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The new joke in town is that Russia leaked the disastrous DNC e-mails, which should never have been written (stupid), because Putin likes me
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give it a rest Neill
did u hear about the terrorist shooting in fort meyers last nite?
you really are an idiot
look! It's meth baby
The GOP has voted against almost every major infrastructure bill in the last 20 years. Because: austerity.
we've been sold out and infiltrated. It's disgusting people have got to vote Trump
That from a con man with four bankruptcies to his credit.
werent these all of the 'shovel-ready' jobs that were promised? i thought those $$$ were for rebuilding?
Mr. Trump, will you make mosquitos great again as POTUS?
if that what it takes to for it Mr Trump
Thats a stupid question!
are you really that stupid?
Nathan it don't look good for your Hillary Clinton she just gave Debbie a new job in foundation 1mm
Irony of life: it takes Russian Hackers to expose corruption of unDemocratic Party-@nathanTbernard.@realDonaldTrump
No, irony is that Hillary will accept the nomination in an arena named for a Wall St Bank.
so basically tweeter police decide who I vote for? Really? #nvrhillary #trumppence16 USA
Lock her up, lock her up, lock her up.
Comments like that make the world say to you. Go f*** yourself. Rather make an educated statement
Dude, get a life. Trump is leading in the latest CNN polls. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH
he will try, he'll@actually listen to stupidest request like yours.
Nope...but he will help make America great again.
that's a stupid question forest grump run forest run
knew id see you again, get a job.
as long as theyre not democrats. Can't have blood sucker and tax sucker flying around
gee a blood suck and tax sucker at same time. Nope have one. Obama
My milkshake brings Nathan Bernard,and he's like gayer than F**k, Damn right hes Gayer than f**k
Russia is laughing at the state of the US right now. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain
the whole world is laughing Jason.
You belong in a home for developmentally disabled orangutans with your hero and his micropenis.
the whole world is laughing at us n has been ever since @BarackObama
Why do you have a nazi officer as your profile picture, @keksec__org? @realDonaldTrump
ha ha ha your losing !How's it feel bitch?
Get back to the kitchen. The sandwich isn't going to make itself.
You sure told him!
as if he would listen to you. Fuck off, stop wasting your time. Go to Clitler's Twitter.
Why are you following him?
our next President ✌🏿️
Amen! This is our last chance to save the free world! Establishment keeps us down!
shut your legs you god damn cum guzzling tramp
no u shut up idiot !
deIete your Iife
haha delete your stupid bot account #goodbye
sorry we aren't like Hilary!Trader bitch
Is that a death threat!??
don't be hate'n so much on a Monday morning! It'll be a very bad week for ya.
tell me more about the success of Democrats
suicide encouragement is very evil, you should feel shame, Trendy!
Hmmm you want Trump gone and Hillary is the crook?
delete your herpes you skank
Thank you! Because of your ignorant little tweet to Trump I found another conservative to follow = @gunsrus7
delete yours one will,even know you were gone
fuck my pussy
Clinton is a whore
YES, that has been said to me so many times by retards, it's started to grow on me
welcome to the new world, cunt. Trump is going to win and your type are so FUCKED, no more SJW
Bullied out of fucking existence you virtue signalling whores
haha, oh these fucking tears are going to be oh so tasty
Of course, especially after all the DNC leaks yesterday he's as good as won it already.
Hillary has completed fucked the dems. I thank her!
wait until the dnc convention
no need, DNC leaks has opened enough eyes!
When your handle has the word 'cunt' in it,you lose the right of calling others 'woman-haters,'idiot!
Yeah, he hates women so much the DNC has to fake Craigslist ads to "prove" it.
what in the hell is wrong with these people! These are Hilary's allies? This is who we want in America?!
Idiot! That is theater. Those are nor IDF uniforms. The girl has no bullet wounds and no blood. Wise up
"tanned girl shot by white man protecting peace and love." I like writing like a Brit/German politician
This is not Israel your liar! Mr. Trump hates liars like you!
1st DNC agenda - hit Trump's page for 15/hr! sick - but at least Prez Trump is creating jobs!: )
where was this??
was that while the bomb was strapped to her?
where is your anger for white South African being genocided? bias media as usual people are getting over it, you time will end
Looks FAKE. Propaganda def!!
да что за звери, а не люди ...
that footage is so obviously faked it's hilarious
, go see "Hillary's America"! It goes far deeper into what the dem elitists think of everyone. An eye opener.
all they want is your vote!They care about u,just power,and money,your money
trying to stop murderers from entering The United States is not racist how many will die before we wake up
Target Consumers would be great. They treat us like pets that get fed scraps from the table if we are good.
they always say Mexicans take up jobs Americans dont want lol and they flock to the liberals for some reason
aren't consumers people?
And the Republicans don't? HAHAHAHAHA!
the DNC referred to Latinos in those emails as "taco bowl engagement", so disrespectful and sad!
Wait till they find the e-mails about blacks. Saying don't worry, WE OWN THEM!
Perhaps VP Candidate("translator") Kaine would like to "Translate" that email into Spanish for them...
Why is Hillary hiding her chat transcripts?? Any Idea?
Don't know, but I'm just as curious as you are.
this joke is true
Put on your Lennon Spectacles and just imagine
Imagine what Republicans would have said if Barack Obama featured his 5 kids from 3 different women at his convention in 2008...
Do you mean there would be surprise because he both married them and then supported them?--quite well I might add
errr........have you ever seen the Trump kids with Ivanka in the last decade? He destroyed her
yeah, because marrying women, cheating on them, and divorcing them is better
Sounds like the entire black community to me
Trump loves to falsely accuse and only fools would believe his cheap tactics. We know better.
Imagine what Dems would've said if McCain or Romney had a pvt & unsecure server in a closet.
With Bathhouse Barry, such a scenario is highly unlikely.
imagine $2 were back at KFC lol. Nigger
How would Republicans have reacted?
they would have said a man who has been divorced 3 times, is irresponsible
How so? The divorces were out of his control or do you think honesty is "irresponsible"?
nothing at all if his 5 kids were as respecting as Trump's children..good try NOT
if you honestly believe that you're woefully naive.
as if the Republicans like Trump in the first place....
Have you ever seen the Trump kids with Ivana since the 1990s? he destroyed her
Three legal wives you mean?
then take into account, one of the women also accused him of abusing her
you cannot say anything about his children. They were raised right and r great people!
yeah, by nannies and their mothers, not him.
they rarely used his wealth and fame to get where they are now... Their relationships are fantastic, listen to the children!
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Yeah, just like he didn't use his "small $1 mil" loan from his dad.
yeah, and he turned it into a billion dollar company. Just needed hard work and determination, something liberals don't have
he's filed for bankruptcy how many times and won't release his tax returns to show how much he's really worth...
and what has Hillary done? As a matter of fact, what hadn't she done that's illegal and should put her in jail?
Under Islam, BO could have 4 wives.
Trump didn't marry one of the mothers until their daughter was 3mos. old.
John Lennon had multiple wives and multiple children, but you quote him. John L. Was a dick
Lennon would have been fine with it and that's all that matters!
nothing, that's what they would've,said..nobody,cares
if you really believe that you're insane.
At least he finally got it right. Hows your marriage?
always an excuse for the corruption and lies of Hillary and the DNC !
New joke in town is weirdo Trump groping own daughter at convention.Joke not funny
But did Ivanka love it?!? Awkward laugh and quick turn suggests not? #MakeAmericaGropeAgain #TrumpPence16
I think she did ;)
Not and argument and you are Clutching at straws, the man loves his daughter and it was her hip not a grope Trump will be Pres :-)
On the hip, kek, fuck off, if he was dancing with Ivanka at a wedding you'd call it rape
Why are you grabbing your daughter's ass in public? P E R V E R T
Delete your account.
never the democrats fault! Lol
So what makes Donald a Fascist. I am curious to know.
how does it feel to be voting for a criminal
??? Putin? Former communist
- you have confused a Nationalist Conservative with your party. Liberal drones
fascism is the new thing, all the kool kids are doing it 👍
When are ISIS going to learn they're not going to get away with anything they do?
Are you really saying that The US isn't bombing the shit out of ISIS? Lies don't win......
The @realDonaldTrump goes broke, he borrows money from Russia. Russia funded his campaign?
well isn't that special
Good Morning Comrade Trump!!!
The joke is that Russia owns you, Paul Manafort, and other high level members of your campaign team. Financials NOW!
yeah, you have a lot in common
pleeeeaaaasssseee, shut up
that's what i heard on the radio. i laughed especially when they said you had russia do it
Even if it was Russia who leaked these (I doubt it), Russia sure as hell didn't make democrats write all those things
DNC will me say ur wife a spy #distraction
Liberals seem to be stuck in the 80s. Pathetic!
seriously...stop...let's try to be presidential..for a few months
this should be the end of the DNC.
is that really something to brag about? :/
What are your Russian business links please?
It's like a mean cop catching a rapist and the left is blaming the cop
Can you say Watergate? Of course @PaulManafort used his connections for this. Duh. Still watching @Morning_Joe I see.
The new joke in town is that you might become president.
well let's hope he loves you and releases the 30000 missing emails too.
Remember the HRC and Clinton Russian uranium deal. HRC is in Putin's pocket.
Listen... Shhh. You can hear Putin laughing from Palin's backyard. Yeesh! The DNC blame game begins.
palin maybe got a heads up about russia and that's why she skipped the convention?
the DNC is desperately trying to change the narrative. They look really bad right now.
who cares who hacked, the truth is out- the media Clinton and DNC were rigging the system. They are what is wrong
Who cares how they were leaked or by whom.Talk about the content,that,s what's interesting
if putin likes you so much how come there is no trump casino in Moscow bruh
Duh, because there's no money there.
Are you being sarcastic? If you aren't, that is the most stupendous thing I've heard all day.
You have been owned..LOL
yes trump went to Russia to meet Putin about putting a high raises there said he was beside him self no show putin
because Putin doesn't want a failed business and empty building after 2 years.
10bucks 10bucks 10bucks phone unlimited unlimited household internet household TV save mid cls families $270amonth Trickle
this is so laughable! The Democrats r desperate!!!
Likes you? More like Hates Hillary!
Go Trump! Vote ✅TRUMP✅
(Possibly sensitive)
Hey, the minions will believe without thought. Look away. Don't think. Stay ignorant. Heil Clinton.
More Crime from the Clinton Crime family ? NO ?
Oh yes. Clinton has a history of arms 4 cash-To anyone. #Benghazi #ClintonCash #ENDorse #ClintonKaine
This was marked sensitive on my twitter. Uh? Clinton cash is sensitive.
that’s the point Putin likes u and had the hackers just hack the DNC mmmm kinda fishy to me
#ClintonCash with the Russian Uranium is no joke.
I thought YOU were the new joke in town, Scummy Donnie.
the dems can spin anything. They have always been corrupt.BS people got duped
it is stunning how careless with THEIR WRITTEN WORDS these people are...too careless to be put in charge of the country
a distraction! Who cares if he did? That's not the point! They are corrupt!!!
is pushing it big time
Putin would hang onto them to use as leverage if she was elected. The libs are desperate.
bringing out every POS hack this morning trying to link you. Ignoring email content itself! #DNCleak
yes he does!! Another shooting in FL. Night club. Sad!!
They are "Grasping at straws"!!
Literally laughed out loud at this
Its not about his liking you. It's about him knowing how utterly incompetent you would be as President.
Yea, the devil made them do it.
and you think thats something to be proud of...
Lmfao u know there's a lib tard out there really mad at u because of that lol, keep it up we need u
He doesn't like you. No one likes you. He just thinks you're a useful idiot.
has for the past several months been a joke.
WE Support you @realDonaldTrump 100%!
too funny. You got this crooked lying Hilary lock her up
The fact that Putin likes you means he knows you have nothing in u that can challenge him
U R wrong ... U will always be the "joke of the town." #trump
stupid is as stupid does and DNC are stupid.However they wrote them.Wake up America. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain STOP CORRUPTION
no one likes you Donald
Go get em Donald!
,that's what I said yesterday they're all so crooked
Looks like an episode from 'The Jeffersons'. I believe she got into their wardrobe department too! Lol!
the sign should read. Stop calling us super predators you Goldwater girl, repeal the Clinton Crime bill.
When you can't even English.
You both wear the same size glove
Right! Did Putin put the four mile long fence around the #DNCinPHL too? They are such hypocrites & liars!
Yes obooba and his butt buddy are thanks for that…
I thought Hillary and the DNC were about building 'bridges, not walls'? #BuildTheWall #MAGA
just stop talking.
sounds like putin has a man crush.
Putin doesn't like you. He wants to see you in the White House because he knows youre a moron and it would destroy America.
Don, you'll ALWAYS be the joke
Fight Back!! Let's get the TRUMP signs out there!! Show your support! Headed to the POSTOFFICE!
Trump and Putin, two alpha males will bring peace to the world!
get along with world leaders is good. Democrats just don't get it anymore they are for the working people.
yes. Its history in making.
but its good n powerful should be friend. @KremlinRussia_E it will help world
You & Russia will become great allies! #MakeAMericaGreatAgain
I also find it ridiculous that people are still living in the Cold War. There's no reason we can't be friends with Russia.
unreal! Dems always try to justify and blame their mistakes on someone else..ludicrous
You are a stupid motherfucker!!
MSM is making it painfully honest that they're pro-clinton because they're not even discussing the damning emails...
Trump got 14 million votes if everyone continue $100 we will have 1.4 billion it enough to win, plz retweet and contribute
lol imagine the "progressive" noise if you'd claimed China leaked your mails to help #CrookedHillary
The cold war is over; now its time for the warm war!
No one likes you. A disastrous @realDonaldTrump presidency would be the best thing for Russia but that's not the same as liking you.
She not but Trump is an untrustworthy snake oil salesman. Won't even pay his bills…
count em for me
I hope he wins , we invoke article 50 , marine le Penn gets France e.t.c . Future is coming :D
Armageddon you mean.
that isn't what's current taking place ? All of this and more is coming , the West's people's day.
We tried Nazism in the 1940s. Didn't like it then, won't be any better now.
1940 ? We just voted to leave the EU , now that's nazism....
You seem to think that Le Penn winning in France and Trump in the US would be a good thing. Hence nazism
it isn't, you read into it too much, but call it what you want , it won't matter , things need fixing.
I'm sure many of the people he EMPLOYS like him. Let's ask Hilary's employees.....
I'm sure all those people in the sweat shops in China and Bangladesh just love making his merchandise.
no one likes him? He leads the latest polls for president of the United States, dumbass
No one likes you either.
More votes in the primary than Hillary. Explain that.
Trump got 14m votes, Hillary got 16.8m.
- fascist socialist USA like Russia would make them happy...Liberal agenda of making us drones is communism
turning his back on NATO and focusing on internal issues will allow Russian expansion to go on unchecked.
- asking NATO to pay their share is not turning his back on NATO.
- they are so checked now, ask Syria, Afghanistan and China.
check your facts - a lot of people like him!
Shh. Commissar @PaulManafort says we must not speak of this Commrade.
It was a Russian IP address, the same software used to hack the german Bundesrat Parlament
Vote ✅TRUMP✅
Good! That can't hurt anyway, haha! SERIOUSLY u know the old saying about friends close, enemies ........... #TrumpPence16
But don't worry. No one on our side of the pond thinks you're useful
it's @CNN who are spreading this devious disinformation
please foster that friendship
HA! Poutine vous aime , mais Poutine lui il aime le peuple Français pas comme vous ! MOI J'ADORE POUTINE !
No word of H getting Putin Uranium, Every decent rep should boycott bias shows, but its such a car wreck I cant look away
got it, you support Russia.
truly incredible @CNN. Such bullshit
No way Trump is not that naïve
They still like saying "Dark" too! The Russians conspiracy kills me though! #DNCOrders
You Are Correct Sir
where is your tax return?
when all else fails... Blame someone else
bro why are you up so early you crackhead
36bill a month dumped into economy instant boost to middle class spenders and economy trickle down now
you will inherit Sanders brood,the trick is, what do you do with them now?, they will need to feed, they need red meat..
blame game, distraction.
no this morning on @CNN they made it sound like you're involved because YOU like Putin
the old joke is NYC is you- we've been laughing at you for decades
not as many as you may think.
I know a lot of New Yorkers
I can tell which ones you know from a mile away.
Trump is actually very well regarded in NYC LGBT community. He has been a donor since the 80s.
I'm part of the NYC LGBT community. Can you point out some of these donations?
Per WaPo these are a few from 1988: AMFAR, GLWD, AIDS CARE CTR.
Of course you know his sister in law is on the BOD of God's Love We Deliver.
I think his sister is great. I've sat next to her at events in NYC- I will gladly say good stuff about her
Blaine Trump is a classy lady. Do you know Jeff Pfeifle?
know of him, but not personally
Ask him how much Trump has given to GLWD he's on the board with Blaine Trump.
He is a friend of Jonathan Cano, a founder of AMFAR. I've seen him at a few AMFAR events.
When Hillary was supporting DOMA Trump was supporting NYC's AIDS crisis. Fact.
He turned his back on Roy Cohn when it was known he had AIDS- fact
Roy Cohn RT @rolandscahill: @behnmned @PepeZubat @realDonaldTrump He turned his back on Roy Cohn when it was known he had AIDS- fact
Bullshit, he pulled business from Roy when he was getting too sick to handle it.
I've read the story it's mostly fiction.
but its the words of Cohn's longtime secretary, not an unnamed source
She lost her job when he died and Trump didn't take her into the Trump Org. It happens.
There's plenty I don't like about Trump, but he has supported the LGBT community for a long time.
Totally respect your opinion, but I have never seen evidence of him being a real ally.
When Joan Rivers "won" Apprentice in 2009 $500K went to GLWD. Do you really think reality TV isn't fixed? Please.
Joan winning is great tv- and Joan was been at the front lines of LBGT support before it was fashionable
I couldn't agree with you more, but so was Trump & his family.
He has given generously to our community and its just not fair to say otherwise. I can't say same about Hillary.
Trump was giving $ to AIDS research & hospice while Clintons were putting DOMA & Don't Ask Don't Tell in place.
who are you.... That's right a nobody liberal
Everybody is a somebody
The laughing will cease in 4 months. It will soon be Washington.
don't look now you fascist pig but the DNC is exposed as racist garbage. Guess that makes you garbage too:)
dude, with your beady little eyes, flapping head all full of lies, i don't think you can give an opinion
I just did and your party of liars and racist bigots is about to bust.Lol@ all the liberal scum. #TrumpTrain
Born and raised NY'er here, voting for Trump and so are most of my friends/family who also live in NY. Mwah.
- the 12000 employees working for Trump in NYC were cheering for great jobs though.
It's a rumor ,nothing real are proven, we all know that u r a sleazy individual and is possible that your friend helped u
PS - This idiotic assertion implies that it's OK if Russia has the emails, so long as they don't leak them!
Funny how the MSM make DNC email scandal & rigged primary about DWS , not about corrupt Hillary! She always gets protected!
so , you agree that russia hacked and released the emails to help you because putin likes you?
it would be nice to have a leader in place to at least communicate with Russia for once. Oh yeah beware of the fridges !!!
After watching #ClintonCash I figured he'd be best friends with HRC. She's made him the uranium leader in the world!
Retweet ,Let's stick it to Republican, democrat and elite in media by donating to TRUMP campaign
you still hold that title. You are the biggest joke!
but y release it now? That is the question
Look at the Trending hashtags before you send your first Tweet of the day. ANOTHER mass shooting at a club in #FtMyers FL
It could've been Snowden, we'll have to see and if so why, to expose corruption or to aid Russia?
ya,he's nice guy Mr.Putin,but he's patients is running low!He hates Hilary!He warned if she gets in,we are going to war!
more like no one in the world likes her & demonstrated again how careless reckless & stupid they are
You and Putin make a terrific your words "SAD"!
LOL good took out wasserman Shultz for you ‼️👍
Putin likes me...he really, really does...
They'll say anything they can to discredit the truth. The leaks don't matter, only the leakers! Propaganda at it's worst.
Donald nobody thinks your hair is fake...we just think it looks like shit
Yes, as if there aren't lots & lots of American guys with tech skills who have the means, motive & opportunity to do it.
Whatever, no matter what happens the LIARS blame you Donald. It is a joke! U need to hit Hillary as knowing abt this!
real Joke is that the DNC emails show the party wanted a Russian/Trump talking point smear, This is a weak cover up by DNC
Congratulations. You have the support of Communists. How very Conservative of you dumbass.
shouldn't worry that he likes you you should be worried he hacked into America computer system...
The triple D of the democrat party: Diversion, deception, distraction!
doesn't sound funny to me...remember you loke Putin
we're to believe HRC's private basement server w/less security than Google was secure but DNC account was hacked by Russia
When he thinks there is a new joke in town that isnt his face. No..... orange potatoes never go out of style.
Last week the joke was Malina's speech was plagiarized......and it was....just saying.
(And by "new joke in town", @realDonaldTrump means "thing that is absolutely true".)
The new joke in town is that Russia leaked the disastrous DNC e-mails, which should never have been written (stupid), because Putin likes me
Why don't (((((((((((((((((((((((((YOU))))))))))))))))))))) go back to your job of sucking out crustaceans out of Hillary's twat?
"because Putin likes me"... How the hell did a toddler get nominated?? It's beyond me
-Deflecting blame to Trump on the emails is sad. HRC and DNC rigged the system, but blame Trump. Accountability
New DNC chair says they will now do all their corruption over the phone.
Putin wrote those emails on your behalf
Uh, no. The DNC did. Russia has nothing to do with it
Do these guys really know how to write? Amazing!! @realDonaldTrump
2 powerful leaders. If you join forces, #ISIS can be defeated completely. That shd be the top priority now.
- No, the DNC wrote those to fix the election process,Libs can't handle the truth
Vote ✅TRUMP✅Vote ✅TRUMP✅Vote ✅TRUMP✅Vote ✅TRUMP✅
Is that a good thing, that Putin likes you. Doesn't that mean he thinks you're dumb and easily manipulated?
which is why he would release them lol he doesn't have any respect for Hillary think the reset button did it
Don't forget that you like Putin.....and Kim Jong-in and Saddam. And that's no joke or laughing matter.
Gee, I didn't know Russia was involved in the American DNC. I thought that N stood for National?
DIC does fit them better though.
Democratic Inferior Convention Klan. =^)
Jokes aside, information leaks usually come from insiders... So... that claim is just odd.
Been known Russia hackd DNC 4 months. Thats not n question.…
Apparently, he sends talking points to American media too.
Putin is only involved in the RNC because Trump can't get Americans to buy his racism and fascism.
Putin OWNS your ass, you sick & disloyal fascist
Well, he doesn't like you (or U.S.), but knows you'll be honest and direct with him.
dems: putin did it! look at putin! trump is his friend! dont pay attention over here!
This has to be a parody account. I refuse to believe a serious presidential candidate gloats "Putin likes me! He likes me!"
(No comment)
Day 1 of a Trump presidency: Russia overruns the Baltics and says it's to defend Kaliningrad. Trump counts money.
Any time Trump formulates an answer, if it last more than 10 seconds, it's about money. Money, money, money!
right! And Benghazi was due to a video! How low will SHE go?
typical liberal tactics deflect and lie I call it Clinton speak
They bring up the subject, and then they ignore it and blame Russia and trump. And then they talk about that for a while.
seems hair grows well on pigshite #dunknow
You are, without a doubt, the most startlingly vapid, stupid, mean-spirited creature to ever run for president. Shove it.
Clearly you should run for Putin's job since you are a communist
Putin likes you? There's a ringing endorsement.
You will make Russia great again.
you're in bed with Putin
It's not because he likes you, it's because he owns you.
The corruption of HRC has now been exposed against members of her own party! HRC has no principles, except burn and kill!
They have paid shills… and they call you racist. You better use this bigly!!!
Dem playbook, shift focus to opponent amidst scandal.
it's not the 'new joke'. Putin wants you as pres because he will play you like a fiddle. You are dangerous in ur ignorance
Well, I like that Russia supports you. Praise Putin and Trump for President
u have no dignity, no class and some up America! tacky and brash. #EnglandShitsAllOverUSA
aren't you the new joke in town? That's what mommy says every time you're in TV (a lot).
Attempt by the Clinton's to deflect and distract
The media is a joke, but it's a very bad idea to side with Putin in any form. It will backfire sooner or later.
Putin helping Trump? Did Trump honeymoon in USSR? Is Trump socialist? Maybe Putin is helping Comrade Bernie #DNCLeaks
don't worry. Soon if food gets burnt in #DNC or #HC it will be caused by you.
That's great. It's important to have the support of murderous dictators.
seen Killary's donor list you moron? List of who's who in the Middle East murderer's row. Crawl back under your rock....
Hillary has the support of Radical Islam. Proven by the money trail. So money Trump took.
- Right! HRC is supported by Egypt, Saudis, Rwanda, etc. you just misspoke I guess.
u can't trust Putin !!!
It's because #Putin is laughing at you and us. Yeah, you are a joke. #Trump #TrumpSUCKS #VoteYourConscience #WriteInCruz
Congratulations, you're google that answers with sentences. Great.
He liked you before you compared him to so-called Islamic State. #MakeAmericaBackwardsAgain
Russia has always competed with the United States. They know if Sniveling Donald is elected president Russia wins.
The DNC'S paid trolls are pretty funny too! #DNCLeaks #DNCLeak #DemsinPhilly
OMG, the spin from cnn & msnbc is laughable. Thanks to the internet, we don't have to buy their corrupt spin any more
Maybe someone should check Sarah Palin's basement because, you know, she can see Russia from her house
now that's funny! Democrats must all be taking potent drugs!
why does he like you? I thought HC got him the uranium!
Actually it was Bill Clinton who made the Uranium deal
But wasn't SHE POTUS then...?!? Could say it was bedroom talk, but we all know that wasn't true!
DNC is a spin machine. Crooked DNC, crooked Hillary, and crooked press.
Donald, friendship w/countries she be based upon how they treat their citizens, especially the most vulnerable.
Vote ✅TRUMP✅Vote ✅TRUMP✅Vote ✅TRUMP✅Vote ✅TRUMP✅Vote ✅TRUMP✅Vote ✅TRUMP✅
I know - is that crazy or what ??? I can't believe what lengths the DNC will go to ! #TrumpTrain - all the way !
Russia/Putin are corrupt (much like you). You praise world tyrants and are now part of the Asses of Evil group.
Lol!! I like it!! NOTHING would surprise me, Mr. T.! President Putin views you as an long last!
she should take that joke to the Catskills!
U need to discredit Bernie for just taking this BS and still supporting the Hag liar. Proves he is a paid off fraud!
I think Putin knows what the other candidate would be like for the world, not just our country.
Hillary would be terrible. For this country and the planet.
along with building that 10foot wall when she said not a wall build a bridge She is nuts seriously
Where is the outrage from the MSM for this reckless accusation against Russia?…
it is now binary choice with SCOTUS on the line and there is a bigger moral world out there.
Don't call it a joke, call it spin.
GO TO BED Mr. President!
The fix was in and now they are trying to deflect onto you. Liberals never accept responsibility!
Putin would murder you for stating such false accusations against him. If he wanted to. @PresidentPutin4
Not a joke. A serious accusation. Are you backed by Putin?
If planet's most powerful (soon?) person, writes this kind of tweets, I get really worry
Clinton's are so insanely corrupt #DNCleak #CrookedHillary #DNCinPHL
You are FULL of IT!!!! And, FULL of your "little hands" self!!!
This is classic Clinton they do something stupid, criminal or dishonest and its bad Republicans. Simply Dems. incompetence.
we'll see how many handjobs you get at the Olympics, mercenarys are a death for no cash call.
Is this something to be proud of?
Democrats are group of conspirators save America from Democrat
Right! Did Putin put the four mile long fence around the #DNCinPHL too? They are such hypocrites & liars!
nobody likes me more than Putin does. Believe me. Believe me.
Don't fan the flames on the Russia tack. Stay focused on content! That's important, should be continued to be put out there
That's the fucking point! Russia hacked and is leaking to get you elected so you can lick Putin's boots!
Kinda ironic that a joke (DNC) is trying to spread a joke
Yea you praised the brutality of Saddam and have been endorsed by North Korea, you're one to lecture. @HillaryClinton
Dear, Africa say yes, yes for business and no for Regime changes. Can tell Clinton please?
i for one would love you and Putin working together.
Also that you are @PutinRF_Eng 's puppet.LoL.Are Americans really dumb enough to believe this?
you ma be right, no one really likes you
yes , they do , that's why he will be the next US president. Have you seen how big of a crowds he attracts ?
shut up you ugly little dicked faggot. Go suck blm cock Nigger lover
3trill stashed overseas by 1% rs disgrace÷into 45million living under poverty line freeze it $66, 000pr ind man wom child
Democrats are still in denial that a Republican President ended the Cold War. They still see Russia as their enemy.
Mr.Putin is Trump friend!He's mine too!Mr.Putin like strong ppl!He doesn't want to go to war,Hilary laughing at him!
I hope Russia will leak classified crooked Hillary's emails, too. Thanks Putin for liking our Pres.Trump. We like you, too.
Forensic evidence confirms Russia responsible.
Americans are you listening "Putin likes me"... Its official KGB are here.
losers always blame the messenger.
Speaking of Russia, I watched an interesting documentary last night called Clinton Cash...
Interesting. Russia does have a lot to gain from Trump's proposed policies. Putin would like to see our alliances fall.
Hey, release your tax returns and you can put all these rumors that you are Putin's puppet to rest - simple.
Snitching on yourself
That crooked Hillary is running out of resources doesn't she? Satan blesses you have a wonderful day.
Good ads running on jobs this am...steel workers...other..keep it up..God Bless..
Even WikiLeaks said DNC Russian conspiracy has no truth & they know who gave them the emails,so DNC is reaching for excuses
Its the Democrat way! Deflect & blame someone else. Most of us are on to them. We know their tricks & that they're dirty!
Hillary and gang talk about proof,but lie when only have speculations.They would not know truth if it hit them in the face
you are a complete child
shows how carelessly is the Hillary & people around her with sensitive infor. If elected Russian will read her email daily.
Your campaign manager Paul Manifort has ties to Russia doesn't he and you do to how is this not ties!!!
love how they spin everything for Hillary; Putin would prefer Hillary as she is all talk and no action; no respect for her
liberal media at its best.
#CNN How many times can you say SPIN? Russia and Trump's fault? Journalism at it's lowest level. We are not STUPID!
maybe cutting loose deadbeat NATO countries has something to do with it?
america latina pronto tendra para derrotar al peor terrorismo del mundo (EEUU) y es
Putin knows he can uSEyou!!
Release your tax returns so we can see how much you've given to putin's russia,(stupid).
You want to cut NATO funding. That makes you Russia's favorite son. You're so dangerous.
Make the USA better! Vote ✅TRUMP✅Vote ✅TRUMP✅Vote ✅TRUMP✅
Bernie said he wanted Warren to be VP. Voters upset about Kaine. Mika and Joe praising Kaine. Sickening. Had to turn tv off
The truth is not a joke.
It's not a joke. Even republicans are saying this. Release your tax returns so we can see your Russian connections.
I heard aliens leaked the e-mails
Putin & Trump = Friends. Russian girls are the prettiest 🤗
- HRC and Saudis= women rights are nonexistent
I think the entire tweeter population should block you! TAX RETURNS mofo
its like the #dnc asked some kids to come up with that story! #dncleaks #Russians #HillaryClinton
leak your taxes!
I'm more interested in the content of the e-mails, not who leaked them.
#howdonald For months we've heard of grandeur. #howdonald? Surely you'll articulate at the debates, right?
This, from the old joke in town-Donald Trump. You are so obviously a fraud, I will never vote for you. #NeverTrump
DNC chair is saying Putin helping Trump..time to press conference terror countries funded and funding Hillary.Get on it NOW
too many people are dying in the D world, what a shame..
Democrats can be so juvenile!
Reports that Russia behind the DNC leaks to help Trump but same media has no concern that Russia could hack Hillary emails
VERY pathetic that MSM are trying to push a conspiracy theory over the actual content in emails. BIAS
Indeed he does.
us Russians see you as that you could help America
will "Putin likes me" win you votes? Communism and all?
Putin is not a commie. Whoever does not miss the Soviet Union has no heart. Whoever wants it back has no brain. - Vladimir Putin
Putin and Trump are destined to save the world from the scourge of Islam.
....proud of that r u ??? Why is no one surprised comrade??
so what is your point?
If Russia can hack DNC emails how bout Hitlerys E MAILS??? The dems are making our case!!! USE THIS PLEADING WITH U. GIFT
One would reasonably think Putin would want Hillary to win, for she would be just as manipulated by Putin as Obama is.
The Next American President - Poll Results…#pollmaker Dig that sample!
How much does Putin and his cronies have invested in your businesses? Release you taxes! #DonTheCon #ComradeTrump
Mr trump your so powerful you already control Russia , napoleon would be jealous
So until Russia shows that it's willing to treat its citizens much better, I'd say no we shouldn't be friends w/them.
You see they have a 4 mile long, 8ft high fence at DNCCON?? w/illegals speaking... spit out coffee on that one..
keep going strong Mr. Trump. Polls looking good! Can't wait to call you Mr. President! #MAGA
Yep. It's always your fault.. Gotta love the msm.
I'm glad Putin likes you. This is one step forward in the road to Freedom, Russia and a Trump USA will do good things!
BREAKING NEWS CNN MSNBC REPORT Donald Trump is really a Russian spy lol
you think he did it because he "likes you"?! Delusions of grandeur. He just fucking hates America!
It's an absolute joke I'm quoting Bill Clinton "Give me a break This is the biggest fairy tale I've ever seen." HRCvs.Obama
Let the experts figure it out. Also..please stay out of that thing with are ahead in the you
Its a crazy thing shouldn't we get along with Russia? As Reagan did? Friends close enemies closer thing?
If that was true, Russia would give the thousands of emails Hilary deleted. Maybe they are coming soon
release your taxes with your contribution to Putin
will try to make the narrative about Russia and how the DNC were victims, not perpetrators. #DNCleak
make no mistake Donald he respects you big difference !!
Because of this hack, it makes me wonder about Hilary Clinton's emails on her private server. Will America pay a price.
Trump is watching CNN right now lol
my composition notebook in 7th grade is less embarrassing than this. you're an overemotional uneducated brat
u really hate this guy by your tweet. #Trump2016
at least he educated enough to use an email server
Go whine elsewhere!
trump trump trump✌🏿️
YOU ARE WATCHING @Morning_Joe. YOU SAID YOU WOULD NEVER WATCH @morningmika & @Morning_Joe AGAIN TRUMP. - Putin RNC Russia
yeah it's a real man crush. If anything he wants Hillary because he did a great job pushing her around.
you're the CONTINUAL joke in town
You're Putin's bun boy. The world knows. Does your massive crush on Vlad have its origins in his shirtless horseback pics?
You and other people are stupid idiots, obama likes provoking other countries and starting shit, trump is opposite, wants peace.
Add homophobic innuendo to antisemitic DNC emails & you'll begin to understand why Bernie's Bros wont vote 4 Hill
lol. U crazy man. Lmfao
Experienced any recent head trauma which might explain your hypnoses? Or are you just projecting a Vlad crush?
You LIAR. No-one is Putin's "boy". Get it right arsehole.: @realDonaldTrump YAHUVEH SPEED You Mr Trump.
Neo-Cons claiming non-neocons are Putin Puppets in wake of leak was a masterful stroke of evil genius I must say
Is it possible that you're projecting your own homoerotic fantasies? I just want to throw that out there.
did your homosexuality have its start when your grandpa make you lick his dusty old balls and swallow his jizz?
Lol, looks like everyone thinks Russia was behind this! Totally unconfirmed anyway.
Just shut your Mouth and Get in The DNC line Boy. You have no rights there.
Big media, business, and government conspire to overturn democracy, and we have PROOF.
no, no, oh you poor thing. Putin has a huge bro crush on Trump.
Putin is the least of our worries. Let him take back some Soviet states, as we take back our own territory from Mexicans.
CNN is openly deflecting from the DNC games and now the narrative is that Putin is trying to influence the election. rigged
Vote ✅TRUMP✅🗽🗽🇺🇸🇺🇸✅
You should form an alliance with Putin- he doesn't need to be our enemy.
this alliance already exists-->mike flynn, dempsey both tight w/ russian military..patriot military backing Trump
Russia may have leaked the emails to send a message to Crooked Hillary that she is Compromised. They have all her Emails!
Kim Jong Un likes you. You gonna boast about that?
So did Dennis Rodman and we all know what a clown he is.
really stupid indeed!! Bad bad one-sided reporting.... @GovPenceIN stay the course. America needs to be fixed.
you're Putin greatest news.
Only emails Russia has are Crooked Hillary's emails Saving those for blackmail #TrumpTrain #MAGA
I'm more interested in what you think about the DNC jeopardizing secrets by using an official government server.
I for one see clearly the democrats systematically deceive, avert, blame, insinuate and manipulate every day, hour, minute.
Hahaha, the Dems are out of their talking points..hahaha...
Obama tells Russian PM "After Election I Have More Flexibilty" @realDonaldTrump Remember this?…
Well, Donald, you've been endorsed by the Russian Communist Party, the NRA and the KKK. Job well done.
If the DNC put Hillary in charge of e-mail security they would have been properly deleted so no leaks #DNCLeaks #Trump2016
MSNBC is a DNC scam
wow secret dialogue with Putin huh? He likes you or he is afraid of Hillary? Shut up and release the tax returns! Pizzant
frozen site bias internet to trump supporter being targeted by internet blocking apps
As someone not alive for much of the Cold War, the establishment trying to blame everything on Russia is HILARIOUS!
and you like Putin that is what is the conspiracy MORON
It's HRC who brokered Uranium deal that put 20% of our ore into Putins hands. Why would Putin want to help @TrumpPence2016
more killings in FL. We need you to restore law and order ASAP. Por favor. #Trump
Make Russia Great Again?
is really pumping out this garbage ...what a loser...
the media loves telling stories they way they see them. Crazy b
Well, well, well... RT News just posted that Clinton camp is alleging Russian leaks to aid Trump! It's ISN'T a joke, Chief!
STOP HILARY! Beat her for America. We count on you.
Yes Putin likes you. You are of the same ilk. Corrupt sociopaths. At least he has done more than sell real estate.
he likes you because you have not much in your brain...easy to deal with you
doesn't matter. I'm glad the truth is being revealed Facts. Hillary very corrupt and Sanders and his supporters screwed
I cannot believe how many illiterate people talk shit about a man who wants to save our country,seems they like shifty HC😠
OF COURSE Putin likes you. He doesn't want anybody smarter than him (or than an monkey) in the Oval Office.
putin and trump are business partners, let all your Shady deals come out, how about your tax returns
Your mouth is your best tool ,frankly I think you have a vagina no man can speak so much.
sick Dem/Lib joke
The Libs think typing Putin to Trump will make themselves look like angels #hypocrits
so funny watching the media trying to change the narrative #carryingclintonswater
Why maniford worked for the russians u have deals with them u like putin WHERES UR TAXES SHOW UR TAXES IS THERE RUSSIAN $
You tweet when you're nervous.
That is why we need you and not Killary. She will klll our Country by selling out to the highest bidder & America suffers
The Russians own your ass (and your real estate properties, too). A vote for you is a vote for Putin.
I agree with most of your policies but you say the most ignorant things sometimes it's hard to take you serious #coldplain
they have to divert attention from real issue.they r all crooks,liars,connivers
The game is "RIGGED", They should have asked Crooked Hillary for help to delete the "Emails" :-)
Good Morning, Sir✌🏻️👍🏻…
These Democrats and their irresponsible email issues truly should concern EVERY voting American. PERIOD.
you are down in the are low energy
Putin doesnt like you, you tool. Putin would beat the shit out of you.
Where is your bankruptcy records ?
You are a likable guy.
says the Obama birther
I suspect Putin rather deal with Hillary than you. But media running with story. Bias
They really think this Russian angle is going to deflect from #DNCLeaks, morons.
#DNCLeaks => Crooks + Retards!
Then @DWStweets resigns & Hillary immediately hires her! Brilliant campaign strategy....😒
desperation at its finest
the biggest joke is you thinking Putin liking you is a good thing. Add Putin and D. Duke to the Trump fans list. STUPID
No, actually you are the new (and old) joke lol!
Maybe not because he likes you but he hates Crooked @HillaryClinton
I think it is a problem that Putin likes you.
Now I'm 100% confident about DNC's stupidity and naked behaviour. Cheers for Trump and Russia. Make America Gr8 again
your bed buddy Putin will not divide us in nov. You will be bitch slapped
That makes no sense. Russia should be happy with our running up debt & being more divided than ever. That favors Clinton.
lock her up along with the ugly Wasserman Shultz and that other criminal Kaine
I'm surprised they didn't blame the emails and ban emails altogether what dumbfucks. Who feeds these idiots
Hillary made it possible for Putin to obtain uranium. Please get informed.
So true.Before Clinton, Russians were nuclear free and peace loving.
Don't spin my comment.She is the one 2 hit the reset button w/ Putin, & left 30 ppl @ Benghazi 2 die then lied
You're absolutely right. When Trump is elected, Putin will restore peace to the Baltics.
It's hard to bring out valid points with uninformed people like yourself. Learn the history of your Dem party.
Tough to be any closer than the Clintons.
Hey put your country right next to our Nato Bases...Fugg NATO......What is the problem with this.Call our Dogs
it does not matter who released the emails it's what was in them and the fact we read them it's about the lying HILLARY
No, Putin wrote and sent the Email also Hilary should face it
So they are blaming you for their lies and corruption. Typical.
How dumb do the Democrats think the American people are? Nixon did 1/3 of what Hillary has already done
Lol!!!!!!!! It's on RT News, NOW!! Hillary, like Sultan Erdogan, sees "conspirators" under every stone! Hilarious!!
Just think what they got when they hacked her server.
Pretty soon the Dems will be claiming you to be in league with space aliens... because that is a thing now...
Yes saw morning news story, especially @Morning_Joe Russia influencing our elections because of Trump & his statements.
The real joke is you. #NeverTrump
Why do you care? You want to steal his money to pay for whatever government program that you maybe on?
If Trump's tax returns concern you more than THIS👇🏻...then that is a sad indictment on you & Democrats
- oh your talking about the Clinton Foundation, where does the 90% of the money go.. Laundered that's right!
lol. all those politicians, who are tax exempt, keep wanting to see his returns. Bank records from HC?
no one even asks anymore where are the fraud tax returns wikileak
Yeah, Putin wrote them and inserted them into their email accounts with responses and put them in other account!#TRUMPpence
Desperate democrats will say anything.
You know #Putin enacted laws that makes homosexuality illegal. Tell me again how much you'll protect the #LGBTQ community?
that law isn't something to deliberate.
He's a piece of shit that just proved he doesn't give a shit about #LGBTQ @realDonaldTrump
Did you know: You can have friends with different views and beliefs? So astonishing about the human race.
I love how they spin this back to #Trump instead of talking about the email content. Utterly desperate!
OF COURSE! When in doubt Deflect the blame.. Oh yeah., the Russians are the bad guys. LOL DNC #DeviouslyNominatedClinton
You are #Putins puppet, you don't even. Know it! Very unpresidential! #weakdonald
Trump does know cause him and Paul Manafort is all over it. Russian Connections with Paul used to work for them
Scary! Trump just bragged Putin likes him. He is such a Dick!
they may not be as smart as they think. The government now looking into it. I hope they get caught doing illegal stuff.
would be great, but his idiotic followers could care less!
and that's your problem?
No, that is Trump's problem, will be OUR problem if he becomes President!
You are Clitler's puppet. Go whine elsewhere!
Stop wasting your time!
Stop wasting mine!
You evidently have not watched this.
Do what's best for the USA! Vote ✅TRUMP✅Vote ✅TRUMP✅Vote ✅TRUMP✅
You've said repeatedly you'd bail on our allies and let Russia take the lead in Europe & Middle East. Weak. Cowardly. Sad.
It is hard for me to concieve that liberals are all this stupid, are all the writers of the emails going to be fired????
the truth will come out Comrade
They have no proof of it, they don't know the source. Though if it is Putin, shows he's more a patriot than Hillary & DNC!
It's a GOOD thing that the leader of one of the world's superpowers likes you.The DNC being overtly corrupt is a BAD thing.
...and the joke in the rest of the world! (and that's an old one)
that's where you're wrong kiddo, he has massive support here in Australia, the media doesn't reflect the publics views
I'd have thought it would be Netanyahu - the Republicans best friend
The emails are hardly a disaster. You're simply making a mountain out of mole hill. Why don't you spend your time learning.
yes ruthless dictators like you the same way they liked Hitler
wouldn't you love to read the RNC emails about Donald?
actually, I think @realDonaldTrump's tax returns & school transcripts would be more damning - obvs has somethings to hide
Post your tax returns and school transcripts.
I'm not running for POTUS & making claims about wealth that independent sources say are greatly exaggerated. Integrity & credibility
You don't have to run for POTUS to show your tax returns or transcript. What are you hiding?
again, I'm not asking for people to vote for me for most powerful office in world, making allegations of accomplishments w/o proof.
You don't have to be in politics to show those documents. What are you hiding?!!!
and you continue to ignore the facts, keep your head in the sound. Toss off troll. #NeverTrump
what facts am I ignoring? Where are your tax returns and school transcripts?!!!
and, since you failed to address my point multiple times, you are blocked. Better things to do than interact with maligned stupidity.
- Trumps tax returns do not threaten national security like HRC's. The DNC emails are corrupt
don't deny Hillary is corrupt but Drumpf is a narcissistic inept liar.
- well better a narcissist than a liar, just saying
you should look up Narcissistic Personality Disorder, then you will understand. It is just as dangerous.
He has a big ego, was my point, most leaders do. A corrupt liar with no regard except for herself is dangerous
-what sounds more narcissistic, "I'm with her" or " I'm with you" as personal campaign slogans, just checking
Even without reading its own leak, Trump is the most disliked candidate RNC ever had. They are ashamed of him!
I would. The RNC definitely colluded to have voter-less Primaries in CO & WY. RNC tried to rig the vote too.
- sure, but the RNC has better servers and security. Libs have a problem with emails and security lately
Bait and switch! Clinton foundation has taken money from Putin! They are in his pocket
Oh FFS do you believe it Prozac long time user?
- deflection by DNC is sad, we know the truth
That's like blaming a shoplifting arrest on the security camera.
it's not just Putin Likes you, ,several people likes you. ..
doit Donald trump spread the wealth and lift the middle class and the extinction of those who live under poverty line freez
Mrs. Clinton is getting very nervous when the Russians are involved in the vast right wing conspiracies!!!
DNC is desperate trying to find a way to spin the damming leaks. Even Van Jones says using Russia is a stupid tactic.
Nooo Noooo Noooo. Putin does not like u, he just knows you will make an awful president.
This tweet is incoherent and nonsensical, so we know Trump wrote it. Rantings of a lunatic.
Press still colluding with DNC.
Democrats are a joke!
Trump great job keep up the good work. Hillary Clinton is crashing on her own
Maybe your manager had something to do with it, he had done work for him. You need to clean your own house you POS!
did you hear one word of apology? No. They are just trying to deflect by blaming Russia.
the Dems are falling apart!!
this tweet is terribly written ,unsurprisingly. No comprehension.
Trump-Putin alliance? Are you making tremendous deals with him? Really great ones to rule the world?
You're the new joke in town.
No the real joke is that @chucktodd says you wrote the emails too. Lol
Speaking of which, you can tough talk about wanting participation, but don't weaken NATO.
No joke idiot the FBI is investigating it. WE here all your money is tied up in Russia
- no, that is the uranium deal money going from Russia to Iran.the real world is not seen on CNN
...Calls Trump an idiot, but can't spell "hear".
Really?!? Stupid!!
yes laugh like Nixon did about Watergate @CNN @Nytim
Just trying to deflect off their chaotic situation they have that is the DNC. Don't let it phase you, we lead in the polls!
Because he is afraid of Hillary? hahahahahahahahahaha
Will Trump become President of USA?
Putin likes you because he sees you as an equal and knows you are tough and smart not weak like @POTUS and @HillaryClinton
Are you in middle school?? Really! OMG! You are embarrassing. Your brain stopped developing after age 11.
Seen the interview on ClintonNewsNetwork, PATHETIC, CNN will do anything to help Clinton.I'll Never Watch CNN again
just let the #DNCleak speak for themselves. We know MSM won't mention them. #ClintonCash #HILLARYFORPRISON
I heard there's more to it than that. None of it funny.
wow where's bernies backbone ? can't stand up for himself
and it is irrelevant. It doesn't matter who tells the truth, it is the truth that matters
There is nothing on earth that could persuade me to vote for Hillary Clinton. Debbie Wasserman Schultz
#once again she knows nothing about it
I can't wait for globalist dreams of WW3 to shred in pieces, befriend Russia is long overdue! #GOTRUMP 😎🇺🇸✨ #DNCleaks
globalist, WW3 huh!!! Are you on drugs?!
All about keeping pple misinformed. Read how #Hillary uses media to keep pple IGNORANT... #DNCLeaks
I'm praying all this reaches the uninformed followers,than they can truly see who the racists R
It´s our job now to inform everyone, online and on the ground. We have proof. Media is irrelevant
hopefully this will spread like wildfire to the uniformed,and they will rise up against Hillary
I am praying as well...
"keep them ignorant" is she special
And she´s ¨above the law¨..... I am sooo disgusted...
They should be more concerned with the Russians releasing HRC's emails- they won't be "missing" thousands of them.
Who brags #Putin likes them. Poor #weakdonald
he likes you because you are the most likely to ruin America. Our enemies endorsement should not be celebrated, idiot!
HRC is a moron as the people that follow her are just a bunch of sheep! America first!
does Putin "like" you, or "like like" you?
Bernie supporters got shafted without any lube.#FeelTheShaft
Well, now you have admitted Putin likes you. The only possible reasons are because you are either soft or stupid or both.
How do you know that it's not true that Putin released the emails and did so because of your announced weakness?
It is NOT a joke. It is the truth. Wikileaks is part of the Russian Intelligence. And you know this. Putin
The DNC and Clinton emails were probably hacked by many countries and people. China is just being quiet
Here's to you Trumpee. Let's Make Russia Great Again...
Putin is a strong leader. Not weak like Obama
Terrible email situation but does Putin like you or know that he can use you?
Donald Trump has been the joke around town since the eighties
Its true whimpy, best sex U will ever have...Putin likes thick
The reason why they were leaked is irrelevant to the fact the DNC was operating in a dishonest fashion - THAT'S the story.
Yep"spinning" or excuse for anything. Like on 60 minutes.LN..Bengaz-I was not in charge of security?Huh?emails from Amb2U??
well I hope Russia doesn't leak spoilers for the new Star Wars movie
If someone is helping Trump its the DNC chair who is #biased not the russians! #Trump2016 #TrumpTrain
MSM see Trump doing well and MSM must put out lies that Russia leaked email to help Trump. MSM must help@Hillary
✅✅✅✅✅✅Vote Trump!✅
mexico pronto se aliara con Rusia y haremos pagar a los yanquis por todo lo que han hecho en 200 años de vecinos
Hillary's having trouble navigating her own "spider-web"! It's fun watching her entangle herself, flailing about...
Maybe the Russians can give us the missing 30 thousand emails.
the Russians don't want Hillary because they know she'd start war. Hillary= ww3
THE biggest problem with Donald is Donald Trump. Why won't Donald Trump release his tax returns.
you have a very small hardon for Putin assbag.
Totally agree. And seriously, can # MSNBC #MORNINGJOE Be anymore in the tank for Clinton?? Sad...
God miracles finally corrupt Clintons are caught have manipulated American people too long, greed afain want whitehouse
not because Putin likes you. Because he wants to destabilise the USA and he believes you're the man for the job.
I am now thinking they (DNC) want more eye balls on this convention. See who will get the most boos🇺🇸
Like Magicians- Distract and deflect. Look at the assistants on the stage and not the actual action.
The scary part of this is that You and Putin are pretty tight & you seem to hate NATO. Coincidence???
A clear & sober statement of the facts of how deeply beholden Trump is to Putin money
I'll say it again about the left & DNC, "stupid is as stupid does", and their side believes every bit of that left BS!
Why would Russia be after hillary,thought they were friends,Hillary sold 20% us uranium rights to russia. Hillary=SCUM!
tu no etes nada frente a putin dobal trump
this sentence doesn't make sense.
You bet Putin likes you, you are his biggest ally against Europe. Two pukes make a bucket of vomit.
no, because his buddies finance you.
If it's not true, release your tax returns and make Manafort release payments from Russian government - PROVE IT traitor
the truth will come out
Putin's little puppet
and @HillaryClinton tried to have @jullianassange arrested through her state dept. silly bitch. No free speech.
"The new joke in town" hahaha
Putin pushed the RESET button on Hillary's campaign.
Obama's brother likes you too...maybe Potus leaked them.
you just explain why they did it
Hey @Olivianuzzi is (Russia) anti Semitic? You STUPID BIGOT!
you do realise Putin is an enemy of America?
it's not a joke - it's a terrifying possibility.
Mr Trump, I wish you would quit bringing up Kruz! These sidelining statements are going to cause you to lose the election.
"Putin likes me" is perhaps the biggest understatement of 2016 (Pictured: Putin holding Trump)
Umh Mr. DT stop the NEGATIVES embrace BS parallel's, get with POLICY SPECIFICS, NO WALL, tweak fair trade agreements, ONLY.
So you're a traitor is what you're saying
this will not be a good week for the DNC
I like jokes about talking animals.
Then you'll love me. :p
All these years and now the proof of a conspiracy is revealed. LOCK HER UUUPPPP!!!
Russians want Donald J. Trump because they know that u are a strong, no B.S. leader! Russia didn't leak anything!
U R set to win. Don't mess it up, it is too important. Thanks #clintonsalwayslie
=not beholden to wall street. is behold to Kremlin. Just sayin.…
Trump vaults past Hillary in latest CNN poll. As crooked as CNN is I'm sure his lead is twice what they are reporting.
lock the Putz woman up
Memo leaked teaching #media how to spin MUSLIM Terrorism. #DNCLeaks ... Journalism is dead!!!
Your pretty stupid. You deserve that Orange Cheeto-Freak.
That's right because SC church, Munich and Norway shooters and EgyptAir -not anything to do with Islam
Its a list of tips on how best 2 RESPONSIBILY report on, not only acts of terror, but also Islam/Muslims...
only independent journalists, the rest of them are Obama's political activists not journalists
talk about racist undertones, Libs don't care about people, use them like pawns
Uggg. I'm running out of eggshells.
It´s so funny, since the Clintons are the ones doing deals with Putin under the table. #ClintonCash #dncleaks
Putin likes you??????? Putin loves buffoons like you licking his arse. Go for it draft dodger.
Instead of worrying about what's in the tabloids shouldn't you be educating yourself on POTUS issues #WhinyLittleBitch
Putin 'likes' you because you are no threat to him. The part YOU missed? TRUMP/PENCE IS THE NEW JOKE IN TOWN.
Good You Will be Power and Good The President of USA. and Try to Friendly, Work with International, Connecting.
You're the joke.
the emails should have never been able 2b hacked either! &Putin has no respect for Obama or Hillary.Congrats on poll btw :)
The American's are iiars....Supreme court says police can lie, this lets press lie.or they just do it.cause their lips move
you dumb fuck, you just said Putin likes you. #DumbassTrump
everyone knows that likes you, it would be nice & cozy 4 him 2 have someone like U in other side of the world #PutinTrump
If you want an Islamic hell in the USA - Vote for Hillary Clinton.
rooten tooten Putin had nothing to do with DNC emails. Hillary needs a re-set button in an orange jump suit.
The DNC and Crooked Hillary are panicking!
Why do all these negative idiots follow you on Twitter if they are just going to comment mean things. Must be Democrats =)
Putin likes you because he can manipulate you. Of course he'd want an idiot running the States
They are trying to divert the focus on you because they have MAJOR issues within thei DNC - Bigly
... Thank you Russia !!!
you LOVE Putin.
HRC unsecured, deleted uranium to Russia..compromised American lives, foundation $$. DISQUALIFY!
LOL the (stupid)adds to this, so much ;is funny.
Too funny! They'll try anything. I suppose Putin wrote the emails as well.
Dear Donald, u and Putin are the two most lovable bogeymen!
It's possible P likes u(as many people do),but he never would intervene in alien's business,so it's not him behind Assange.
Putin is playing you you dangerous fool and you're falling right into his trap He doesn't like you he thinks you're stupid
So the problem is not the rigged primaries but that they got caught?
The joke of the day
How much money do you owe the Russians?
Even if that is the reason why the emails were leaked, the jokes on the DNC for being so corrupt! #DNCinPHL #CrookedHillary
I get on Twitter and the first thing someone RT was this orange bitch bitching again. @realDonaldTrump fuck your child & #StopBitching.
Dems are desperate and scared (they should be). Get popcorn ready, this week will be fun to watch! 😜 #DNCinPHL #DNCleak
CNN loves this conspiracy theory. They want to change the news cycle.
The media is so dishonest, instead of focusing on the content of the email they focus on you being friends with Putin.
your head is so far up his ass that when he takes a shot of vodka, you catch a buzz....
And the media is all but silent.. across the board collusion.
please stop this brokeback mountain thing w/ Putin you are the GOP nominee for the U.S. Presidency for crying out loud.
HRC is using WJC as a co-president for various issues that need 2 b addressed. Nothing will change w/HRC.Reverse Stagnation
Even if true, what DNC and Debbie were doing was undermining Bernie and stocking the deck for Hillary.
sir RSS is behind this , modi should be blamed
Come to think of it, do I object to Russian help? Nope!
you are the joke. A sad, man who needs to mock everyone should NEVER be president
And yet you haven't condemned nor deny it. So I take it your happy they did it for you? Putin's little boy. @NeverTrump
yeah Putin likes you, here is a similar snuggle, Hitler is to Putin as you are to Mussolini. My god you are so like the BM.
delete your account
Russia got the DNC emails but not Clintons. The dems think we are stupid #neverhillary #Dncscam #trump
it's not a joke. Putin knows you're stupid.
Putin HEARTS Trump. That part of your tweet made sense. You shouldn't tweet at 4:31AM... you don't make any sense. @realDonaldTrump
clearly @HillaryClinton learned nothing as SoS. Democrat diplomacy is already creating enemies... @HFA @Millennials4Her
I love it! Great tweet.
job economy and economic climate change.
well you are so enamored of the guy I think you would blow him if he asked.
Aww he likes you! Did he slip you a note in class telling you that, you pathetic egomaniac? #NeverTrump
That's not a denial
that's impossible. Remember HRC pushed the "reset" button w Russia & all was well. Just another HRC/Obama fantasy land move
ja nicht schlecht. Räumt mal auf im Paradis bevor es zu spät ist für uns alle.
Wishful thinking: read into it what you want;
Maybe a joke, but Obuma is making sure the finger is pointed at Putin via unnamed intell sources and MSM repeating the lie.
The truth always comes out. You have campaign staff that worked for Ukraine and pro Putin President. You're going down!
When are you going to release your tax returns, Mr. Trump?
you're like a teenaged you know why he likes you..
Seriously? Yo narcissistic moron... Do you try to spin everything for your benefit? Please go away.
Well move to Russia then you bigoted asshole
Metadata is real. Russians did the hack. Manafort is a liar. Putin loves you, as you say. Where are your taxes?
No joke, Donald. You're in hock to Russian money up to your eyeballs. 4 bankruptcies will do that 2 your credit.
Every time I read your tweets I wonder how much they have to pay you to be that dense.
I think your resorting to name calling is indicative as to who is really "dense." There is no argument for Trump.
You call him names all the time, you infant.
Well there wouldn't have been any embarassment to DNC emails if they played by the rules.
We knew the left was quickly going to come up with a sketchy replacement narrative to deflect from the proven scandal.
If Russia hacked DNC servers- you can bet they hacked Hillary's server. How Sad.
Shows all your tweets over the air #NeverHillary
Is this a real tweet? THIS is a man people (albeit morons) are voting for??
The ones influencing elections are the DNC. These people and their media sock puppets are ridiculous.
Borrowed any money from Russian oligarchs to finance your operations lately? I hear US banks blacklisted you. Sad!
lol CNN twisting your tweet lol...
the brain dead are still after months using delete your account please for the love of god come up with something original.
Excited you & Pence are coming to Roanoke today!
The DNC needs someone to blame. #DNCleak
so ur cool with a foreign country hacking into an American political party system is ok ?
Don't worry Donald. You're still the new joke in town...comrade.
you're the new joke in town
Wikileaks hacked into DNC discovering all the dishonesty and collusion with press.
Actually the #RNC purchased the hacks.
Wasserman Schultz brand of thinking. Zombie Schultz & Crooked Hillary....what a team. Kaine is a perversion of Catholicism
Sick that you are valued by despots and sell that along with your hate peddling and fear mongering.
The #DNCleak is a big deal.... this shows how the Democrats are scripting the coverage.
we need to fund the Clinton Cash movie for primetime. It has changed votes!
I love that their response to their conspiracy being uncovered is a conspiracy theory.
Putin thinks of you as a challenge in negotiations, thinks you are smart, testing to see if you are smarter than he is.
Warren to speak tonight trying to get delegates to come to order. Hope they give her HELL.
quit saying Putin likes you, not very smart there
I don't think it's so much as he "likes" you. I think Putin believes you two can work together. #StaySmart #MAGA
you probably paid him to
The Dems are so desperate...the good news is there're more emails to come!!!🇺🇸#TrumpPence16 🇺🇸
election aside, this is very dangerous for USA and we should ALL take it seriously. FBI is investigating!
no because you're colluding with him orange boy
Whats wrong with Putin Respecting a strong LEADER like you will be. Better for cooperation vs the dangerous Obama Policies
&Yes-as I said yest-Tell my 13 YearOlds never put in writing whatU would not want all toC..SneakyWDNCnotFair.Can'tTrustHer
wow first night Warren Sanders Obama I'd say a lot better than Scott"batshit crazy"baio
they are trying to spin this as if you and Putin are in cohorts together. Make ppl think you have an evil plan.
If you like Putin so much then why don't your marry him? Faggot
The new joke is that you suck #Putin's dick! BTW, where are those tax releases, Putin not letting you revel them?! #crook
guilty of favoritism. Top chief drops out. And she still will get away with it AGAIN!!!
Richard Nixon, it's not too stupid
share the connection between TBTF banksters, and Fannie Mae and the Dem's lots of collusion-for ex Chakkah Con Fattah HUD
of course Putin is world leader he seen what happened to Gaddafi HRC screwed him now Libya is terrorists infested
Putin doesn't like people like Renzi , shames even the Italians! Renzi doesn't has balls!
you support Russia makes me go huh
#hitlary should be more careful with her servers and email. Blame is all on her! She's careless once again.
let's make America great again Donald
willing to trash they're own reputations in order to get the lyin scumbag @HillaryClinton elected
if he really likes you, he'll leak those 33000 *deleted* emails 😂
I know you probably don't read these but since you have the nomination I would consider handing your Twitter acct to an aid
show us your tax returns
He does! He wants some help with the radical muslim invasion of the west which Obamas encouraging!
And you're proud of that?
U think Putin is OK guy U have many $ dealings w/Russian elite PM has strong ties to Putin/Russian elite/crime families
PM has many dealings w/criminal elements Not 2hard to connect the dots! Russians owns U In Putins interest 4 U 2 win
who cares who leaked them? It's done n it shows how they r
TRUMP / PUTIN 2016: Because a new Cold War can fix global warming.
thats because they did. you fucking fascist piece of shit.
DNC approves FAKE Craigslist ad to impersonate Trump Org for “hot women” to make him look sexist.
shocking. is there one on cruz's father working wt lee oswald? russians should leak one on trump/clinton collusion
Because crooks lie...the supreme court says police can lie..When if ever must they tell the truth?The Press lies habitually
#weakdonald. Putin sees an advantage to him if u become POTUS. He will benefit with your lack of knowledge.. VERY BAD!
I can't even tell the parody accounts from the real one anymore #sad #ReleaseYourTaxes
I guess the trolls believe you have a bromance with Putin.Your the strongest candidate on building our military.Total trash
careful Putin & Wikileaks might leak your Russian banking records
That would be interesting.
it is time we joined russia in syria to wipe out isis the real enemy at this time. Russia america and syria could wipe isis
Putin does like you because he sees an unstable narcissist he can manipulate with praise and false promises. Scary!
you're making it worse
Are u sure it wasn't part of a 'vast soviet wing' conspiracy??
Well, let me ask ya this. Even if the Russians disliked her that much is this the woman we want trying to keep peace?
Putin is shrewd, he likes you?! No, thinks ur a tool he can manipulate
funny fbi couldnt tell after investigation if hillarys private server was hacked.but instantly know russians hacked dnc
that's funny!! Gotta love sarcasm. I saw the commercial with you and children. You can do better rhan that. Attack her
agent for the FSB. #NeverTrump
The new joke in town is that Russia leaked the disastrous DNC e-mails, which should never have been written (stupid), because Putin likes me
Putin likes you . But 65 % of Americans hate you !!!!
Since they can"t find dirt on you like Hillary has they try to connect your name to anything negative., But your ahead now
there shouldn't be EMAILS to be leaked in the first place. PROOF the system is RIGGED and CONFIRMATION HILLARY is a LIAR!
liberal desperation
For a time Hitler and Stalin too liked each other.
says joke because he's scared truth being discovered. Too much evidence of treachery.…
The real question is now many classified state dept. emails do the Russians have because of #CrookedHillary ?
Trump a great and honest man-largely self funding. Outsider that can fix the rigged crooked system.
Nah. The joke is the same. It's you.
Do you think Hillary and Obama are petty enough to go to war to save face? I'd say the odds are good.
You have something in common, dictator, loose cannons, wing nuts
It doesn't matter who hacked them. The story is *collusion* and interfering in federal election.
No, the story is "corruption." If there were no corrupt emails,or if the servers were properly secured, there would be no problem.
Let's face it. It's all of the above. And more.
donna brazile should resign from gov backed tv show
The DNC/HRC/DWS may be stupid but American voters are NOT!!
Let's join @DanaGlenn22 a TRUMP SUPPORTER!!
Fascinating, comical to watch MSM/DNC/HRC try to spin, until one realizes jokes on us the people
힐러리 뇬이 아직도 물타기하려 하는갑네
everyone likes you Donnie
The DNC manipulates and lies to Hispanics to get their vote #DNCleaks ... READ @wikileaks
what are you going to do to combat #racism?
'All lives matter' is a great start.
Tell your Russian friends that,this is America where votes counts. They can't hack you into the @WhiteHouse. #DemsInPhilly
Stay close to the networks, DNC filibustering thumb up their ass, foot in their mouth, running scared #DamageControl
CNN announced u wanted " Extreme Vetting"......
People are saying Paul Manafort is Gucifer!
Um, there's really nothing wrong with our president getting along with Russia. Isn't that what ppl have wanted for years?
no no no. Nothing to see here. No emails were leaked. The DNC WANTED these emails released.
Putin said you're Flamboyant. That doesn't mean he likes you. Just that you are loud and fucking annoying.
Go back into Clitler's hole!
holy media spin...DNC emails show collusion? Bring on the Russians! That'll confuse the sucks...
And they haven't explained how all of this was supposed to HELP you! Corrupt to the CORE.
well that's easier than trying to cover up the corruption
It is not that Putin likes you; it is that he knows you are an idiot and he will WALK all over you.
please introduce Obama's half brother who has endorsed you. It is going to be sensational. I want to see his bro reaction.
Putin respects Trumps strength. Putin has copies of Hillary email vs DNC junk. Time to check her in. @MichaelCohen212
No joke... some think they did, considering the DNC servers were recently hacked from a Russian source.
Why do you wear a wig made of straw? As a billionaire surely you can afford a real wig
A vote for trump is a vote for having Russian influence in Americas policy decisions. Bad for America. #NeverTrump
I hope you can cure this twittourette's epidemic among what seems to be people identifying themselves as democrats.
yea cause your entire family is Russian. You and your buddy Putin want the US scumbag
Trending...US shoots Russian plane with CAMERA during aggressive military maneuvers aboard #USSDonaldCook
what the fuck are US-planes searching for along Russian Borders? Russia has ANY rigjht to defend his borders
Didn't realize the Russians own the entire Baltic Sea. Did the plane enter Russian airspace? Stupid!
WHERE do US end? at the coasts of Atlantic, Pacific Ocean,Canada, Mexico-THE REST IS NOT ANY OF YOUR BUISNESS
Last I heard international waters and airspace are just that.
care for your own stuff in your land + stay away from others and their lands or soo you will be forced to do
With Trump, that's what we plan to do! Take care of our own.....America first.
yes we all wait for Trump and that US vanish from our continent and stop strarting wars to take over nations
Vanish? Lol. Let me know when you make it back to reality.
this will be reality very soon - when Germany,Russia and China work together - SOON, very SOON
LOL. Maybe in a land that has unicorns, leprechauns, and elves running around. Good luck with your prophecy.
you should learn that there is a world outside of what your brainwashing Zion-Media tell you - a biiiig world
Jail your criminals Brzezinski, Kissinger, Soros, Clintons, Albright, end the FED and the zion-aggression
Surprised we didn't see Obama shooting selfies aboard the ship.
yes sir if they hacked into DNC what kind info you recon they got on Hillary private server, that was classified
hil wrote to bill ayers from russia yrs ago
If the shoe fits, Donald....
While HRC was deleting emails and BO was arguing about bathrooms
LIAR! You are pals. Nervous because it was discovered. Pals with Putin! Experts are calling it and are now investigating.
Hillary approved Russia's access to US uranium mining rights which sounds treasonous to many folks. Putin is not our ally.
meanwhile, Russians probably did hack Hillary's emails from unsecured server, which is what DNC wants ppl to forget.
Pathological liars never stop lying. Amazing sickness.
geez, can u lay off the tweets, you just proved the dems accusation, U need to hire me for Ur twitter feed
the enemy of my enemy is my friend and right now isis is the enemy and russia our friend. Wipe out ISIS in syria. Obam wont
We know he likes you. Tell us what's in the deal You & Manafort have with Putin & his comrade Yanukovyc. Don't lie.
What difference does is make who leaked it? All that matter is that it happened!!!! Corruption is Killary's specialty!
Hillary cant blame it on the Jewish for hacking this time @BurnieSanders is already pissed off
"Nyet! Ve don't play in politics of other countries.But it we did how do any Amerikans like the Hillary?"Vlad P. Go #Trump
Sources are saying on social media the Trump campaign is trying to distract from leaking DNC emails could be responsible.
Putin's not gonna like you spouting off at the mouth like the town crier. Putin has Hillary's emails. Drip..drip..drip
Putin likes all you guys (we Americans), but he often frowns on your stuborn stupidity...@RussiaInsider
That's not a joke. That's the truth. And when the media digs into your Russian connections, your whining will be epic.
Putin wants a trump presidency so he can rebuild the USSR under Americas protection. #NeverTrump
isn't funny dems emails r always leaked or hacked.
In hindsight you must see that your tweet contradicts the assertion made within it. Talk about mental flatulence.
90% of leaks come from insiders.
Could offer the majority of American ppl the moon and they'd still bitch because it wasn't the universe.
No, the joke is you trump. All you are capable of doing is attacking...go get your rabies shot.
i now understand that the Clinton's hire liers crooks and gangs of the top elite to better themselves. What a inside job .
Democrats desperate so they do what they do best, lies and more lies, people have more proof how dishonest they are
Do you think Putin will be going to The Miss Universe Pageant in November in Moscow - if so, will he become my new best friend?
yes and it was Obama who whispered in Putins ear that he would have more flexibility after the election! Give me a break!
You are such a too! You and Putin are like twin sons of different mothers.
what difference does it make!!!! It's their own emails ..
Well the last part is objective reality more than a joke per se.
Paul Manafort has direct ties to the KREMLIN & PUTIN… Russians trying to get Trump Elected. WHY?
nah your'e the joke you sociopath
like Russia fears @HillaryClinton I'm sure Putin hopes Hillary wins so he can do whatever he wants.
signs of desperations
Hillary campaign manager wants to stop a huge sea wave by using his hands, will never work. FBI indicates HRC unfit
Not a joke. You jerk.
narcissistic fool
haha. oh the mob! beauts
Trump will be responsible for the resurgence of the USSR, we won the cold war with strong leaders. Why go backwards?
Ha, ha, I thought you were the new joke in town. Here's the truth about your joke of a wall.
Who's next? The Pope ? Accountability anyone?
funny thing, because it’s true, eh?
These devious cretins blame you for everything. They send thugs to your meetings & any resultant violence is you're fault.
Leaked DNC emails is what matter 4 d future of US, not who leaked it. @HillaryClinton @IvankaTrump @JudgeTedPoe
good morning mr president
lol. @realDonaldTrump's Twitter account is hacked by Russian! which asked by DNC...
........and so does David Duke!
OR DNC internally and confidentially sends racist emails while you just come out and say it out loud about a sitting judge
maybe you and Putin should get a room.....
add Putin to the your list, next to Satan, Hilter, KKK, David Duke. Great list #DonTheCon
the joke is a lot of people don't realize the corruption. Vote Trump for a change for a better new direction.
If U don't believe Yr friend Putin played a role, then U better make sure yr emails are deleted b4 they get hacked.
The 1980s called, and it wants its conspiracy theories back.
Putin has done so much more good than obummer and Killary
it is ludicrous. Libtards have to blame the real Donald Trump
Don't let the facts get in the way Donny boy. 4 independent cyber security groups verified it…
Why would Putin turn on #Hillary when #Russia bought 20% of 🇺🇸's Uranium❓ #ClintonCash 😝 #RiggedSystem ❓❓ @realkingrobbo
nothing is a joke with you. Your capable of any kind of sleazeball tactic. Plus you are always praising Putin. FRAUD
real men around the world do like you Prez Trump! But everybody has their (DNC) emails! Don't blame Putin! hahahaha
That's how they could best spin the situation. I don't believe #DNC was hacked by #Russians
#DNCLeaks @wikileaks Insight into DNC trying to 'control' media narrative & call with @RepCummings
No joke you commie bastard! We already know you love Hitler!
Democrats the party of backdoor deals lies and spin when will they ever help the folks Their elite are the ones that count
Clifton didn't show them the delete button in time.
meanwhile, the old joke is still you...also, you and Vladimir are busted
Gosh people are daft these days! 90% of leaks origin from insiders.
ww3 here we come
your a bigot and a communist
CNN/Chris are so bias. They are condoning the e-mails
Who's paying Manafort Donald? Release your tax returns.
HILLARY, Step Down, Turn Yourself in for Prosecution. As Obama says, "It's The Right Thing To Do." @realDonaldTrump James Comey @FBI @RNC
are you saying its false?
These morons accuse u of everything under the sun,surprised they accused Russians instead of u
"Shady, evil Russians"? And the vulgar Left(hadists) slur the Right as the "-phobics"! #dncleak #dncleaks #crookedhillary
Hey Mr. Trump what you should do is let your family speak on your behalf for your interviews ok. #VoteTrump. Love to all.
#TrumpTrain When Putin respects our President Trump, world affairs will improve drastically
old joke in town is your candidacy
hey sociopath your wife is a birther
Impose 41% flat import tax to eliminate corporate tax and income tax.
Sure, Russia hacked US citizens, but focus on how it benefits you and not on how Russia breaches our shit. Asshole.
and a Russian dog ate my homework
The Clinton's M.O 4 Ds Delay Deny Deflect Distract.
so that somehow makes it OK, they are so hypocritical
Hillary is killing the DNC...Scandal after scandal...Trump pulls ahead in Cleveland. Burners: find a new home w Trump.
Tons of HRC ads on TV in NC. YUK!!!. Waiting to see DJT ads, hopefully soon.
show us your tax returns. What are you hiding that you're so scared of everybody seeing?
Putin is an asshole as you are Donald😀 That's why he likes you.
Putin does not like you. He thinks that he has a superior intellect over you. I think he is correct since you r unstable
I don't think it is a joke at all. People know you. You are a bully. Fits right in.
Muslim Brotherhood with their Bribed Politicians& Journalists are Scared to Death of Russia & You. Russia defeated them WW2
I wonder why he likes you... Hmmmm
Yeah, Stupid you're Putin's pal alright but you're a Duh candidate so if you get my country in trouble your impeachment √
you are an asshole
you just made the case
You think Putin likes you or does or does he see an opportunity under a Trump administration #Sanctions
keep Trumping On Go Trump
That's why they're saying he did it - to promote you! Putin has been seeing what's happening - watched his press conf.
msnbc and cnn are a bunch of comedians
the party is still united you fool spewing lies to get Bernie supporters did you hear Bernie??? 100% for Hillary so shut up
after seeing your son on CNN. I have to ask, is he on the same diet speed meds that you are on? Talks so fast and manic.SAD
~ Putin would love a lightweight president.
Never thought I'd see the day when an American running for POTUS would be chumming it up with a Russian dictator. #MAGA @realDonaldTrump
90% of leaks come from insiders.
Well considering Trump's campaign manager helped get Putin elected, I agree @Adam8319stevens
How did Paul Manafort help get Putin re-elected? How is he even affiliated with Vladmir, the autocrat?
At least us former Bernie supporters could see the corruption of the DNC. Everything happens for a reason!
I really don't think the DNC is corrupt. @Adam8319stevens
Wanting to attack on Bernie for his religion? Telling MSNBC CEO what their workers can and cannot put in the news??
Also, you have people resigning the DNC left right and centre. Clear indicators.
Do you write these drunk?
Hilarious Hillary is performing a SNL skit in live. The whole world is watching it.
Also @donnabrazile Just said on @FoxNews that the #DNCleak emails were also "tampered with" #RiggedSystem
so u admit it then !
MSNBC today said that along with DNC losers.
it's true. Nice try.
It really doesn't matter who released the emails, it is what it says it is. That's irrelevant...a smoke screen from Dems.
in Russia you wouldn't need to fund a campaign, you would've won hands down. Most popular American now, think about it!
Hillary/obama want war with Russia. We will partner with them once you win to defeat ISIS. #FortMyers
Same old joke
Yep, that makes sense. You got his endorsement and want to weaken NATO. #TrumpPutin #TrumpPence
somehow hillary is mailed(deleted/leaked) n nailed by fate.
- @HillaryClinton thinks American people are stupid & will believe anything she says. We'll see in November. #neverhillary
what really heart all the money @BernieSanders depend at as million of dollar and sorry @BernieSanders how citizen voice
Kim Jung Un likes ya as well!
RELEASE: 19,252 emails from the US Democratic National Committee #Hillary2016 @wikileaks
and clearly wants you to be president. Why's that?
how much money have you taken from russia?
isn't it scary the communist president likes our candidate? @MikeDiaz285 @ChuckNellis @marklevinshow
Of course Putin likes you. But these Dems are reaching with nothing to grab onto.
you are so delusional it's sad
9M jobs created in the last 5 years. We are winning so much your head is spinning. Eat that cheeto man.
Trump the for thing I do check my e-mail tweets and God and the first face I see is you,ugly and disgusting
I like you also Donald!
being an agent of a foreign government is disgraceful. Also: crime.
The biggest joke in town is you. Who was that speechwriter again? ;)
The MSM sure gets mad when caught being biased and hackers have to do the job they are paid not to do!!!!!!
Putin wants Clinton to win ... he's got all her emails for blackmailing
True. Confused Democrats shifting blame on Russia, for their own (Democrat camp) shortcomings,failures and misdeeds.
what a joke Hillary is
lol well Mr Trump they Blame you 4 Breathing or Blowin ur Nose Dont They. so This 1 is Gonna B A Definite BLAME WOT A JOKE
We all can't wait to see the photos of Putin and idiot Trump riding horses together shirtless. #NeverTrump
If true, ask Putin to release some of the 33,000 deleted Hillary emails then! Now that would be a story!
what is wrong with all you twits? If you love America, you must VOTE TRUMP!! HE'S OUR ONLY HOPE!
what would Reagan think
The Dem Party of the last 25 years' nickname should be "My dog ate my homework"
it's funnier just to read the haters simple taking points....good for laughs over coffee.
Why do you think that's funny?
congrats on new CNN poll
Why did you delete email evidence when you were being sued?… #TrumpTrain #HillaryKaine2016
your the joke in town & it was known months ago they hacked but put it out to try to help you now. That backfired
They Are So Pathetic
Socialists upset at Russia for uncovering their crimes. What a bunch of crooks!
The truth is good. America loves Russia @GovernmentRF !
master u don't deserve to be even the GOP nominee let alone President of USA.
Thank you President Trump for having the courage to talk about the things Liberals are afraid to hear #DNCleak #TrumpTrain
Not laughing. You would be a very dangerous President. #TrumpPence
How stupid can you possibly be to think Putin "likes" you?
No new joke in