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they don't see their job as informing people, they see their job as selling ads.
Then there's no reason to ask the question. In fact, there is no such thing as "British journalism" at all, just commerce.
And unless something changes we're headed there.
Terribly. We are a country run at least in part by Paul Dacre owner of the Daily Mail and Rupert Murdoch.
Their drip drip anti-EU propaganda over decades has poisoned the debate.
tend to think that repeatedly calling it Brexit (emphasis on 'exit') could have contributed too
Rhetorical question, surely. How well? Didn't even bother trying to inform the British public.
Diabolical but not just this campaign, 40 years of ignoring or trivialising EU news.
Thanks, Lynn. Had not seen it.
so , do you mean that the people who voted pro-stay, weren't well informed?
Nope. Nice try, though.
that's what I thought. so, what makes you think that ppl who voted pro-stay were well informed?
Didn't say they were. You're just trying to make me speak your lines, instead of talking yourself.
fair enough. is just the headline talks abt Brexit leaders/no plan I'm curious though. what's your position?
You think you're clever. You're not.
:) wasn't trying to b snarky w/the last Q I actually wanted to know ur position. if u thought that 1side was less informed 1/2
or if you thought that everyone pro/against/no voters, were equally misinformed. 2/2
Don't have a position. But when pro-Leave politicians back away from what they supported it says they weren't questioned well.
ok I think applies 4both sides. I'd b amazd if the pro-stay pol. fulfilled the promises of wonderful things coming if stay won
Remain argued that #Brexit would be economically catastrophic. This was dismissed as #ProjectFear
I thought the @guardian & @FT worked to inform. Guardian also did some nuanced work on background to community anger
About same as our press did promoting "America's New War" as Wolf Blitzer dubbed it. (2003)