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I do hope not, where would that lead too? Look at European history the answer is there. 😢
that does not seem very legal and would trigger a reciprocal response from the EU. seems like cheap talk.
She condemned anti-Polish attacks yesterday, and now she makes attacks on Polish residents her formal policy
So we will get deported ? This madness MUST stop !
One pf those contradictions pasted over by rhetoric: UK - beacon of openness kicking "foreigners" out of the country.
I hate to think what she'd say if she was a Leaver.
So .@TheresaMay2016 is proposing to use humans as a bargaining chip?
I cannot for one moment comprehend how absurd this is. How has it got to this stage where the unthinkable is possible?
Appalling. @vote_leave (inc Gove) promised "no change for EU citizens already lawfully resident"…
why not to build concentration camps for Europeans for a start...
As if we hadn't already alienated our European neighbours enough this week
I thought it meant only that existing rights would have to be re-founded because basis of existing would evaporate
So 1m elderly English living in Spain will lose access to free Spanish healthcare and return to the UK, a huge extra burden
That is why we need a strong opposition party to stand up against it!
And presumably Brits could be thrown out of Spain, France, Italy, Germany... will be great when they get back
How continentals residing in the UK love to be a bargaining chip.
Or British living in EU. This was me, my wife and our baby son a few years ago ...
Don`t go. Scrapping of EU citizenship is a tragedy. I`m fine with unilateral EU extension.
Now that Theresa May has defined the terms of the fight: time to mobilize the public for upholding Freedom of Movement
Theresa May is starting out on the wrong - mean-spirited - foot.
Ridiculous comment , it will all be part of negotiation for British Nationals also , am sure will be ok.
Oh god no. That's my wife. We are real people. This is horrible.
us Brits abroad are also feeling uneasy as this would most likely result in us being sent back. How dare she?!
Yesterday my husband said May is dangerous...
Is there a direct quote where she said that? Genuine question.
statement of negotiating fact to counter threat to UK migrants in Europe - realpolitik
should have let the British EU immigrants vote
I agree, Jane -and 16-18s - whole thing's been a total misjudged disaster
And it could end in "Our friends from UK are welcome to stay but we'd prefer taking our business
If so, next step could be brits thrown of european countries. Madness on the agenda at the moment.