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how about Trump accepting money from foreigners for his campaign?? He's being bought by foreign politicians...
~ Just curious...why is that? Wouldn't it be better to release them beforehand to prevent a win?
future potus af
We are partying in Phoenix! Productive week for #trumptrain That vid is effing beautiful! Ya Get What Ya Need!
He said that when he posted things that Obama said about Hillary in 2008
to be fair, memes aren't even real @IamQueenAri
If Trump is so rich - why doesn't he fund his own camp & spends more time learning instead of begging for $$
He spent 55 million of his own money so far
Ignore Progressives!
call me Steve jobs and shove an iPhone charger so far up my pussy so that I wake up after a long night of being fucked by u
We need active military on the Mexico border. Israel puts IDF on its borders. My freedom is not in Syria. #AmericaFirst
ellaveloce Stefany n Miami backing u up while a literal fun for there money.
Triggered democrat
Progressives are so smart....NOT. #ISTANDWITHTRUMP
that's the kettle calling the pit black
watch your mouth you stupid freedom hating twat!! #Trump2016 #BasicBitch
My friend Dylan said the same thing! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain
wow, aren't you just a new breed of God damn stupid
Dylan is constantly being cheated on and everyone laughs about it
We need someone who takes action. That someone is you! amp.twimg.com/v/7c66c227-d3c…
Yeah action like how he runs his companies. America will sue or declare bankruptcy!!
@NeilTurner_: @realDonaldTrump We need someone who takes action. That someone Is! amp.twimg.com/v/7c66c227-d3c… SAVE USAfromJezebel&Ahab!
Obama and Clinton continues to undermine the rights of the American people through lies and trickery.
how do you breathe when you are constantly gargling trumps balls all day and night?
wow great vidio neil! Big fan..
throwback thursday, neil! You and donald hangin? #WhoisNeil bit.ly/295d5Gk
+@SoundCloud Nathan, you ask very stupid questions. *ahem*
, you have led numerous great businesses to success. You can do the same with this country. #HandcuffHillary
Trump couldn't use the Chicago melee to separate BLM & Bernie. Why didn't he undercut BLM when he could?
tell congress to end tax dodging by wall street hedge funds cards.twitter.com/cards/18ce53uv…
LOVE is greater than hate.
Tell that to Isis
You will lose in Nov.. You will declare it was Fraud.. #Loser
Please become president. If you don't I will move to Canada. Trump2016!!! #TrumpTrain #Trump2016 Love you!!!
The face you make when your opponent has an FBI investigation.
he's got his own issues. They both suck.
We stand United with you and your family. Stay Strong. We love you.
says its not available bubba, btw , since your n paying for your campaign , that pic I sent not u?
wish we could throw you back
GREAT SONG!!! love it
Trump was an unhinged immature spoiled brat. Today, he is an unhinged immature spoiled brat. #TBT
Hillary Clinton is racist!! #MAGA bring coal back!
+@beveridge I love the feel of climate change in my hands. I can hear the lamentations of the doomsdayers
loser and a liar
Would of been funny if you fell! 😂
keep it up!!
That's not throwback. You doing the birther bullshit, THAT would be throwback.
Memories...before most people discovered what a fraud you really are.
ATTENTION All #CrookedHillary BOTS! We sent 16 candidates home to Mommy! Hitlery is next! #Trump2016 #TrumpTrain #ImWithYou
I just block them when I see them it makes this whole SM friendship a lot better, nobody needs that garbage🇺🇸
good advice. They're so self-centered, no other opinion is welcome. Liberals claim to be tolerant🤔 They're not
#HesWithUs, the American People.
awwww..memories you poor man...long gone now fraud
look at all those people
Lets do this people!
when u paid to have ppl cheer you on? #SCAMpaign
sorry, that's at Killary's rallies. SHE has to pay trolls and the audience, along with buying votes.
~ Andrew, you're really grasping at straws with this! Lol
lol Trump does not need to pay people...but Hillary does
You of all people shouldn't say anything about someone scamming. All Hillary has done is scam and lie to the public.
trump is about to go on trial for fraud on both U.S. coasts so yeah, SCAMpaign
Also I do not really support Trump but he is less of two evils
u want a man 2 be prez who rates his 12mo old daughters breast development? slate.com/blogs/the_slat…
+@BenMathisLilley THATS JUST BC HE'S NOT PC!!! ;)
So tell me who is less trustworthy?
Donald J. Trump anymore questions?!?
Hillary has also leaked many highly classified documents through her private email server then lied about it.
no she didn't liar.
Hillary left our troops to die in Bengazzi and lied about the reason it happened to cover for her failed foreign policies.
Lol how do they get paid.
are u seriously going to be for Hillary and say that?? 😂😂😂best joke of the week #MakeAmericaGreatAgain
False. We dont correct the record
you should have climbed back up that confounded moving staircase machine and left politics. But we can't turn back time...
At Least he didn't leave American soldiers to die and then lie about it in order to cover for a failed foreign policy.
I've been supporting you since day one. You really should follow me 👍🏼
No matter the era, you're always an imbecile. #NeverTrump
is a LOSER #whinylittlebitch delete your account
dumb song choice
I feel bad for the orangutan !
Throw it in the trash Thursday.
u just blew my mind fam
Don't let Leftist silence conservative speech! silencedmovie.com silencedmovie.com
the left can't silence US. Oh, they'll throw their soiled panties every day, but that's all they've got.
we are going to win this and the HRC paid trolls that will reply to this are the ones that know it!
r u saying I can get paid for my disgust of Trump? Maybe Trump will also pay me 2 comment on H twitter??
yes if you're not on the payroll get on it. Why else would you do it? Lol m.nydailynews.com/news/politics/…
shit- that sounds like too much work ;) I just like poking fun at Trump & Hillary once in a while.
hey if it pays enough I might even join! ;-)
have a good 4th man-
lol, well yeah if u make some REAL $ let me know ;)
ask #CrookedHillary -she's probably waiting for it to come from Saudi Arabia #Trump2016
more like throw up Thursday
God sent you to save America
I've liked Trump since he first entered the race.
I don't understand why people like him? As registered republican, I see a big mouth, no substance bully!
If I may, may I ask why you are a atheist?
~ Are you THE real Willy Wonka?
u shouldve used Panda by Desiigner instead
Look at those tiny thumbs!
"We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails" Words to live by.
you're the one who will save us
Hillary Clinton's IT Aide Plead The Fifth Over 125 Times...she is 100% corruption and a professional liar
The truth evades you. You are blind sheep.
There will one day be a day when we all kill Donald Trump. Not physically but in fact, through our minds to end racism
no one cares donald lol
This is the Mexican Plane you were afraid of? vine.co/v/5znHq7BtDOJ
thats racist
+@vine bad at joke's I'll give you that.
did you just imagine Lying Hillary with her clothes off?
(((berg)) try harder shill
Yikes what? Jelly much, bitch?
(Possibly sensitive)
says the person working at Gawker, lol @realDonaldTrump
"If I am elected President I will end the special interest monopoly in Washington DC”–Donald Trump
Please work with Rand and Ron Paul as advisors! Thank you for supporting the Constitution!
we are leading, Trump our only choice for Potus
are you stuck in an air raid shelter. I heard the Mexican Air Force is out there
Starting tomorrow.Were not going to take their bogus dishonest reporting anymore Trump 2016
Our leader speaks, we follow!
Cant wait until Trump wins so YOU will SHUT THE FUCK UP. Fuck you and your ‘parody’ account
No one has more sociopathic voters than Trump! This I promise you! They support this. #ClownTrain
But the polls have you down and u know WE the People would never elect someone like you to represent US!!!
+@vine To be fair, the reporter was a douchebag. Being disabled doesn't make one full of virtue.
Total douchebag! How dare he refute my disgusting lie of 1000s of Muslims celebrating 9/11 in NJ?!
utter brilliance my friend
+@Talkmaster Sure looks Presidential, don't you think. Change we need.
Every time I watch this it makes me sad!
It's like the GOP primary voters loved how horrible & mean you were. You were up bigly after that.
Liberal Lefty Loons Wrong!
Nice alliteration.
Sociopath @7Yankee is voting for a guy who mocks disabled people. Calls others loons. SAD! #ClownTrain
You're voting for a person who attacks her husband's 5+ Rape Victims. No moral compass just like Hillary. Gross
Dopey @RapinBill, you're voting for a guy who RAPED his wife. Defended Tyson, a rapist, & blamed teen victim. BAD! vine.co/v/i9bQnT6zFnD
Killary blamed the teen victim** and Ivana came out publicly saying it she lied. Sad!
Ivana got $25M settlement for cover up. Trump blamed Tyson's teen victim. Attacked Bill's victims too.
Never Happened. Sad! Hillary Attacked Bill's 5+ Rape Victims, Effectively Ruining their Lives. You are the War On Women.
So did Rapist Trump. Also blamed Tyson's victim. Tried to prevent a convicted rapist from going to jail.
Sad how didn't happen. Though, what you might mean, is when Hillary Attacked her Husband's 5+ Rape Victims. Sad!
Dopey @RapinBill can't refute facts. Repeats same line. Trump also said he's much worse than Bill w women. DISASTER! vine.co/v/i9bQnT6zFnD
The Four Women Who've Accused Donald Trump of Rape TW: rape, VAW, CSA #TrumpIsARapist goddesskerrilyn.wordpress.com/2016/06/22/the…
Yeas, Mr. Trump raped his first wifes Ivana. But he ok, he got a new wife!
Why the New Child Rape Case Filed Against Trump Should Not Be Ignored m.huffpost.com/us/entry/10619…
Why the 5+ Rape Victims of Bill shouldn't be ignored. Though Hitlery tried to silence them. Sad! Hate women?
don't forget about his latest Court Case from this week, alleging Trump raped 13yr old girl
Hey Charla, Hillary's donors (Saudi) would love to enslave, rape, and kill you. It's okay though, Trump will fight for you.
But it ok, it was on the feast of shurik
LMAO, maybe he will try to use this, U never know with him, he is a total jobbernowl!
Poor Sad Misogynist-Sympathizer. It's okay if. Trump will fight for women even if you don't.
I actually think it is pretty funny to mock the disabled. It is totally natural. They are funny.
Whether you've done it in public with a small group we've all imitated others, said harsh things & been less than perfect 😔
Trump has made a career out of it.
Thanks for letting everyone on twitter know you're a horrible person!
Most normal people would apologize for such disgusting behavior.Your candidate never has. #Disqualified
He should put his self in a disabled persons shoes and find how he's treated!
i would take the extra 2000 dollars a month from da gubbamint
Damn right! & NO I have never made fun of or mocked a physically or mentally disabled person We all don't do it
I have made fun of a mentally disabled person. His name is @realDonaldTrump
That picture is worth a billion words. Worthless pile of shit shyster grifter who counts on those SUCKERS!!!
+@vine What about that one time when you got struck by lightning?
~ Vladmir Putin has the emails!!: truthfeed.com/putin-likely-h…
HRC+BHO makeCountryPoor+inviteTerror! Mr. TRUMP ourLastHope! 30min U knowWhy! 👉bit.ly/1X81c0n 👍🚂 @DanScavino
F*ck You Donald Orange Lunatic Trump!!!! F*ck YOU!! Most Americans HATE You!! #PsychoDonald #NeverTrump #ImWithHer
lol great video huge crowds Hillary has to pay people to show up to her boring events. Same people always bussed in.
It's a movement sir! A movement!
'Wet My Pants' #Galore
The Donald 2016!!!!
Delete your account.
don't understand the song choice, but doesn't matter, I'll vote for you no matter what
your thumbs are small
Papyrus font obviously...
Throw the Back of Trump out.
onward and upward! #MAGA
I am a republican and I can't pull the lever for you if you continue to say rude comments and have crazy policies
please for the grace of God shut the fuck up already!!!! You lying shit bag!!!
Seat fillers are at 100% employment in 2016!
Your with me.👍👍👍
We need the Great Trump Wall built, and built fast.
Poor Melania always look like she's thinking "How the "F" do I get out of here.
When they gonna #throwyouaway? U like garbage. The real stinky kind.
Just made another donation!! Hope you reach your goal by midnight!! #TRUMP2016 #MAGA Everyone, please chip in if you can!
We need you Trump. Let's get this thing done.
Expose The Coudenhove Kalergi Plan.
would bang your daughter just like you would soundcloud.com/mike-prrece/ju…
+@SoundCloud she wouldn't let you! Only dates real men, not libs.
you are of low character and a scummy acting young man. Is that who you really want to be?
Many of theses ! 🇺🇸
In a few years, #ThrowbackThursday will be photos and videos of Trump leading the USA to success!
Can we throw it back?
why THE FUCK would u ruin an iconic song like that Don
Trump implied most MX illegal aliens are violent criminals. That's not factual & it *helps* amnesty supporters.
All that and you are still behind...She's gonna wipe the floor with you, and hang you up to dry! Go Away!!!
Let's get @seanhannity into the Radio Hall of Fame: Text "Hannity" to 36500 #TrumpTrain
Guys lets help @seanhannity with this great accomplishment! Congrats Sean! m.hannity.com/articles/elect…
donald trump, the peoples president!!!!!!!!!
No Gingrich for VP. He WILL STAB YOU IN THE BACK FOR THE GOP PARTY. They Don't Want You. They want to STAY ESTABLISHMENT...
Your Best Pick For VP is @GovJVentura ... He's EVERYTHING YOU NEED, AND CAN BE TRUSTED. Give Sanders a Cabinet Position...
It's Time To Change Politics In America. NO MORE POLITICS AS USUAL... ENOUGH IS ENOUGH DAMMIT... Yep...
+@alllibertynews Ventura that sued the wife of a navy seal? I don't think so. Loser
Who's husband made a profit off lieing about a bar fight in a book..
were you there?
attacked the governor I would protect Jesse Ventura
to each their own.
Aren't soldiers supposed to protect, presidents, governors?
Americans ,not just elites
Do u think special forces soldiers should attack their own people?
Of course not, but they are human too.
HoweverMarines,Navy seals, Force recon should b trying2harm Americans
bedtime *yawn*G'night
A marine isn't a human,he is a marine trained to kill.No hesitation
you can't take all emotion away from them.It's still in their heart
given the chance
I think Chris kyle would have beat up Jesse and bragged about it give
But if I walked into a bar with Jesse and members of the military
It's fiction Jesse Ventura wasn't there either...
Ventura Is A Navy Seal. I stand with his Decision. Because He Was 100% Correct Yep
I don't. Very low class.
He didn't sue the wife. He sued Chris. Then his estate. You would too
Our future president coming down the escalator go Trump!!!
I used to hate you. Then I realized you were right about the mexican border and Islamic terrorism. Can you believe it?
Kind of early for a highlight reel, don't you think? Usually made at the end of the season. Do you think yours is done?
all aboard! Time to Get on The Train🚂💨💨💨
Another day over and still no tax returns from you.
yyeeppp!! "You cant always get what you want"!!sorry Donnie, ,
...Absolutely Wonderful!
you're a little too restrained these days, Donald.
+@AddInfoOrg Trump actually paid 50 Mill. Hillary on the other hand is spending Money From SAUDI Arabia. Sad!
Show this in a couple years! Remember that racist reality TV star who ran for President back in 2016? Nope. Me neither :-)
(Possibly sensitive)
she loves you! As does the whole family, God bless you and your family!
put it in the big hole and gouge on it.
Happy Anniversary & thank you
you can't always get what you want?
Throw back Thursday Trump/Reagan !! #AlwaysTrump
but if you try sometimes you just might find that you get what you need
You should post more memes Mr. President
don't know if u will win or lose because I am done trusting the electorate but if you do win, I hope you rot in hell somehw
+@ImmoralReport Trust me, Hillary will not look that good.
thank you Mr. Trump
Beautiful. Great song too.
clean up the corrupt liberal DEA
I'll throw your quiff back to 2003 in a minute with a lazy left, ugly cunt
Keep marching forward I love you Donald you are the leader we need the best thing for our country
Incredible video! It's been an amazing journey and year!
Ah, yes. All those paid actors did a fabulous job! 😂
Thank you for running. America needs you so very badly.
- Everyone, please donate to Trump by midnight tonight, if you can! I just did again! #TRUMP2016
Yes,donate now! Eric's wine company is in trouble.
Great work! Keep it up! :)
delete delete delete your account
throwback is good for him bc his future looks depressing
Awesome video..Great family..you will be THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES..TRUMP 2016+
+@seanhannity +@FoxNews please watch themovie "Dreams from my real father" by Joel Gilbert and comment on its premise please.
Child rape case filed against @realDonaldTrump. Note the victim and EYE-WITNESS statements at the end. scribd.com/doc/316341058/…
the awesome @LisaBloom is on the case.... let's get him!
Speaking of #TBT America can't wait to throw you back.
Mr. Trump, I urge you to watch this video. Tweet it to your followers!! youtube.com/watch?v=HuTekW…
finally someone FOR WE THE PEOPLE !
A great trip so far...a long road yet to travel to "Make America Great Again" We will get there with a win!
u r Great 🇺🇸❤️👍🏼
Bafoon. Period.
i luv u bro...home u can help me in my construction biz....zerious brozzz... youtube.com/watch?v=XgsJLG…
fantastic !! I love it 😊
throw-up Thursday!!!
We're voting for you! We need you in the White House! #LatinosForTrump
lovely song. Though poor choice under the circumstances. Please delete. The people need you to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain
I later need to hear some nugget- strangle hold Sir. It's the best of wishes and greatest of thoughts to you & your family.
It's been a long journey, almost there! Love the video! Trump is what America needs!#ImWithYou #TrumpTrain 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸
Wherever you go in your journey, go with all your heart. #imwithyou #TrumpTrain
That was AWESOME!!!
Anybody but Chris Christie
Do you have license 2 use that song & there no way u r what we need. We need a sane & open-minded candidate you're neither
you are fucking asshole
What a fucking racist lmao Mexico will get you..not now lol Nice touch agreeing with a fellow racist about airport security
You need to fire who ever edited this video, as well as whoever approved it.
it's created by a supporter. that's the magic @realDonaldTrump
If I was 18 you would have my vote
my eyes!!!!😢😢😭
liberals should read Isaiah 32:5 on.
it's throw up Thursday with our bigoted king of the under educated, Donny Drumpf.
was so happy this day what a crazy ride so far but been great #TrumpTrain is best jump on! #MAGA #AmericaFirst
November can't come fast enough!!! #Trump2016 #MAGA
stop trying to be hip
I am not a paid HRC clown or not but I would like to be both. Pick me, yeah!
Don't let the Trump Elevator bring you down. Punch a higher floor! -> kennyrodeo.org
very nice. The donald rules the world.
when I see you and then unfortunately hear you, it becomes #ThrowupThursday
too bad we can't throw back trump
10bucks 10bucks 10bucks phone unlimited unlimited household internet household TV save mid cls family $270amonth DO IT
THey want someone to give them HOPE and you have done that!
Throwback to Thursday 1993 video of Trump racist comments snappytv.com/tc/2274552/114…
love you Mr.Trump. keep fighting. We will win together! #makeamericagreatagain
U give us hope, Thank you !
throw forward November 2016.
(Possibly sensitive)
Delete your account. (via @trumpdelete)
(Possibly sensitive)
And the crowd goes wild!!!!
Donnie, Donnie, Donnie .... concession so soon? "You can't always get what you want..." Royalty paid ???
heh heh heh what a guy...trump rump sleaze
No matter what this idiot tries to portray his numbers are down...the GOP hates his guts... and his supporters are down
Please try to stay on message, you are making it more difficult than it should be to win.
when ur media manager says that #ThrowbackThursday is the kool hip thing to do
Btw it was 106 on Sunday & 108 on Monday, no way in hell Bill was "playing golf in Phoenix".
Ah, the glory days. When all you had to do is say dumb sh*t to win. Not all this "presidential" nonsense.
More like #ThrowupThursday. Less self-aggrandizement please.
More like Throw Up Thursday.
yes!!! Throwback Thursday! Let's THROW YOU BACK! #DonTheCon #NeverTrump #ImWithHer
can we see your taxes?
More like Throw up Thursday...
+@MickJagger Do they know you are using their music?
its been truly an exciting year watching the rise of truth and patriotism. Thank you Mr.Trump
+@MickJagger is gonna be sooooo mad that you used his song! You're disgusting! WE don't want you or need you!
AMERICA Is GETTING WHAT IT WANTS! & NEEDS! ALL THE WAY TO 1600-PENNSYLVANIA AVE! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸#Trump2016 #iamwithyou #AlwaysTrump
I wish we could throw you back like an unwanted fish that's too small. I'm so sick of you and your "I heard this…" #Phony
That's not nice we live Mr Trump he does not have to do this he will be Great give him a chance
of course he doesn't have to buy his presidency. Please look at facts - he will be bad.
please inform me about some of those facts
he doesn't love you or this country this is about him being Top Dog and he's going to run the USA into💩💩💩💩
you are right about one thing he doesn't have to do this and in the name of God and all that's holy I wish you would stop
you seem like a nice person just misinformed I'm sorry
you are entitled to your opinion and I'm entitled to mine it wasnot a blanketstatement about the pigs it was just for Rosie
or a whole group of women. He was wrong. You have Jesus in your bio. I ask you sincerely what would Christ think of Trump?
I think Christ would appreciate what he's doing and exposing all the corruption in Washington
forgotten. I hope you get right with him before he calls you home supporting that dummy the Lake of Fire awaits thee🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jesus was actually be nowhere near Donald Trump. Jesus was about peace love and kindness something Christians seem to have…
you pay the ladies mortgage he hegave a bus driver $10,000 for saving somebody who is going to jump off a bridge
to me and can exit anytime you wish. You will never change my mind about him I've tried to tell you the truth about him
i'm not trying to change your mind I am just speaking my mind
you go ahead and believe what you want to believe about him. I did not jump on your time line or in your mentions you came
i'm cool with it I don't mind engaging in conversations
what would Jesus think of you throwing Donald Trump like a fish
and therefore have done my due diligence so sayeth the Lord. You need to pick up the New Testament and read Revelations
i've taught my kids the golden rule and I pray they live by at
I know some of revelations
all my children by one woman Donald Trump has a child from all three of his wives and he raped his first wife
she admitted that would be for money
I respect both of you for having the children and not aborting them
don't you worry I'm not a man that has cheated on his first two wives had affairs with God only knows how many women
Jesus would be proud of me because I have tried to speak the truth to Donald Trump. To stop lying to people like you
then again it was the Christians that started the slave trade and the good Christians that kept us as 3/5 of a person
most people are not living in the past
never gets written. You have been Kardashianized. Just because someone is on television doesn't mean they're a star
I didn't know much about politics until I started reading and then I became very informed
into turning over the money that he claimed he raised for veterans. If the Washington Post doesn't press him that check
don't believe in Washington Post they're very one sided
I will know I did everything I could to warn people like you about him
I don't need a warning I knowwhat he's all about and everything he wants is for this country maybeone day youwill understand
if you know what he's all about start looking for people who live and work in Atlantic City and ask them what he did 4 them
he's your candidate. You two deserve one another and if we should have The Misfortune of him winning the election
Hillary Clinton but just like your boy Donald you go off on a tangent so you don't have to stick to the issue I see now why
Nancy you're what they call an apologist and so I'm going to stop wasting my time talking to you. I never said anything
i'm not sure what an apologist is but I am a realist
the reason I ask is because Donald says he loves the poorly educated. Ask him why he loves the poorly educated.
LMFAO! You'll make an excuse for him no matter what he does. Did you graduate from college?
Donald Trump is a very giving considerate person look up random acts of kindness's from Donald Trump
and he has said horrible things about minorities women and disabled people. You can't be your true Christian
what did he say about minorities
money to charity and he is not worth nearly as much as he says that he is. We're talking about a man who had to be shamed
I'm sorry you believe that I'm being sincere when I say that. The reason he won't turn over his tax returns he doesn't give
there you go like a good subservient woman making excuses for Donald Trump. I don't care if it was one particular woman…
OK so you never said anything about a woman that someone would find offensive
not there bra size or how big their gluteus maximus is. You still didn't answer my question about Jesus I'll wait
no Nancy I have not. My father told me to respect women all women. And I judge women by the content of their character
2 Corinthians sounds like the beginning of a bad joke not someone about the quote the Bible and its holy scriptures
you also appear to be a Christian woman how can you support a candidate who is so fake he says, "2 Corinthians?"
I understand that some people make mistakes
most women with any amount of intelligence what I stand for a candidate openly calling women pigs & measuring them by looks
I would also bet my last dollar that you are a white woman. Mind you I have no problem with white women I'm just saying
also I have a master's degree in political science I would Grant you I'm not misinformed about anything political.
everybody and their grandmother has said he is running a neo-fascist campaign so who's the liar everybody or him?
I never became one that's not my thing but I respected his choices and it taught me to respect people's religious beliefs
my father also converted to Islam your candidate disrespect my father every time he makes a blanket statement about Muslims
I would like to think that as the son of United States Marine I am a good person. My father fought for this country
good times for you huh. Before your poll numbers dropped dramatically! LMAO
+@DanScavino Love this! Trump is exactly what this country needs! #ImWithYou #TrumpTrain 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸
We can all feel it: America's best days are just ahead.. #TRUMP2016
Do us all a favor and attack the Vile Cunt known as Crooked Killary Clinton already. Her scandals will kill her efforts.
Support you 100%, Sir. Keep up the pressure on Economy, Terroism, Immigration. CHRC (ie:Crooked) is MIA on any Fox Show?
Trump is so stupid and so desperate for votes and adulation he will lie to anyone about anything anywhere anytime.
You're going to win! 👊
Music to our ears ,it's such a wonderful Feeling of the Video Make America Great Again! God bless you!
+@CNNPolitics +@NBCPolitics Throwback Thursday! Harken back to the good old days!
Donald please tell us how can we vote for a proven Lieing President like Hillary 😎
just played Trump Hudson Valley for the St Jude Classic. Amazing event! Everything top notch and happy to hear $$ raised
March on, we're behind you all the way!
Cheats in Business, Cheats on his wives and in Golf. How foolish is it that he would want to work for you?
That was GREAT
ruined this song for me
that's not how it works
The Rolling Stones authorized this?????
Can't wait for several years of #MAGA Thursdays! 🚂💟💖💟💖💟🚃💨💨💨
can get whatever scraps you leave for them. Stop lying
Awesome. Can't wait to call you my President and Commander in Chief.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
so let's be clear Donald when you say America first you mean your wife billionaire buddies first and the American people…
Your old friend Rosie called you an Orange Slug on Match Game. Any response?
Challenge CHRC to appear on any Fox show (F&F's, Greta,O'Reilly,Kelly or Hannity). CHRC needs to be grilled,as u have provd
We went from, "Trump will never be the Republican nominee" to "He will never be President." LOL Trump = unstoppable
outside the borders of the USA. Your clothes are made in Bangladesh they have the worst human rights records of workers
Hillary is bought by Saudi-Women-Killing-Arabia. Way worse.
Nothing to see here.
20% of Killary's Campaign paid for by Saudi Arabia. Matt sounds like a sexist to me. Sad!
Matt The Sexist Houser. Sad case of the Misogyny you got there.
Up your nose with a rubber hose.
why do Trump supporters immediately interject Hillary Clinton into the argument? I haven't said one word about Hillary Clinton
Because you have someone even better to attack! I mean she did attack all blacks by saying they are "Super Predators"
Get on your ground game, and donations or you lose plain, Have anyone told you bankruptcy laws don't apply in a campaign
Ah, the good old days. Enjoy the nostalgia.
this is sort of beautiful but not in the way that would make me feel good about you being president
You're a throw back alright. Hopefully someone new at convention
We should #throwyouback in the swamp you spawned from. 👶🏼✋🏻✋🏻
poor Don the con man. You're losing now!
The fact that Floriduh, a state that elected a conman, is behind Drumpf?! Warning enough!!
🇺🇸 Monster Voters everywhere! 💥💥💥 theconservativetreehouse.com/2016/05/07/the…
the day our national nightmare began...
God Bless you Mr.Trump there's No Other Words to Express Our Respect to You that wants to do Right for All Americans!
I'm starting to believe your dad bought your degree from Wharton. Your supporters are dumb. All your products are made…
THANK YOU, THANK YOU & Greetings 2Entire Trump Family, We luv Melania2 - U ALL R WONDERFUL PATRIOTS! GOD BLESS U! @LouDobbs
before people started spitting out the kool aid! Ha!
Can't Wait for you tobe President Donald J Trump, Your going to Crush it #AmericansTogether FEEL THE LOVE VOTE FOR TRUMP <3
TBT - The democrat years
Donald trump makes me wanna throw up.
Save my image before the Trump Trolls lock my account.
you are dropping like a rock in the polls.
For what it's worth, when DJT is speaking people listen. Even people who dislike him. When Hillary speaks... well you know.
Thank you BILL CLINTON so much for meeting with Loretta Lynch on the plane as now she has to RECUSE herself from EMAILissue
The only thing we take with us at the end of the day is that which we gave away. What an opportunity to help your country!
I just love you. I love what you stand for and how you love the people. You bless me every time I see you smile.
🇺🇸 Dear @realDonaldTrump, please ask @AllenWest to be our vise president. Thank you sir, sincerely, #WeThePeople 🇺🇸
Please!I pray you really are what we need that God is going to be with You and you listen to Him to give us what we need.
+@KristinaWestwic Lynch and Bill private meeting. SHAME ON THEM BOTH . ALL A BUNCH OF BULLSHIT. STEP DOWN LYNCH. CHEATERS.
J A C K. O F F
- I guess this will be your scrapbook to cry over when you lose...
Thank You Mr.Trump,We Continue to Pray to Get You and your Beautiful Family Through this Dirty Gov.to make You President
I Only Have One Wish and That's to Have Mr. Trump for President!
Great compilation! & aren't we lucky Hillary took the low road, or she may not be totally exposed.
+@hckysnyder Hillary/Bill Clinton's INSOLENCE "believing" they're UNTOUCHABLE, enabled by Liberals. Fix it !
the road to the White House just got easier
Do you even think your posts through before you click? Rolling Stones will make you delete this.
No... just no.
What do you say about #TerroRussia ?
haters can't stand it. lol! success comes with a price. small price.
more like intern material, lmao...
Ha! AND the GOP thought Michelle Obama wearing a sleeveless dress was distasteful.
(Possibly sensitive)
To when you weren't orange? #OompaLoompa
Mr Licensing clearly can't take a fucking hint: nbcnews.com/pop-culture/mu…
Do you even get the lyrics or meaning of the song? Wow "art of deception" Perfect actually
+@RollingStones hope you paid royalties to the Stones for using there song you slimy bitch. #NeverTrump
WHyd you pick this song
Trump Trump Trump Trump 👏👏👏👏👏
can we throw you back you broke fraud?
We need strength, we need toughness, and we need a brain in this country to turn it around!
vete al demonio Trump
ty sir for standing up for us I'm crying happy tears :-) god bless you
lmfao how fitting ....u gliding down escalator matches your poll number graphs...
for God sake #DonaldTrump, please tell me who chose the music in your traumatizing #throwback video clip
Really? It's ALL just pictures of you and your crowd size? Compensating for.something? We the People deserve to see plans!
is the worst candidate in the history of politics. His entire family was groomed to default the government, not run it.
YES, Women's VOTE For Mr.Trump !!!
Hillary attacked her Husband's 5+ Rape Victims, Effectively Ruining Their Lives.
and Donald Raped a 13 yr old and the way he disrepects woman and minorities is a sick
None of what you said is true-- unlike that with Hillary. Sad! Do research, not listen to MSM.
Trump is a rapist, I suggest u do some research
Oh Melanie, if only you were a White House intern. Bill would've forced himself on you and Hillary would've shamed you. Sad!
if only I was 14 Trump would've raped me at his pedophile buddies house
Eh never proven nor taken seriously. Rapin' Bill on the other hand... Eww
and Bill isn't running, he already held office 😊
Oh so you Support a Rape Victim Antagonizer (Hillary)? You're a Rapist Sympathizer. Disgusting Misogynist.
what I don't support is Donald Trump
But you support Hitlery-- ergo, you are a Rape Victim-Shaming Sympathizer. Disgusting
well I think it's pretty serious
Perhaps thou shall take thine own prescription.
Trump is a rapist.He also raped his own wife.
funny thing is his sheep actually believe he's gonna be the POTUS LOL
Up 4 points in the polls and he hasn't even started on her. You're delusional.
his own party can't stand him
I see you let the Mainstream Media think for you. It's okay, Trump will protect you from Hillary's Misogynistic Donors.
He fights both establishments. He does this for the people, such as yourself, even though you're brainwashed.
Well when you finally stop thinking with sexism and realize Hillary is bad, Trump will accept you with open arms.
I take back your ticket to join the Trump Train. We don't like Misogynists over here. Keep that in Saudi.
I would never get on a train that's headed off a cliff 😨
You are the War Against Women. Out out out! *airhorn*
You're sexist and Misogynist. Go back to Saudi. (Though you might wish to cover up there).
The fact that any Americans actually think you'd be a good president is an embarrassment to this country. #SleazyDonald
Trump's got 30 bucks in the bank
It's always nice to be reminded of just how many dumbasses there are in America
The Orange bellend cockwomble is always on TV, with trumpsterds, trumpserfs, how can we not notice, November?
Tiny Tool Fool
I love that sign MR. Trump Your hired!
Chuck Norris for president.
you are my President already.
your da man with the master plan !
Or as America called it: The beginning of the end of any semblance of sanity #MakeAmerica3rdRateAgain
Is that John Barron or John Miller? I get them confused all the time! #KingOfKayfabe
HER ,FOUND A MATE ., VP CHOICE ., THE PAST !! #ProudAmerican #Trump2016
delete your orange