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It's so funny how there are no designers wanting to help me with a premiere dress for movie. Hmmm that will change and I remember everything
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That is SO WRONG! Wow.
screw them. you go girl!
I'm a baby designer. I'll help you.
I would totally do it were I a designer!
Seriously? Don't they know you're a wonderful treasure???
I can design but can't execute... So there's that.
you should just wear sweatpants and say "everyone else is stupid, and I'm comfortable" then pull out some M&M from your pocket
wtf?! I wish I were a clothing designer, I'd punch a baby to work with you!! ❤️❤️❤️
Thats right sis! One day, they’ll be begging!!!
I read this in your voice lol
What about @melissamccarthy! I bet she could help design something fantastic for you.
you should wear a replica of the dress cersei wore in the finale (u kno im right)
You know Miss Jones will own that carpet in whatever she wears, but that would be scary and look awesome!
What in the fuck? What is wrong with people? I know nothing about design or how to dress but I'd love to work with you!
Tell your assistant to call a design school for recommendations, like #FIDM. I'm sure they'll help you discover a new designer.
I have someone you have to come to LA tho 🤔
Reach out to @theashleygraham. There's a designer who custom fitted her, and her dress was gorgeous!!!
If I was a designer I'd be honored to design a dress for you! But I'm not so I'll just smh. 💃
it's OK I can help you!
I would commission some young design student to make a dress with all of the offending designers names on it.
I'm not a designer but I'm quite sure you should bust out that Cersei dress from the finale 🔥🔥🔥🔥
this is bullshit
that's bullshit. I'm very much looking forward to your Pretty Woman moment.
Revenge is a dish best served cold!
you've got 2 b kidding
I can't believe this! Well, their loss! I'm sure something amazing will come up and you will rock it!
I could so picture you in a @CSiriano design. Did you see what @IAMJHUD wore to the BET awards? Stunning.
I'm so sorry this is happening to you. I'm sure @melissamccarthy can point you in the right direction
man I'm sad I didn't discover #GameOfJones until the season was over
you want to borrow something?
I bet one of your costars can relate & she has her own clothing line!Keep your memory strong,the only way change happens.
that's terrible. They should be proud to dress you.
I know a designer that will help you! Her name is Dalia McPhee let me know if you’d like the connection!
There's an upcoming designer out there just waiting, maybe someone older who's put in the work but hasn't gotten a break yet...
Make your own outfit. Do some post-apocalyptic Mad Max stuff.
you are so talented and destined for greatness! But you already knew that.
they played themselves.
Payback is a bitch
I heard @melissamccarthy can design some amazing clothing :-)
u r mega talented & funny! I hope u do remember & throw the shadiest of shade at the fakes when the want u
I wish @CSiriano would dress you. He always slays looks on us black ladies. 😰
See👇🏾someone hire me.
+@Lesdoggg I wish @CSiriano would dress you. He always slays looks on us black ladies. 😰
so lame! If I was a designer I'd jump at the chance!
If I were a designer, I would be HONORED to dress you for a premiere.
Ooh, perfect!!
I thought of this exact thing when I read her tweet! Perfect together!!
Already read my mind - Leslie - Christian's game, girl - let him help you dazzle them on the red carpet! He's my fave!
Um, you two would be an amazing combo 👏👏👏
u most likely got the best one now #everythingworksout
aaaah, so excited!!!
Omg yes. This soooooo needs to happen!!! He'll make you look fabulous!!!!
Yay!! Yur going to look great! Please video, snapchat, instagram, whatever, this collab bc it will prob be hilarious!
This combo would be amazing, Christian is the bomb! Can't wait to see what you wear Leslie!
OMG YES!!! That will be amazing. :D
that's what the fuck I'm talmbout. Slay that red carpet, Leslie!!!
I'm so looking forward to seeing you hit that red carpet! And don't forget those a-holes when they start calling YOU!
talk about activism!!!
You two made my heart happy today. Thank you!
his dresses are fucking amazing. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
I knew it would work! Can't wait to see it! F I E R CE
favorite #projectrunway star! Can't wait to see what @Lesdoggg will wear.
needs to make you a dress like cerseis
this collaboration gives me all sorts of feels!! #bestdressed
the team up this world needs
two real ones 💞
You're the best for helping her
When I saw this last night before he tweeted I was like hold up she needs to call CS because I know he'd come thru!
YES!!! This is Amazing!! Slay on Leslie!! Slay On Gorgeous! <3
Leslie, you will look FABULOUS! Keep being awesome.
You two teaming up makes me so happy! <3
This exchange has inspired in me some life-long loyalty to the @CSiriano brand!! I will buy #allthedresses.
Do something like this one!
You are my fashion hero!!! I think Leslie Jones would be so happy to work with you! Thank you for reaching out to her!!!!
now that's what I'm talking about! Crush this and look spectacular!
you are a doll!!!
Yes!! I was just about to say how Mr. Siriano would slay you honey! I hope it works out!!
I KNEW IT! As soon as I saw her tweet I thought, "Siriano's got this!" I can't wait to see it!💃
I thought the exact same thing! He not only designs beautiful clothes, he doesn't discriminate.
Since U Did This For My Fav Girl I Will Follow U And Go To Your Page For Support! Good Lookin!
Too perfect. "Big mistake! Big! Huge!" Pretty women all their asses.
Love this partnership!
Just one of many reasons why you are one of my favorite designers. You dress ALL shapes and sizes, and BEAUTIFULLY.👏🏻
I'm not surprised. I am most confident if you had a lesser amount of detectable melanin it would be vastly different.
Christian, thank you! Leslie is the BEST!
YAAASS!! Love that @khloekardashian won't reward bad behavior unlike @KimKardashian Stick together to fight classism!!!
Please put a dragon on there somewhere. PLEASE.
such good people. 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿
C listers don't always...nobody going to watch that movie anyway!
kudos to U Siriano, she will slay the dress! And U of course will slay the design!!! ❤❤❤
I need to run with this #CatchingFire theme 😂🙌🏾 can't wait to see what you come up with! ❤️🙏🏾
Can me and my girl help. Just moved to Omaha. Your bomb to watch. So funny..
will be ur muse! I CANT WAIT!!! 😍
If you aren't 5'6" and a size can they help you? A real woman just doesn't fit in their twisted world.
and this is why I fucking love Christian Siriano! Les your in good hands girl!
I knew immediately that Christian would step up. Well done.
YASSSS Christian. Way to step up to the plate!
would love to see you in a Christian Siriano! You go girl!
Do it Christian, make her look #FLAWLESS
yaaassss 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
1 more reason I love Siriano. This, the models of color in his campaigns, amazing pieces, sample sales in all sizes 🙌🏾❤️
Hope you work with Christian --Shine and wear the hell out of your premiere outfit!
This made my day. Fabulous people coming together and changing the narrative. #Slay
Let's give @CSiriano all the money. Bravo!
HA!!! I love how Christian is like...hey over here 😂🙏🏽
Your designs show your heart you won PR and are still killing it for celebs. Can't wait for pics
Christian is amazing !!! He can accentuate your beauty and help you slay at the premier @Lesdoggg. Do this!
my girl shannon can probably help. She did Amy a few years back
You're hot stuff. Don't let them tell you otherwise!
Damn straight. Bad memories and folks not wanting to fuss is why fools get away with being foolish. <
crap. Wish I was a designer. You are a badass and deserve everything for free. Forever.
What? Text me --- I'll connect you with some necessary people.
Find unknown designer and use them. There are so many gifted folks in fashion that can't but don't get recognition.
please be kidding. If not, I hate everyone.
Have your people been in touch with @CSiriano ? I have seen him do amazing red carpet dresses for women of all heights, sizes!
That's some Bull****! Call Rachel Zoe
You would totally rock that Tywin/Cersie armor plated shoulder number!
Ill make your dress lesdoggg. I'm a baker so we can make it out of cookies and hamburger buns #eatitwhenyourdone
it'll be like Lady gaga's meat dress, but you can dip it in cheese!
Check your replies - amazing designer @CSiriano is waving at you - he can make you a real goddess on the red carpet! DM him!!!!
I did Gurl calm down lol
Luv ya, chica-can't wait to see what he designs for you! You are the reason I can't wait for Ghostbusters!🎬
if you need any #designs for any future events - @saisumancouture would be happy to assist you, as well. 🙏🏾
I was just going to say, @itsmazzz ! Leslie would rock any @CSiriano design!
, you are so real, that is why I love you. I'd dress you.
wth!!! 😡
you should call @CSiriano up. He's the best.
pull a Cersei on them 😉😛
SMH!! Stitch a fat middle finger into whatever you end up wearing
I'm excited about this Union 🌚🙌🏻
Go naked & when reporters ask why, YOU TELL THEM WHY!
Oh Really! Don't worry very very soon they will be begging you to wear their designs. YOU GOT STYLE! YOU WILL ROCK THE RED CARPET!
Please help a girl out.
this is some straight up bullshit! ( yay christian siriano)
that's bullshit!!
dumb.....some people are just dumb. You'll get someone to make you something and you'll rock that red carpet. 👍
these fools don't know who they're dealing with, the giant billboard of you as Patty by my house says otherwise, you're a queen!
Hi Leslie! Racked would love to write about the hot bs that is designers not helping you if you're interested in talking to us.
I'm We're very excited for your (hopeful) collaboration with @CSiriano, you're going to look fucking amazing.
Yes girl!!!! Remember it!!! In the words of Vivian from Pretty Woman "Big mistake. Huge!"
they're missing out. ✋🏼
I think this is where you come in @ColinJost
How can I contact you? @Lesdoggg
Take notes and kick ass. Melissa McCarthy had same problem. Look at her now!
I think you are amazing and baby you're worth it.
bunch a fools! But ur a strong funny lady whose confidence can pull off a paper bag and make it work
Ms.Jones… you are statuesque, brilliant, beautiful… you would improve any designer's offering… F😎ck 'em.
…and by "improve," I meant "make glorious."
I know the guy who did Miss America's dress this year and he's fab. Make your way girl. Don't worry about the haters....
Whatever you decide to wear, you will look flawless because you are beautiful. You are the dress! #youmightcangetit
What the h*ll?!
We would love to help you with jewelry! Let us know if you need some sparkle for the premier!
Amazing! @Lesdoggg Send us an email at and we can pick out some diamonds for you to wear!
Then you can go all Pretty Woman on them. "Big mistake. BIG!" #LeslieJones #PrettyWoman
those 💩's don't deserve to have you wear their clothes 😒 Better give the honor to an unknown designer who deserves it! 💃
I own a bridal shop, let me know if I can help
- You don't need 'em. I'll assist and buy you one. ✊🏿💪🏿
If a designer can only make dresses for size 1 or 2 models, they must not be very good designer! The rest of us remember, too.
ask Melissa M to do it...Seven7.
Idiots. You are spectacular!!
that's a bunch of BS! Somebody out here better recognize greatness and get to work making a damn dress! 💃🏾
they'll regret it. I hope that you find the dress of your dreams and a designer worthy of working with you.
no designer??? Wtf! Gurl, you don't need them. #hotlady #Ghostbusters #fuckthehaters
Maybe you can get Cersei's dressmaker to make you a supervillain'd look awesome
that's some SERIOUS bullshit
which designers??? Let's shame them!!!
Try Michael Costello!
get Brianne's armour the and then kick all their asses.
have designer friend. She does a lot of leather. On etsy it's called Sexy Skins. Told her to hit up your Twitter if she can help.
That's just crazy to me. Any designer would be damn lucky to dress you! They should be BEGGING to help you.
I'm having @THEIACOUTURE email you through Lauren R at SNL. They are fantastic
Girl we got you! @Lesdoggg We will send you whatever you want :)
I hope you meet with @MarqueeMarc to help with styling you for the movie premier! He's the best!!! @tracethewaugh
if they don't want to fuck'm and when they do make them never forget it... Respect!
If I knew how to sew and design, I would make that dress for you
check your FB inbox and msgs for a connect on that
😮 They don't know.
Really, that is terrible:(
that makes me sad to read that 😥
I'm sure @GLAUDIJohana has a GLAUDI dress for you!!!!!!
I would love to email me ASAP
Not fair. I'm not a designer at all and I'd totally find dresses for you!
wow I know the feeling.. Forgive them for they know not but don't forget oh yes they will see you at the top!! This is your season
Allow me to help.
Christian Siriano would make you look amazing!
Paybacks are a... well, you know.
You're too beautiful & talented to concern yourselves with such people. But you wait. One day they will & then you can say %#!*$&!
Remember Jennifer Lewis as "Diva Dean" on A Different World?: "You're on my LIST!!! Lol #NeverForget
i know a designer in Miami who makes beautiful dresses. Pm i can hook you up
you pull a Pretty Woman on those assholes and show them who is boss. Love you, girl. Fuck dem size 2s
keep your chin up dear for the time will come verry soon when thay will all see the light on the new era of the movie industry
So wrong. You go illuminate their minds.
2 bad 4 those other lame ass designers that didn't step up. @CSiriano will werk u out diva! he's the 1 u want anyway! #werk
not even @CSiriano ? I can't believe that!
Try Tadashi Sojii?????
They are dumb. You are awesome. I wish I could make one for you.
I'll make you a dress.. Gonna pretty much be one of my Rangers jerseys though because I'm not very talented..
you tell them suckers girl..after they'll be begging you to work with them.much love
You RULE Leslie. 👊💥 They should be begging to offer you a dress and/or outfit. #Ghostbusters #GhostbustersMoviePremiere
leslie... come to us for the next one. .. we fit for real women's bodies...
forget them we got a mess load of talent in our community that will put them to time just reach out and are there
I can hook up up. Just know though there's a good chance you may walk out looking like Theo Huxtable in his Gordan Gatrell.
That's pathetic! How about Christian Sariano or Isaac Mizrahi? They are beautiful curves friendly.
well, you are one of the tops in comedy today so their loss.
if you had a Dragon they would respond. Quickly!
can help you find a dress. DM us.
Hi Leslie, We can definitely help find you the perfect dress! Can you please DM us your contact info so we may assist?
I know you will look amazing anyway and represent for all of us girls who aren't perfect!
You just ain't getting at the right designers. I'm a fashion designer and stylist out of LA. Tell me what you need girl.
they'll regret that. The already should
big mistake. BIG. HUGE.
You're beautiful, their loss.
YOU-Star in need of a DRESS! ME-Fashion designer in need of a star! HITMEUP! Custom made clothing.
That it will, Ms Jones. Love following your rise! #quality
I'll gladly dress you! Upcoming Stylist right here <3 Sistas supporting sistas!
I will design a dress for you. HMU.
Maybe I can help...I have some Gorgeous, long White dresses & jewelry, shown
Whatever you wear I say you make a statement & carry Wiig around as an accessory ;) It's a big night for you! Bask in it!
yes it will. Yo go girl!
A serious 2 thumbs up!!! Good for you AND yes, please remember every name because many will be ringing you up very soon.
what about a up and coming designer who's hungry and driven! What an opportunity, I know a few
Hmmm, what does this TELL you?
what you saying. Cause I'm trying figure out if you being mean
hire a designer no one has heard of
It's going to happen and you will look as fab as you are! Keep the faith!!
fuck those guys. You could wear a plastic bag and still slayy!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤
my girl Leslie I luv ya boo💕
I have a friend who would def be interested in the opportunity.
I guess you don't look enuff like Halle (no offense to Halle). smh
Check that fame-privilege! whining, entitlement does NOT look good on you
your name is "puke" you actually think I'm giving a fuck about your opinion PUKE!! BLOCKED!!
Don't listen to them. I'm sure you'll look fierce at the premiere, designers or not. #work 💖
You're famous & in a big blockbuster movie, yet you talk like a ghetto nigger? And you wonder why no one dressed you?
use better words bitch. Don't let me ever catch yo ass.
are you kidding? She's being real - on her Twitter - that you chose to follow. Should she only make you laugh?! FW
you are a cute little fanboy.
let's see, puke is scared if Muslims and strong women. Little package if pathetic. Go back under the rock.
you drunk? again?
So now whining, "Where's my free dress?!" Is called "being real?!"
and you're a fugly ass, curly headed, wish I was special, whiny bitch. But what's your point here?
making a list of designers to burn just like Arya Stark
It is possible designers want to distance themselves from what appears to be a colossal flop of epic proportions
thats right its there loss when u doin the damn tang they dont know who u are they better ask somebody
If I knew how to sew things and make things I'd design for you!!!!!!!
I hope you found somebody..nice of #ChristianSiriano to offer his svcs..he's talented. U r hilarious..big fan...enjoy ur premiere!
Time to activate and channel your inner #LyannaMormont. You'll be fabulous at the premiere no matter what.
I am the founder of Latino Fashion Week in the US. We would love to dress you anytime
I am very serious about my offer. Designers are alway seeking opportunities like your.
-The Wilbourn Sisters @janicewoods would love to dress you for your big premiere! #blackdesigners #ATL #fortheGAWDS
fuk em. You rock no matter what.
are you sure? Everyone would want to work with you!
I hate that. Lil bitch designers tryin to hate on lessdogg
looks like people are changing their minds, I'm glad to hear it <3
I hate hearing this. There is an ugly fascist mentality in the fashion world.
when they say who r u wearing u can say my own dress with my own $
someone thought id be great for you and I would love to design your gown if you still need help.
Ms. Jones it would be an honor if you allow my company J-is-L to dress you for the premiere!! Please reply!
We have some shoes for you. What size do you wear?
This is when you find a struggling, super-talented designer & make him/her a STAR by dressing a STAR as fab as you. #SlayAllDay
you are amazing! I am liking what I am reading, let an upcoming designer do it! You will look great in anything. ❤️❤️
I would have loved to have the opportunity to design for you. You are gorgeous! Maybe I can get a shot next time? 😉😆
regardless. just know. JUSS KNOW that there are millions of people that love you <3 wishing you nothing but more success.
I'll slay you a dress 😝
try an unknown designer. Someone fresh out of design school who still has a soul.
I'll send some fabulous Vintage Frocks! No who wore it best list for you - one of a kind. ✅ #WhoYaGonnaCall
we will help you with a dress! Our client @RachelAllan has great gowns and cocktail dresses!
we'd be happy to style you♡
I'll make you something. I make my own clothes bcoz nobody can handle my short muscle chub genderfucking intersex fine ass body
you could wear sweats and still be my hero. 🦄
you need to hook this woman up👆🏾
It's not their fault you're built like an NFL player and look like a dude. Usually they dress petite or beautiful women only.
you not being one of them bitch. FUCK. OFF. BLOCKED
this tweet healed my soul
Is your soul also made of racist troll garbage?
Yes, Leslie does look like a drag queen, like Michellle (Michael) Obama! Hahahahahaha
please pay them no mind. You will be stomping them on the red carpet.
She'll be stomping alright, with big manly nig nog feet! HAHAHAHAHAHA
Stay strong A joke for you.Who lives in parents basement,insults people to compensate for "shortcomings"you finish 😉
Idk? Your gay uncle who molested you when you were 8 yrs old? Is that the answer? Is that why you're a faggot now
No reason for U to deal w/ this. I bet @LawrenceZarian can do it. On Home & Family he dressed voluptuous, sexy women beautifully.
If I were a celeb, I would hire him if he were for hire. He has classy taste.
ew his comments are disgusting and a sign of ignorance in today's effort for pushing progression and acceptance!
ew? what a fag response. i'm not ignorant. have you seen this nigger's face? looks like a pitbull! I'm just being real
I know a designer that would LOVE to style you.....this would give him a GREAT opportunity to show his work. Holla If interested!
says someone without a picture on their page, on twitter solely for "the triggering"what a life😂..Leslie..siriano=😍
Not having a pic doesn't change the fact that a man-like nigger can't get a dress from top designers! LMFAO!
You are the fucking awesomest! I love this shit. Keep kicking ass!
what pisses me off is ppl that think their fucked up thoughts matter. Fuck off! what is wrong with u @ghost_vagina ????
your a fucking ass hole!
YOU @ghost_vagina is what is so wrong with this world...all the hate & meaness @Lesdoggg is beautiful! ALL WOMEN ARE BEAUTIFUL!
If all women are beautiful, why are ugly bitches single? Stop being delusional; some bitches are ugly. That's life. #MAGA
It wld be easy to be hateful to you cuz the way you treat others but I wont Someday you will answer to the BIG Man
Oh no you didn't. What an assface to even think that. Leslie, you're perfect and are a highlight for me on SNL. LuvU
Be real! She's not "perfect". Bitch looks like a fucking ORC, or a dog faced butch with a man's body! Be honest. Jeeez
I am real. I'm a parent to a Vax injured severely disabled child. It's clear that she's perfect or no one is.
Coffee Fox, women come in all shapes and sizes. Not everyone is 100 lbs and petite & that's not their fault.
61% of actresses and 98% of runway models are above average height. Not petite. Avoid words you are not able to use properly.
We're not talking about "above average"; this nigger beast looks like a dude, with a dog face too! You people r delusional
and, what is your career; you have how much money? You jealous little devil.
My dad is a CEO of a huge Chinese bank working out of the Trump tower in New York, so...yeah. Money is no problem lol
I am so sorry. You will get the last laugh. You are fabulous!! ❤️
i gots U friend, designer Roger Gary will hook you up. come to brooklyn baby
I know that feeling. If you don't love me now, don't expect love from me when I'm big time!
I had the meanest, yet funniest thought reading this
need a designer? @byashley_nell she know what a voluptuous fashionista woman wants!
You don't need a "designer". You're a highly valued unique brand. Just go out buy outfit &give unknown designer some needed press.
you will look stunning in whatever you choose to wear. Size 0 is out dated! Curves are the new #beautyful 👌👌
don't worry... they'll be 😘😘😘 a$$ later!!! BTW... I don't make dresses, but I'm great at styling and wardrobing. 🤗
I say roll up in some battle armor or better yet... Dress as Grace Jones' character from Conan The Destroyer. ⚔⚔⚔
i wud mostlee design ur dress w/ my handz. Mis manos coverin ur breasts. & me thong'd bod n between u & da camera. I hav confidenz
what about the girl who made her own prom dress? She is a good designer now.
Kyemah McEntyre
That's because you're TOO GOOD for them. You are always welcome in our house. We love you! #NOTTEVERA #accessories #madeinitaly
it is so lame and yet you are so epic- you are what people see/hear/enjoy! You are the shiny bright light- keep shining!
You are so beautiful you don't need a designer dress to wow the crowds. Sod them (uk saying) and dazzle as yourself girl 👍
stylists should be tracking you down! That would be oh so fun! Can't wait to see what you wear and how you rock it! Have fun!!
I love all ur fans trying to hook u up!! Lots of love! Then an amazing designer steps up! Love Twitter!
Not taking it lying down, eh? A woman after my own heart. #GiveEmHell
You are beautiful, funny, witty & sassy. Designers dress twigs not real women....don't let them break your stride.
and this could have been a great opportunity to sow a seed into a great designer who is trying to get a breakthrough
I wish I was a designer .I would have love to create your dress.
can't wait to see you at the premier!
is a fashion designer. & she can custom make you ANYTHING you want/need!
I'm so happy for you.(Not about the blatant idiocy of designers, except @CSiriano -he rocks.) Your success is awesome! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Good For you!!!!!!❤👍👍👍😘
So glad GoT is over so I can follow @Lesdoggg again
Leslie, please contact Stephen Goudeau. He's a young designer who would love to dress you for any event!!!!
stop being a stereotype. Please
Maybe help a non-recognized designer out by offering to let them dress you? Didn't think of that did you? Selfish.
you're beautiful💕. 🖕🏾 them.
you should have asked @heidiklum I'm sure she knows one or two designers.
I'm wondering why your costars aren't out here defending you and asking the same question...
That is some Grade-A Bullshit.
You should let me know I design for a company that creates evening wear!!!!I am a 5 ft 11" sister myself!!!!
We would love the opportunity to send you our jewelry! #prettyplease 💎💎💎
Hey Leslie, design eveningwear that you would love!!and I get it I am a 5 ft 11" sister!!!I could've hook you up!!!
if i were a designer, i would be honored to design for you <3 you are a badass and i hope you keep being that way! #props!
they'll come back begging 💃🏾
, give this ghostbuster with the greatest smile the best! You, the best, @BobMackie!
you are our favourite one from SNL! we would love to dress you!
👗👗👚👚👛👛💍💍💄💄👠👠 FAshion love, BjP
if that's true then they are not REAL artists with vision. They cld change the game working with you! My opinion.
I don't understand how that can be!
awwww I am sorry I'm just seeing this tweet.i would have loved to make you fabulous. #yourcurvesareit
LJ, you know damn well why. A damn dress made by "so and so" doesn't make you. You are the Queen, not the dress.
I will design for you .... Of course I have neither experience or talent for doing such .... Ok, yeah, I just wanna hang with u
I will Look @my IG The Queens Chair
check out @marcohalldesign He's THE BEST!!!
You are so fabulous!
Leslie you are a Goddess and they should be honored to help you!! Rock on Queen!! F*** the haters!!!
you are funny but keep it in perspective. If only all our problems in the world would be finding a dress for a world premier movie
I love you. I am a stand up comedian and I think we would kill in a buddy comedy movie. I'm going to work with you one day!
we should talk. I am a celebrity stylist and have deep experience in this.
I love you!! Fuck those designers, you're too good for that bullshit!
say what?! I don't do clothes, but I'd bling you out all day! #fools
I'll dress you and it will be an honour! I am an unknown but was trained in Italy with the best of them and I am good!
I say pick a designer who simply loves what they do B the canvas 2 a tru artist a local no 1 famous. Ull get the beauty u deserve
shame on them, you are a funny, beautiful Amazon and @CSiriano is going to do something flawless. Can't wait to see the movie!
You should have Melissa McCarthy design a dress for you! Her fashion line is beautiful!
that's ludicrous. They should BE so lucky for you to deign to wear their dresses. #LoveYou
How is that even possible ?! Fuck them. You rock.
I'm sure you will kill it. You right don't forget or forgive
I can dress you I'm a fashion design Student at AI !!
OMG I WOULD DIE TO MAKE YOU SOMETHING YOURE BRILLIANT! I do geeky fashion, we can do a GB themed gown and it'd be SICK AF!!!
for real tho. I would MAKE THIS FOR YOU SO FAST just lemme know ok?! LA Based, I'm real good!
Name and shame. Also, we're pretty much the same size so if you want to go shopping, you just let me know.
No worries, you will look FAB anyway!!!!
I will dress you!!!
Andrea Fenise from Memphis is fire. She would love too
can't wait to see what @CSiriano does for you!
hey Leslie! Check out @stephengoudeau! He's a dope designer and works well with all of his clients! Oh yeah, he's a Black Man too!
they r a holes! You are an amazing funny lady and u should be in more comedies!
it's a shame, but you'll b just fine. Keep going, everything else will work itself out ⭐️
You are radiant in your on clothes you are wearing! Who needs asshole designer overpriced clothes!
late to the game, but anytime you need anything I would LOVE to work with you! @Lesdoggg @Lesdoggg
You're fierce as fuck and will look fabulous at that premier! Those designers won't know what hit em 😄
how about an amazing clutch to match the @CSiriano gown??
hook up with Peter dinklage and go naked,that will shut them up.
Perhaps it's not you. Perhaps they don't want to be associated with such a tacky movie to not damage their brand.
you're gorgeous. I was in the same boat when I needed to find a dress for my @Letterman appearance. I had to beg for help.😞
you deserve a designer who will make something as amazing as you are! Swing by D.C. & I'll hook you up!Bring @melissamccarthy too!
I knew of pity sex. Never heard of pity tayloring; seems like someone is a trailblazer here.
I would help you if I could design my way out of a paper bag.
I would LOOOOOVE to send you something from my collection! How can we reach your mgr? 💖💖💖
i love you i will make you a dress
they're scared because they're used to dressing hangers
they're used to dressing hangers not humans
I think @yadiydaclothing is the PERECT designer for you and your personality. She is an amazing designer
maybe buy your own cloths? Or lose some weight chubs.
You will be a huge star one day. You have that special it factor. One day they'll be begging you and you snub them. Jerks.
that troll is so scared they use a anonymous account to spew hate. Self hate is real
i watched you on Graham Norton are beautiful, amazing and so funny!! Fuck the inbred racist cave dwellers!
Shame on them! I'm not a designer but If I lived in the vicinity, I would have been tackling folks for the chance to do your face.
That blows me away and is ridiculous. I would have gotten you hundreds of opportunities.
find yourself a nice African designer, this guy might have some connections. DM @XipixiOfficial or @MacheveJr
To All #Designers @FIDM this is your big chance, reach out to @Lesdoggg + dress her for the #Ghostbusters premiere #DressLeslieJones @4UMF
JFK said, "Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names." And then slay on the red carpet! 😘
Christian is amazing, those other designers can go s*it it their hats #GameOfJonesFan
most designers don't make their own anyway. Let us make you something truly one of a kind for a one of a kind person like yourself
holy shit I would totally design a dress for you. I can already see it in my head.
you think they would have learned after @Beyonce just laid their asses out for this shit. Do you, ma. They'll be kissing ass soon
sure, did.…. She, sweetly, calls them out while they're giving her an award. #slay
I remember back when Tina had to design their clothes because designers wanted nothing to do with DC
I'm with you keep mental list. So when they come calling later.
all of them are going to be sorry and have to live with the regret of turning you down.... Their loss 😏💋
I'm a designer feel free to message me! Would love to help
Why do you need validation from overprice + overrated designer? Find an up&coming designer with soul. #nobrandname #nolabelwhore
There are excellent Black Designers who would've fit you no problem. It's time we start supporting our own anyway.
They will rue the day, Leslie!
would love to... Who do we contact?
Leslie, please reach out to the African dress designers of @shopzuvaa
Im not a designer but I love to make you a dress. These people make no sense.
You're so amazing! Can't believe there are so many idiot designers out there. If I was a designer, you'd top my list.
go with @CSiriano he's fierce!
I can't wait to see how amazing you look at the premiere! I'm counting down the days to see it, and you are the main reason! ❤️
I'll gladly make you a dress! I'm in San Antonio and just made some pieces for the lovely @KamFranklin.
don't worry girl! My mom & I gotchu! Give us a call!
that's infuriating. Although you could wear a trash bag and still own that premiere. Don't let the assholes dull your shine!
What a bunch of straight up bullshit! You are gorgeous. They should be honored to dress you. Fuck those assholes!
I am a designer in Southern California. I would love to design for you!!! Now you have options! Moi and Christian Siriano.
Please see my site: Happy to send more pics. Let's do this!!!!!
a. I'm shocked b. They can't be very creative or know what's good for business
How is that possible?? They obvi aren't people you want to work with anyway. Call me, I would LOVE to design something for you! <3
this makes no sense to me! But soon you will be coming out on top and where will they be?! You keep doing you girl! 💁🏿
I'll style you! Put the right look on that @CSiriano piece! ❤️💥😘
its probably because you arent funny.
SM: Hollywood & Racism: Why wouldn't designers dress @Lesdoggg for @Ghostbusters premiere?
Hi my name is Kimiko I am a Fashion Designer in LA and know a handful of designers who would love to create something for you!
u should put those designers on blast! I think you are the shit! Love your humor. Continue 2 slay.
to hell with the lame-ass designers. You still winning boo! 😎
can make you red carpet ready! The proof!
how ridiculous is this?! What a wasted opportunity to design an EPIC dress for one sexy ass woman!!
my beautiful black queen what ever you wear will give them pause stay up queen
if you have real talent as a designer you can dress any body type!
that's messed up, do they need a Septa to remind them that putting clothing on ppl is their job?
Saw that. They have missed a golden opportunity.
plenty of talented black designers would love to dress you..have your people research. Make the est. designers pay by ignoring em
I have little to no design experience and mediocre sewing skills but would happily make you anything you ever wanted.
Are we supposed to feel sorry for you? There are people who can't afford clothes or food and you bitch about this? #hollywoodelite
you're an hilarious, talented & beautiful black woman! Reach out to some up & coming stylists, y'all come up 2gether!
We're always here for your fashion emergencies @Lesdoggg!
just think designers snubbed Beyonce too. Like her, u will have the last laugh
don't they know how long a woman's memory is? Suckas
(Possibly sensitive)
I'm no designer rather a lifestyle expert but I'm more than happy to help you find that perfect dress. Love watching you on #SNL
I would in a heartbeat if I had the means to do it in enough time. 😫😫😫
Then you're not calling the right designers! Call us! We're ready!!
Whuat?! I would have gladly dressed you. Though my shop is in the Philippines, I would have made you something amazing! ⭐️🦄👗
You should put them on blast. Inquiring minds want to know.
, that is odd when they dress Lupito all of the time,,,yes, you will show them. You are very talented!!
That's because other so-called designers lack true vision and talent. Kudos to @CSiriano
Oh my gosh, we would love to! I'm sure you have bigger-name designers offering, but in case they don't work out, keep us in mind!
My sister is a well known designer that loves to work with different shapes and sizes.Shes located in KC but is willing to travel.
Check her out on Instagram. @ kechena_ designs. Everything is custom and hand sewn. You'll love it 🙌🏾🤗
Hello I am Ashley Monique! I would love to dress you for the #ghostbusterspremire…
so wrong on many levels.. Come check out my closet... I gotcha... 😋😋.. I love your work... Keep doing you lady..
I'm a fan! My client Afro-Colombian designer EDWING D'ANGELO would love to designer something for you💕Have your team reach out!
I'll design your dress. IMMEDIATELY.I'm a big fan of your curves, your complexion AND your comedy. #LetsWerk #BrownGalLeague
There are people in the world with true hardship issues and this is what you are whining about? No free clothes for the celebrity?
Right on, Leslie!!!
this song touches on that subject. Please check it out. The name is I.R.E. I Remember Everything Spotify 👑
see @mindofkye we can take care of you.
hmmm, I've seen some talent on IG.. Maybe you find one there who can be your go to when the big names come begging
Take it on the chin; it's a blessing, and a learning experience! Something will shake!
I've noticed that yrs ago. So glad @CSiriano has offered to dress ya. His new @lanebryant line is pretty. 😎👍😉
Well fuck them!!Do your own thing Boo!!!
That's completely messed up! Did you try Cenia Peredes?
Yeah! @Lesdoggg! Fuck those designers, you should get an up and coming designer to make you something and give them the publicity
I look to see how + size women are dressed for Hollywood events cuz I'm plus size & that's what I look up to. Make us proud girl!👍
if you want custom shoes that bust some ghosts of fashion (we create custom fit 3D printed sustainable shoes) Lmk
Everyone's thirsty and was waiting for the word. Now you have to decide.
I hope you will never forget
Use African Designer Finda Onuigbo!
those designers suck and I can't wait to see you - my FAVE SNL cast member - in your new movie!!!
"Bitter, party of one."
Get something simple and YOU will make it look priceless, not the other way around. Jerks will regret.
who needs them! They'll regret it later.
hell i'm still pissed that NOBODY CAUGHT PATTY!!! wtf...
If you haven't found a designer by now, I'm a young designer that specializes in non-sample size. I'd be honored to help! DM me :)
if you need some unique chainmaille jewelry, let me know, I'd be happy to make you something.