The internet does not just radicalize would-be terrorists, it radicalizes everybody.
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Thought I blocked you....oops! No longer value your options or feedback !
saw this Friday night. Fucking hilarious
more dangerous
you're dumb
LMAO! Ahhhh totally missed your show this week! Will watch tonight!
keebler elf is pretty funny tho
the one about @ChrisChristie was hysterical!
wow those fake tweets really went on and on.
, very true. Anonymity breeds assh*les.
So true. People believe anything they see or read on the internet if it supports their bias.. It's way beyond out of hand.
+@realDonaldTrump +@SenWarren +@TheFive +@jaketapper monkey maher, r u related to hillary's VP El Warren, knowns as Running Primate
Such a good example...LogicDruid, he's talking about people like you.
& lastly to you Dear Eva,apart from people like hitler maher is the worst among us
haha & sad but true part is although Maher is monkey,he looks like a troll
but seriously though lies&smear from MonkeyMahers must B confronted
haha monkey maher is caving, he is the prime time troll,idiot
Sweet boy, go ahead look in the mirror. Do you like what you see?
haha, Hey monkey maher, do u know your show format is all troll
yep ,hope the same with you and everyone in the world
That would be incorrect. Many don't like themselves, it's called anger
Hiya, was not a statement,Anger is part of life,like pity toward monkey maher
most of those are hilarious. There are assholes in the net, but those are great.
Right on Bill
I'm Radicalized after I listen to you!!! Like listening 2 the Band Of Brothers speech, as done by Kennett Branagh!!!
absofuckinglutely fantastic! 😂
YOU MISTAKE TROLLING WITH INTEREST... @billmaher The internet does not just radicalize would-be terrorists, it radicalizes everybody.
it also takes everyone's jobs a brain outsource
😂👌TRUTH! But you gotta admit, they're hilarious. Otherwise, why bother, lol?
Thanks for the comedy. A FB prolife anti-vaxxer started saying I exist on a different plane from the rest of society.
All depends what basis you radicalize. Gardeners or Murderers...the final result will be different.
your writers fucking blow.
yes, there is truth to that. However, despite your notion, most don't rail/attack fellow citizens w murderous intent.
ppl think Obama is the anti-Christ? I say it's the Internet! It brings out the evil in us all. #eventheKeeblerelves
LMFAO. It is what it is so yeah laughter is the key. Some of that stuff is actually very funny and some is just nasty.
you pandering old out of touch foreskin. Correct my grammar maybe? You're not funny anymore!!!! Just pretentious. Faaack!!!!!!!!
bring back the W.E.L.L where people had to use their real names instead of knowitallmoron
Bullshit. But are you saying YOU are radicalized, Bill?
Rollin' down that highway to hell recently renamed the misinformation superhighway.
I'm beginning to wonder if the Brits realized they were operating in the real world and not just blocking the European Union.
Funny. The guy who invented trolling is talking badly about trolls...
Shocking Keebler behavior
You are spot on there, Bill 😔
yh every last one of us lol
BTW we want your shows in the UK! your comedy would go down a treat here. I'll be happy to arrange it for a 5% cut :)
Case in point: Donald Trump
The internet does not just radicalize would-be terrorists, it radicalizes everybody.…
cause face to face u might get an ass whippin
only if you allow it to.
Sir, you are an #HonoraryGay & we love you. #pride2016
lol you're right, I'm a nice guy but on the web i sometimes have to kee a check on my arse whole gene.
a little anonymity can turn otherwise "nice" people into raging asshats.
idk. Big fan but I felt the bit ran a little too long...:/
If the tree is the problem, are you gonna start taking leaves off it or pull up the fucking root
We wouldn't have this problem. Say, good luck with that? Well, if THAT is the problem, fix THAT.
online disinhibition syndrome is the term you're looking for - The reasoning behind anonymous troll attacks
So let's stop talking about it so much. Let's punch a hole in it's power. I tweet but I get bored hearing about twitter. Bored!
Yeah, but @HillaryClinton thinks that a movie can radicalize people walking down the street in Libya.
group polarization caused by homogeneous populations, kinda like the sanders inspired group march to the far left.
Yeah, that and the murdering of multitudes.
Atleast YOU admit it...
w/last. I have video and sermons far before #SM and #Twitter became a thing to back up my last statement. Just know time/place YK
#mateen radicalized by U.S. homophobia. For 3 years he did many 240 mile trips to visit same gay bar. or is pulse an #Isis front?
EXTREMISTS want quick violent solutions bcuz they're powerless or crazy. Maybe if we cared more about each other than numbers....
Can't uninvent guns, knives, weapons.. it is all personal responsibility. Where are the ppl around these EXTREMISTS?
What we need to do is stop electing cunty basement trolls who can't even figure out where to take a piss.
All the Internet is, is it provides a platform for people to broadcast their beliefs to the world. That & cat photos.
If you care what someone says negatively about you online, you're the basement troll with no life, even if you're President.
I agree. I wld never be on Social Media unless it was necessary, and in my case, it was. But like you, I my voice and posts are =
"Not the fault of the hater for the hate crime but of the medium", said the Maher idiot.
it does tend box the complex beasts that we are into very narrow slivers of our being, mostly awful slivers
I, #shirleesmith, am not in the radical camp I just suffer at the hands of #americanracism which is holy terror
that's just not true you America hating Cracker Barrel avoiding import driving in touch with your feminine sided commie. Lies!!!!
Cunts give a shit what happens in social forums on the internet. Zuck, to Obama to "terrorists".
I never watch the 5. But I was flipping thru and saw they played a video of you and your thoughts on Islam. They liked your ideas
Yea I was perfectly sane before getting that AOL account in '96.
Pretty funny
mr wheeler comes out when there's little accountability.
Good point and THAT is why reasonable voices MUST RISE & counter the extremists the idealogues the faithbased & science deniers.
it puts me to sleep like your show.
it's actually Muslims that radicalize everyone by killing everyone else diluting truth with an ocean of lies...truer words on the internet have never been spoken:)
Bill, why don't you guys create a new independent state within the US? Call it The Real Land of Freedom
very true we call them "Internet tough guys"
anonymous attention seekers
it's what crooked politicians have done over the decades, screwing up Foreign policy and disrespecting people constantly.
Including you. "Moderate Muslims w jobs & kids must fight ISIS!" How many "normal" Christians fought agnst likes of Tim McVeigh?
:If it wasn't 4that darn internet, we wouldn't know that u donated $1m2HRC while pretending2support Bernie
Yes, he knew u could look it up. A lot of people liked BS till we found he had NO plan #rollingstone interview
😂😂😂 Bill's busted! And he's not saying anything! Bill's credibility is down in the drain. 😂
you believe you're progressive, we've been here since before your birth. Beliefs aren't a political plan#rollingstoneinterview
Your head should be on a 6'4 guy.
If Internet radicalizes people, what do you think radicalized @realDonaldTrump?
no it just lets small minded twists be trolls when they lack both the balls and the funds to heckle you at a live show.
thats true in someway
that was so, so funny
what do you base this on?
Definitely! Very true.
But it's so much fun to be an asshole. You're one on your show all the time.
Asking someone what they think is something we all regret on occasion. The Internet is that multiplied by a few billion.
some truth in that.
So we should shut it down?? What's your point?
the little debbie one was classic
@billmaher: The internet does not just radicalize would-be terrorists, it radicalizes everybody.…@BayAreaPlaya510
like I been saying.... Fuck social media
+@SenJohnBarrasso +@SenatorEnzi per your teletownhall the other night.
As to the trolling true cowards. I have my world view & evidence= conclusion as you have yours but the art of disagreeing lost
that's hilarious 😄
the seventh sense
thx for comin' to Calgary...great show.
I'm sure my girlfriend wouldn't mind if I sucked your cock and swallowed. She's a #patriot
Nah, people just feel free to be their ignorant selves on the internet🤗
Truth, just read any comment section online.
soap operas, game shows and Gilligan's island was a bore in the 70s, but i'd go back to that just to ax cable news and the net.
u make me laugh sir
Every now and then, you say something intelligent....
can't solve anything either red or blue few are purple, a "populist" nation since Newt solving zero and amplified by the Internet
so where did the pre internet corrupts get their power?
LoL exactly. More atheist than even before in history. 🤔
What's more, it empowers them. If absolute power corrupts absolutely then for those already corrupted absolutely...what's next?!
No shit! If*s like a fucking truth serum.
man you are fkn hilarious!!
Can't wait to see you on hardball!
especially Donald #Trump lies
+@Roran_Stehl Most trolls aren't radicalized. Unless you mean radical nihilists, in which case absolutely.
you radicalize me so much at times I want to kiss you @ other times I want to slap some sense in your big head!
including loud-mouth tv hosts.
oh my Goddess! Your in big trouble with @MotherNature !!!
Watching you just turns people into radishes, so not insightful funny sarcastic or sardonic. Moronic along with guests
there is some stuff we should not see , ever
I know it made you seem stupider...
u r radical ur self. ... u big nose having Zionist bigot
how did you figure that?
#Books gave us religion. The #Internet gave us atheist. 👊😈😜😇👍
I blame religion on #Books Millennials mirror you Bill We mirror George Carlin Why? Information How do you suppress? Follow God's
example God denied man knowledge like any good abuser He isolated us and kept us secret from the angels We found out & started
asking to many questions The bible is a playbook of suppression
I wonder if they said the same thing when they invented writing 🤔 What puts us at top of the food chain? Competition?Cooperation?
Reading news tailored to your preferences is not a good thing. A reason to question the FB newsfeed and google news page.
you're always so spot on...& always hysterically funny...xo Thanks Bill
11 of the best ways Donald Trump was welcomed to Scotland this weekend…
+@realDonaldTrump +@jaketapper +@TheFive +@maddow wow monkey maher, do you know that your format show is all troll, thats what u do
your the main reason I keep HBO! After Game of Thrones of course ⚔🛡🗡
And you do the EXACT same thing. You've capitalized on social media hate!
please help bring awareness to SWFL water crisis!
Enforced non-assimilation byMosques-Qu'ran-Hadith- imams radicalize: Institute of Islamic Education (IIE)
Classic deinviduation-the internet gives us just enough anonymity to bring our the worst of us.
funny how Obama didn't beat Romney by 10% but some how people are excited for Hillary ,get the fuck out of here
very conservative but I appreciate your view radical Islamist and how they should be viewed
especially anti-vaxers whose ideas are more dangerous and will cause more unnecessary deaths if followed than Islamic terrorists
I keep waiting for the daily double answer to appear on those blue squares in your opening monologue background.
It's nothing new :) Think about "Road Rage" ... We direct anger @ people, how we'd never do in-person, cuz theres no encounter.
the internet provides isulation from consequences that creates radicalization: 1 doesn't experience the result of 1's actions
wanted to say I finally got the GW thing watching your show. Keep it up
so true! Mean tweets.
Islamism is deep seated (congenital in their upbringing, NOT RADICALISED) sleepers and moles, long planted and well entrenched.
just started following Keebler elves, thanks for top tip!
i hope that female coach pat wen to hell for trying to be a MAN
paid social media jobs
idiot!! stick to being a fool. Your jokes stink. Trump will be next president moron.