As more of mass usage moves to Facebook, I’m increasingly disconnected from how EVERYONE else uses tech. I should care, but I just don’t.
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People under 20 could care less about FB (i.e. FB is for old people who can't figure out how to navigate in Snapchat)
I hate facebook. Can't understand the appeal of such an addiction of millions of people.
Why do you think you should care?
How do you cope? I use it because I have to because everyone else does, but I don't like it.
Yup. My sentiment exactly
also stuff like companies or entertainers putting "exclusive" content on Facebook (like a making-of or interviews) depresses me
I also fear that other parts of the Internet will lose money and weather away as Facebook ascends to be everyone's homepage.
The Internet has passed you by. You'll have to hang out with the Slashdot crowd.
Zuck's ultimate genius is not caring about 'good' product. He gets what regular people use.
You mean as more people enter their 50s and use Facebook. Younger people hardly use it.
I’m not far away from deleting my Facebook account. Still some friends who only want to communicate there, though.
are you not on FB? I'm not, and tend to feel like an outlier.
used it back in 2005sh. Deleted everything in 2009sh on FB. Having really felt like I was missing anything.
Facebook is a better designed social network than basically everything else. It's a shame it's run by Facebook.
science is on your side
Are You Happier Without Facebook?
Right there with you.
Facebook is the worst possible confluence of user-hostile practices, copyright indifference, and extortion as a business model.
same here, it’s one fear of missing out that I just don’t feel
Be thankful you haven't discovered Snapchat yet.
you're not missing anything
same, my main reason for not leaving facebook is that i don't want to lose touch with the biggest media platform on earth
Dude you never log in to our BBS anymore
He just keeps typing 'pine' to see if he got any email today.
I’m mostly just scared for how badly Facebook is going to mess it all up. Of all tech giants, they seem least responsible with their power.
Please. Facebook jumped the shark like 5 years ago. @marcoarment @drwave
'least responsible with their power' agreed and that was sadly evident from the beginning
Facebook is the worst thing that's ever happened to the Internet. If you disagree, there is no need to reply. I don't need to know.
that's an area of struggle for me and my locale. Facebook is the only 'tech' here.
"move fast and break things" a great formula for a startup, not necessarily for critical global mass infrastructure.
although they do good things like end to end encryption in their messenger
Facebook wouldn't take your headphone jack or sell you a pro machine with a $40 GPU. They'd probably give you 9 headphone jacks
long time fan here, what makes you say this? Hurts to read because it's not what I feel or see out of my coworkers every day.
my generation hardly uses it anymore. You have nothing to worry about.
based on what? News you've read? Or actually using Facebook?
do you think the same for instagram and whatsapp as well?
I never understood your point. I use Facebook, its like Twitter, only more text and weird timeline. Nothing evil.
I'm not scared. I don't own their stock.
“we accidentally destroyed everything due to a technical glitch, but we'll restore it”
Root on every server and dev in prod are totally responsible practices and don't result in near-constant privacy breaches...
We all thought the same thing about Microsoft circa 2000 or so. It’ll pass whether we grind our teeth or not.
+@benthompson always seems to have the best take on fb. Makes me want to join and stay away at the same time.
I have lost long time website clients because they "don't need one when they have a FB page." No concept of the control loss.
what worries me: maybe they're simply the least focused/competent when it comes to hiding their irresponsibility.
Well at least people aren't strapping Facebook-backed devices to their faces. Wait... ...Uh-oh
they don’t even pretend to give a crap
Facebook still doesn’t hist podcasts, so you’re in the clear…for now.