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For those interested what I really thought while hiding my despair yesterday!ur99nU
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Thank you for sharing your thoughts & for your support for those parts of the U.K. which strongly wish to remain in the EU.
Dude, are you serious?
You're as offensive as your little pal Farage.
Thank you and I'm ashamed that there is such high-profile ignorance on display here. What a farage!
Thank you, I am sorry you had to witness that extraordinarily shameful display by Farage yesterday. Please be assured that
Thank you from London
the embarrassment in the UK was palpable :-(
not all British people fall for hateful and divisive rhetoric.
With this little soviet propaganda style discourse, you convinced me even more that the brits voted correctly
You may want to investigate Mr. Andriukaitis's background... Just saying.
His&his coleagues' background is not relevant to us"little people"of EU, who feel ruled by non-voted for bureaucrats
And if there will not be a change from regulation without accountability, EU as we know it will dissapear
I get The point when you mention Soviet why don't you check where he lived and why he was there between 1941 and 1957
You're accusing someone who was born in a gulag and persecuted by the USSR of soviet propaganda. Have some courtesy.
I don't know him,obviously it isn'tpersonal.As an ex-communist subject myself,I"m vaccinated against "courtesy"w.politicians
You mean like the non elected politician we are going to have run our country in 3 months... Well done
Farage spot on as ever (With thanks to @tweeter_anita )
don’t speak for me. It reminded me what an awful mistake Leave made.
I love farage!
then take him. We’d love you for it.
He'll been gone soon Dan... he seems to have wedged himself firmly in Trumps Arse.
do you love Trump too?
don't love him and don't hate him
please take him
your in the minority.
he's a racist shit mate. Don't be fooled by his hero of the common man BS
why do you love Farage?
thanks - we also voted to #Remain in #Manchester #Liverpool and #Leeds as well as #London do cite these cities
Bristol! basically any city that actually has experience of immigration and feels okay with it :)
Bath and Bristol too.
And Brighton and Hove, don't forget us :)
thank you for remembering us in other parts of the country.
these cities didn't vote remain it was just a method of counting. Almost 50% wanted to leave neway
#York also voted remain and I am beyond angry.
Thank you from Wales, Dr Andriukaitis. That man does not speak for all of us here.
That awful man does not represent anything decent. We have been lied to and the EU used as a convenient scapegoat.
I need some new Farage adjectives. Suspect I’m over-using odious and toady.
how about 'cunt'?
Thank you for speaking for 48% of Britain.
As a heart surgeon could you give Nigel one And perhaps a brain
What a fantastic idea!
i voted remain. please save us from these idiots?
and you want to be controlled by these idiots, 😂
actually I do care. 35 years vegetarian. @EUWatchers is not subsidized by anyone. Thanks.
EU was a way to get multilateral agreement and action. Unilateral action= less impact
animal cruelty is far from being a EU only drift. It's global.
well said, ... also has the EU done anything to stop wild bird trapping?
You summed up the feelings of many of us.
you was laughing your head off
dude I totally understand animal cruelty, I made my choices long ago. @EUWatchers is not EU. can't battle all fronts.
thank you for seeing through Farage's facade that he truly represents all of us and not just his own lies
as a Leave vote, thank you for your genuine and reasonable response
And me as well.
This is just fantastic, thank you so much. #ivotedremain
Not just London, Scotland etc: young people _nationwide_. Polls show majority of <50s voted remain. Great article!
It was a secret ballot - NOBODY knows the age profile of voters on either side.
Yeah, agree. I made a point of saying ‘polls show’ for that reason (but of course could be wrong).
Fair enough. I have just seen too many asserting what is impossible to know!
Please know that farage doesn't represent most of us and it's baffling he is even in the EU commission :/
Surely - on some level he does. Leave won!
He wasnt part of the official leave campaign ... hes there beacuse he won a seat in the last election
leave won tho, so he does.
thank you, thank you. & i stand with you, for as long as i am able, & against the ghastly politics of UKIP & the far-right.
In addition, 75% of people my age do NOT want to leave Europe. Our country has failed us... Please don't be too harsh.
75% of 36%.
I felt the same and apologise for this massive fool being in any way associated with me, as a UK citizen. I despise him now.
A man handed a useless overpaid job by daddy having a go at a surgeon for not having a proper job
In all honesty, Humanity doesn't need a bunch of knit-wits who have no technical backgrounds and cant solve human problems
thankyou for both the comedy and the insightful article...I'm an Englishman but also a proud European
Thank you for this other rhetoric: allows us better understand what so great decision the Brits took, sending EU to hell..
Young people in Wales also.
Thank you for understanding that this "person" does not represent the British people.
Thank you, @V_Andriukaitis, we appreciate support from friends across Europe and recognition that this man does not represent majority.
It is sad that such a cretin is insulting people in the EU, seemingly trying to alienate them against UK. :-/
Thank you for acknowledging that so many of us DESPERATELY value and want to remain EU Citizens *PLEASE HELP* our plight
that odious lying creature does not speak for me, nor millions of other British citizens. He is frankly an embarrassment.
you're responding to this unimportant picture but not to all the voices against #glyphosate #fail #credibility ????
Thank you! It is good to know that we haven't lost friends in the EU and in @europarl just because of @Nigel_Farage. 🇪🇺
(heart surgeon) is man amused at hearing Farage say "Most of you have never done a proper job in your lives "
Christ I left the oven on.
you need to read this.I think moving ahead lies in better education for everyone across the board.
Andbybettereducation Imeangettingwith thetimes. Sparkthecreativity inyouryouth that you have dismissed!
thank you for the response!
there's a vacancy here for PM. Have you thought of applying?
says a man with no interest whatsoever in the continuation of the status quo.......😬
In spite of FARAGE shambolic theatricals we know government is there to protect the weak and tobreinforce civil society
Please do jot cease to remark this. FARAGE TRUMP LE-PEN BORIS: they are in politics to see what they can get from it.
thank you for injecting a measure of dignity into the unfolding mess
Thanks. Their speeches (in translation) are not easy to come by; some of the translators were very mumbly!
He is married. He has a ring on his finger.
Can you tell which one of all the things about Brexit and EU politics that he writes about in the letter, that you mean?
thank you. Ashamed to be British. That oaf Farage is a disgrace
The moment Scotland realised Farage was coming back to the UK...Scottish independence went up 25 points.
dignified. Please assure the rest of the EU that Farage does not speak for the majority of the UK - Remainers OR Leavers.
please know Farage does not speak for Britain.
it wasn’t just London. The more people say this the more it will be believed. Other parts of England wanted to stay too.
thank you for the response, us 48% appreciate it. Farage does not speak for us.
thank you for your thoughts. Those were not the thoughts of all Britons on either side of the vote.
That's a nice blogpost. Thank you. And, for the record, a number of us Brits had our heads in our collective hands too.
Fair play mate, your words resonate with me also
pity our politicians that create this crisis where as eloquent! Farage does not represent me
On behalf of the 48%, thank you! #Remain
thank you for this & I'd like to apologise for the ignorance of the English as personified by Farage
Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
Agree with almost all you say & I'm #StrongerIn But EU must see that it needs to reform quickly #LondonStays
Really not interested. Who are you again?
a better man than you, cupcake
Thank you for the support, I've never felt so let down by my country. Farage does not speak for us.
i am so sorry you all had to listen to that despicable man. I am a Londoner. He has never represented my views on Europe!
Please know that most Britons are appalled by Farage and #Brexit
just after #Brexit, the reaction from the EU elite made me sick! MORE EU! Quick! was the only ansfer, without selfreflection
thank you! Many ppl, young or not, here in England want to see a better future too. Please stand with us against this wrong!
I presume it was tantamount to hearing a totally deluded mental case, who had lost all sense of decorum, speak.
Lets hope this can be fixed somehow #Remain
Many, young and old alike, across Britain are with you and we all held our collective heads yesterday. Thank you.
Sneering and arrogance is what got us here. You guys need to learn some humility if you’re going to fix this
I share your despair, imagine how I feel having to have this man represent me in europe, I cant put it into words.
well said and shame on Farage. Lots of Brits living outside the UK also voted to remain!
Thank you on behalf of the millions of us who value our relationship with our European friends and neighbours.
And thank you, Carrie, for saying so
please remember it us not only he people of London who voted remain - the people of Oxford did too #OxfordStays
Well put: thoughtful and supportive comments.
Funny - that looks almost alike my reaction watching live the press conference yesterday as I heard about the extension...
nice post. Please don't judge the whole UK too harshly due to the actions of this toxic buffoon. #NoArticle50
I can’t tell you how much I appreciate these words. A million thank yous.
Enjoyed reading your blog. Indeed there are many of us in the UK who are troubled by the rhetoric of Farage and others.
Would just like to say that we are not all like that dickhead.
trying to keep a straight face while watching the Talking Saveloy?
Thank you! Your integrity and compassion put our elected representatives to shame. I’m just sorry they set such a low bar.
Farage does not speak for me or millions of British people
As you say, @JHillEU represents so much of the best of Britain. Farage represents so much of the worst.
Thank you. I am so embarrassed and angry that horrible man is meant to be representative of my country.
we need your ethos in Westminster and we can't find it (or answers) anywhere in our politics. Appalled at what we've done.
Thank you. Farage does not represent me #notinmyname
Thank you. Many in the UK were deeply embarrassed at Farage's immature & offensive behaviour. He does NOT represent us. #EUK
Mr Vytenis Andriukaitis Ça n'intéresse personne ce que vous pensez !
Farage is a dangerous fool. The EU has to stop forcing citizens to pay for private banking debt and bondholder gambling.
Thank you for speaking for the young, the educated and the professional citizens of the UK who overwhelmingly voted Remain.
I thought you were crying with laughter. Please recognise that this man DOES NOT represent the majority of Brits
He does not speak for me. Nor any of my friends. #Manchester voted remain.
please know that Farage appalls and doesn't represent very many of us. I respect his right to speak, but wish he would not.
Quite a story, you're sure you weren't just sleeping, as normal?
I like the way you think.
thank you for seeing that a lot of the U.K. doesn't want this and the lies that that were spread being so clear.
Ça n'intéresse personne ce que vous pensez !
farage is a very rude ignorant man, similar to oswald mosley, a british fascist from the 40s..😡
hate,racism,phobias etc. all a result,in my view,of decades of governments ignoring,denigrating,belittleing their peoples.
Thankyou. Please continue to think of those of us who remain committed to Europe but live in England.
I am so sorry. Our politicians have let us down, and we have let you down.
A very dignified comment on a terrible situation for many of us. Thank you
Ça n'intéresse personne ce que vous pensez !
Sorry you have had to put up with this smug, rude, condescending, selfish example of the worst of our society #notinmyname
Thank you. #Oxford also voted by 70% to #Remain. I am ashamed, humiliated, sickened by Farage's conduct. So sorry.
thanks from the UK
Thank you.Farage's petty insults to MEPs show he was always serving himself, not UK. No hint of diplomacy,not an ambassador.
Thank you. It’s important to remember it wasn’t just “Scotland, Northern Ireland and London”. It was half of Britain.
thanks for your thoughtful sentiments. Farage is a disgrace to Britain
Thank you for your thoughts. You represent the hopes of the British people more than Farage ever will.
Thanks for sharing! You're now featured on
Thank you for seeing that not all Brits agree with this (unfunny) clown, and I’m sorry you had to hear his bilious ranting.
A man who claims to campain for British values, yet seems to display absolutely none.
thank you for sharing. The last paragraph made me cry. The EU means peace, we need to grow together, not apart.
thank you - half of us wanted to stay in the EU and are behind you 100%-please understand that this is not a united decision
we in Scotland had our MSP with our views. Not Mr Farage who is really a joke to us in Scotland.
an image that sums up #Brexit for me!
How much for a 100 foot high poster of Farage reading 'This Man Does Not Represent Us'?
need to paint it on the white cliffs of Dover too! Failing that, on a tour bus to drive round Europe!
Why waste paper and printer ink!
Farage is the most odious man in Britain. I apologise to you on behalf of the UK for having to listen to him. Thank you.
Thank you @V_Andriukaitis we appreciate support from friends across Europe + recognition that this man does not represent majority in UK.
You cannot be 'fully' with us when you have missed the mark on pretty much everything in regards to how we voted.
Thank you. I really enjoyed reading that.
Thank you.
Mr Farage does not speak for me nor most of the people I know. He is an embarrassment. One day we shall be back. ☺
I was not there and I to was hiding my despair. Such an embarrassment for so many Brits.
please remember the people of Wales
thank you for your fantastic response, be assured you weren't the only person facepalming at what he was saying.
fancy taking over leadership of Britain?
Please note that millions of people in England & Wales also wanted to remain! #FarageDoesNotSpeakForMe
An EU Citizen all my adult life. I paid prof fees into the EU & Still do so England has no right to remove me
Speaking directly to the people of Europe from the 12th layer of Dante's inferno. The EU commission.
A great piece, pretty much emulates the remain camp in this UK perfectly.
Well written, although I wish people would include Manchester 61% & Liverpool 59%, 2 major cities that also voted to remain.
I am pleased that you understand that he doesn’t speak for many of us. Thanks for this.
Sorry we turned the free money supply off
The games up, Vytenis—good luck finding another bunch of mugs for you to rinse @DalrympleWill
Thank you from one of the 48% of Britain - now in despair & fearful of the future.
We're a country divided by lies. I hope Europe and the EU realises it still has many allies within the UK still.
how we must look to the rest of the world is beyond me at the moment all v depressing
Thank u. I too believe future of EU lies in social justice& security. My heart breaks to think UK might not be part of that
farage does not speak 4 all of those wanting 2 leave either sum of us did do our own research. Thank you.
I only wish the UK had more upstanding and decent politicians like you, instead of Farage. We apologise for him
Thanks for the support and appreciation of our sense of humour. But young people in ALL of the UK wanted a different future.
Thank you for this graceful and generous response on behalf of all of us who take pride in being European.
thank you for seeing past his puerile, vitriolic words. He is an utter disgrace & not representative of most people in UK!
thank you for the measured and intelligent observations.
I am so so so sorry for this dreadful man. He does not speak for me. I’m surprised you didn’t all spit on him.
thank you. Strange times for us here
great stuff - do you fancy a job as Labour Leader, you can get a passport if your quick......
the people that wanted Brexit don't know how to make it happen, and the people that do know how don't want it....
Wise words. It might look like UK is overrun by self-serving liars, but lots of us still consider ourselves EU citizens.
thanks for recognising the different between, leave, remain and racism 👍🏻
Thanks for the insight and comments of solidarity. Is there anything you can do to save us from this nightmare?
thank you for sharing your thoughts. Farage does not represent this country. We are fools to have allowed him to be an MEP.
Thank you Vytenis. Great words. I am so embarrassed by this whole affair.
Thank you @V_Andriukaitis Farage does not speak for me. Many of us truly value being part of the EU and are fearful of what lies ahead.
Thank you for your words of support. Farage does not speak for me. He is nothing but a vile preacher of hate.
As did we all, please know that there are very few Brits who actually like the man, most think he’s a disgrace!
Thanks :) The majority of the future of the UK (sensible, intelligent, young people) want to remain - please bear with us
Thank you. @Nigel_Farage has never and will never represent my views, or I trust, those of the people of Britain.
Thank you, sir.
well said sir. If you want to change the rules of the club, you change them from within, by finding common ground.
Thank you, Sir. Calmer and wiser words than I've been able to muster.
We Remain voters share your anguish!
is an embarrassment to the U.K. And to humanity.
Hear, hear! Common sense and decency in all this mess, how refreshing. Thank you. #WeAreSeat123
thank you - the whole country feels like it's bereaved right now.
He does not speak for us in Wales. #cardiff voted remain. We hope that this can be stopped. We want to be a part of Europe.
nottingham wants in too help us
nope, wasn't interested then and still not interested today 🇬🇧
Ačiū, Commissioner.
This is fantastic, thank you.
thank you for your words and understanding I like many people in the uk are grieving . country of my birth is alien to me ..
The arrogance of the smug, conceited and complacent passenger riding the EU gravy train for all its worth
thank you 4 sharing this Liverpool also wants to stay in EU. I feel robbed of my EU citizenship by lies & deceit a sad time.
Hahaha - I spotted and saved that at the time.
We sincerely apologise for what Nigel Farage said yesterday. He doesn't speak for us. Thanks for sharing the article.
what a brilliant response. Thank you.
I like this picture even more now I have read your words! Thank you
as it says on yr pic, you are unstoppable. That's why we voted to leave you and your ilk.
Farage doesn't speak for me or a majority of the #BritishPeople he is a parasite
1/2 Spot on: EU Health Commissioner #Weareseat123 @V_Andriukaitis Europe's "future lies in social justice and security. This is the way fwd"
if only the brexit vote was just to kick him out of the house
I'm not British-I just live in one of its former colonies. I still want to apologize for Farage's idiocy. So, sorry.
I must admit, I'm kinda disappointed you didn't just give him a good slap.
eloquently said, Mr. Andruikaitis. bravo.
Farage talking about "independence" is an insult to the peoples of the Baltic states who know the true meaning of the word
That excuse for a man Farage does not represent us - your reaction to his diatribe was brilliant! Our cities voted stay! 🇪🇺
thank you. I was ashamed and appalled by Farage yesterday, and indeed the other Leave misrepresentatives. #wearethe48 %
2/2 @V_Andriukaitis @JunckerEU Europe's new Top 3 must tackle real fears: Rising inequality, fair access to public services & accountability
we’re sorry you have to listen to that bile spewing from such a vile “human” - we don’t all think like him fortunately
he's telling you wot the a proxy think just you don't want to hear it knobber
My home city, Norwich, voted to remain. Thank you for your kind words. Farage does not speak for us! @Glinner
thank you. As one of the 'indecent' 48% who voted to Remain please remember Farage does not speak for us.
This 'thing' is exactly like Oswald Mosely and some of us know it!
Thank you for this, a very good read.
yeah thanks for keep your fucking nose out,we don't give a fuck for you or your doomed eu😅😅😅
thank you from those British business owners looking to develop and grow our European and Global partners.
thank you for this! mostly for your clear response to the tragic isolationanism and populism playing out its part.
Ačiū ir sėkmės! (Hope I've got that right.)
Thank you! Farage does not represent me or the tens of millions of decent people in the UK who view Brexit with horror.
You may be heart surgeon raised in Sov gulag who helped write constitution but have you written LIT #eurovision entry?No '-)
The Farage behavior there was so insulting... .
please remember Manchester the cradle of the industrial revolution did not vote to leave our friends in Europe
You are 100x more honourable than an opportunist like Farage will ever be. Thank you for your support; best wishes to you.
young People want ? But They were to lazy to vote
Some Young people want. Don't close your eyes for the Young people that did vote.
The simple truth is, that UK leave the EU because of his ruling class, which is in great fear.Fear to loose grip,privileges.
Farage is a numpty. We wanted flexible limits on immigration as we value our green space, why didn't you concede to that?
As a British citizen who voted to remain I am tearful when I read this. We shall be losing so much.
As a British citizen I agree with your sentiments. Farage is an arrogant pompous egotistical ass, who is an embarrassment
your reaction was the best. I too was doing what you was from behind my computer
I take it your closely involved with the murder investigation, seeing as you know why Jo Cox was killed?
Also, the majority of young Brits didn't even vote.
Eloquently put, although the face palm said it perfectly too...😉
I just hope our friends in Europe don't think Farage is representative of reasonable Brits, regardless of view
Young people who wanted to remain in EU in areas that voted leave who want to see a different future. Don’t forget them.
Thank you for your support and please don' think for one minute that people like Farage reprssent us all...he doesn't !!!
what are your thoughts on scotland remaining in the eu?
This has become a viral meme on Facebook! :) Created by a UK organisation!! @V_Andriukaitis…
wasn't even part of official @EUOUT campaign. UKIP represents few of us in the UK. Sorry about him.
As from someone from London who voted remain I want to say sorry.
I am nearly 41 so not so young. Suspect quite a few older people voted remain as well.
Relieved that you know he doesn't speak for the UK as a nation...we despair of him too.
Thank you. So many of us potentially have to pay this price of idiocy.
Much appreciated! Why don't we call it what it was, a #Brexitscam
Thank you, Vytenis, for your understanding. Farage & his cronies do not speak in my name but I apologise for his boorishness
and while were at it you lot still won't listen, you reaction to this defeat is for full political/fiscal integration
millions of UK citizens are fed up with controlling, centralizing, undemocratic closed shop EU, which will be dead by 2020
The voice of rationality and sense - thank you
Your body language echoed what many of us felt at hearing such rubbish from a fool. It made me smile. Thanks.😃
At least 48% of us just thought what a moron!
that's how you feign despair, not hide it.
Saw the speech. At least you acted democratically. @leo_lenox
no I'm not interested....#OUT
Interesting piece, also interesting 75% of my sons school voted remain in a mock ref. they are the future of UK
please please know that there are millions of us here that think Farage is a despicable man, and we are ashamed
You are a mere expert. If I ever need heart surgery I will ask Farage, Bo Jo or Gove to make up some lies about me instead
Thank you Sir. I'm deeply embarrassed that Farage has any place in public life, especially in the EU. I remain European 🇪🇺
The sentence about London, Scotland and NI saddened me a little, every area had remain voters, even if they were a minority
"For those interested what I really thought while hiding my despair yesterday…" #1 in #Germany
Germany · Top news and photos
(no description)
My sympathies. Very nice words. Tell me: Why are the EU- Institutions unable to explain the advantages of the EU
don't judge the English by Farage he brings shame on our nationality we are better than that
A pretty level headed view, thank you for that
Thank you for your wisdom and care.
That stupid and boring post made me like Farage even more. He's offending all the right people.
I should be out saving lives, not sat here on this gravy train ???
Would you like to be our PM? #despairing
I apologise. This is not in my name.
this man in no represents the views of all the population of the UK. Totally gob smacked by his behaviour
Well said! Scotland is with you in your opinion of Mr Farage.
it's ok. We share the same view. Any tips on how to get rid of him? (Legally preferably...)
... very, very well put. thank you
Good read. But honestly, don't you agree that the growing EU-sceptisism is a sign the EU has been ignoring for too long?
he's a horrible little shit and he no way represents most people in my country. I Apologise for his behaviour I'm ashamed
he should get facepalm lessons from @SirPatStew
thank you. As a despairing Englishman, your kindness brought tears to my eyes.
Very well said indeed. Thank you for recognising that many of us are ashamed to be 'represented' by Farage.
you overstate the role of the leave campaign. Folk know the EU. We've had >40yrs of it with no say. Course we wanted out…
Love you, Vytenis ❤
not sure money will not make it into NHS so whats the lie?
that there was a plan at all
like the plan Dave had if he lost Resign and let others mop it up
looking at the CVs of the rest of the commissioners F. has got a point.
The Commissioners
The Commissioners - 2014-2019
wise words. Thank you for voicing them
please don't think he speaks for all of us. I am so embarrassed Europe thinks he does right now #NotInMyName
you looked exactly how I felt! Farage doesn't speak for all of us, especially those who want to stay. Sorry for that speech
Thank you. Please remember, much of the UK doesn't want to leave & in the light of all the lies, we are now the majority.
I'm English, I voted remain... and I cringe every time Farage is given a platform to speak on, especially since Friday
as a fellow European and doctor, I apologise for this man's vile, childish conduct. Pls don't think we're all like that. 🇪🇺
please do not forget those in England and Wales who voted to remain in the EU (and share in your despair)
Thankfully the majority in the UK voted for #brexit & since we live in a democracy, that's what counts
and we await the next chapter!
wise words are a few of the reasons why I Love and want to remain in Europe #WeAreSeat123 #StrongerTogether
don't worry, we look like that whenever he opens his mouth
Farage's behaviour brought shame on the UK. Absolutely disgraceful and ungracious. 48% of us disagree with him.
i do not want to listen.thanks
sorry for exporting such a bigot to the European Parliament - what sad drivel Farage speaks.
Damn sir, you speak sense and truth. Keep doing this fine work.
Young people throughout England want a future in the EU. It isn't just London.
actually if you think about your own blog the young of the regions you say didn't want change. They voted for no change.
Thank you, very thoughtful. I find Farage despicable and cowardly.
this odious man does not speak for the whole of the U.K. Please find some way to save us from this horror!!
kind humbling words, I personally (unrealistically) hope a way is found for us here who wish to remain EU citizens to remain
< 38% of us voted for Brexit. Farage does Not speak for Britain! We are proud Europeans.
Nigel Farage is doing you a favour with his honesty. Listen to him if the EU is to survive. Don't shoot the messenger
Oh Vytenis, thank you. So 48% of voters agree with you, but 52% don't. Do the maths, Move on. XX
Thank you for your thoughts, your understanding of the situation puts Nigel Farage in the shade. #the48percent
Your actions perfectly captured what 48% of the UK feel about this dreadful little man- thank you & good luck!
It was the most arrogant political speech I have ever heard. Apart from Trump, of course...
A lot of us in Britain were in despair at the speech too, friend.
I can only apologise for this individual. British politics are a mess and unduly influenced by the media. It's a malignancy.
Hi @V_Andriukaitis Thanks for ur article. EU regs help make eating safe for coeliacs like my relatives + friends. Shd we worry? @Coeliac_UK
"Britain is changing. Young people ... want to see a different future" And many of us older ones too! Don't forget us!
we need a Farage as Grinch Who Stole Christmas meme, but I've no photoshop skills.
also 'Can't Sleep Farage will eat me' Simpson spoof.
I support your thoughts, well said.
Please, please remember this idiot doesn't speak for all of us. We're so ashamed :( He's abhorrent. Don't leave us with him.
Thank you from all of us who still want to be part of Europe.
I'd dearly like to know his stance re TTIP.
I feel grateful that you can listen to this ridiculous, offensive man & recognise so many Brits had their head in hands too.
so sorry that you had to endure the ignorant tirade from this awful man and thank you for your gracious response.
don't let Farage and his golems steal EU citizenship from Scots. We didn't let the EU down #dontletscotlanddown
agree wholeheartedly..thank you for your insight+encouraging for Farage..embarrassed on his behalf😧
Well said Sir!! Farage's smallmindedness should not be the defining narrative!!
so full of admiration for your words and your deeds.
you are widely revered in the UK! Keep on keeping on! X
Garage is a poisonous toad and most of us cannot understand how he came to hold any influence. Sorry. I want to Remain
Out its out nazi-drunk.
this is one of the most wonderful things I have ever read. Thank you for supporting the British people
Thank you for writing that. I for one am still distraught that so many Brits believed we'd be better off without the #EU
Thank you, be assured that we are not all like this, and the North West (Liverpool and Manchester) also voted to Remain
Complete rubbish. What the EU needs is reform, which has been rejected. If there is no reform it's not worth being part of.
thank you for sharing your thoughts. We cannot forget over 16 million and 48.1% people in UK voted to #remain.
Nice words. And believe me, millions ALL over England voted to Remain, desperately sad we didn't win !
I'm so very very sorry about the madness
Thank you Mr Andriukaitis. Apologies from the UK.
Thank you. Not everyone in England is like Farage. Half of us are nice.
congratulations for handling it so well. I was squirming in shame & I had the option of turning off!
Thank you - and we stand with you, too. Thank you for not judging us on the strength our so called “representative”.
Trust me, Farage does not speak for me or my family. @giagia
Indeed. He is despicable. Where I lived 78% voted to Remain. Everyone I know is devastated.
All very well Vytenis, but the EU has had over 30 years to carry out your advice and made little progress
thank you for this support. 48% (16mil) of us wanted to stay. Farage does not speak for me.
why would anyone be interested in your thoughts - who r u anyway
judging by the retweets far far more than are interested in yours
couldn't give a shit, mate #Brexit
boring!! Get over it. You lost, end of!. The people voted out of a socialist dream. Watch the EU crumble
Get over it! my favourite phrase. Am doing my best George although think that this is far from 'end of'...
like others have said, I was also appalled by the speech Farage made. A sportsman accepts a 'win' with dignity & good grace
thanks. Farage is a dangerous idiot. Our country is now in a downward spiral thanks to him and his henchmen
not just Scotland, London & Northern Ireland. Manchester voted remain. Not just 'young' people; I'm 39, that's quite old!
I was SO EMBARRASSED by that odious little creep of a man and honestly felt awful for all of you having to sit there while
thankyou on behalf of UK people who do not support Farage. Our politics atm are shameful.
please be assured that this ridiculous man does not speak for the vast majority of us, we're embarrassed and ashamed.
he thumped his chest. The man is hideous and does not represent the views of people of this country. I wanted Cameron and
Corbyn to send letters of apology to all of you for having to be anywhere near the man.
Wish we had politicians like you here. On behalf of ~50% of the UK: our apologies.
🌷 thank you. Not only London (in England) significant numbers across England esp Manchester, but still outvoted. Devastated
Here are some thoughts from DG SANCO Commissioner @V_Andriukaitis. He's a man who speaks from the heart, and for the heart.
What a wonderful person you are. #Farage is beneath contempt.
Thank you please understand this man is not speaking in our name. We did not want to leave.
Thank you. Millions of Brit citizens deeply value their relationship with Europe. Nigel Farage does not represent us.
thank you. As a 48%er I feel desperately sad. Not sure how or if we can come back from this.
I replied on your blog but it didn't work! Anyway, very well said. I voted out but I'm a socialist so have always been >
please add cheltenham to your list. And if anyone can do anything to help prevent this I beg you to do so. Am crying again
> opposed to the EU. This man and his dreadful racist dogma do not represent me or majority of Britons. #europesolidarity
Thank you for your solidarity and thoughtful comments. You're welcome in Glasgow for a pint and a chat any time #EUref
Sir, we also watch on in horror at this buffoon. Please stick with us & support us as much as you can.
thank you for seeing past that awful man. Most of us were offended by his behaviour yesterday.
Im sorry for my country
Thank you. It's nice to hear that the 48% of voters aren't being overlooked by the European mainland.
Farage speaks #notinmyname - the intolerance he wishes is mirrored by the tolerance of many here in the UK. We welcome you
Thank you. My husband & I live in Brighton on the south coast: we voted with the almost 70% majority here to Remain. So sad.
Absolutely irrelevant. Stay cucked. :^)
An awful lot of people in the UK despair of Nigel Farage as well
They do. I for one, cannot abide the poisonous little creep.
Thank you for your kind words #ScotlandRemains #EU
thank you, and I apologise that you were inflicted with Nigel Farage
I'm hoping you don't think this idiot speaks for everyone who voted leave
That's the closest I've come to crying since this whole grisly debacle started
Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts, it´s always good to get the full picture...
Andriukaitis grew up in a gulag and fought for Lithuanian freedom. Farage was a hedge fund manager. #realjob
farage doesn't represent us, 37% of eligible voters will remove EU passports from the rest of us all. Reform should have won
I'm so, so sorry that this clown speaks for my country. Thank you for your grace.
I agree with your sentiment and feel many British people have been misled by a poor campaign from both sides
simply Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.
I wish to convey my embarrassment at the message emanating from my country of birth. We are not all like Mr. Farage. Sorry.
I had 2 smile watching u I voted Brexit bit i am not totally anti. We need 2leave. Sadly. I am German bit British. <3 x
I for one, am so angry and disappointed in my country this week. I despair along with you.
Here's what you want, mate.
We voted to Remain here in Cardiff, Wales. Farage doesn't speak for me or anyone I know.
I'm ashamed to be from the same country as that disrespectful man and for the terrible decision 'we' have made #Remain
Good thoughts. It was also a majority of young people not just in the devolved nations and London who wanted to stay.
*me included. Though I don’t think I class as young anymore.
Thanks for thoughts V. You know Farage doesn't represent UK -but many voters misled last week or just angry.
AND Gibraltar where 96% voted remain!
The only thing I am ever interested in EVER seeing Farage do is to apologise to @V_Andriukaitis
And yet Britain is going the same way Lithuania did in 1990, leaving a failed union behind. :3
Thank you, we appreciate your understanding and apologise that you have to work alongside this man.
I'm British and I can't stand him, he doesn't speak for me!
thank you for writing this.
interesting, thank you. Is the EU capable of reforming itself and inviting Britain to remain within 2 years?
it's not just young people that want to stay in Europe I'm 62 and am passionate a out remaining
thank you!!! (From a Brit)
I am so sorry for the incredibly offensive and humiliating 'speech' that Farage delivered. He does not represent Briton.
So embarrassed by Farage's speech. Please remember he does not speak for me.
well said - only a % of uk voted leave - not us Vytenis - invite us back in find a way we want our EUcitizenship back
Can only agree with you, the man is a cretin.
As a resident of #Bristol I would like to point out that #Bristol voted 61.7% #Remain, not just #London
thank you for sharing your thoughts on this
hiding our despair is what so many of us Brits are currently doing. So sorry for some of my countrymen. 🇪🇺
Vytenis, pls will you speak up for #ScotlandinEurope?
What a toad. I'm so embarrassed to be in the same country as him! #lovewins
I agree with this but I do feel like the towns in England (except London) who voted remain are being forgotten.
An Eloquent, Dignified & Heartfelt essay sir.
Thank you from another part of the country that wants to remain - Bath and Bristol.
Thank you. You have more grace, dignity and intelligence than Farage could ever muster.
Thank you for your eloquent article. @Nigel_Farage lied to the country and you summed up how most Brits feel now. Ačiū
young people across the UK want to stay! Not just those in Scotland, Northern Ireland and London
thank you for mentioning Jo Cox ❤ #MoreInCommon
thank you. Please don't think that awful man represents us, or that only Ldn, Scot and NI want to stay! (48.1%=16m people!!)
Thank you. I am a proud European, devastated that we 'bremainers' failed to make the case nationally. My city voted to stay.