The 2016 HTC Nexus looks like a cross between the Nexus 4 & iPhone with glass and fingerprint scanner on the back.
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+@Andrioswp да, на нексус4 похож. но где они тут увидели айфон?
ok did you see both Nexus phones ??? thanks for sharing the picture 👍
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Is that...can it be? A headphone jack!?
likely to have wireless charging if the glass design is there
is that a photo of a photo, possibly some sort of advertisement?
im not sure ... looks like every other htc one phone ... i really really hope it is different in person
photo taken by a potato camera
will it be waterproof?
Quick question: Where, specifically, was the picture taken?
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You should take more shot lol
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Awww, shit! Super secret squirrel stuff right here. Let us know if the HTC mafia kills you...
and the HYPE train is leaving the station...
yes! Give us more
Leak some stuff guys :D
YAASSSSS David! Get that exclusive ;P
is there a MicroSD slot?
there never is.
if not it's not worth buying for me.
Nexus? MicroSD? Nah.