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Politicians shouldn't be able to choose their own voters.
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Wow! Worth looking into.
Heres an idea: Why do you need districts? How about proportional representation?
didn't Brexit prove how bad of idea it is to give voting power to the by and large stupid unwashed masses
The alternative is worse. Democracy is the only Government resistant to turning tyrannical. Also, no.
And: That's literally the opposite of the problem the vid you are responding to talks about.
first liberals hate free speech, now they hate democracy. Wow so progressive. Such right side of history
gross simplication that feeds on the anti-politics ethos that drives deadlock, and ignores role of "independent" voters.
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How about no more political parties. Groups prevent people from thinking for themselves. They become mindless pawns.
I got kicked off Facebook for this
some bring them in droves from other countries not just district or have them vote twice for a gas card but u don't know
That's crazy talk. Are you implying that the Chicago politics of the late 1900's still goes on? incomprehensible😉
when commissions are appointed to redraw the electoral districts they are government appointed commissioners ??
Wasn't there a protest in Hong Kong over the same issue?
Large part of Republican strategy for years. Biggest reason so many state houses stay red.
@attn: Politicians shouldn't be able to choose their own voters.…#illinoisbudget #
"non-partisan" citizen committees drawing districts. Riiiiiiight.
Gerrymandering has been around forever, but you never saw the problem until...wait for it...Republicans gained statehouses!
Viewed in isolation, I would be hard pressed to say which was the before vs. the after picture of the California districts.
Donald trump dibs on racists
bottom line, the US system is fucked up!. Glad I'm out of there now.
Oh very well said.
And why is it that districts are not required to be geographically centered???