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No but Brexit...Apocalypse...Great Depression... It's like everything was blown out of proportion or something
I wouldn't worry about it. S....hit happens every now and then. Enjoy.
siempre se puede hacer mea culpa y correcciones. A sentarse y conversar y tomar los mejores acuerdos para todos.
wasn't the world supposed to have ended by now?
It did. This is the afterlife
love it!! 😂😂
Yeah right, how long must we live in our "Last Days" before we "Carpe diem!"
Don't forget the Italian banks
why not? Obvious the EU has.
And all is good again? Come on guys!
-Look,if u get a new dresser to replace the old one.U NEED to EMPTY the old one first,then u can put it in the new!
- No disaster in that- CALM DOWN PEOPLE-its gonna be just fine `=°}) take a deep breath-BREATH will u ! BREATH!!!!
if you're a banker, things are great!
shhh, be quiet and eat the shit they serve up. Stop asking difficult questions.
I thought the stock market crashed... It'll probably crash in the next decade, I hope not
, are US people aware that the rest of the world are also desperate to see a Trump presidency? Please, for all of us.
my portfolio is up 34% 😏
what about Mutual bonds are they hit hard?
that's pretty much a lie tell me one stock that ur using rn and have at least 4%improvement
I'll tell u 3 $vnr, $Gfi, $clf
my apologies 🙏🏼which etrade do you use if is possible? U just gain a new follower🤘
haha I don't tweet much finance but thanks! And I use Scottrade, im an amateur so I don't trade often.
Steaks on you. RN.
Bank America is one of the largest Banking System in USA. GREAT!
who owns it though? They are the only ones to derive any benefit from this.
Wall Street opened on the rise again? Damn, I was preparing for the BREXIT end of the world rants...crap.
I know CNN won't say anything about Trump stating it will go back to normal, just take awhile. Britain has its freedom back.
today I keep it simple, a bank is just a bank.
Absolutely Nothing To Do With It. He's created chaos, not revenue! These are Obama's final checks and balances😎
here today gone tommrow.
Brexit impact on the Dow was largely driven by doom sayers, not supporting economic indicators. This was an atypical fluctuation
as usual the leftist globalist scum try to start panic when anyone with any intelligence already knew it wouldn't be an issue.
Somewhere in the US, Sanders is groaning in pain at this tweet. "damn you Wall Street!"
because the initial market fear from #brexit has passed. You can stop trying to make it seem so bad now
Well there goes all the money I was going to make on m.r.e.'s & ammo from teotwawki
not unless hillary gets the presidency. Everyone watch clintons cash s documentary on how they made blood money
When aren't the banks the big winners? The stock market is rigged, as evidenced by it losing 1.5x the GDP of Britain after Brexit.
lmao just a decade ago it was $54 now $13! Short covering! Options expired. Tom down 400 - 500.
lol tell that to Deutsche Bank. Taking them all down with them. Good luck gents. Buy silver and gold!
"Big surprise"... The challenge now is hedging risks for companies looking to globalize.
banks are the big winners? Why am I so shocked? Banks have everyone's best interests at heart......don't they?
so its all recovering well scare over !
hi how can I make money please I want to know
American banks are big winners as usual. When does the middle class get to win again? It's been what, 20yrs? #WalstreetCorruption