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There’s a new Most Interesting Man in the World. Twitter just got more interesting.
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yikes. Just awful
he's not as wise looking...I feel betrayed! How do we make this right? @goliaa_
oh, Dios mío por qué
¡se derrumba mi mundo que sé!
Sorry but I want the original
I love change in the World. So long as the beer is the same and ice cold. I'm the most Interested Man in the World.
not bad but not better than the first guy
No. No, it did not. Fire your marketing team.
Fire them just because you don't like it? Stop being a Donald Trump, changes happen all the time, even Twitter changes
#mostinterestingmanintheworld: "Cuba imports cigars from him." - The new guy fishes for footballs? Really?
"The new Most Interesting Man in the World is younger and French." WHAT? Wait, What?
And he's got young, slender, gorgeous ladies. Don't forget the multitude of ladies! So decorative. So plural. Not groundbreaking.
it's just a commercial stupid ass.
We thought so, too
did you see this 😳
This is BS. Where's the most interesting woman?
sorry Chris wins 10 years ago.
I liked the girl. Otherwise I'd say bring the original guy back.
......or else it's back to Tecate for me.
so your choice in beer was decided by an ad? Niw that is interesting...
Frankly, we need a Mars rescue mission.
- U guys missed it... U had the chance for the REAL most interesting man - @Andy_Taggart Stay thirsty!
They totally should have picked you bro! You would have been dope AF! #StayThirsty
Played my best hand. Dang.
I KNEW I should have led with the bear...
Wow!! 11 seconds staring contest and you won 👏👏 Amazing!
I had a larger bear. As a pet. When I was a child. Living overseas. During the war. I don't do commercials.
the first one is my dad, the new one is my uncle.
kinda jacked you guys fired the original #MIMITW
Dos, a beer, a Mexican beer. Ray, the guy behind the bar. Me, the guy who drinks the beer. Fa, a long way to the bar. So...
did you clone the old guy?
The old guy is better looking.
Wow, that's bad. Just stop
No thanks. Different marketing angle would be better
I know. Why let the other guy go if you're gonna keep the same marketing campaign
y'all fucking up... Better go get the real most interesting man in the world and stop playing yourself ✋
is this like 007? We're gonna have a new one every couple years?
I'm not fully sure I'm signed on yet but I'm going to stay tuned
I love it!! He has a pet pig!!
is this supposed to be a James Bondsy type thing OR the hilarious spoof type that KFC has done with "Colonel Sanders"?
same style as the older Heineken ads don't you think?
I actually dig what KFC is doing. I hope they keep changing it up over and over again
I agree! Hilarious...great marketing plan. I wonder if it was their plan all along or just happenstance
yaa I that's what I wondered as wel. Everyone keeps the same actor forever. Might as well go different
Exactly. Eventually, the actor feels like they're bigger than the the Verizon dude in Sprint commercials now 😅
I wouldn't say hilarious, the commercials are as funny as a kick in the groin.
OK, let's settle on "excruciatingly corny" 😅
probably the Bond angle.
I mean they did get rid of the other guy Jonathan Goldsmith because he was too old.
However, despite internet theories. Bond was the same guy from Dr. No all the way up to Licence To Kill in 1989
Idris Elba ... The new James Bond !!!
I guess we'll see, he definitely has some big shoes to fill
the initial campaign was cute, but it has run its course, imho.
Not feeling this. At all.
the beer is so good you don't need an interesting guy to promote it. Just give out free samples.
they got a new XX man😒
you no likes the new XX man??
too bad Daniel Craig wouldn't make another for 100 million dollars
bring back the old one
Is that Michael Phelps?
that is exactly what I thought.
I've literally never even tried your beer, but your marketing team is brilliant!!
it really hasn't though. Find a new marketing strategy rather than refurbishing your old one. Booooo!
can't beat the original
If by interesting you mean "holds ones interest" then it's Charles Manson because you can't ignore that kind of crazy
probably would have been better to go with Most Amazing Woman in the World.
seems like it's time to move on from this guy
sorry, this one is kind of goofy looking.
don't ruin the brand, but you are and will... When start effing up the beer, we will have a problem.
love the beer; not digging the new dude--you can do better than this!
?is it the girl at the end of the commercial?
You got rid of the other guy because he was old. Lame. You have have to have lived a lot of life to even be remotely interesting
not true. He retired from the job
They got rid of him bcause he wanted more money.
actually he chose to retire because he wanted to be a painter. They even made a nod at that at the start.
not even close...bring the handsome guy back please
No, there really isn't. There just isn't.
Get the fuck outta here
the bartender piques my interest, tell me more about him...
bring back the original!
I've already lost interest.
too bad. They should have chosen this guy. The Far More Interesting Man in the World!!!
how can there be two most interesting people? Most means the most as in there can be only one
Phelps is perfect for this job!
(No comment)
bring back the original guy.
There's a new 'Most Interesting Man in the World' coming. #Refreshed #StayThirsty My Friends!
I've seen your future commercials. It the KFC Colonel
should've made @riderloco the most interesting woman in the World. 🏐🏖🏄#SnapGameStrong #HermosaWarriorPrincess
is this guy Australian too?
BOO! Hissssss
Michael Phelps with a beard???
Is That His Son?
Suprised we didn't get to see @AustinAries' application for this illustrious title.
this is so lame. Way to go back to the well.
I knew it was coming soon.
1) interesting (no pun intended) and 2)
not even close
he kind of looks like @MichaelPhelps in old person makeup.
As opposed to most of the other responses, I'm okay with this campaign - staying tuned...
why? Is this the new Darrin or Becky?
looks like michael phelps dad...#dosequisfail
in reality it's the writers that are interesting.
Boo!!! Bring the most interesting man back!!!
remember the plight of 'New Coke'? Go back to the classic
Just no. This works if The Most Interesting Man in The World returns and raises an eyebrow to look this poser back to anonymity.
Nah. he doin too much. Most Interesting Man wayyy cooler wayyy smoother
no thanks. Just another man.
will never be the same, sorry
really dos xx...the original was better. Or at least put the El Santo as the most interested man
i am the most interesting man in the world
Stop it, you got rid of the most interesting man in the world - move on. Geico has like 3 different campaigns, be like Geico... ☺
The most interesting man is the dad of the guy from the Heineken ads? #fail
Michael Phelps
I'm offended they didn't pick you @TurnerDavis_
The girl was, hands down, the most interesting thing 😘
I love your beer. Sorry to say you got it wrong with new spokesman.
Well America have the most distrustful woman in the world, Treasonous Hillary Clinton.
"He built #Trump's wall, all by himself."
Oh God no. Just . . . Ugh . . . Jesus Christ, Hell no. Not a chance. Fire your marketing team. They done screwed up #DosEquisFail
excited to see the concept will be refreshed. It's creative. Hope it goes to next level. Good luck.
Creative? You mean more than that chin strap you've got on?
He looks like a mature Micheal Phelps.
is that Michael phelps with a beard?
this guy sucks
couldn't find a latino?
Epic Fail. This campaign will not work as it's currently laid out. (Think Priceline Negotiator situation)
ok so have a beard and strong deep voice.
Damn, he might...might be interesting, but man is he ugly. He's got a face made for radio.
looks like a made-up Michael Phelps
is that Michael Phelps with a prosthetic nose?
Fuck this new guy...
(Possibly sensitive)
who's the actor behind this man?
it sucks...... no more 2x for me....
this is garbage compared to the OG.. Looks like Micheal Phelps.
my grandma used to clean it up her well but fishing for a football?Really. The Heineken A banderas/benecio del toro is interesting
Is this guy a true Mexican, or another Jewish amigo?
Ian McShane would have been better
Is this a @StarTrek type #reboot with an alternate time-line?
Apparently I missed the casting call.
New guy looks like he has a face transplant
this guy doesn't fit at all. Sorry but either someone older or much younger
nah yall made the wrong trade 😤
is that Michael phelps?
dude he's totally gonna bang that girl!
he teaches ostriches to fly
good job on keeping with a more "seasoned" actor. A young face doesn't convey the life experience to be #TMIMITW
what about me?
-Stupid...give it up. There is only one
nice ageism, jerkwads. I think I'll continue never drinking your literal immoral poison water forever, thankyouverymuch
it's hard to say.
he looks like an Hispanic Michael Phelps
You guys fucked this up big time. Looks more like "The least interesting impostor in the world"
Horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible move. And bad. Bring back the genuine WMIM! #Imposter
Same man. His space flight caused him to age regressively.
oh.....bearded dudes huh? Here is one #MostInterestingMan
"We gotta kill that interesting man thing" "What'll we replace it with" "A younger version!!" #AdFail #DonDraperIsCrying
I can see it but keep the old music, well that's my two cents anyway.
that's strange, I am the most interesting man in MY world ! Imagine that?
Why can't #MountainDew have a mascot like him (or the previous one)?
rather than a New spokesperson, color would have promoted better. Emerald green bottles, Amber beer? That says tasty.
nice try but NO
so y'all taught @MichaelPhelps Español.
yesssss were back
Most interesting for all the wrong reasons. It's most interesting how anyone likes this awful beer.
Who could POSSIBLY give a shit?
only white dudes are interesting? Should've picked a Malayalee
The "new" most interesting man in the world doesn't look very interesting.
I am still interested in the other guy.
shucks. I didn't get the job!
just do a movie it'll be dope
Ok. Holy shyte I feel so much better after reading these comments. Horrible commercial.
What you should have done is let a good thing be and moved on to something else.
unacceptable. No, well, kinda, kidding!
why not a Mexican speaking with a Mexican accent? (Rather than a French man speaking with an Argentinian one)
the ugliest man in the world!
/ Not gonna work for me
I think Rick Fox would have been a good choice.
you have got it wrong I challenge this new MIMITW. The title is mine!!!
his hijo
YESSSS‼️‼️Version 2.0 will be better✅ Can't wait for Oct/16 @Vi47TO @Tdelibassis #DosEquis #MostInterestingMan
Hipster Fail.
this guy sucks...u need @dicklydo
I've never known anyone interesting that was an alcoholic #mostinterestingmanintheworld
This guy isn't smooth like the last one lol! 😂😂😂
Sorry won't ever be like the original!!
Unless he does some cryptozoology too, he's truly not interesting. ~ @CryptoLoren at the @ThompsonsPoint
old guy just younger
can't be too interesting, never heard of this guy before
I am confident that this new man will effect lasting change in Mexican beer preferences. #cerveza #verb
i almost get the job! At least I have the experience :)
Sorry... Not working for me
terrible. You had gold. Always trying to go younger rarely works.
I prefer the original
...Michael Phelps dad?
You're trying too hard guys
is it Kevin Cossano
not interested
not happy with your casting choice - other older guy was better looking & more interesting #fail #badcasting
stay thirsty my friends
is it a new one? Or is it how he became it to begin with ??
Really thats all you got?
im voting for Trump
Ask @twitter @Support why pitiful ad service targets person who tweets about not drinking w a beer commercial. Then demand refund. @DosEquis
if it ain't broke don't fix it? Idk guys. @OldSpice had to let the man you wish you could be like go. Maybe you should follow
Should of hired Trump. That would of been hilarious
hatchet faced man, Mr. Gulch from Wizard of Oz.
(No comment)
No @DosEquis just no. It's like you didn't even try. You just insulted the god that is the most interesting man in the world.
now I understand. RIP.
I like the running through the street with a teacup pig
Steve Levy
nope sorry..there can only be one! !stay thirsty my friend
does this guy wear a diaper too?
This is extremely disappointing.
I think "The Most Interesting Man in the World" went full-metal Volvo on us.
ooooooollllllllllllddddddddd, stale and boring.
benji Lanpher is better looking. And is actually a real MIMITW .
what a try hard
I wanted to be the most interesting man in the World 😤
this new dude ain't shit.
you should call him "Second Most Interesting Man in the World"
Nice, but Jonathan looked like me!
don't listen these naysayers. TMIMITW rocks.
that marketing worked better when it was just radio. Adds to the mystery
who the fuck is this nerd?
"...of course he is French!..why do you think he speaks with this outrageous accent?!"
Great choice...
Not hard to say. The answer is "No".
sorry but he misses the mark, weathered but not most interesting.
cute. Of course, the real "most interesting man in the world" is Idris Elba.
I'm sorry but nah this dude doesn't look like the most interesting man. You guys messed up this is dumb
Is that Michael Phelps with a beard? Sure looks like him.
why am I so obsessed with these ads. I don't even rate your beer.
the #Sins should do a parody of this cuz 'u r definitely the most interesting man alive' 😍😂
this dude was born in France. They couldnt find a better replacement?
Wait…so the New #MostInterestingManInTheWorld is @neilhimself? {does the math(s)} Yes, that works. #mimitw
bring the old guy back
I don't know, he looks like Phelps at 55 years old. I'll give this dude a chance. Gonna miss the other guy
looks like Cosmo Kramer with a beard.
I love it!
Fail guys epic fail
is the most interesting... But your new guy is a close 2nd. Love the beer, it's always in my fridge. Cheers 🍻
No, rings as a cheap copy. Good try, but just not quite.
Don't tell me no one saw this coming. The last guy took a 1 way trip to mars.
You had the chance to be "refreshing". We didnt mean refresh old ideas. Nobody wants #DosEquisDos #mostinterestingmanintheworld
clearly these two are the same guy.
Um, no. Mmm no. No es interesante en absoluto. De hecho, la agencia de publicidad que creó este anuncio debe ser despedido.
why? This is like trying to replace Sean Connery as James Bond. There is only one "Most Interesting Man in the World" BIG MISTAKE
Mmm no. No es interesante en absoluto. De hecho, la agencia de publicidad que creó este anuncio debe ser despedido.
nah he will never be as interesting
looks great in a beard.
this guy sucks. Bring the other guy back.
he looks like a 50 year old michael phelps without all the gold medals 😂
I already miss the other one.
it will be hard to see
No. This doesn't work. Sorry. This guy is not the most interesting man in the world.
nope he can't be replaced. There can only be one.
Glad the new @DosEquis Most Interesting Man still has some years. Young is not interesting. Experience is. #travelblogger #chasingmartinis
nope. Only one most interesting man in the world and now he's the most interesting man in space.
TMIMITW is on his way to Mars... #fail
nooooo. You made him younger.
(No comment)
Bring the old guy back
I was really hoping it was Michael Fassbender
better start working on your Espanol Keith!
Michael Phelps?? Is the new most interesting man in the world?!?
Should have picked the real life Most Interesting Man in the World, John @officialmcafee
Is that "THE VOICE" from Frontline?
an uglier version of the last one. Weak
And his name is Donald Trump...
nope. The real Most Interesting Man in the World never had to show off. You just BELIEVED him.
If his mother doesn't have "Son" tattooed on her arm I'm not interested.
NO, there is no new interesting man. #therecanonlybeone Your below average beer will fade into insecurity once again.
bring back Jonathan
you guys have to #bringit ...big shoes to fill...
I'll give him a shot. But he has some biiiigg shoes to fill. #StayThirstyMyFriends
I thought I was a lil interesting....Guess not!
Wow. That's gonna suck. Bring back the Original.
If ever an agency should be fired, it's over this. You screwed campaign up so badly, we'll shake our heads at you for years.
I'm glad#DosEquis decided to stay with the Most Interesting Man in the world, it's great marketing! I hope you have great writters
How about a Mexican actor? After all..this is a Mexican beer!
not bad, you paid homage to the original guy which is cool. Not sure why you made the change, but change can be good
dude looks like a beard growing out of an asshole
I would've went wit Ron either Burgundy or Swanson ,, even as a joke until you find the perfect replacement
as interesting as HE!
ugh no way! Total fail. Dos idiotas!
yea, his name is Lamar Jackson! He plays for @UofLFootball!
And Noooooo. The original was far more interesting..
Don't like him already.
Not half as good as the original. This promotion is down the drain. Its like replacing James Bond. Good luck with that.
YESSSSS!!!! Thank you Dos Equis!!! I don't always admire men, but when I do, it's the most interesting man in the world!
Guess you've never heard of Bruce Dickinson.
DARK! my favorite. Send me a case. I'll drink it. I PROMISE!
Storyline needs to be the new guy is the bastard son of the old guy.
Bad. Bad. Bad move. Can't replace an OG with a knockoff, let a bold woman take the reins instead of being this blatantly generic.
Bring back The Man. If Matt Damon can, The Man can!
, I was hoping they'd call me!
Bring back the original
(Possibly sensitive)
latino Michael Phelps with a beard?
lame. just retire it then if you're not using the original guy.
Dang, all that work at the Rio Olympics sure did make Michael Phelps age fast.
If these people complaining really were fans, they would have known the old one said he was retiring a long time ago, lol.
still better than Colonel Sanders
you folks remember when Coke came out with New Coke, and it sucked so bad we all craved the now coined phrase "Coke Classic."????
should have been Chuck Norris since that's where the whole joke was taken from.
what up with this white Spaniards people on a Mexican beer commercial? Stood degrading real Mexicans !
No. This imposter will never be better than the original. Ever!
That is Michael Phelps (behind the make-up, watch it very closely and you will see it)
It is actually a French actor named Augustin Legrand who does resemble but is not Michael Phelps.
i seriously think that's what it is too and alot of people don't get the joke! Kinda hard to tell tho
I like his expressions, humble attitude and the football rescue. The Bond stuff: hot women, chase scenes & spaceships? Well-trod 😴
there will never be another equal to the original....NEVER!
looks like a homeless guy you found to fill the suit. Bring back the other guy!
shame, only thing that would make this right is if he is the older man and it turns out he found a youth potion. Or he's his son.
He can cut a knife with hot butter, he knows the last number of Pi, he has an unlimited number of characters on Twitter. He is...
Should have used Michael Phelps.
yeah I don't know about that.
Michael Phelps
#mostinterestingmanintheworld illigal aliens learned to go beyond borders because of him.
I missed the Most Interesting campaign because it was witty and it made me laugh. I look forward to more humorous escapades.
tbh I thought this was going to be @GenChuckYeager somehow
Él hombre interesante del 🌎
Then new guy must be less interesting than the old guy. The old one hasn't been gone long enough for a new one to be born and grow
interestingly interesting.
what happened to my dude??? Did he just happen to hop in a time machine??
So....age discrimination suit coming?
Pablo Escobar would of been better.
Fuk u puto madress
it's French actor Augustin Legrand #L'HommeLePlusInteressantDuMonde
I just opened a bottle of Dos Equis and it was filled with pee. Who should I contact about this? #disappointed
You sell beer made from corporate, non-organic hops and ingredients, right? RIGHT? That is the wrong thing to do. Grow up.
I think the first one has passed away unexpectedly and a new one is being introduced. Very interesting indeed! ✌🏼X's!
I was totally hoping it was Zach Galafianakis
if this guy were the original and the actual original replaced him y'all would be saying the same shit
great commercial... piss water beer
Twitter did not get more interesting unless watching Dos Equis make a terrible marketing mistake is interesting.
no, just no. He will never be nearly as interesting.
you didn't hire the right guy @HermansWords
sequels usually stink but that's pretty good
Not as catastrophic a New Coke or the Edsel, but sucks nonetheless.
you screwed the old guy out if his job and everyone loved him. Not cool. Sounds like an age discrimination lawsuit to me
that's a big nope
Sad attempt to reboot. Need a new campaign. Y'all f-ed up.
is that Michael Phleps in 20 years?
Nope He Doesn't Have That Swag Like The Original OG! 👎🏽😶😶😶
is that Michael phelps?
this is like the Young Indiana Jones version. Does he get free beer for life, too?
the only way this works is if the "Most Interesting Man in the World" turns out to be the "Most Interesting Woman in the World" !
All that build up only to find that the focus of DosEquis new marketing campaign is the woman in the last 4 seconds of commercial
- original is better, but all are good.
A soccer ball floats so your man wouldn't have to dive in a well to get it. Also another most interesting man kinda kills the joke
Booo lame bring back to real one ✌🏻️
He saves a baby pig & a ⚽ in less than 30 seconds! WE HAVE TO LOVE HIM FOR THIS (and we do!😄) So handsome & his voice -- ooooooo!💓
my wife said "He could be James Bond."
good beer. Bad commercials.
lulz the most interesting man in the world doesn't break melons, they break for him.
Shoulda been her.
it should've been Frank
Fire your marketing team.
(No comment)
Missed opportnity to have that young lady b the new face of XX. Think about it, a girl that drinks beer brings other women to bars
Where's my Nobel Prize?
should be a different person each month..being interesting..
Do us all a favor and give the job to this idiot so he'll drop out of the race
There’s a new Most Interesting Man in the World. Twitter just got more interesting.
nope. Tired attempt by your ad/creative team.
Sorry, You can't top the ORIGINAL !!!
New faces never do as well as originals. At least not in marketing. Rather, get a Most Interesting Woman and continue the saga.
I do accept beer donations for the idea. TY.
fuck that new guy, I want this man back or I won't buy your beer ever again!
XXii! The Second Most Interesting Man...?! Instead, why not CREATE the myth of "The Most Interesting Beer In The World"?! Lcj
ps Most Interesting? <NOT!> As Harris Telemacher said, "...the idiot's idea of being interesting...showing off...<while drunk!>.
He can lead a horse to water, and make him drink.
Odd choice. Clearly, not interesting or clear why you chose this new and odd direction.
Sad. You had perfection, and you let him go.
I didn't think this man was that interesting until a babe popped up out of nowhere. Smh
Michael phelps dad?
You guys refused to pay the other guy what he wanted, right? Bad move
no one cares, the first guy was super annoying and NOT interesting at all! I'm sure this dude will be worse!
I like it ! The other guy was to old
what's so interesting about him, other than you stole the entire idea from chuck Norris facts?
you played yall selves
wait is that Michael Phelps?!?!
I was wondering if I was the only one!!
looks like Michael Phelps in 20 years or so. (:
we want the other guy BACK. The new guy is a hag.
Looks like the Gieco caveman. Bring back the old guy!
switching characters like #KFC
just not the same feel. To lanky like a professional basketball player.
yeah but does he eat ass?
You guys BETTER HOPE you're not wrong IMO. If it ain't broke, don't fix it vibe you guys giving me. Not wishing for, getting.
At least we know that @MichaelPhelps aged gracefully.
BOYCOTT!!! One of the DUMBEST moves. Fire your marketing executives. #BoycottDosEquis #DumbMove
when the new kid on the Partridge Family took over on drums and nobody noticed they had a new brother.
he looks like an old Michael phelps ...
just like kfc switching their colonel 3x there is only 1
gotta be a joke....
(No comment)
no one will ever be as interesting as the original
did the old guy die of liver failure?
when are you guys going to make a movie out of this
How about a most interesting woman @DosEquis? Or more interesting beer?
nicely done, I actually liked Phelps in the role.
(No comment)
Bartender's cooler. He made the TV work by hitting it, just like The Fonz!! Also, he's a bartender. #MostInterestingMan
both of these men are my father...
I thought it would've been Coach Nick Saban.
This is who it shoulda been.
This is as bad as new Coke. Thumbs way down. @DosEquis
why does there have to be another one?
You forgot yo interview me? Que Pasa?
Frank Gallagher has to be a @HillaryClinton cousin!
not nearly as handsome as the old guy and on a scale of interesting 1-10 this guy ranks a -6. BOO 👎🏾
does Dos Equis Raddler exist in the U.S.!? Hands down best beer but I can never find it!! 😣😣 #HelpMe
fuck this getting rid of the other guy it's like getting rid of one of the X of dos X 💯😠
Michael phelps' older spanish brother???
I'm only interested in blocking your Twitter ads.
I think it should have been ME!!!!
not really...
why not the most interesting WOMAN in the world?
lol his nose is huge.
heck yeah . This stuff is good
I LIKE THE OTHER GUY! This guy definitely does NOT qualify!!
When will a see a Most Interesting Woman in the world?🍺
bad decision.
NO ONE will replace the original MIMITW!!
I don't always watch football but when I do i watch the Crimson Tide. Lmmfao
it's the woman
stay hungry and thirsty.....
you should of had me as The most interesting man in the world
I legit thought it was Michael Phelps n
Not acceptable. Not even close.
is that Michael Phelps?😜
did you just make a trailer for a line of television commercials? WTF as this world come to?
Fail. Send a spacecraft to pick up the real guy. Probably built himself a man cave on the moon.
looks like Michael phelps with a stache
when did Michael Phelps become an actor?
okay, you guys are a little too in love with yourselves right now
Should have found the most interesting women.
Please include the piglet in all future spots.
Miguel Phelps?
I think in the long run if the writing is good, this new guy will do fine. They're trying to appeal to a younger market.
the most interesting man in the world is rather homely.
looks like a non interesting duplicate...blahhh
y'all feel the new dos xx dude? 🤔
This shit just got real!
not as interesting as the last guy bring him back
I don't even drink beer but this makes me mad. Idc if he's old he's still #TheMostInterestingManInTheWorld
did the other guy die?
Wen says you need a Most Interesting Wendigo in the world. Stay spooky my friend. Facebook@Primalthefilm.
that guy looked like Micheal Phelps clone!
not that interesting
Looks like Michael Phelps with a beard.
this is sexist. Are women not interesting to you?
nope can't change a classic
who the f&%k is THIS guy?!? No bueno...
it's not the same
Younger, but not as suave, debonair as the original.
bring back the other one
D but did he once have an awkward moment just to see what it was like?
bring back Jonathan Goldsmith! Or drop campaign entirely!
- Dumb commercial... Move on already.
seriously, in 2016 you come with a James Bond type of promotion! Do XX has testosterone?
Seriously that's Michael Phelps with some beard n make up, right? Right??
I want to be the next guy!
bring back the old one
The confused convict on the run look could be big. @RFL630 @BeersOnFilm @genethelawyer @gbgary54
Lame. I want the original back.