Hmm what a difference a tweet makes. Should I name the designers that didn't look out?Put y'all ass on blast. You will not get my love later
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it's not these bithes,is it?
nah. Success is the best revenge.
Nah, revenge is the best revenge:)
You are way tooooo fabulous! I am shocked and surprised that NO DESIGNERS were hitting you up! You will MAKE whatever you wear!
I'm an Up & coming Designer from KC & I would have been honored to make you THE dress for ur premier @CSiriano is going to Slay!
They deserve it, but not clear to me how much trouble that could cause for you. Up to you! <3
baby just say when. U don't need them and don't say their names. That's free publicity #FuckemAll
Yes especially if they are American designers
I would avoid any designer that turned you down! Feel free to name names...
please do. I want to know so I can tell my friends and they tell their friends and so on...#idiots
Nah,'re dope. Don't give them any shine. @Lesdoggg
Naw, F*ck that, LJ. Not exposing those clowns allows them to mistreat the next person that doesnt meet the profile!
Handle all this with class Les!!! Don't give them anything to talk about.
Go Leslie!!! Go Leslie!!!
I knew that tweet would wake 'em up. Get it girl!! ❤️👍🏼
Do it! Make them feel bad what they did to you.
HE'LL YES, they should want their designs out there on anyone, not who they deem "worthy!" Fashion is for everyone, BLAST THEM!!!
you sure should
Of course. These are things that shouldn't continue.
Did Versace contact you? I really want to know.
Damn! U're going to look beautiful no matter what! I hope u have a wonderful time if I knew how I'd make you a dress fit for a 👸
love ur commercial, i think you are beautiful. Ya
it's pronounced Ver-say-ssss Leslie Jones in a remake of Showgirls... i'll be first in line
I can't wait to see who does design a dress for you! My prediction - if they're an unknown, you're gonna put 'em on the map :)
Naaaa! Just give love when your walking the red carpet, to the one who showed up!
no need to take up N E more of your space. ROAST DEM AZZEZ on your next stand up gig! Make ya paper from it❤️
do it so all your fans can put them on blast too!
Nah. Keep it classy. Go naked. But thank goodness for @CSiriano 💃🏽💨
I don't do clothes but I would LOVE to loan you my fine jewelry designs any time! Check out my site!
add them to the idiot list. U don't need anything from them, they'll realize what they did and come begg'n. #madeitonleslie'slist
do what Melissa Mccarthy did, make your own fabulous clothing line!
don't give them any power.
yes put them on blast so they never do it again. People need to learn a lesson. You are the Teacher. School them
That's nuts, considering this dress. THIS DRESS. You owned this dress.
you take that high road and let em come crawlin
Nah.. Don't give them the publicity. Rather name the ones that DID look out.
yes! Give names so we never buy from them. Sorry this happened to you, but I fully belive someone will show up for you!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
maybe in a pretty woman way-"big mistake...big! Big!" 😉👍🏼 #StepOverAndWalkOn
When I read the first tweet, thought it was a joke. Sorry to hear that happened. It's total bullshit & you deserve better! F them!
your revenge is wearing Christian Siriano @ the premiere. That's all u need
save it for a chapter in your sure to be @nytimes bestselling book!
I want to know! If they don't have love for you, I don't have love for them!
it's too bad JOST isn't a designer. He'd do it and do it right.
as much as my nosey ass wants to know, you're better than that! #fuckem
We'll help you remember! xoxo
Don't do it. As my momma always said, "Sometimes it's you who has to be the bigger person."
Thank you for saying something. . sounds like some designers should challenge themselves to learn more of their craft. #lazy
yes spill the Teaaaaa
Yes, I would. I would like for them to explain why they won't dress you.
Some of us are tiny and unknown. Heard you found someone but if it doesn'twork out...I can design and create something epic! :-)
Hi Leslie- I am no one big or important but I have amazing designer pieces in my store- I would love to see you rock one! Gift :)
fuck those designers. They will be crawling back soon. I'm so happy to see u doing your thing. Been a fan for years! 💜💜💜
No free advertisement for those designers who missed out.
Nope! Don't give them that power? You're going to been just fine. God always provide. 💗
call them out! You'll look stunning at the premiere regardless! I thought artists should support others-shame on those "designers"
Mayyyyybe not their full names, but how about a "sounds like"? :)
when designers refuse to dress me...I tell them to go sit in a pile of dog poop. It's a real zinger.
You should name them. If they can't dress a badass like you, then any woman who isn't a size 0 should know not to support them.
DO IT, LESLIE!!! It would be fun to see how their investors feel about them frivolously wasting such an opportunity ;)
I totally think you should put those pieces of shit on blast. YOU ROCK BITCH and I mean that with love. xo
I wanna know. Lol. But don't let them steal your joy. This your moment. Shine and twirl!
You're going to look fab! Can't wait to hear about the lucky one that will dress you and see the finished product :)
Don't worry, they'll be begging to dress you soon. You're blowing up girl!
I'll be your stylist one day and make sure you are laid to the Gods for every premiere. You'll see!
Yesss!! Expose them
what you'd be calling out is no talent hacks that haven't got the ability to dress a grown up woman. #Fuckem you matter, they dont
If in need of a Hairstylist, or Makeup Artist my assistant and I ready!
OR look to find one of these young (awesome) designers of color and BOTH of you blaze some trails! #opportunity2CHANGEthenarrative
Do tell. I need to know where NOT to shop.
Just remember that success is the best revenge!! Just show your glorious Amazonian swagger and keep making us smile!
do it. their elitist bullshit needs to be called out and blasted.
please, do! So that we could all chant "Shame" to them
GOOD FOR YOU! I am so happy that you got a response. U are a beautiful woman and hysterical to boot! Proud @CSiriano ans the call!
let em know Leslie! Should have put those h8trs on blast but its cool 2 save a trump card 4 later! U'll b the belle of the ball!
you really should because that is definitely f#cked up and makes me not want to support the film but I will b/c you're hilarious 😘
LOVE Leslie and all of her truth. She gives ZERO f*cks! ♡♡♡
So many designers think they can get away with shitting on people. A good public shaming is what they deserve! You're amazing!😍💅🏼🙌
+@CaitlinMcWriter absolutely, call them out. They have no shame for shaming others!
I will make you something custom! <3
Burn them all to the ground, Khaleesi. <3
to know. Hey @josephblegend Leslie may be good for a feature in @legendmgz ? Yes?
yes! I do find the story intriguing indeed.
I don't know Leslie. Do you think race played an issue or something else. Depending on the reason I believe the community may want
We'd dress you in a heartbeat! If you want to rock some feminist body positive fashion, just let us know!
I'm retired now but I would have happily hooked you up. Remember, do YOU when you hit the carpet. "YOU" is the ultimate accessory
you are my favorite. Please don't ever change or leave us
To paraphrase Maya Angelou, "People will show you who they are, and when they do, let them". Karma's a bitch. Much success sis.
doooo iiiittttt
you are beautiful, funny and will be stunning at the premier... give no time to the haters! #oneofakind #original
Everyone deserves a chance to feel beautiful! Sending positive vibes it all comes together for your premiere. #BeautyIsEverywhere
What about the poor kid who has to wear the same clothes to school everyday? Who's ass can I put on blast for that?
PLEASE humiliate them 🙏🏽
I was so upset when I read this girl! Bump all of their lame asses and their clothes. WTH! #lesdoggg #dontforget
So glad you came along just after we lost Joan. Crazy times call for calling out. And for laughter. Thanks for you doin' you!
sip them tea girlie
Not the designers fault you look like ugly man with dog face. Go to Walmart. #HeterosexualPrideDay #MAGA #Trump2016
I say yes. Name names, so they can feel the burn when their precious little labels get shit on.
as a bigger woman too, i feel your pain. Please do expose all those who dissed you. Let the world see who they shouldn't buy from.
100% hell yes, light em up!
No! Don't reproduce their indignity, but display cold intelligence.
U r proud of bullying people based on ur own ignorance? "Give it to me now daddy or I'll libel u!"
oh, girl, put them out there! let's see a beautiful woman change the industry!
Don't blast them, LJ...just go on with ya go on. You is winning!
HOW AWESOME would it be if all 4 women went with @CSiriano gowns for the premiere!
YES!!! You are a star!
Yes --- make it known, please. We are all over the fashion world being mean.
what about @Balmain ? They're always working with the Kardashians ... 👀☕️🐸
YES, post that list girl! I love a good dose of accountability. 😘
Please name them. That way those that can afford their clothes and aren't "perfect" can spend their money with nicer designers.
I say call them out. Fuck the fashion industry. Fuck them all. You're a Ghostbuster for crying out loud!!! I mean come on!! #smh
So excited to see you in your red-carpet ensemble! F%#$ the haters. Also, you inspired me to start watching #GoT. :)
grow up snowflake - the world doesn't revolve around you!
yasssss!!!! I love your voice and I love that you are standing up to the bullshit that is the fashion industry.#fuckbodyshaming
a full figured woman is the best way to show off a design. Shows how little they know if they are dumb enough to reject you
you sureeee should! they should see the power of our dollars, let us know who not to invest in please! Pressure 4 accountability!
Keep it classy! Those designer hacks just made U more famous. Don't make them famous by returning the venom. Big ups to @CSiriano!
You Go girl! 💪🏻 All body types are beautiful 👏 Fuck them!
I want to know who they are - most have an affordable line that the rest of us can BOYCOTT!!!
you definitely should, their too good? Or is it becuz youre not a walking tooth pick? Either way I wouldn't buy from any of them.
Yes. Plz put those designers on blast if you haven't yet!
make the dress out of a list of names of the designers that didn't help with the dress.
Go ahead and say it, "I don't know if it was a RACE thing or a LADY thing"... come on surely there's SOMETHING to blame!
maybe all the co-stars should only wear @CSiriano too?