Keep going Indians!! 14 in a row #GoTribe
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u coming back to Miami anytime soon ??? LoL
I thought u was a Yankee fan Bron come on bro
how do you let Delly go
get al horford
pick @ray15parks on your team!!! pls!!
you were a Yankee hat at a playoff game lol
They look really good man. Congratz on bringing that title to Cleveland
Conley 153 MM for 5 years, Are u Kiddin me? WtF
what up king can in get a retweet champ?
hi Beybi 😂😂😂
Alright Indians!!!!!!!! #GoTribe. !!!!
I want to Wade forma cavs.
something is in that cleveland water
rocket fuel
Cleveland is definitely rocking the sports this year!!
you a Yankees fan tho
indians get the blessing from the KING they are never losing again
thought you were a Yankees/Cowboys fan @SafecoWray lol you don't care about shitland
wades almost onboard with the knicks, when are you getting your ass here?!
Great job this season!!!
please play in the Tribe
This is curry's league now you bum. Enjoy your fluke victory. We'll be back in the finals next season.
ىشب ذهظ رشب
Get a life kid.
Plus he traveled lol
lol down 3-1. James took over the series while the "Unanimous MVP" faded into obscurity. No fluke here, just greatness.
Curry's league ?? Not until further notice from the king !! Have a great 4th😊
+@FashionTVNetwor Curry was the fluke… Irving has next learning from the King.
Hahahaha did you watch the series???
nahh ur wrong this is king James league earned not givin get curry weak self outta hear looking like a dam chia pet
Curry league? He just got good last season u bandwagon
Curry finals average - 18/3/4 with 5 turnovers LeBron finals average 30/12/9
don't block me like the other guy but does this make GSW's 3-1 comeback a fluke as well
haha 3 victories in a row.. a fluke??? u desperately need a holiday!!!
says the kid with the curry pic and the tom brady icon. gtfo.
Next year is promised to no one. Nothing is given or fluked. Everything was earned. #letitsinkin
Bitch this never has been and never will be currys league. curry is as trash as his ugly ass shoes
not when LeBron leaves for @LAClippers this offseason with @DwyaneWade joining them too. Then GS won't make playoffs.
Not when he knows the guy is playing beside may become the best offensive player in the NBA not name LBJ.
your funny 😂😂😂
go to bed and don't talk about basketball any more. Curry ain't even the best player on his own team
what exactly are you doing following him? If you not his fan. GTFOH......
lop for real? How was that a fluke. It's a fluke yall beat OKC. They gave it to you haha. You're in denial.
At least James didn't get pissy and throw his binky into the crowd :>
Such a sad, laughable statement. If I wasn't too busy celebrating our Cavs victory, I'd stop and have a pity party for you!
cry baby loser wah wah
the most ignorant thing I've read all day. You sir are a moron!
the last two series GS played revealed alot of their weaknesses
Curry so overrated, one trick pony. Not hitting 3's, he is pedestrian. LBJ best all around player on the planet,TRUTH!
Kyrie outplayed golden boy Curry, Curry is still having nightmares about that 3 point shot over his head.
shut up pussy I think we proved that the fluke was curry
lol currys league.... the unanimous mvp hahahaha😅😅
haha Ur mad Fuck boii
next year g.s not going back to finals next season 2nd round exit g.s next year mark my words steph trash
Take away Currys shot and he is a 6'3 180 nobody....physically dominated all series....sorry!!
Not a fluke. Curry played like shit the whole series. Curries a NON MVP.
you stupid lame bitch
so the player who has dominated since his rk year is a fluke but not the kid who took like 5 years to get good? Lmao
Curry's league? He isn't even in charge of his own house. #byeayesha
blockers are faggy
tried calling Curry at his extension, 739, but there was no ring!
Scoreboard !
what a jackass. He literally shoved the ball down your boys throat.
ya thought buddy 3 Ws in a row isnt a fluke
You can say that with a straight face? I think your "MVP" was the fluke! @baskpapi
guess he can't handle the truth!! lolol @baskpapi
blocked me too. Curry nut hugger
hahahha that's hilarious.
6 straight finals isn't a fluke dumbass . How's those bricks feel curry threw up in the 4th in game 7?
I'm a spurs fan but this is not even debatable.
butt hurt much??
fluke championship.... LMFAO!! Go finish your chores kid.... And take that punk Curry with you! Bahahahaha
wow came to his twitter just to talk shit when will u see his greatness stop hating he wont be here forever
LMAOOOO "BUM." Said the keyboard warrior. Steph was shut down and outplayed by Kyrie. LBJ is the GOAT. Bow down.
how many times did LeBron have to swat and make Curry his bitch before you say it ain't fluke? Curry = overrated
are you talking about the same Curry who cried every time he got his shot blocked? The one that did his best Houdini?😂😂
lmfao. you mad bro? Did you enjoy your Kyrie-less and KLove-less championship. If anyone is the fluke it's your dubs
Currys league.? You misspelled Kyrie!
try a bit hard.
Curry's league? That BOY averaged 17pts a game and doesn't know what a triple-double is, just like Daddy!
They winning the World Series
Where’s the NY fitted tho? RT @KingJames: Keep going Indians!! 14 in a row #GoTribe
he's a winner. Why would he have been an Indians fan growing up?
I just wiped my ASS with it. How's that cheese?
i remember he was at a.indians game a couplr of yrs ago and was wering a yankees hat
exactly. Now he’s all-in on the “believeland” train. I don’t like the flop. But I understand having to support
true but 14. in a row tho thats awsome i mean we might see a real different post season this year
I’m all for that. I enjoy a good sports story. Lord knows I want my Dodgers to find glory again, too. — Good for the tribe.
hey buddy im a reds fan i understand to bad for kershaw
yea, hope we get Kershaw back asap. Tough being fans of our respective clubs.
im hoping for bailey to.come back but youll probably see a champoinship before the reds will
we shall see. Cubs really have the NL Central wrapped up. Need some good fortune going forward.
yeah the cubs whole team would have to.collapse for them to lose central
recruit wade
Km ml LM ml my L
continue with the winning streak but i like the indians but im a yankee fan but indians champion 2016 like the cavs
Took us 52 years to win one. Hope it only takes four months to win another.
I'm a Cards fan but I would love to see Cleveland have another parade if we can't win
you're making a mistake letting delly go
2 Cleveland world champions in one year??? Lebron what's DWade doing? Cmon he wants to win another ring with you..for TheLand now
do a Q/A again pls
+@MichaelRyanRuiz time to release the chickens on @KingJames for this Indians tweet.
+@bdlowery13 +@Kk3Coach ROLL TRIBE
Keep going Indians!! 14 in a row #GoTribe
are you the best . Mi number one
how'd it feel to lose to Roger bacon
thought you were a Yankee fan
ur a Yankee fan tho
hello congratulations for the champions NBA
Winning. It's contagious!!! #Championshipcity
Indians will be great if they make sure before the next game they DM me and get some Sylvester's BBQ.
+@Indians the luck of the Cavs continues!!!
you're better than Jordan
back to partying in Ibiza now.
(Possibly sensitive)
what team do u actually like
stop changing DWades mind
championship pack ?!🙃
Wow how Pat not going to pay That man . For 13 years he given that team everything . SMH
do you play baseball? I would put you right field & let your athletic ability take over!!
Get D wade to Cleveland!!! Y'all can make it work pull some strings y'all can get like 2or3 more together easily
Cleveland forgot how to lose.
get a snap chat
let's see that tribe hat!
Get your ass back to work, we aren't half done yet!
now u talked the Gona loose 😂
abi yok mu transfer? biz bu seansı bay mı geçiyoruz noluyo :s @KingJames
get the @cavs to resign JR
Tribe hasn't lost since Cavs won the Championship.
or enes kanter
thought your bitch ass was a Yankee fan?! SMFH
ur the best player in NBA idol.
ur such a bitch weren't u a Yankees fan and wearing a Yankees hat at a Cleveland game
can we do it again ? Someone might need to guide the Browns a little. You wanna dust off your cleats???
would make my fucking life if he RT this #ULE #July9th #DCA
will you ever do what Michael Jordan did and try baseball I'm sure you would be great at it
I see youre on Twitter. You think you can reimburse me for missing 8 free throws in game 2 vs Toronto.
had over 199 and it hit 197. Love bron but I'm still hurt lol.
I feel you. Of course it was up to him to make a free throw in game 7 after falling on his hand😂
indians > 73 hahahahaah
sixers need u James!!
abi bu tivitin değeri ne kadar 20bin$ mı?
go get D Wade
Indians going to Cleveland themselves sometime soon.v
they fucked tomorrow brahhh
they feeding off your energy King.
Thank you for inspiring them showing them how it's done
Decent year for NE Ohio 😉
it ends tmrw! Remember Toronto?
look what you started
#pls tell D.Wade to sign with CAVS ! THANKS!:)
+@MLB follow me you wont regret it
have you considered playing for the Browns?
weren't you wearing a Yankees hat 3 yrs ago??????
wait, aren't you a yankees fan?'s stuff like this that shows you to be the tool you are.
yo Bron i think you should sign Jared Sullinger and Trey Burke
yes Cleveland Indians will be the next champion!!!
the curse has been lifted
the curse is back!
is a Tribe fan?! His mojo is wearing off on the Indians. 😎
+@cavs another champion for the city?
+@MLB remember when you wore a @yankee cap to a @Indians vs Yankees playoff game? Lol
The Indians have now won 14 straight games. They also have the lowest attendance in MLB. Average around 16,700 per home game.
I love you 😞
I'm going to leave this here
aren't you a Yankees fan? 🤔
Riding the wave. Congrats LBJ. Happy for Cleveland
as impressive as their win streak is... they still ain't shit
lebron my man but he bandwagonnig tbh thought he was yankees fan
you can credit the umpires for that win
thought u was a @Yankees fan?🤔
spank me dad
+@cavs Whatever Yankee fan
tu eres el mejor jugador del mundo. RESPECT FOR THE KING ♔
so happy to see Lebron James back on Twitter! 🙌
That's right my son.. chain reaction
without googling it, name me 3 players on the Indians.
It's like you are contagious in the Land. Magical.Go Indians!
name one player on their roster...
Here we go... Lebron started us... now keep it going... on our way to our 2nd Championship of the year!!!
so nice to have you back, KANG!
wooooo lebrons feelin the tribe too!
you started something brother! Title city! Thank you!
RT @KingJames: "Keep going Indians!! 14 in a row #GoTribe"
they may need you to pitch tomorrow
you are so inspiring to me! Thank you!! Can't wait to watch you ball again!😍🏀🏀😘
Look - what the heck you started!
+@cavs love you Lebron! You've made our city so proud! Now the tribe!
you're a @Yankees fan we don't root for other team. loyalty is what it's all about. 🤔 chill with the #Indians talk
you're a Yankee fan!
tell your boy Dwade to return the favor and come to The Land #ALLinCLE #Windians #Cavs
+@MLB you're a @Yankees fan. What a band wagoner. That's why people hate you.!
proud of you. I didn't watch the 4 last games bcs traveled to Africa; but congrats!
it's the Browns turn now
glad to see you show them some love!!!
since you're with Wade right now, tell him I told him to sign with the Knicks
gather the troops for a home game! #Cavs #Indians #Cleveland
says the guy in the Yankees hat...
This is strange cavs started playoffs - beat Detroit, beat Atlanta and beat toronto. Indians in the same path -Detroit,Atl,Tor
time for D wade to witness the Land
stop it aren't u a @Yankees fan
+@cavs I hope you plan a party for them
can you pitch tomorrow?
+@cavs Lebron try to get your brother dwayne wade on the cleveland Cavaliers
lebron that championship u won was amazing !! Please follow me! It would mean the world to me
Best team in all of baseball! #Indians
#Lebron James Effect is still In Play for the #Indians!!
#Lebron James Effect is still In Play
glad you got back on Twitter again!!!! Been a while champ 👊🏽
But aren't you a Yankee fan?
I want your babies!
+@MLB with the help of a crazy umpire
your win motivates the world. #NBAChamps #Believeland #unstoppable
where's your Yankees hat?
HI!!!Talk to griffin for wade can come to cleveland.
Go tribe and Thank You Lebron!!!!
i know you wont see this but im glad your happy the tribe is winning
you broke the curse LeBron. Cleveland can't lose
+@ayeshacurry thinks the game was fixed!
You could've said something interesting lol
Hasta El Rey Esta Con La Tribu @kory_kosky 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻
Bulto, ese es más fan de loa Yankees que @TenchyRod
Ese es declarado.Yo por necesidad Yankees-Mets-Boston-Baltimore Y el más lejos Seattle. 😂😂😂
Terry Francona is a good manager and good pitching never hurts :-)
come to the lakers and play with him
Yo what's up Bron Bron?
Look, They didn't have to step over any player(s) from the opposing teams!
when bæ loves Indians>>>
cavs title= good karma, thx lbj, now get wade here!
anything you say King. #ALLINdians
+@sfoyy thought he was a Yankee fan?
+@devimarie mom was right 😯
yessir. Tribe haven't lost since You all brought the chip to the land. Hopefully the Browns can follow (I know ur a Cowboys fan)
Bron, they need you out there fam...
419 Ohio in the MF house go cavs Indians
Aren't you still a Yankees fan?
my boyfriend is ur fans he likes and admires u very much
how can I write a letter to u ? I really hope get ur number T-shirt with u signature
slide this pic to wade for me 💯💯
wow even LeBron cares about the Indians.
Everything is earned 💛 CLE
boy what winning and believing in team concept really achieve's!!!!
that's how you start a trend. #leadbyexample
Front running as always
"Keep going Indians!! 14 in a row #GoTribe" #1 in United States…
get D Wade on the Cavs
Frosting on the cake.....
Don't be afraid to jump on board. Winning is contagious in Cleveland
can I have one if your shirts to go with my volt XII
+@Indians Cleveland is breaking records this year! Always been proud 2 call Cleveland home, this season makes it even better!
it's good, but not quite @RobsonKanu good..
I love you lebron ❤️ no homo
terry francona's magic.
don't quit on Our yankees
typical Cleveland bandwagon fan. Stick with the Yankees BITCH
+@Indians glad to see lebron showing the tribe some love.lebron needs to throw out a first pitch soon cleveland's rockin #allin216
keep on supporting james
tu no ere un lambonaso nah
It all started with the Cavs! Thank you, Mr. James!
sorry I think they may lose tomorrow... Go Jays 🇨🇦
Hello everybody. Harry Doyle here, welcoming all you Wahoo maniacs!!
+@MLB tainted win! Extra man on the field! The umpire isn't supposed to fix the game!
you are a Yankees fan bro! Don't think people forgot how you wear your NY hat to the Indians vs NYY game.
I thought you were a Yankee fan, bro? Forget about the home team and root for YOUR team. Congrats on the title, though.
+@williamnuss17 Cleveland is on a roll baby!!
my Jays taking next game LBJ EE and Marin were ejected and no joey bats yall can have this victory. #HistoryIsNow
1 more ring and u r the greatest of all time🐐
why aren't we picking up @DwyaneWade
look what you gone and did... Cleveland Believes!
Thank You so VERY MUCH for bringing this team TOGETHER!
smart move to burn the starter. We will see how the next two game pan out. Proud of the way the Jays battled. #GOINS #Barney
GOAT!!!! Get dwade to the cle....... Take the cut.... It's worth it ❤️
I ain't mad at ya Bron, but Go Tigers bruh!!! Indians doin they thang though.
Fuk Cleveland!! 🖕🏽
To him Reasons jump out of a contract,All kinds of speculation,make groundless accusations,meaningless
may need u to throw a few innings. R u rested up n ready?
LBEEZZY QUICK QUESTION: in one word HOW DOES IT FEEL TO WIN? I watched you since high school were the same age 03 turnt up
Lucky for the Indians the home plate ump Carapazza had money on the indians and helped them out asshole...typical nigger
hi king james! Congratulations!!! I am a fan of yours here in the Philippines...
fuck Cleveland sports
I'm 62 Cleve born, lived & died with cavs/browns/indians.What you did for us can never be expressed,I cried for 2 hours ty,ty,ty!
LeBron there's a lot of haters out there forget what people think
since y'all won the chip they been playing good
King JAMES. you have a huge FAN base in INDIA. Pls visit INDIA.
still a bitch. Hahaha
you should try your hardest to get @DwyaneWade
can you bring back the headband next year.
u the goat bro 🐐🐐🐐
You mean Yankees, you phony asshole. #FrontrunningBitch
you should be basketball or baseball
The Indians lose this week to our Detroit Tigers. We're back
Bron you know it but I'm a tx Rangers fan at the same time I'm a LeBron! Fan word up#kinggames
Indians plus the home plate umpire.
LeBron James さん  Keep going 🌏!! ◯◯ in a row Thank you very much🏀 @KingJames #GoTribe #Indians
congrats on bringing one to the land glad u came back rest up this summer come back to defend the land this summer also #crawford
Yo LeBron get D WADE TO CLEVELAND! !! CMON I wanna see yall together one more time.
the pieces are in place, should fall nicely now go tribe
now that u brought a Championship to Cleveland it's the Cubs time to get a championship!! We been waiting over a hundred years!
Do you still have the grandmothers who follow lebron website.I have a grandmother who would love to be a member
Don't get greedy, Cleveland.
+@cavs Maybe the Cavs have awoken another sleeping giant!!! #GoTribe #LeBronJames
King James the man!!!!
is that why you're a Yankees fun? #frontrunner
Your championship has energized Cleveland sports!! The tribe haven't lost since you won the title!GOCAVS GOTRIBE BROWNS NEXT?
crazy 19 inning game the other day. Thought my jays almost had them like how I thought my raptors almost had you 😂😂
but you rock Yankees hats and the worst of them all...the cowgirls...#cowboyssuckass
you're a Yankee fan
+@cavs first hockey, then basketball, next baseball! #stillbelieve
Windians = World Series. Browns = Wildcard.
Windians= playoffs. Browns= Wildcard.
RT was the option given, but just to be clear @KingJames is the creation of MSM — a good player, but a great? no.
you took the curse off Lebron and look what's happening with the Tribe!! Watched entire game yesterday. Changed dinner plans etc.
+@baskpapi your a sore loser, no you are a loser and Curry's a bum and you can forget about next year, yall begging for KD, QUIT😭😭
you are the King who where's the 👑 of the NBA and of the LAND, I'm 52yr old and I personally would like to thanks you & the Cavs
done streak over
next is the browns turn. Browns win that super bowl
well you jinxed it lol
They're not going to lose ever again. You've given them Inspiration!!
+@Indians Indians got the Championship bug!
smh go Jays
This guy is an Indians fan now? Lol. #bandwagon
Nah, it ends today...
+@MetsKevin11 no for nothing Im a Mets fan but im happy you guys are owning the division and not the Royals
remember when you wore a Yankees hat to the ALCS against Cleveland
this is you at an Indians game, cunt.
Were all in. TY for everything. You are a true inspiration. Especially for giving back. Now go Tribe.
you are the greates one king. Im truly fans of you. From Panama. Thaks for the victory. You deserve it.
go Tribe! World Series, our next championship?