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Wow more plagiarism from Melania
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Yeah but who wore it better?
One of them is gay.
Photoshop dickface.
k chill bro ur the dickface what crawled up ur ass today
who u calling dick face what did she say that's so wrong bud
obviously I am calling Sarah the dickface. And clearly the photo is photoshopped.
nah bro ur the dick face and why do u care how do u know it's not!
you're a moron. There is no other way to put it.
k ur a waste of my time
you are the one who came at me you degenerate fuck. Waste your time. Idc.
the only moron here is you!fucking ass hole
And she uses Photoshop too !!!!!
they said, "what fashion trend resonated most with the viewers?" and Seinfeld's "Puffy Shirt" was in the top two...
*...but I dont wanna be a pirate!!!* #Seinfeld
Melania looks a lot better
She is no Jackie Kennedy for sure.
Even better...she's no Michelle O !
Don't think she'll ever get to be a Michelle O....or Laura B.....Jackie K...nice suit & gold wall though
Maybe...but she'll have more class and style.
and if she hires Michelle, she'll have great speeches she can use too!
Well, she'll need Elizabeth Dole.
Elizabeth Dole was cool in the day, but you know she's like 75, right?
Maybe that's why Michelle took a few lines from her speech in 96....cause she's cool.
Sounds like a Fox News video story. She said she wrote it, she plagiarized it, and some employee took the burn for it....sad.
The puffy shirt from the mumbler.
- those hips aren't plagiarized.
Maybe, but I think it's clear Melania wore it better.
her people have gotta be trolling!
Separated at Birth?
meanwhile the dress sold out in minutes... Keep on hating
small minds tweet small
What else to expect from a Communist Party member's daughter?
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She is stealing from Lex Luthor too.
In all fairness, she only wore that dress because Meredith McIver suggested it.
She too should have gone w black slacks. A fashion miscue? But virginal white sends a wholesome message to USA.
We need a quick poll, which of these two has the better hair!
she's trolling us now
you made me go check 😩
Looking forward to seeing @realDonaldTrump as Elaine tomorrow
she can't keep getting away with this!
In each case she wore it better.
Wow this is important and meaningful stuff
this is the fourth best thing I've seen this year.
Well, that, at least, made me laugh.
YOU are pathetic and petty. The faggoty shirt worn by the now out of work comedian was pathetic also.
Bitch stole my look!
this one even seems more like a crime than the last...
The ugly ones r always the haters.
she did nothing wrong...obama didnt copyright anything..and the criminals acts of the obama gvment are worse
she likes @FLOTUS AND she doesn't want to be a pirate?
Why are the collars *exactly* the same? SHENANIGANS!!!
Priceless. The influence of Jerry is in the most wired places
Photoshopped btw.
I don't want to wear a pirate shirt.
hilarious right. I love how far the Internet has taken this
cc: @krishlfc 😹😹😹😹
seems inspired from d Bihar toppers
*but i don’t want to be a pirate! :(*
Can't wait to hear what Malania has to say after the divorce :).
i dont know what's real anymore
פוטושופ. (זה יותר מדי בדיוק אותו הדבר.)
plz check it guys ! If silicone in her body was taken from somebody ! It seems kimkardashian lost few pounds!😁
yeah but she wore it BETTER. ;)
i she can more but rüang koii lec tchann meii sontchai..nää.👑 @AmdreasLe @TheEconomist @BILD @RihannaDiaries @US
i feel like this tweet hits you on so many levels @TheAlissaAnders
Excellent Photoshop work there. Artist to be commended.
OMG this is 2 much 😂😂😂😂😂😂but i think its fake pic
ما فيه احد يسلم منك كل الناس تحاربهم ليه كذا محد يعجبك إلى متى تعبنا كمتابعين عجزنا نعرف انتو مين واحنا مين
نكشف السرقات
I bet even her boobs are fake.
I don't wanna be a pirate
folks, please, who cares what his wife dresses? We've got WWIII lurking round the corner!
Bet Trump told her it was new. Fresh from the catwalks of Paris!
😂 RT @lachancenaomi: Wow more plagiarism from Melania
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Camisa bufante. Kkkkkkkkkkk
That PhotoShop skills 😂👍💪
@lachancenaomi: Wow more plagiarism from Melania ” @mattleibl
Just can't understand how people can take Trump seriously. I would be embarrassed
LOL! As soon as I saw the dress,which was ill fitting at best,I thought she's wearing a #puffyshirt
seems like something @TheSportsHernia would like
but I don't wanna be a pirate.
how is the lighting the same on both shirts? Photoshop?
Hello? Movie magic?
they have promised him that it will be a fashion after he wearing it .. they were right but after 25 years 😂
That's some poor photo editing :)
damn. I so wanted this to be real. Still funny though 😂
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have you seen the never gonna give you up clip yet?
photoshop skills unreal
Not plagiarism - just a fashion trend that perhaps Seinfeld started.…
decent photoshop work.
Looks better on Jerry.
OMG 😵😵😵😵😵😵 Even the shirt is the same. 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮
OMGWTFBBQ... Bravo, @lachancenaomi
Wow more plagiarism from Melania
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That's just an inspired fashion choice! @lachancenaomi @BaylyWinder
@lachancenaomi: Wow more plagiarism from Melania ” this is why photoshop exists