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Pro-Brexit campaigner Boris Johnson will not run for Prime Minister of the UK.
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Suprising... Now we know that he didn't use the #Brexit vote to become PM... He truly believed in it... #UKTories #UKCons
that's even more worrying that he actually had faith in brexit
I think he was going to run until he saw how much of a screw up leaving has been so far @Chrisisfake @RealTrevinShu @cnnbrk
He could've run... Recent polling had him in 2nd place...
To be honest im surprised he's dropped out, unless he's waiting for the next general election to run @RealTrevinShu @Chrisisfake @cnnbrk
I don't think anyone can make a judgement anywhere like that at this point.
Thats why I said "so far" it might get better, but its not been a great week @Gus_Harriador @Chrisisfake @RealTrevinShu @cnnbrk
I think it's been an absolutely brilliant week.
Apart from the market dip, UK credit rating loss, and that £350 mill "mistake"... @Gus_Harriador @Chrisisfake @RealTrevinShu @cnnbrk
Well they were all predicted... People didn't listen now they have to live with their
Uncertainty is ok, but an hour after the result they say 1 of the key arguments is wrong @RealTrevinShu @Gus_Harriador @Chrisisfake @cnnbrk
Why is it a mistake???
Well a lot of think that we should've renegotiated our deal with the EU...
We've that opportunity still (2 years) but our leverage has decreased significantly
No it has not diminished at all.
The pound dropping & the rating agencies lowering the UK credit rating = leverage diminished
It really has, the EU are going to make an example of us <- their actual words @Gus_Harriador @RealTrevinShu @Chrisisfake @cnnbrk
I'm not interested in the small minded drivel. We're interdependent, hurt us and it hurts them.
How would it hurt them? 27 member states vs 1 who decided to vote to leave...
Why have you been sold 'us and them'. I work in Frankfurt and have not heard anything of the sort.
Well the EU member states are pissed didn't you see them attempt to humiliate Farage 48 hours ago?
I don't care about Farage. He's a twat. The UK has a strong position and that won't change.
Farage doesn't need anyone to humiliate him he does it fine on his own @RealTrevinShu @Gus_Harriador @Chrisisfake
It will hurt all sides but the EU member states are pissed & pissed off countries/people do not make
You're guessing.
rational decisions... (Ex voting to leave EU & EU member states trying to take revenge)
Sorry, that's defeatist nonsense.
Well IMO they should all go home for a few months & comeback with cooler heads...
That's what will happen...
Hasn't so far... The EU member states trying to humiliate the biggest pro leave person is proof it
I couldn't care less what they said to Farage.
...because the UK economy imports shit loads from the EU...
It was quoted somewhere the impact on Germany would be about 0.5% which is a hit they will take @Gus_Harriador @RealTrevinShu @Chrisisfake
To prevent other countries thinking it would be a good idea to leave the EU @Gus_Harriador @RealTrevinShu @Chrisisfake
This is the type of stuff that initially pushed me towards LEAVE. It's just scaremongering.
That was in the Telegraph which was a Leave paper I think @Gus_Harriador @RealTrevinShu @Chrisisfake
I don't read the UK press, I think they're a disgrace. All of them.
If you don't read them how did their "scaremongering" convince you to vote leave? @Gus_Harriador @RealTrevinShu @Chrisisfake
I wasn't referring to the press, I was referring to the REMAIN campaign.
Fair enough, I was referring to a news story, you meant Remain camp, crossed wires there @Gus_Harriador @RealTrevinShu @Chrisisfake
...and I didn't say they convinced me to leave
I'm sure their exporters will love hearing that all the way up the supply chain.
expected PM to invoke art. 50 & won't do it boris priority is always himself
Presumably he's worked out he doesn't have the numbers because we all saw where his ambitions lay.
His being an author of the mess doesn't make him a candidate??
he has decided to be a hair donor for donald trump
The UK Trump ha ha
who wants to run a sinking ship?
snake is in the grass
He wants nothing to do with this Brexit shit show.
Boris is no idiot. He realizes that the next PM is damned over Brexit.. Either way... Cameron's end game has worked.
Is that because who knows that the next Prime Minister is almost doomed and he's waiting to pick up the pieces!
i dont think u guys get it...if he wanted to be PM, it means he did beleive in Brexit...this move means there are other motives $$$
is he smarter than what people thought initially after the vote??
he historically fucked the uk up, gained monetary success, (bet on failure..ei 2008 US bubble burst), and rides on into the sunset
after he #screwed the #UK and the rest of the #world . . . ! #Brexit a big #Bistake
thank the Lordy lord!
look at God
Drumphf and him share the hair!! And NO trump we will never support hitler! That is a ridiculous. JILL OR GARY OR hillary,never him!
what a joke..give this man a big red nose
knows he s incapable of fixing his BREXIT. What an IDIOT #ToryLeadership
Of course he can't bear to face the defeat that will follow Brexit. Now the mask is off!
He who kills the king will never wear the crown....
Smart move Boris.
Typical instigator....stir up the mess and then get back into the shadows and let someone else deal with it.
Today #Bexit day should be declared a Public Holiday. All part of the #Tory game plan of keeping @TheresaMay_MP as the dark horse
he even looks like forest trump...
had to do a double check. For a 2nd I thought that was @realDonaldTrump same hair. Lol
once again.another look at Boris the Spiders hair style,MUst share trumpfs and..oh heck, nevermind u get the idea..........
Instead Boris is training to complete in Rio Olympics
why he fuckin look like trump ??
He campaigned for brexit, and now he shys away to face the truth. What else boris?!
not brave enough. I wish Farage can run for PM.
Is @BorisJohnson related to @realDonaldTrump? They seem to have a couple of things in common #Brexit
reminds me of a rat and the sinking ship
thank you c o n m a n
Let NaMo find a proxy-PM for Great Britain.
oh man! You guys know you're screwed when Boris is quitting! Lol good luck!
of course, he made a giant mess and nobody wants to clean it up.
I already said this, but I repeat myself. The man is a joke. "@cnnbrk: Pro-Brexit camp... "
Well done Boris. You've done enough damage to the country already.
He conned the public into voting to leave the EU and cost the UK billions of dollars. What the hell was his objective ?
Create the problem, avoid the consequence....
"One Dumpsterfire on world stage is enough" says Boris
Even Boris Johnson has regrets?!
GOOD NEWS! Maybe parliament VOTE to over ride brexit to end NEW MESS it caused. VERY IRRESPONSIBLE; MAYBE NOT TOO LATE?
#BorisJohnson #Brexit #Borexit sounds like someone took on more than he could handle. Coward, no follow through. #REGREXIT
that way, He's "irresponsible" for his actions...
that's a shame he's a smart guy the e u will now crumble it's own