This is true:
This arguing over the headphone jack is mainly hilarious because in two years when every popular phone is the same, no one will say a word.
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it will be fine if @Apple has a good solution (aka wireless). a diff wired headphone is just change for change sake.
this move would be easier to accept if iPhone used USB-C. at least there'd be hope all devices would eventually support
how'd that work out with the lightning port so far
How’d what work out so far?
convergence on a standard; the argument as i read it was that all phones will use a 3.5mm replacement once apple moves on it
Because our Galaxy Note 9s will use 3.5mm jacks?
30pin to 8pin was a bigger flash in the pan from memory.
well yeah because who talks about other phones?
Unless microSoft did it first.
People are acting like they’re going to retroactively remove all existing 3.5mm ports.
yeah, I just posted this response to @jsnell and I think you're exactly right.
+@jsnell exactly. And someone *has* to do it. Apple will receive a lot of criticism in reviews. Within a year or two it will be history.
The headphone jack is more akin to a printer than a floppy drive. Will always be a (small?) place for analog out.
only if all the problems with Bluetooth people complain about get fixed in two years.
People are very capable of adapting. The question is if Apple is improving the platform with the jack's removal.
arguing is hilarious, because in 50 years, when we’re dead, we won’t say a word.
just because something becomes accepted doesn’t make it a good idea in the first place.
and if they *do* say a word, you won't hear them if you have trouble pairing your headphones 😜
or maybe in 2 years every phone/audio device will use USB-C and the iPhone will be left with yet another dongle
I think issue is that two years of user pain could be easily avoided
When I have trouble using my iPhone, it is Bluetooth. Not excited about prospect of not having any other option.
+@asymco Though, would suck to be a headphone maker. Jacks are universal while iPhone and Android use different connectors
Ironically, one of the first "iTunes Phones" the Moto RAZR v3i didn't have a headphone jack either.
I think (?) the objection is to vendor specific headphones, not to eliminating the jack itself. But what do I know.
it happened before with the lightning connector. Today USB Type C is king.Remember this ad? 0-14"
not really, it goes further than just phones… hifi, car stereos, digital recorders, airplanes etc.
arguing about something that hasn't even been announced yet, for all we know Airpods could be amazing.
“Yes kids, these are the headphones your grandpa and I both used until 2016. Then we upgraded with every new BT version.”
Moto Z already did away with it. Comes packed with a dongle.
People blame Apple for the phones that already got rid of the headphone jack
But before that, Samsung will release a phone with 2 headphone jacks.
With a built in fire blanket.
I fully drank the Apple Watch kool-aid and think wireless headphones are really about the watch…
Interesting thought!
exactly my thoughts. There is no convenient time for progress
yeah but people get all angsty about a change like this. So suggesting they shouldn’t this time is kind of hilarious too.
only if, in that 24 months, we stop thinking of the iPhone as a general purpose music player.
well the size of the 6plus stopped it being a phone might as well drop the music player.
in comparison to new $800 phones every year, new decent headphones are peanuts, too.
noted; I’ll expect mea culpa claim chowder on 9/3/2018
I'm sure John will hold me (us?) to it. But I'm also sure he won't have to ;)
I'm with @gruber on this one though the record of this approach isn't perfect (firewire, ADB, thunderbolt, etc.).
Proprietary ports have an iffy history. But the move from wired to wireless has been inexorable.
Anyone who has ever worked out with wired headphones knows they have serious limitations.
I've run a marathon with wired headphones. Wireless/ bluetooth just seems flaky.
In addition, no headphone jack will accelerate development of BT tech. It will get better, faster.
Everytime Apple changes hardware people whine.
I have had too many negative experiences with lousy BT to have any faith.
Maybe just using the wrong hardware.
Depends on the headset. The one I use is rock-solid. I gave up wired long ago, except when I make a call.
But for an event like that where you reliability and not worrying about battery, wired makes sense.
gah, I forgot about charging the damn things too. No, I want wired. I'll pass.
Charging will need to be handled via phone or case. Plugging into wall massive usability hit.
Most exercise outside of running and cycling isn’t great with wires.
Running works decent with wireless. Weight lifting is awful with wireless.
then I have nothing to worry about. 😀
The painful feeling of ripping a headphone out when you get it caught on a weight.
Ha, wires are also not so great :-)
That’s what I’m saying. Wireless headphones big usability gain.
are you concerned about likely DRM-ing of wireless access?… @stevesi @mgsiegler @jpohhhh
This is not going to happen.
For a while, at least, some will view the use of phono jack+USBC as a proprietary wired port.
will Apple switch to USBC in 3-5yrs then lightning h'phones will need adapter? prob. Never ending!
Counterpoint to proprietary ports: Apple also the 1st to ship a computer with *only* USB (v1.1!) ports!
First to ship, but 7 companies were part of inventing it, just slow to ship 😀
The point is that any narrative of Apple strictly preferring proprietary solutions is flawed.
and based on rumors, they had a big role in the USB-C connector.
for sure. But this seems inevitable given how many people we all know that use and love wireless headphones...
if apple unveils great wireless headphones/headset many concerns go away (mic must be great)
if no one took risks to push an industry forward we would still be clicking physical keyboard buttons.
this is a useful bon mot; the reason I’m betting against is it’ll be hard for Android to coalesce around a new headphone port
very true unless the Lightning port is open sourced. However I don't see that happening.
I suspect that Thunderbolt3/USB-C will be industry's last port. Everything wireless from then on out.
I would bet on one more "there is another" but after that think you're right.
Bad compare. New ports were going to be clearly better. Bluetooth has been a shitshow for over a decade
thanks for the flashback to my mid 90s era Duo mini dock HDI-30 SCSI port Ethernet adapter from Asanté
the fact that manufacturers will take any chance to reduce costs, doesn’t mean it’s a good thing.
Pretty sure I heard the same faff when they got rid of the disc drive.
don't forget highlighting that they weren't the first to remove the headphone jack and don't innovate anymore.
nobody thinks about how many headphone jack makers will be put out of business by this reckless change!
agreed - people hate change until they like it (ex physical keyboards)
won't it change into an argument over Lightning vs USB-C headphones.
gold plated with right twisted demagnetized copper.
they said the same things about floppy drives.
I hope the trade off will be a better battery.
by then it’ll just be a resigned sigh.
Prediction: Samsung Galaxy S7 commercial will highlight that you can use a 3.5mm headphone jack. Galaxy S8 will remove headphone jack.
but change is change :(
plus ça change...