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A quick post about the headphone jack:…
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There's no way this could backfire.
How long until the headline is re-written as “Apple loyalist claims company is doomed over removal of headphone jack”
Twisted minds think alike.
my thoughts: iPhone will have headphone jack and single camera, iPhone Pro no headphone jack and dual camera.
backwards logic. Smaller, consumer oriented devices drop ports first.
“Prominent technologist spews venom at Apple for confirmed headphone jack removal” - Every news site tomorrow
are we sure it’s still Lightning?
Wait, are you criticizing Apple’s non-justification for a rumored hardware change?
Not trying to be a jerk, just trying to figure out why this post needs to exist.
My thought is that this move in 2016 is all about setting the best possible scene for the rumoured radical 2017 iPhone
Get the yells of complaint out now so all can be shiny next year.
I only have so much $$ to spend on  gear/year, a dud iPhone might mean I upgrade my iPad and skip iPhone this year.
I thought all of Patel's reasons were terrible; yours were actually legit. Now I'm less convinced it's a good idea.
selling lightning→3.5mm for $9.99 will just make people angry as it will be perceived as money grab. Should sell for $1.99.
Most compelling argument for removing 3.5mm Jack is redundancy. Why have 2 ports that do the same thing when you can have 1?
why have 1 dongle when you can have none?
Apple does not sell ANYTHING for $9.99. Ever.
$24.99 sounds more like Apple.
remember when it cost $9.99 to upgrade to iPhone OS?
I stand corrected. A digital to analog converter certainly won't be $9.99 though.
I stand corrected. A digital to analog converter certainly won't be $9.99 though.
this will never stop, will it
I’ve bought every iPhone that’s been available and this year I’ll be voting with my wallet. No headphone jack = deal breaker.
Apple always uncompromising in putting top-quality DACs in its products. I’d hate for this to ever change, whatever the jack.
and of course as long as there is a speaker, iPhone will require a DAC and amp. No savings there.
how about minijack moved back from bottom to top? :)
Having been an iPod Touch user forever w/bottom jack, I'd just be thrilled if iOS would rotate to "upside down."
I know you guys won't consider this a "good" reason: accelerating adoption and advancement in wireless headphone technology.
But it is the "correct" reason //@marcoarment
They aren't afraid to clean out the technological cruft that accumulates in the wake of said advancement. *HFS+* (🛎)
rants. Time to buy AAPL.
CNBC reports that prolific blogger, podcaster, and Apple's chief iOS developer portends doom again.
events this week:100th anniversary of the battle of the Somme,Brexit fallout, new PM candidates & Apple Headphone jack
Make “dongle” electrically simple like the Intel-proposed Type-C Audio Adapter Accessory Alt Mode. That is the CRUCIAL part!
People keep ignoring the huge social culture of sharing the "aux cord" in a car with your friends.
It's a lightning cord in most new cars now. Also having an adapter plugged in always in a car is not a big deal.
i agree with your conclusion. I mostly use the apple earbuds when im not at home anyways. Well rounded sound for me :)
too “shill”-ing to post an @OvercastFM link? :)
Nice to hear from a confessed audiophile on this subject…what’s your inventory worth, of cans that’d be clunkified by a change?
all I'm saying is there had better be a right-angle lighting headphone connector
Thanks for this! Prominent voices seem to think it's a sensible idea to force people to buy new things and not offer some value
I suspect we'll see EarPod-integrated health sensors that could only work over Lightning as the justification.
I love that so many folks just say it's inevitable as their justification.
if all that changes is the removed headphone jack then it reminds me of iPad 3 to iPad 4 when it switched to lightning port.
compelling reason? How about 4x speakers?
I don’t think the iPhone has enough volume or battery to spare for more speakers.
I don't think so either. Dropping the headphone jack might leave enough room for one more, at least it'd be stereo in portrait
couldn't the same had been said for the iPad just a year ago?
smart: Apple sells dongle close to cost to protect new iPhone revenue stupid: Apple adds 40+% profit margin, kills iPhone rev
if the headphone jack goes, seems obvious the new iPhone will charge in the same way as the Watch. Inductive/magnetic disc.
watch has no ports. That's why. It's usually all or nothing with Apple. Not an additional way to charge.
They're throwing iPhone 7 under the bus to save 8 from negative press. "iP8 doesn't have TRS!" "so? same as last year"
Super-cynical take on headphone jack: it eliminates the non-MFI iPhone accessory market that used it to transmit data.
I don’t know; seems like a drastic thing to do when BTLE can serve a similar purpose without MFI.
it's vr @marcoarment, it's vr. take a look at the way the gear vr headset works (and upcoming google one) and you'll get it.