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This arguing over the headphone jack is mainly hilarious because in two years when every popular phone is the same, no one will say a word.
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I cannot believe the Tesla Model S doesn't include a horse... 🐴🤔😜
*I cannot believe the Tesla Model S doesn’t have reins. Why is Tesla forcing me to make these awkward hand movements?
hey, it doesn't even have a fuel-filling jack.
hmm. This is not a good analogy.
the Model 3 does though, right? I need it to include a 🐎.
right, I mean they took the gas tank out ... who does that?
+@panzer I completely agree. I just wish they were able to put in “good enough” wireless in the box. Lightning is not the future.
Who said it is? Wireless is the future.
+@Gen_Zer0 +@MarkDMill That would seem like a step backwards. Lightning is basically a stopgap; the future is wireless. They may wait for Mac
not this time. It doesn't solve a problem or improve anything.
btw it will improve a lot
It allows headphones to have built in amps, so you can have better sound quality.
That could be cool.
Sure it does. The problem they’re trying to solve is: how do we get here?
If it were up to those clinging to the past, the iPhone 7 would look like this.
just imagine the battery life!
I don't know. The included double cassette deck (with auto reverse) would eat into the battery life.
how else are you going to save your offline playlists?
AppleMusic would be a mail order cassette subscription."Dear Pedro, enjoy this month's For You Tape"
more ports means less space for other stuff. Consolidation isn't bad?
Water resiistence, device thinness, weight. Removing helps all 3. Progress marches on.
Okay, now I predict an Apple Watch band with a deployable 3.5mm headphone adapter could retail at a $75 premium. Or <$20 diy.
but what if I need to play CDs?! :)
Literally the same thing as with the lack of physical keyboard.
it would be much funnier to envision the iPhone with all vestigial components of technology past: floppy, optical, USB, etc ;)
BlackBerry users are still asking for all those features...
as it was with the beloved floppy disk and the less loved CD.
M.G. We need to bring back the RS 232 and IEEE 488 interfaces! How will I connect to my printer!
I mean what's next, no floppy drive on our desktops? Monsters.
whole World (hi fi, instruments, hearing aids, transport) must accept worse & more expensive headphones because Apple says?
I didn't realize the iPhone was the only choice out there.
3.5mm adaptor
I'm so waiting Apple to be wrong on this one.. if they don't share whatever wireless technology they have with world they will.
don’t agree. Non-Apple world will have USB-C, and Apple will be on Lightning. Standards matter. Bluetooth isn’t good enough.
I agreed with you it would be ok if there was one standard to replace it but it wont' be the case.
when people hear the sound quality they'll be like
I love how so many are complaining without knowing what Apple will introduce to justify removing the headphone jack.
People are complaining based on what technology they know. "Bluetooth sucks!" They say. What if @Apple introduces AirPlay 2.0?
The proprietary implementation of Bluetooth in the Apple Pencil is flawless. Works reliably every time. Expect that in AirPods.
smart on Apple's part 2 get all the negativity out of the way now rather than have it impact next year 10yr anniversary edition
"Let's keep the headphone jack forever. Innovation sucks!"
Music via a wireless connection and an extra mobile battery everyday or buy headphones that only fit your Apple device. No thanks
how are we meant to listen to music or take a call (with earbuds) while charging the phone simultaneously? That's my complaint.
maybe, that would likely kill 3mm headphones, and replace them with USB-C ones. Lightning is just waiting to die likely.
oh, I'll sound like a grampa. Just like I sometimes complain that the iPhone 5/5S/5SE doesn't fit hand as well as the 4/4S did.
it just occurred to me that @Apple effectively deprecated every selfie stick. #Victory!
saving this tweet because it will come true.
remember the brouhaha over no keyboard? Or no flash?
I see it bigger as a symbolic break with history of personal music listening. And ya i don't want a dongle
they said the same when the first MacBook Air shipped without a CD drive back in 2007 ... Remember when they dropped Ethernet?!
yeah, back then I was actually at the forefront of this, noting it was forward-thinking & the right thing to do. Now I just tweet :(
doesn’t mean it’s the right choice. Lightning is worse and BT isn’t good enough yet.
I really hope not, not this time, this really is the wrong choice. No good reason to take it and lots of good reason to keep it.
except w/ CD/floppy, better tech existed/emerging. BT headphones suck.
audiophiles will still complain.
Reminds me of the 30 pin connector arguments.