May: "rights of EU migrants to remain in the UK will be in play in the talks," i.e. Europeans could be thrown out…
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+@guardian If so, next step could be brits thrown of european countries. Madness on the agenda at the moment.
+@jane_webber statement of negotiating fact to counter threat to UK migrants in Europe - realpolitik
And it could end in "Our friends from UK are welcome to stay but we'd prefer taking our business
regrettably so
+@David_Cameron should have let the British EU immigrants vote
I agree, Jane -and 16-18s - whole thing's been a total misjudged disaster
+@guardian Is there a direct quote where she said that? Genuine question.
+@guardian Yesterday my husband said May is dangerous...
+@guardian us Brits abroad are also feeling uneasy as this would most likely result in us being sent back. How dare she?!
+@guardian Oh god no. That's my wife. We are real people. This is horrible.
+@LolaOkolosie Ridiculous comment , it will all be part of negotiation for British Nationals also , am sure will be ok.
How continentals residing in the UK love to be a bargaining chip.
Or British living in EU. This was me, my wife and our baby son a few years ago ...
Theresa May is starting out on the wrong - mean-spirited - foot.
Now that Theresa May has defined the terms of the fight: time to mobilize the public for upholding Freedom of Movement
Don`t go. Scrapping of EU citizenship is a tragedy. I`m fine with unilateral EU extension.
And presumably Brits could be thrown out of Spain, France, Italy, Germany... will be great when they get back
That is why we need a strong opposition party to stand up against it!
So 1m elderly English living in Spain will lose access to free Spanish healthcare and return to the UK, a huge extra burden
+@b_judah I thought it meant only that existing rights would have to be re-founded because basis of existing would evaporate
As if we hadn't already alienated our European neighbours enough this week
+@guardian why not to build concentration camps for Europeans for a start...
Appalling. @vote_leave (inc Gove) promised "no change for EU citizens already lawfully resident"…
I cannot for one moment comprehend how absurd this is. How has it got to this stage where the unthinkable is possible?
So .@TheresaMay2016 is proposing to use humans as a bargaining chip?
I hate to think what she'd say if she was a Leaver.
+@guardian So we will get deported ? This madness MUST stop !
One pf those contradictions pasted over by rhetoric: UK - beacon of openness kicking "foreigners" out of the country.
She condemned anti-Polish attacks yesterday, and now she makes attacks on Polish residents her formal policy
that does not seem very legal and would trigger a reciprocal response from the EU. seems like cheap talk.
+@guardian I do hope not, where would that lead too? Look at European history the answer is there. 😢