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1/ The logic of violence determines the structure of society. ("The Sovereign Individual" thesis)
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2/ It is easier to take than to create. Social structure emerges from the predator-prey relationship between makers and takers.
3/ Hunter gatherer age: No land, no possessions, axes and spears. Rule by Tribes
4/ Agricultural age: Land & possessions emerge, hard to defend. Feudal lords run protection racket, hierarchical society. Rule by Kings.
5/ Industrial Age: Armies with guns and vulnerable factories require consolidation of power. Rule by Nation-states
6/ Nuclear Age: Nuclear weapons create Mutually-Assured-Destruction. Large-scale peace and small-scale war. Rule by Superpowers
7/ Information Age: Tectonic shifts in costs of violence and returns to violence on horizon.
8/ Info Age: Guns become trivial to create & distribute. 3D Printing becomes Printing Press for guns. Ease of offense & defense increase.
9/ Info Age: Connected cameras. Every violent action filmed and broadcast. Returns to violence decline (except terrorism, where they rise).
10/ Info Age: Miniaturized drones will render battlefield systems obsolete. Dominates aircraft, infantry, armor. Trivializes assassinations.
11/ Information Age: Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies make wealth difficult to seize
12/ Information Age: Rise of mental labor over physical labor reduces returns to conquering people and territories.
13/ Information Age: Virtual Reality worlds create infinite land. Returns to conquering territory declines further.
14/ Future: Money becomes information. Weapons become information. Land becomes information. Software eats society.
15/ Future: Remaining violence is mostly secessionist / self determinist in nature. Expect many more smaller states.
16/16: Far future: In a perfect Virtual Reality world, we all live in governments of one. Fin.
Do we live infinitely? What of Earth's resources to provide us that life? No doubt we venture to other worlds? How do we get there?
no, far future: space ships, frontier expansion, going where nobody was before
if you read @jon_bois 17776 you'll give up on the idea of manned interstellar travel
Trying Interstellar travel is like: after jumping successfully over a paddle for the first time, trying to travel the oceans as a next step
On the other hand, at the moment it is impossible to rule out FTL, we don't know enough, and building a space infrastructure in Sol/1
/2 is enough work for more than 100 yrs, basically baby steps...
I hope you're right, but I've stopped believing in our species' ability to overtake the scale of space
largely because I can't see us committing to a single planetary goal in the way it would take to overcome the odds
Mankind was never able to agree on a single goal, but they spread across the whole planet, it always depends on groups of individuals /1
/2 to move to the next settlement site, crossing a river, or eventually leaving the planet...
Interesting to think how physical ‘things’ will become luxury items in the future…
You’ll be able to simulate everything perfectly, but a very small number will still choose to possess things. Collectors of ‘real’.
then we get board with the lack of adversity & simulate a time filled with scarcity/uncertainty to feel alive again. Back to 1/16
if I could only spell when tweeting from my phone!
what if this has actually happened before and we live in an infinite loop??
Isn't this what video games basically are? Play first person shooting with monsters because real life is too safe.
Nah, we arent around after the last one
U done F&$d up W/1 💩tty tweet that perfect tweet-storm. So real far future no need 4r humans rite W VR & all...!
Nice, except you completely forgot about AI
Gov'ts of one=tribalism, where authority is charismatic/voluntary, hierarchies were temporary, domain-specific, and purpose-driven.
Dude. Smoke some #DMT and read this shit to the elves or serpants.
1/ fights between individuals *can* still exist going forward, but geo-political violence due to uncertainty meeting conflict will
2/ disappear as we formalize rules and implement enforcement over trust less systems such as Bitcoin.
Wow. Ty. So grateful for dialed in perspective. Ty
VR isn't making reality obsolete
VR food doesn't fill stomachs
Let me know how you'll produce food in VR... virtual beef must taste delicious!
how many tweets in this storm? I want to wait for the last to RT
Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies make wealth difficult to hide. Those who have accumulated assets on the bchain are easily tracked and siezed.
They probably had plenty of localized conflicts, but not on the scale we see today. More anti-fragile.
Decentralization is 🔑 to it all
AMEN. and fortunately it's inevitable. it's built-in to the logic of the system (in info age).
violence must be measured versus our natural rights lest we accidently condemn useful conflict.