Courage is letting customers change the default browser even when yours might not be the best.
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+@zachcoelius Courage means not being completely stupid to listen to people who would give away the keys to the kingdom.
courage might be thinking about what your users actually care about instead of following tech theology
do you think this is a theology (eg wireless us the future!) move, or biz move to lower repair costs they're rationalizing?
Nice to have the two aligned …
I'm not clear whether you're suggesting Apple is or isn't listening to users.
it’s looking at users, not technologists.
wouldn't it be better for users to hold off until wireless tech is good enough to give a great user experience?
3.5 jack + BT is pretty good combination for wireless + wired. Proprietary wireless + wired is not the future
Apple didn't offer anything that could be new open standard, but blocked existing open & industry wide one.
If Apple wanted to switch analog to digital it'd used USB-C, not lightning. BTW, there's no one in MacBook.
yeah I wonder if they're going to wait ~5 years then introduce USB-C and require new accessories again.
are you sure they're not doing the opposite? Wireless tech for headphones only recently got semi-okay; it's not good yet.
what do you see as the long-term value for users that offsets removing the feature? Better camera & battery?
to add to his pt (& also what the courage is really for), read @benthompson's bullish bearish…
puzzling then that their solution was to sell you a device with a (propriatary) cable + a dongle for your existing cables.
Howto ween off: dongle as behavioral experiment which adds more friction to the wired experience
and meanwhile we all gain the saved space in battery capacity etc.
not sure they we got an increased battery capacity. If the preso was honest, that's where Taptic Engine (low value) sits.
a couple years from now, that dongle will be just as annoying as this dongle
an interesting point. Disc media (format) replaced entirely. We'll still need sound (content) direct to our ears
disc media is just a way to deliver 1's and 0's, we still use it.
yup, streamlined delivery (remove wires, discs, etc). Funny to think how controversial MBA was w/o optical drive
I really don’t see why this is hard. Most people use the headphones in the box. They lose nothing. Over time, people go wireless.
I've seen no data (it may exist) suggesting that's true. Many people certainly prefer not having to charge another thing.
300m annual headphone unit sales. 1.5bn smartphone sales. QED
even if 100% those are wireless, that suggests only 20% of phone buyers seek out wireless. Indicates low consumer interest.
BTW, I googled it and it appears the number is ~17% of 300M. Suggests 3.4% phone users pick wireless.…
we did a study recently and found it was 5.4% in US.
I wonder what % of people make voice calls or listen to music while charging battery at the same time.
different point. I’m suggesting most people next week will be happy with the pods that are free in the box.
…and most of the rest will be happy with the dongle. Wireless comes over time
do either of you have data suggesting people prefer wireless to not charging? There's an unproven assumption here
I bet if you polled users for data on whether they needed CD drives on laptops the answer would have the same
wireless is just not a strong preference. Yet perhaps. Mostly because they are expensive.
that is wrong, though expensive phones tend to have BT, which shows in the data.…
that’s not a representative sample. That’s an amazon sample.
sounds like we agree AMZN sells BT headphones cheaper than Apple's wired ones & the open q is why ppl don't buy.
the future is wireless: listening, charging & connecting. Is it too early? And could apple influence that?
I see people say that NO wireless phones are as good as decent wired ones…stuttering, dropouts mar experience
no cord is just 1 attribute of the product. The value in the W1,sound quality&the integration is compelling
I cannot see why “sound quality” from a tiny, low-power receiver/DAC/amp beats phone circuits
sorry, didn't mean BT quality>>analog every time; meant AirPods w/W1 >>commodity AMZN BT phones
interestingly, music instrument wireless devices exist that pro guitarists prefer over cables
the digital music path is longer & prone to interference; the analog path is shorter but not
not to mention that the microphone input opens voice control of the entire Apple ecosystem
To be fair, most BT headphones suck.
don’t see the value over free. Needs better marketing. Most who buy wireless are for sport or travel.
Ben, the arc of time will converge with the arc of Moore's Law. Price halfing each year or better.
I think it’s best to think of airpods like watch as a potential computing platform.
how about just...interaction? If anything, W1 itself is more IoT-ish, tho VERY short-range. Pure custom BT?
I'd be curious what Ben thinks about potential to license W1 or keep it in-house only forever.
but if you think about it, W1 a bit of a secret connectivity sauce. AirPod ver of Apple Pay. Why license?
To improve the ecosystem of third party headphones and the overall experience for customers.
they won’t license it. But beats will use it and all new generations of it and surrounding tech.
I tend to agree. AirPod has that magical, hover close and it "appears" quality. Apple may to keep that.
Competing so directly with their own ecosystem? Seems... odd.
BT 5.0 is more of the IoT protocol the industry is hoping for, right?
in high end headphones there are only two brands with major share. Bose and Beats.
have you been able to squint hard enough to see Beats HW revs in Other Products? I can't. 😂
it depends on how you see it. Maybe BT 5.0 will change things. Maybe a new chip will appear for setup.
all new beats are getting W1 already. It’s targeting a very different group.
that's the argument I would make in the "pro" column for sure. Effortless setup for approved devices.
It seems like a major downside that all Bluetooth headphones don't have magic pairing.
in a sense, but until Android competitors come up with a magic pairing system, doesn't hurt Apple.
It's not that Apple never licenses, as that one guy who's upset about Lightning licensing fees proves.
Right. But what you said about it being interaction only. Seems plausible to license.
...and if W1 is more of a handshake/configuration chip, then W1 IS a version of Bonjour.
Bonjour is discovery over IP. BLE has discovery, it lacks simple/secure/swappable cloud config.
BLE iCloud config/pairing is already done for HomeKit accessories
yes, Apple has targeted the flaws of BT in HomeKit & AirPods, and across Continuity
Yep. Bet W1 *requires* iCloud account / registration to work its magic.
I guess I didn't parse right. AirPod as in voice interaction. W1 may be more Bonjour-like.
Ben, indeed! As I wrote at the amazing @techpinions: 50% of computing by voice in the next 10 years!
don’t think so this time given the watch didn’t drop in half. Economics of that law are no more.
Ben, I hear ya. I am calling Apple Watch ver1 as a doorbuster at $99 this holiday season.
$199 maybe not $99.
Ben, version 1 or Edition 1? Still healthy inventory on version 1.
those are going away. Series 1 will be only choice in that range.
Apple will have telemetry data on how much that happens
Gentlemen, next iterations of Apple Bluetooth in-ear monitors will harvest energy via technology from Passif.
He means that, given the huge difference, most people—the vast majority—obviously use the headphones included in the box.
that's obviously true, but a separate question to whether users are driving a shift to wireless.
That’s the power of defaults. Most people use what’s in the box. Those who buy an extra, now likely to go wireless.
this is simply not true. We don't have to speculate. There is data.
it’s not debatable that most people don’t buy third party headphones
yes, we agree. You're correct when you've made that point on maps and browsers as well. Still misses the point.
Really not clear what “the point” is, so I could very well be missing it. :-)
But my point is, everyone who buys iPhone7 has working headphones in box. 80+% will be happy with them.
Those who aren’t, why would they buy wired headphones now? Wireless will win, slowly but eventually.
why not wait until wireless can be the default before removing the jack. Using lighting is a crappy stopgap
Why not wait until all monitors have DisplayPort connectors before dropping VGA from laptops?
Or whatever connector/tech. People keep saying Apple should wait. Instead,they skate to where the puck will be.
also it is very easy to conflate 'low consumer interest' with 'expensive and crappy options' ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Amazon will offer you many cheap options too. Wireless is not expensive.
there are lots of reasonable and very good headphones. Most people use the one in the box
I think that will always be true - not arguing that at all.
no, the vast majority purchase wired. Those who purchase high-end BT-enabled, anecdotally, often don't use it.
And, since most people use what’s in the box, why do they care what the connector is? What’s in the box works “fine”.
Do not forget about ecosystem of accessories that used 3.5 jack w/out need to pay Apple for each single sold piece.
BTW, most smarphones has wired headphone in the box. Hence, 300m+1.5bn.
yes, though dividing by total users vs total units is a better way to look at it.
Compare # of wired+in the box to wireless sales--proportion. Wireless headphone is not viable option when priced @ $150+.
Low consumer interest to date is a moot point. Apple is skating to where they believe the puck is going.
that's not even correlation it's just a guess. This says most only use when working out…
that could very well mean the majority of smartphone users don't use headphones. Ever.
that is also true, and supports my point. ‘I want to plug my $300 headphones in’ is not a majority behavior
maybe but you're ignoring historical headphone sales. Data on new headphones users vs new phone users. Still not clear.
I dont see a breakdown of brands for phones or headsets; low % of Apple users could use the in box ones w/ others skewing
did a different person tweet this from your account?
Personally, I assume this frees up space in the phone & is a bet Bluetooth is good enough. Few want new wire. YMMV.
anecdotally I've never seen this but I don't want to dismiss it either. Is there data behind your assertion? Curious.
~300m headphones sold a year.
surely you understand that doesn't mean most use the included headphones, right? What's the data on headphone usage?
makes buying a headphone manufacturer seem kinda ludicrous if true
That’s Comtastic!!
Courage – Steve Jobs (on HN today)…
Courage is allowing apps in your app store without an overly cumbersome review process and trusting developers to get things right.
Courage is admitting that dongles are about as insanely great as a wardrobe made entirely of black turtlenecks and dad jeans.
this tweet is gold
dongles have to start somewhere.