They are shouting "four more years!"
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They = Canadians? About as relevant as the poll showing Europe's support for Trump.
+@maddow Obama is better than both Hillary and Trump. Just keep him in the white house.
+@maddow they are just as delusional as you and Maddow!!!
+@NerdyWonka I'm gonna miss PBO ....but we will be in good hands with Madame President @HillaryClinton
"the world does not respect us"~ Drumf @maddow
+@maddow That's how stupid Canadian liberals are....they probably think he can run again.
+@lrozen wow, I'm guessing he will remember that
+@maddow Funny; Canadians are yelling. Who are these assholes we elected?
+@maddow +@CNN +@SpeakerRyan +@SenateMajLdr Canadians chanting four-more-years to President Obama.Would that it were.But SCOTUS?
+@POTUS Proud of you Mr. President. Damned proud!
I'd certainly vote for it. Just elect him a blue congress and senate of course. @NerdyWonka
+@maddow -No way that's the USA....
+@maddow you're welcome... love Canada😚
+@maddow Would be nice, wouldn't it?But Hillary is a strong person and has gained a lot of experience.
+@maddow Is this the Ottawa event w @JustinTrudeau and #POTUS ? Oh, n Prez of Mexico? LOVE!!!
+@maddow U can safely say that the Canadians definitely don't want you @realDonaldTrump, neither do the majority of Americans
+@lrozen I know how they feel. But, I'm glad he's going to get his life back. Being POTUS is not good for one's health.
agree.more obama trudeau overlap might have been nice. but probably obama rouhani &even francis overlap yielded more opportunities
possible that history + Ppl in/out of US find new appreciation for his leadership when faced w/ Trump prospect and Cameron debacle.
we will see. think in some ways he will be looked on very well, other times think syria catastrophe will haunt him; maybe both
Sadly, too little to late!
true. Also interesting the moment we're in globally when he's leaving. Can't imagine a looming Iran war in middle of all this.
#pt cuba raprochemenf, iran nuclear deal, ...
+@maddow obama clinton both knew 8 years ago UK n Europe would today scrabbling out! Obama said June 9 clinton qualified LOL
Me Too!!!!!! he should just go to Hawaii and i would..
he looks worn out lately (with good reason)
yes....8 years of hate directed right at him.. would do it for sure!!
Yes he was treated with disrespect from the Republican party from the start.He deserves better.
yeah and he took it like a real man, I love how he never lets them get to him
me too!! i really admire him...more and more as time has gone on...
#TooTrue @POTUS #incredible constant composure in face 8 yrs of #hate wanted 4 more of @billclinton 2! LOL.
yeah I think everyone is so worked up about november because nobody is really ready for him to be finished
well i sure as hell don't want that effen bigot lying ass...has no clue about anything ..omg he would nuke the entire middle east
LMAO for sure!
even if you hate can people be for him..he is a racist 2016..i have no clue.he will destroy us...
Clinton will destroy us too only Bernie is for the world
sorry/journey is over.if he wants change he can.some of his ideas are good he needs to work it in the system.
yes exactly, would have to be nuts!
yes...too nuts for me...i have been really shocked...had no clue so many/so racist..smh..willing to over look that? really? wow
nothing surprises me after being on Twitter a few years, have seen it all 😳
ha! well eye opening here for sure....saddened and horrified..thank god my mom was a good one...
+@micahsgrrl So PROUD of our PRESIDENT!
Best president in my lifetime. Going to be hard to fill his shoes. Probably can't be done
+@BraddJaffy As US network news has totally ignored the day/address, no one will know of. What you speak.
that is why we have Twitter to stay informed.
maybe he should move to Canada
+@maddow because they're clueless
+@maddow Is that his next unconstitutional executive order? Are Canadians ignorant of US law?
+@maddow Well what a bunch of morons they are then! Low lifes in high places. Maybe jug ears should sort out Chicago first.
+@maddow awesome. The whole world will miss Pres Obama. And we fear the orange trumpet who might next. #beveryafraid
+@Pats4Mahogany4 Want him to stay but he's tired!😕I'm so proud of this man! We've witnessed history He makes me proud y'all!
Same. I really, really want him to be POTUS for 4 more years. He has been great. He'll go down as one of the greatest.
+@maddow I wish. But then I feel guilty. He doesn't deserve that...
+@maddow That blew me away! A lot of ppl say that: 4 more years. Well, not the Republicans.
I bet you if Obama were to run for another term he will still beat Hillary, Trump.
Thank you so much for posting your videos, I can't help but wonder where did Secretary Kerry go?
Canadian MP's would never break decorum like that even if they felt it.
Rachel Maddow reported the Parliament was shouting this but it was actually the gallery of guest.
+@maddow I live in Canada-real folks no he is hurting to falling Canadian dollar but politicians pander
+@maddow sure wish could have four more years
+@maddow If only! I think this is going to be my favorite farewell memory #thankyoumrpresident #classandcompassionpersonified
TY for this! I am so Proud of our President Obama! He is on a mission for the 99% & most don't even know it!
+@maddow as though Canadians have any kids of a say in POTUS. I am a dual citizen. Look how wrong CAD got it with #Trudumb
+@maddow gay Americans love the gay Canadians. That's why.
+@maddow How awesome! ❤️ President Obama deserve all the love. 😘
+@maddow you won't get all These Racist Republicans to even look his way ! All Hatemongering Right Wing Lumps of GOPdog shit
+@maddow of course they are. They're socialist pigs too
Would that we would be so fortunate to have Obama for another 4 years!
look a room full of mindless zombies
+@maddow I think that cheer was a sign of respect or wishful thinking. I think the President is ready to pass the keys to HRC
+@maddow Maybe u & ur liberal friends would prefer the Canadian parliament choose the next POTUS but it's #AmericaFirst now
+@maddow Maybe he should run in Canada. We will all be moving there anyway if Trump wins. ;)
+@maddow Political party aside, "We the People" should be deeply proud by such a moving and magnanimous moment in history.
+@maddow Love him he's the best President!