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JUST IN: The UK's FTSE 100 stock index has erased all of its losses since the Brexit »
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The UK's best days are to come. Which country is next? Bring it on.
problem solved. #Brexit making a positive difference.
Everyone pretending everything is just fine...
well bears last hope shattered only europe need to recover rest all trading at or close to recent high
Currency anyone? 🙄
Like everything else in life.. @CNBCnow @ReutersBiz
how many people do you think sold at lows?? @danielcrosby
Moreover, FTSE has beaten the DAX 4/4 days since #Brexit vote, and has beaten the CAC 3/4
Today,s worst news.
(No comment)
The Brexit Freedom Rally. Democracy is bullish!
What about the pound? So down.
lol duh the globalists are all doom and gloom
Hillary and warren proved wrong again.
*in its local currency only
I guess time to reshort
What happened to armageddon?