I had a parrot named Brexit who died last year. His last words were, “My passing will cause a worldwide sell-off.” #spooky #weird
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i thought i was voting for breadsticks? #WTF
Viva La freedom! God bless the UK!
But have you heard of the new cereal General Mills is test-marketing? It's Bran, Chex, and Fecal Matter. It's called Bran Crap.
does it have anything to do with a Canadian penny?
+@TeamCoco what a wacky coincedence
did you replace him with one name regrexit
I thought his last words were "take these stale crackers and shove it!"
#spooky #weird Trump bought a parrot he named "Corey Lewandowski" to do exactly what Corey did for a fraction of the cost.RT
My parrot kept saying "Fuck me Gary"so I asked my wife if Gary came over and she said yeah. Can't believe Gary fucked my parrot
Ya Conan, well I had a dog named Brexit and he liked to heard the sheep to the Abyss and then chuckle like a laughing Hyena!
when is your show going to be back on Irish Tv?
that's weird, I used to have a racist parrot who was always talking about crackers; #pollyshouldwantracialequality
You didn't mention his son, who has spooky connections to renewed Scottish independence, named 'Sexit'.
that's weird cause I had a dog named brexit. He ran off on us. Wanted to come back later, we said no. Little brexit all alone
I don't "buy" it.
God bless Britain's Independence Day!
Bad, I would not want to come up with something. But, bad. We know your IQ man. Now you can't get away with it.
when the last vote was counted someone mumbled "Brexit sends his regards!"
not so funny as ur face r , like this please conan i beg u
it is not the cause, just the catalyst #brexit
spooky is it pronouncing a hard 'p' with no lips.
did it asked for a re-vote? 😁
it was a suicide he couldn't stand that gilded cage no more he preferred to live free in a third world economy
Your parrot died a YEAR ago and you're mourning him just NOW, to capitalize on his name for all its worth? You Monster! :O
Well - He told me the Paper in his cage was the NY-Times & he choked on the stench ~
hilarious. perhaps your parrot was a pirate in disguise, and you misheard him, haha!
You killed your own pet?! Psycho!
you're going to hell in a hand #Brexit.
your parrot was an egotistic bastard!
Get another Parrot, name it Bremain. It will live longer.
i remember when u used to be funny
He sounds like my dead grandfather...wait a second.....
get your #brexit off the baked goods discount shelf don't eat the #NATOXIT
plastic limey asswipe...
He's not dead. He's just resting.
He sounds like a smart parrot.
Damn did @ConanOBrien just up his game with #'s? Do it sir! Do it! Crush the #twitter #game! #WriteforConan
I thought this was about Conan leaving the Tonight Show? Still too soon?
It's all to sad and scary across the pond here..........
I thought parrots IQ were that of a five year old .
don't under estimate the greed of the human race. They do not want Some, They want it all. and it's all bullshit anyways.
My parrot gets me my drugs. He goes out at night and says "Polly Want Some Crack ...Polly Want Some Crack" #Ottawa
there is no such thing as a ginger pirate
so you got him in Germany?
You Are Such A Freak👍😂❤️ ❤️You Anyway👍
stick to comedy.
Good one ol chum.
buy a replacement parrot. Call it fixit.
he's just pining for the fjords
get another one, this time name to lottery and ask for its numbers. :s halp me
Damn, Conan. #BREXIT really is the perfect pet name.
Sorry to hear about your ex-parrot. He did have beautiful plumage though.
hahaha u just came up with tht right😆
That parrot was a reincarnation of Nostradamus imo.
this is not funny
Funny mine said "Polly want a cracker mutha fucka"
How much did he weigh in pounds?
tweet pretty bird!
thats a wise ass parrot
Yes, It used to have its own “toothbrush.” Hummmm...now I know how Conan got his!
I thought this whole thing was about the Browns leaving Cleveland...
i had cat named conan who always ate shit
I USED to like ur show. Now I'm Looking forward to your bankruptcy and utter failure. Hope your family becomes impoverished.
+@Chris_Meloni impressive to see the stars live in their own little selfish world who do not see beyond their noses
+@Chris_Meloni says the guy who lives in opulence and who care about the small people of shit every day!
this is the tweet that made me unfollow you
Great Britain wants a mulligan.
do you also have a parrot named 'Grexit'? # foreboding #youneverknow
Was it named after your aunt Mabel "Brexit" Conano? #schwing
you can do better
pretty sure he actually said "Drop the #SDCC tickets fam"