself you may be excused for believing the lies you have been subjected to.
Perhaps the older folks, with their years of dealing with the EU, know its rotten core better then younger folks?
Democracy won in the end. Proud of that.
+@kseminoff not everything comes down to racism and bigotry.
Nobody had ever worked or been to europe before 1973 then? No need for continued scaremongering, the vote is in. It's over.
+@dmgarland norway and switzerland - They are not in EU, but no big deal to get a job there. They are also in shengen zone...
agree 100% w/ "post-factual." Other complaints sound like "waah, i don't get to bang Italian dudes as easily!"
true. But I really wish people wouldn't use 'bullet' metaphors this week. It's too soon.
+@HouseHistorian Excellent - but I bet he'll take some stick for saying it.
Here's an "expert opinion" full of sound and fury, signifying nothing"! Go marry whoev @nicoleperlroth @AndrewAKling
The most articulate take on #Brexit is actually this FT reader comment today.
quite a few brits work in non EU countries
A post-factual world. We here in America have failed to provide a sifficient cautionary lesson, I guess. #Bernie2016
we're headed for a post-factual democracy in the US if @realDonaldTrump elected
uh your media already sells you narratives they pretty much work for Clinton obama banned muslims hes no bigot
if there are negative facts about trump you will damn sure hear them Im not from the usa but this is obvious.
she tells journalists what they'll talk about she gives them the outline for how they want their stories
+@Tazzaman72 This is result not of myth over fact, but of myth over lies,elitism and the oppression of worker.Failed Democrcy
+@TheMadBrand austerity accomplished a lot didn't it? It screwed everyone.
Can you tell me that the source of this is?
+@sc68cal sad, but all true
there is still freedom of movement and will always be so. You're an idiot
Oh no I cant go work and live in Poland or Romania. Dammit!
Strong desires blind you to the consequences of your action.
+@humphreybc sad when people don't really think things through
+@pzmyers Nicole, go and have a lie down and listen to some soothing music.
I've worked all over the place hat we didn't have labour relations with!! Perhaps having a brain isn't a remain leave skill!
+@CharmaineTT To top it off, a Trump look alike buffoon will rule you.
Add boof head Boris, Farage, Trump and Turnbull to the scene And you have a farcical comedy!
what a retarded post!! If you can't get a job abroad maybe it's not the opportunity but your own limited skills!!
Boohoo. I guess the remain voters would rather prop up failed EU states like Greece
If by 'articulate' you mean crude and malevolent, the one must agree. #brexit
+@pzmyers No mention of the missed Friendships in the Uk had Remain scrapped democracy.
+@pzmyers Judging the majority voters by the few is synonymous with racism. Which majority Brits are not.
+@tedleo I don't know. You can't exactly call Merseyside "elitist", they voted to stay. I wouldn't blame the working class.
and Sun (and believe Mail) newspapers are not read. Papers who's owners are very pro leave.
or the non-working class. I blame the government for hammering poor people to the point of desperation.
people everywhere are angry, tired, overworked, like gerbils on wheels. We have all lost our way. Now what? #nowheretorun
+@jeffjarvis I'm 71, and a grandfather. Bastard Quitters have screwed my childrens and my grandchildrens future #notmyvote
17.4 million bastards, all with 1 vote each just like you
Sure, except that I used mine responsibly.
I was totally frivolous with mine. I wasn't really, I just disagree with you.
17.4 million old bastards, who will likely die before the full fuck-up is realised. I'm 71, it's my kids i cuss for.
I'm 1 of the bastards, I'm a LOT younger than you, and I have kids too (who I obviously considered when making my choice)
OK, so you boght Farages bullshit. Im sorry your kids have a dad who sucks.
No, I just think we have better opportunities globally outside of the EU than from within it - so keep your insults to yourself.
it'll be ok. Nobody is ever screwed. Life is what you make it
That's great when you live somewhere where 50% aren't halfwits to be led by the nose
sadly a lot of people are halfwits as is the government !!! We must move forward now with Asia etc
+@gman_in_gville what a total crock. You have voted to save yourselves and unchain from a sinking ship.
now Brits can remove leaders, cast votes, and recovered their self-determination. The EU was a protectionist dictatorship.
+@AndyRichter you can post this almost verbatim if trump wins
forchrissakes spread this now to AVOID that possibility
"Bigotry" another archaic expression when your argument goes south. #Brexit
Yet the majority of young people did not vote!… #Brexit
+@chrislhayes wow this fellow gets it. Note especially last sentence. Economic disaffection = rise of bigotry.
+@byHeatherLong I knew the #US had a lot in common with Britain.
Except that the word "democracy" is absent.
SPEECHLESS!!!!!!! Thank you for such an in-depth article on the impact this #Brexit is going to have on thousands of Brits.
+@tomsegura Britain wants to be more like America, like a parent trying to act like their kids.
Cost of racism. RT @nicoleperlroth: The most articulate take on #Brexit is actually this FT reader comment today.
I watched a gleeful Bernie Sanders attempt 2 exploit BRexit and I have to wonder if he really understands @nicoleperlroth
Same thing could be said about current state of US politics. Sadly, it seems, the American people are also sick of experts.
Utter dystopian drivel that makes it sound as though there's no such thing as a thriving democracy outside the EU.
I have been saying something like this since last night. The only thing better would be a Trump and Marie Le Pen victory!
yes, what we're watching here is conservatism devolve into nationalism. Next stop WWIII?
so hypothetical future + accused bigotry = articulate? This guy sure knows the future.
Out here, in the styx, austerity and the pressure of mass immigration is a lived experience.The EU threatens our way of life
Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for Everyone IS White Genocide.
All nations are created by #immigration; all nations are destroyed by immigration.
and then theres this tweet,… and why we had to leave.
The most articulate take on #Brexit is actually this FT reader comment today. @nicoleperlroth
+@Danfudge what a crock of shite you remainers talk
#brexit Well, the Pound and markets have plummeted and that helped?
@nicoleperlroth: The most articulate take on #Brexit is actually this FT reader comment today. ” "post-factual" true
+@BankersDidIt what a load of bollocks, proving the disconnect between the preening elites and those who can vote.
If all else fails blame Thatcher! Oh grow up, the vote was against you so step up and help make this country great again.
Pol Pot wasn't overly keen on intellectuals as I recall.
+@chrislhayes That last sentence describes Trump's rise perfectly.
maybe, but they choose
fantastic article spot on. Thank you.
Oh those delicious salty tears! Mmmm yummy! That's all folks xxxxxx
quite a lot of bollox here. I'm pretty sure our young people can go where they want
+@burnettanthony sounds just like Trump supporters here in the States. 😬
So, "articulate" isn't necessarily = "accurate" then? Some valid points, sure, but a bit of hyperventilating it seems, too.
+@_SSquared_ To act as Devil's advocate- the imminent threat of terrorism is enough to leave the EU and close our borders.
Absolutely worth read "@nicoleperlroth:The most articulate take on #Brexit is actually this FT reader comment today.
+@ericries "lost the right to live and work in 27 countries"? Isnt it a tad melodramatic? (and no, Im not happy about Brexit)
+@JamiePeacock10 y have people lost the right 2 live/work in 27 countries? Young people move 2 Australia all the time, not EU
+@michaeljjava today Nicole is a grey grey day
+@PONOPARADISE Why weren't these arguments used by the #Remain supporters?
+@Kevin__Davies oh ye of little faith 🇬🇧
+@jack it wasn't it was by young working class generation, who want change #Brexit #IVotedLeave
+@CanaanSZ you and Jose Canseco, bruh
very real impact to my own economic situation and that of my colleagues and friends.
but I guess we are just part of the global elite bogeyman so who cares?
look, I don't want to be flippant about your potential hardships. I was just busting your balls, as you do to me quite often.
all fun and games until the wallet gets hurt
Then I hope your sympathetic to those of us who've paid extra multiple thousands, often for a lesser product, thanks to the ACA.
I am one of those people too. How is one related to the other?
Economic hardship stemming from a policy/vote you opposed.
sure in that sense. I just didn't relate them in that way. Crazy thing about Brexit to me is that it was by pop. vote
my total plan costs double on July 1 directly due to the ACA.
Yes, and those who voted to leave are literal nazis. We're getting somewhere.
don't know anyone who voted to leave. I'm sure they are fine people, maybe they have valid reasons. I just don't know them
comment is correct.UK an island surrounded by lava.No such thing as planes. You r doomed!Never meet Europeans or work abroad
it is certainly the most condescending and least other words, exactly why we're here. #Brexit
holy shit that's complicated. Do I need more or less beer?
there are plenty of valid reasons for Brexit that weren't "anti intellectual".Nationalism is not a non intellectual concept.
+@chrislhayes this is indicative of the lower socioeconomic claases here in the US we needed real change Bernie was it!
Right because brits didn't travel, work or marry or make friendships outside England in the days before the EU. Amazing @nicoleperlroth
+@mydakini all the gross #Brexit hate. Shouldn't we be celebrating regardless of outcome, that the people have a voice?
and demonizing the people who don't agree with you is only helping tear everyone apart.
what are you talking about? I've posted nothing 'demonizing'. Historic moments are bound to have strong opinions
but it does exist, and there's a lot of it popping up on my feed.
What do I have to do with people you've CHOSEN to follow? YOU control what's in your feed. Plz go away now, thx
I did say it wasn't you. I'm speaking generally, people can agree and disagree without getting nasty. Y u mad @ me
I get what you're saying. But realistically, the least of our worries should be political correctness, a boat that sailed long ago
not you specifically, I've always appreciated and even been inspired by your contributions to any discussion.
"@BBCBreaking @BorisJohnson @BBCNews he's a lying, old, elitist prick. He and other leave voters are trash."
look, like it or not, THE PEOPLE (mostly) wanted it. That's the point of democracy. Same if BT HC or BS win in USA
A vote is like a rifle: its usefulness depends upon the character of the user. #Roosevelt
wise words, but almost dangerous. What happens when think to disarm people with a character we don't agree with?
who said anything about disarming? Message: Be a better voter/shot- get informed, educated & polish the character.
ooh, I misunderstood the quote. I thought it was about opposing sides shooting for an issue.
Wow!!! and not just the younger generation - mindless
if ifs and ands were pots and pans, there'd be no work for tinkers' hands.
+@Thooorin so sad that Britain didn't help the eu build European army. Really wanted to see Rome fall again right?
" the post factual democracy" . Just heard Boris say he wdn't use immigration as political weapon. WOW!
+@tomsegura ah nothing like people talking down to the working class. "We'll tell you what's good for you."
Them old people as you call them are the 1's that made the biggest sacrifice to give us the right to vote. Do one u pleb
well said! Hopefully our American friends will note & not fall into the same trap that Trump has set. #Brexit
Oh what crap. If the "young" love the continent so much, they're free to move there. UK might be better off.
pretty much a set of self centred clap trap that.
+@sacca Nobody can say what will be lost until 5-10 years from now; why the negative commentary. Could be better. #Brexit
No need for so much elaboration, the problem is Democracy itself. @meirsadan
+@pmarca The EU as currently structured is a failure. This vote is just the first concrete acknowledgement of that.
would love to know who wrote this...
+@jamgyal It's a pseudo intellectual argument based on the writer not knowing anything much about the world.
It is taking into account some of the likely outcomes.
No it isn't. It's being blind to reality. It's done, don't bleat-deal with it.
No one's bleating. Actually I've re-read it and as far as I can see it's broadly true. It will change things.
!!Everyone's bleating about a democratic decision. And yes, young people will still be able to go where they like - so its nonsense
It's not about being able to go on holiday. Anyway, we disagree. Stop bleating and deal with it.
Ha ha :-) well said....and I didn't mean holidays...
+@DamonBruce That's garbage
The EU was a pos when it was started and it's just gotten worse. It's time for countries to reclaim their nationally pride
+@samches Exactly!!! Have never witnessed an age of such hostility to fact and Intellectualism.
Right? Talking to a Trump supporter is one of the most frightening conversations I've had!
this isn't true. #Brexit is not the same as leaving the free market which has not yet been decided but everyone forgets
+@LiamPomfret wonder what the age of the 30% that didn't show up to vote? Just Curious. .
Unknowingly, exactly the excerpt I put up on my FB!
I didn't know 27 other countries hated the Brits that much... or are they just wrong?
,@nicoleperlroth sadly, the US is headed down the same anti-intellectual, counter-factual path, lead by a con man. I see disaster ahead.
+@pmarca Response: 1. short term only; may be better off with less EU regs, 2. 2 years to move at will; 3. “facts?”
+@dang_yikes the people voted for sovereignty and that is a beautiful thing - spinning it any other way is disgusting
the elected leaders do not look out for the best interests of the people and they are no longer blind to it
+@pmarca first time I see articulate means bloody wrong. I am wiser now, thanks.
for the remain side maybe
the liberal/leftist butthurt is strong in this dribble. Liberal tears best tears.
+@pmarca #Brexit No, actually. Articulating straw men adversaries, yes. Certainly the least well off were losing anyway.
+@richarddeitsch so immigration is now banned in Europe ? "Lost the right to live in 27 countries". Bit overdramatic
This was dismissed by @Conservatives MP on Radio 5 without even a pause fur breadth - just like all the recent discussion
+@pmarca what people miss here is that history tells us that Nations are hewn more from faith than "facts".
+@pmarca God forbid the young 2 remain N Britain & focus on putting the Great back into it vs chasing greener pastures abroad
how do we know we have lost the right to live and work in 27 countries?
the uk is finally free after 43 years to make its own decisions . No more bullying tactics like with Greece or Ireland.
"What is the EU?" is the second top UK question on the EU since the #EURefResults were officially announced
you'll never know how many terrorist migrants could have blown you up
People have always worked in other countries - that won't change. Stop the blame game and let's get on with it!
I agree. It is about our culture, opportunities, vision. What a waste!
+@chirag_jog +@chirag_jog its a referendum, why is world cribbing??????
+@DNRSJEric well at least you get that 350 million quid a week for the NHS:)
Love how rich white liberals are freaking out because they can't rule and reign over people anymore. @jack
+@jack People can still live and work in other countries. The left is upset because their lies didn't work this time.
+@TheMadBrand lame spin. The lesson is: DO NOT IGNORE the "economically disregarded", they will throw in with the racists..
But yet they have gained the power of having their vote count and becoming a sovereign nation.
that's articulate!? Every point is arguable. What is not is that a referendum is a joint decision, by all 4 all @Marcotti
+@Marcotti how has the disaster of non-EU membership for Norway and Switzerland been?
Is the UK a country with 5 million people, unlimited oil and a massive fishing industry? no? ok.
good points of difference. but then what does she share with Bulgaria or Greece, for instance?
Stupidity in that statement is palpable.
As a Swiss resident, it's been fine. If you actually think the UK, Norway & Switz are comparable.
Norway is in the EEA.
so the disaster can be mitigated. Seems like a reasonable measure that could be part of divorce proceedings?
depends on ur view. EEA means accepting EU regs (inc free movement) w/out having say in shaping them
thanks for the info. looks like UK will have to have another "special relationship" on it's non-Atlantic side.
+@mtyka is there a better sign of bigotry than dehumanizing parents uncles, working class and everybody with a diff opinion?
Mainstream economics is no science. Base policy on this flimsy foundation and there you have expertise we grow sick of.
+@Marcotti visas will allow anyone to travel, Visit and work in any country in the World. Most Brit go further abroad than EU
+@Marcotti ...are swimming in fifty pound notes in their Surrey swimming pools.
more difficult to emigrate too. Not just about trustafarians.
more difficult for unskilled EU migrants to emigrate to. Easier for skilled migrants of any nationality though!
Yeah, that's the trade-off isn't it? Just saying there's a trade off. Matter of personal choice which u value more
is that entirely a bad thing then?
But I reckon it's all moot anyway. Boris will negotiate deals or put UK in EEA.
Dunno. That it will be harder for Brits to leave to work or study if they so chose? I'd say so.
that's how democracy works though. It benefits the majority of population, not the minority.
I have no argument with democracy. But it's a question of personal opinion. And it may change over time.
+@Marcotti the younger generation? What a load of shite? A few well off Trustafarians can't travel whilst Mummy & Daddy...
+@Marcotti what a load of pretentious bollox
My thoughts exactly. But the EU bureacrats were not supported, obvious when election voting percentages ranked around 33%.
it's not going to happen. They're not suicidal. EU is on the way out, Europe will still be there
+@richarddeitsch don't blame bigotry elsewhere. Take responsibility, which society doesn't ever do. Cheers to sovereignty!
to buy this take, you have to believe that the UK is going to isolate itself by not replacing EU membership with other terms
the same terms maybe? Why leave then?
because now maybe they can incrementally change to get where they want to be. But they're not hard stopping this
+@trevortombe Emotional & wrong-headed voice of inexperienced idealists outraged that they don't get everything they want.
Quite relevant ! But we don't want an anti-intellectual culture. A not only based on prejudices one.
+@FinkelAndrew have never read such nonsense!
intellectual gobbledygook! Freedom of movement was not taken away, have some pride, go out and make your own dreams happen
better the elite you know !! Very few Brits in Paris. Lot of Parisians working in London.
The most articulate take on #Brexit is actually this FT reader comment today.
We now live in a postfactual democracy..... @NickSchwanck
‘A bruised reed he will not break... He will faithfully bring forth justice. ISAIAH 42: 3-5
(No comment)
Captured in a nut shell.The shame is that this very message wasnt articulated simply 2all the voters in advance.So crucial.
the more ppl controlled by a central governing body the more corrupt the body becomes. anyone that can't see that is blind.
+@swindeorin If someone wants to live that life, it will only be a little more hassle. True believers should make the effort.
+@swindeorin At least people now don't feel compelled to seek fulfillment in Europe.Hierarchical superiority of idea crushed.
+@swindeorin It's just good business,people buy it.Hardly anyone lives page 3 perfect lives.Most drink,lie,wallow in sorrow.
+@swindeorin This is the underlying cause of globalist delusion. Jet-set, cheap hotels, people having time of their lives.
+@swindeorin This decades long efforts for false projection : everyone finding someone under the sun came undone.People woke.
+@swindeorin Wasn't love,romance etc careful "post-factual" mythical propaganda created by cinema/media.Reality under carpet.
then they should not have offered up Europe to mass immigration.
Things may not have been good for many but this makes it worst-the medicine is wrong for the disease & may kill patient
+@SheedySheedy Suck it up. It's called democracy. You put Jeremy Corbyn there. Repent at your leisure.
I would gracefully disagree perhaps. Brits have proven track record of centuries to be the best. This is the time to lead.
true. Funny how the brexiters are suddenly dragging their feet over leaving the EU. They should activate article 50 at once!
Gee, I thought being in charge of your destiny was a good thing.
The #Brexit faction began as refugees hiked into the Chunnel thus ruining idealistic EU symbolism.…
+@alanrobinson412 the Brits and US saved that continent. Should never take a back seat
what a load of overt self pitying rubbish
So much rot written by an Elitist
The most obvious answer to this question is self evident. The young, alleged elite, educated, and lazy didn't vote.
+@TatyanaAli Before we joined the EU I was able to live & work in France! We've left a trading block that's all.Get a grip
so says the same people who are against TPP and other trade pacts. Hilarious.
Actually u have lost NOTHING! All of the 'things' mentioned above 'we' could do pre EU & u will b able 2 do them still.
+@TatyanaAli quality of life and earnings are not linked. I can cope with less if i feel safe i don't in Kensington
+@StephensSimon "they have merely swapped one distant and unreachable elite for another one". OK, so where's the alternative?
+@junkyardmessiah to use one of our favourite phrases- what a load of bollocks
more of the young should've voted
you should stick to IT articles. Your arguments are full of panic and "what if" scenarios. This isnt a strong point of yours
"Anti-Intellectualism" leads to bigotry. An absolute statement that should be inscribed on the tombstone of the #GOP
+@DrGCrisp Watch them use their EU passports now exodus to EU perhaps companies staff going already
I'm don't understand, why people in many cities which low immigration people vote to leave #Brexit
Uh, something about, "When I hear the word culture, I reach for my pistol?"
+@HollyHollywood8 major party would reap what you was too late for the experts!
+@HollyHollywood8 actually the reasons why Leave won are far more nuanced than this....a generation of problems that neither
+@bexymc I agree, however, both my kids are in their twenties and I thought about their future and voted Remain
pump the brakes on the drama. After reading this you would think the island fell into the Atlantic.
aren't you glad about the regulations?
the older generation have a lot to answer for. We should consider diminishing the vote of those approaching the end of life.
Wow, this heavy stuff. As a 64 year old I may be one of the guilty ones having belief in a Europe without war.
+@btaco16 This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard in my life lol. They are better off out of the EU and more will follow.
Your parents, uncles and grandparents fought and died so you can talk crap,they left many dead friends right across Europe.
or they could learn, get involved & take control. But that's work, time & effort. #ohwell
hi Nicole don't tar all with same brush generally you're right but I'm 57 and hate this result! Respect all individuals
+@I_Miss_Munenori I wonder what percentage of the young voted, as opposed to their parents. Might be a lesson in there.
life without freedom is no life at all. They don't understand that. They are spoiled and want to be cared for.
if these young elitist a aren't careful, they'll have civil wars to deal with. This was about better lives for the young.
Hw inconsiderate of the "working classes" to vote for #Brexit just because they were "economically disadvantaged".
This is spoken from the point of view of a child. Someone willing to give away what they didn't earn and don't understand.
+@TadekSolarz this as enlightened take on #Brexit is as pompous & idiotic as the culturalmarxists that run this paper.
Remains are butthurt because they're restricted to one country to find sex partners?
+@NYCjamescobb do young brits really believe this nonesense about being denied working in the EU in future? incredible....
EU was a bad idea from the beginning! Merkel's dictator, Hollande weak and terrorism pouring into Europe! and Greece bails?
Can you explain in detail how the younger have lost the right to live and work in Europe?
Get a passport, date local people, fearing a deadly theocracy is not bigotry. This is elitist tripe.
bigotry, how did you come up with that?
He's a moron.
I still can't believe how friggin out of touch with the entire world this clown is . thank God might be positive change Jan
+@ScottAdamsSays Scott more proponents of a post factual democracy
they can still work and live in those other countries People have done it for centuries. It's not bigotry it's common sense
+@codeinthehole The actual changes are almost entirely subject to what we decide to opt out of. We didn't vote on those.
@nicoleperlroth: The most articulate take on #Brexit is actually this FT reader comment today. ” Primeras tragedias
also, where has it been decided they have lost the right to live/work abroad? Much is undecided and that was not articulated
Regulated immigration does not equal bigotry. Plenty of country's are fine without being in a elitist superstate.
Wrong. You were on the verge of being swallowed by globalism.
disagree. It assumes intellectuals, elites are always right or agree. The myth may end up being the EU was ever good idea
What a condescending quote. No one expected a perfect transition. It's not like no one will else leave the UK again
I expect nothing less from an aristocrat. Accept the fact that corrupt, unelected officials shouldn't determine the rules
The U.S., Australia and others have many people who study abroad, travel throughout the world and that work elsewhere too.
+@charlesadler Left elitist BS and spin.
2nd statement is false. Many currently have the right to live and work all over the world. Germans etc will welcome talent
Una reflexión muy acertada.
+@ShirraD FT comment I mentioned earlier
So IYO everyone who voted Leave is an anti-intellectual bigot? Doesn't that make you a bigot?
you are obviously a mental midget get a brain first before you make up this bulognia
everyone have right to vote just the way they want. Who are others to judge?
so-called experts aren't smart at all. Technocratic governance fails every time. The pretense of knowledge is so arrogant
I have kids and I voted out for their future. If you want to emigrate add some professional worth to yourself and leave.
EU is NWO imperialists erasing nationhood 12 economic zones worldwide, one world government No thanks #propaganda #war
Actually, that's a fairly ignorant and one-sided "take". Sorta the opposite of what you thought.
I expect none of that will change. The permissive EU will let Brits come and go, but Brits will make their own laws.
Don't tar all of the older generation with the same brush. I'm ancient (56) & I voted Remain
--- Shame on you for being ageist. Older people have just as much right to vote the way they want to as do young people.
exceptionally well put. Thank you
would you like some cheese with that whine??
oh boy more weak minded idiot crying racism. So cheap and easy. A lazy losers crutch.
The only way this is true is if the EU retaliates and closes their borders. Sad part is those ruled by the EU have no say.
brilliant demolition. Remainers have genuinely lost it and just spout rhetoric
what a pile of twaddle..... that is my intellectual interpretation. such negativity.
the world is still out there but you have to go out and work for it Not expect it given to you. So emigrate and stop winging
Only the delusional would call removing massing amount of EU bureaucracy and a net loss of 8 billion euros per annum 'bad'.
Laughable twaddle but such ignorance and intellectual dishonesty is at the root of remain You can move to the EU right now!
+@osmanrashid that message was on point.
Once the sun never set on the British Empire so I'm sure they'll be fine w/out accepting unlimited immigration from Pakistan
yep, banned from living in Europe now. Moron.
still trying to brainwash people who cant think for themselves. Mass immigration is dangerous! U want shareal law?
Ah yes, because before the EU it was literally impossible for UK nationals to leave the isles.
No it won't be British working in 27 other countries, it will be all the migrants from 27 other countries coming to GB
As matter of fact, you can go to work and live in European countries if you have a job, healthcare and no criminal records.
The EU hopes Britain will consider it its "business partner" and is perfectly to continue trading with them.
I would not worry about British people not being able to go to the European continent. Plus, the EU will probably dissolve.
freedom of movement applies to those coming in also which in turn removes some necessity to leave in first place
+@NazShahBfd You Cleary show that you have not any idea what you talking about!
@nicoleperlroth: The most articulate take on #Brexit is actually this FT reader comment today. ” read understand ✨🌍
+@WesselyS Don't forget majority of British people voted this. Doubting wisdom of masses is not wise.
Establishment whores, traitors, be warned steal this from the people and you will be dealt with severely and brutally.
The young still have the opportunity to work in Europe, they may have to fill in a few forms though, a terrible hardship!
+@janemarielynch what a complete loud of pseudo-intellectual bollocks unless you have a time machine no one knows the future
It's your parents' and uncles' money you would have needed for your backpacking Job search holidays. Better go to #EU now!
So if we are drowning in debt after 40 yrs in the EU, how will it improve by staying in? Hoping all young ppl would leave?
+@janemarielynch reposting this bc it pertains somewhat to the Trump phenomenon...
+@FT agreed. Really well said - the public were misinformed. Not the way a democracy should work. #brexit
+@janemarielynch so very true, I'm 48 & voted remain. Went 50/50 in my age group. We are going to lose so much potential.
+@NazShahBfd Mathematically illiterate. Remain votes high in young but only 25% of 18-25 could be bothered to vote.Blame them
Fully agree.As to those arguing 4 freedom from the EU,our economy did well.Now you have to do better. Easily said than done!
i'm so sorry man... A big hug from Spain . We'll miss you.. Gl
+@Floridi Ridiculous. EU has destroyed many countries now, including mine, France. Time to stop this nonsense
The fools,the fools, the fools.....great piece
"Post-factual" is a terrifyingly plausible concept. Humans like good stories so much more than facts.
+@NazShahBfd mmm 'anti expert' rhetoric encouraged by some of the Cabinet disturbing. What follows on burning books?
So the democratic process used to decide this didn't work for you. Wow you need to grow up.
+@emile_hokayem Such Leftist nonsense. There are good factual test cases why Leave was better for working class. #Brexit
so true, Thatcher also anti- working class, destroying the communities who have now displaced the blame on the eu/migrants
The most moving words I have read about the tragedy Great Britain has sunk into
+@matoxley by the way you can still live and work in these countries they haven't suddenly just closed Europe
+@matoxley that's democracy for you people vote then there are winners and lovers that's life
I'm 58 and, despite what the facts tell me, I voted Brexit. Someone must have moved that 'X' with a sweeping statement. :p
+@RanjitKooner23 Great piece & for the benefit of the young a new Referendum MUST be run with 16-18yr olds allowed to vote !
you may have wanted to live in a province of an undemocratic superstate but I and millions of others didn't .
EU may break up completely or reform, in which case UK can rejoin. #Brexit is NO to islamisation.
Wow that nails it. Facts meet myths and myths win. Intellect vs Emotion. A time when we need greater intellect.
Very silent on the issue of lack of Democratic choices
they didn't lose the right to "live and work" in 27 countries. Millions europeans work in countries outside Europe. #Brexit
I wonder how many of those people who say they're "sick of experts" would like to have heart surgery by a non-expert #brexit
Saving that tweet! It's now featured on
+@vader7x brits dont mix that much with central europeans. how many brits u know with an italian or german partner?
Geez, it worked fine for abt 1800 years b4 all this. How on earth did they manage?
+@KatiePuckrik Articulate, but with a pro-Establishment, free market bias. Handle with care.
+@sine_injuria that's the most articulate? It's just emotive obfuscation Do you want to be ruled by unelected oligarchs?
+@nfergus "we now live in a post factual democracy" true of a few democracies. Fully expecting assassination of an archduke
+@deanwampler It's not about age, but outlook. I'm 53 and just as devastated as these young people:…
+@guardian Unfortunately, only 36% of 18-24 year olds voted. If you didn't vote, you have no right to complain.
a serious problem in the US, too :(
Rather than blaming Britain maybe you should be chastising the EU for its failures that lead to this. Democracy has spoken.
+@JCVignes le pire, C qu'en mai 40 en pleine débacle W.Churchill avait proposé à Daladier de fondre els parlements Fr et UK
… et que cet abruti avait refusé de peur de diluer l'Empire Français dans celui de Grande Bretagne…
that's so wrong on so many levels, esp regarding the voting out age and class and the lost ability to live/work abroad
that is actually the dumbest and most overdramatic take on #brexit that I've seen so far. My God, sack up
great take!
Well the youth should went out to vote instead of chatting on #twitter all day. Democracy has spoken so deal with it.
Is the FT reader comment post-factual itself?
true bt sad though
what a load of fucking shit , in fact that's more then comes out my Arse after a nice hot curry .
+@IamKingDemian In life, you lose something to gain other things. #Brexit might bring losses but there will be gains as well.
+@jack you're presuming voters were clueless about their vote or the consequences of it. They understand and want new change.
+@DanielKingChess Is it elitist to say that the future of Europe and UK was left in the hands of the least educated?
The UK and Europe need an ethnic cleansing asap.
+@charliejane This is so on point, and it breaks my heart beyond repair.
+@ajit_ranade The referundum should have been restricted only to those of age between 20 and 50.Old fogies shouldn't hv voted
While you’re at it, let’s not let women vote, or black or Asian, no gays. Idiot!
Sheer propaganda, there are such things as visa's and other countries want qualified foreign nationals just as much as we do
+@mikerosenwald a similar thing could be said about facts/bullets in a certain ongoing presidential campaign...
+@Regina_Kenney next time lazy young ppl must wake up,stand up and walk to vote post to VOTE !
Many of 75% of the younger generation who wanted to remain didn't vote. Went to Glasto instead. Don't blame the oldies.
+@Regina_Kenney And I think because those that travel prefer to go far,to India, S America & those that don't, don't. Divided
+@Regina_Kenney Meaning only #27% of the under 25 electorate voted for #remain.
+@Regina_Kenney But only 38% of the under 25's turned out to vote to protect that right. Of which 75% voted for #remain.
+@cdbond Utter nonsense There are group-think experts & those with their own country at heart
dead right!! The times of piracy and privateers has long time gone!! Be out with the full consequences!!
Hear hear, has @nbarrett100 already been featured in @nytimes? Voice of young generation often ignored: time to hear it? 1/x
+@moneybreton Right. Because elitism isn't a form of bigotry.
& NO they will NOT be blocked from Travel WHAT A BUNCH of FRAUDS
+@Barristerblog Surely that's 'swapped two distant elites for one'?
❤️ the phrase 'post-factual democracy'& what is wrong with EXPERTS? I don't go to the Drs to be seen by a non-EXPERT do you?
Interesting take, I wish you guys luck.My British friends are horrified. I have Donald Trump to cope with.
+@johnhering this is drivel by someone who doesn't understand the power of sovereignty. Brexit will spark growth. #power2UK
As Working Class in the US we suffer. Here I push for US Post Office Service Banking. & now I say UK exploit relationship US
Truth doesn't matter anymore to people today, how sad and the cause is spiritual depravity.
Most of the 27 have come here cos of their unemployment. People lived & worked in other countries long before EU.
Brilliant and fair analysis. Everything you say is true.
+@jlkelly excellent share, thank you. A lot can happen in the next few years. The UK is not out yet.
+@naijama Demographic/Age Breakdown Of #Brexit Vote-Youngest Voted #Remain/Oldest Voted #LeaveEU
We now know that this table omits the fact that most under 24s didn't bother to vote at all. @nicoleperlroth
the American REV! a group of slave holders who hated slavery and businessmen that hated taxes. BTW #MakeAmericaGreatAgain
36% of 18-24 year olds voted. The other 64% can be counted with those "parents, uncles and grandparents" re any "blame".
Also, I'm sick of hearing the accusation of bigotry. What's wrong with trying to preserve some of your culture? Get real.
+@MoonZappa The pendulum swings, and just like Poe, unworthiness ends up in the pit. Pitiful,wouldn't you say ?
Nope. The EU has overstepped it's charter & is far more concerned with anything BUT economy and is FAILING.
+@NellieBowles so no County in that region can survive outside of the EU? #Switzerland
+@ASK_5 The young could have won the vote to remain but 4.9 million in the group 18-35 chose either not to register or vote
Do they know for a fact no one's aunt voted for #Brexit, or are they just making a sexist assumption?
It is sad when the main concern is that a country best offer to youth is to immigrate to the neighboring countries. Very sad
A flurry of left wing shibboleths concluding in an autoerotic verbal climax.
Everyone including me has no idea what is going to happen however i do believe we will finish up better off.
+@chrislhayes CHs supports the corporate plan of eliminating sovereign nations, enabling their goals of replacing elected gov
most retarded thing i've ever read
um, yeah, sure - forgot one little detail @nicoleperlroth @MelissaLeeCNBC
Lots of articles about old people stealing the future from the young, but only 36% of the young turned out to vote
+@ritholtz they lost their right to live? No one reported on all the mass slaughter? Real articulate.
+@ElmslieEnder 2/2 but mobility for benefits claimants goes 3. Too many "experts" have turned out to be vested interests
+@ElmslieEnder utter tosh! 1. Workers no longer undercut by EE 2. Those who want to work will be able to travel freely 1/2
+@elieleshem People will also get married in order to preserve their residency creating new opportunities. #BrexitBabyBoom ?
+@fsalgadoc A día de hoy, el pueblo ha decidido"cierren la puerta al salir". Ahora a negociar sin la excusa de "nos roban"
Porque es en el tramo de >65 dónde se dió mayormente el no a Europa
Lo que dice este británico es que sus abuelos le han quitado el derecho a ser europeos.
esa es la democracia, respetar lo que decide el pueblo que se responsabiliza de ir a votar, el resto excusas.
Porque no son unas elecciones que cambias dentro de 4 años. Es una decisión de mas trascendencia
te repito es democracia y hay que respetarla y ser responsable. Otra cosa seria un caudillismo en regla.
Nadie dijo de no respetarla. Pero quejarse se puede ¿no? Eso es lo que hace ese británico.
Te puedes quejar, pero no puedes excusarte, si quieren volver tendrán que solicitarlo.El tiempo dirá que es mejor
Por ahora no se han ido. El proceso formal de solicitar salirse no ha empezado y ya hay brexit regret
pues es el momento de negociar sin el EUROPA NOS ROBA!!!!
Excusas no Eres joven y la 3ra edad te quita un derecho cuando su vida no pasará d 25 años+ hay derecho a la queja
Pueden pedir otro referéndum pero por favor, la gente no es responsable nunca???, Ahora que los mayores.
Responsable es Pero es que este referendum, el voto real que los echa fuera es un 36% de la población adulta
+@csiroperfidy I think the debts of our predecessors is disrespectful & ignorant to the life current generations are afforded
+@Marcotti all these so called young people who have suddenly been hard done by seem to think any out vote is aimed at them
Ever heard of The Grand Tour? We've always been able to travel!
My great grandmother worked in France in the 1920's.
What tosh. As if no-one from the UK ever travelled to, or worked in, Europe before the EU!
grit of British people will force EU to form a loose collaboration, not automatic but delayed, yet persistent.
+@JayyRowe our construction trades aren't racing into the other 27 countries to work are they! #pisspoormoney
+@JayyRowe oops a little spelling check wouldn't go a miss!!!
Sadly, this millenials , this "younger" generation didn't have to fight and die for their own freedom.
thank you for the post which gave words to my jumbled thoughts.
+@michikokakutani this is nonsense. The author asserts that the British will be deprived rights awarded to immigrants.
Indians go around the world to work w/o any treaties! British younger generations can also do it irrespective of #Brexit! @nicoleperlroth
I've seen this going around but wondering why the author isn't credited?
+@petewootton I live in OR today coz years ago as a Brit I got a job in Germany and met an Oregonian!
+@GlobalHE this needs to be shared for the world
Articulate means "completely parrots my thoughts" these days.
This fear mongering is exactly why people voted to leave. Civilization isn't going to crumble and devolve into chaos.
+@takethesquare I'd cut ties with all the family I could if I was a resident with right to vote there/brit...
There is absolutely no evidence that freedom of travel will not be established in new agreements- #FAIL
if the young are so pissed @ us they should hav got off their fucking lazy ungrateful arses and voted
The people voted against a system that was crushing them and not giving them a say. Higher educated people voted leave #you?
Do read my article on FB/linkedin.
+@DeborahJaneOrr Too simplistic to blame older people. Most of voted "remain" for our youngsters - devastated now.
thank you so much you have helped me take stock, prepare and pull up my positive pants !!! X
+@prof_elemental the Internet has worked out pretty well for me. My husband is English and I have friends all over the globe.
LOL! THAT'S articulate?
borders under their control alone is worth short term issues
Yes, travel & leisure are now verboten, amirite? u lefties have this annoying tendency to think liberalism = intellectualism
worth reading take on 'leave'
congratulations for this tweet.
+@laurenonizzle Unfortunately, the U.S. is on a similar motorway & there don't appear to be many exits
But Heath misled us to take us into 'Europe' in the first place.
Guess the lesson here is that "intellectualism" is worth nothing when out of touch with reality. Wake up!
+@angeliquerene #brexit explained in about 2 minutes
Featured Audio: Brexit Explained in about 2 Minutes by No Agenda Host… on #SoundCloud
So they are suffering from Baby Boomer abuse just like we are...
If Brits are such bigots, isn't Brexit doing the rest of the EU a favor by not allowing travel there?
and taken away by all the young people who didn't vote
how many people are working class not 17 million plus the Swiss seem to be happy and travel about. Seen better.