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1/there are six reasons to worry about $aapl right now--the inability of the car project to close a partner is one.
The Apple dream car might not happen — "dozens of employees" have reportedly left…
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2/Steve Jobs would have either a) convinced a partner like BMW/Mercedes to join forces or b) driven the team to produce a magical car
3/2nd reason to worry about @Apple: iPhone 7 had nothing ground breaking: water proofing? 2014! Dual camera? Ok/Meh, Longer battery? Catchup
4/3rd reason to worry: @Sony, @htc @oculus @samsung @google all years ahead on VR/AR--something $aapl should own given chipsets/apps lead.
5/even @Microsoft is crushing @Apple on the VR/AR front with the wildly impressive @HoloLens! How is Apple losing to 6 PLAYERS in VR/AR?!?
6/4th reason to be worried about $aapl: Watch 2.0 is catches up to the Fitbit Surge w/GPS from 2014; a promising start but not breaking out
7/To recap, first four of six reasons to worry: car project stalled, peak smartphone/no reason to upgrade to 7, MIA on VR/AR & watch is weak
8/Anyone want to guess on the two last reasons @Apple share holders should be worried? Two more verticals, one they're MIA & one stalled.
9/ok, the 5th reason folks are worried about @Apple is that they have never finished the TV (physical tv) or negotiated an OTT/cable service
10/Jobs famously detailed the TV to @waltmossberg, and the fact that it can't be completed by the @Apple team is a red flag for sure IMO
11/the 6th reason that folks are rightfully worried about @Apple is how far behind they are on machine learning & AI. Major threat.
And if @Apple buys @twitter, does any of those reasons matter?
maybe their hubris contributed to their lack of spending on R&D, which is emerging to have been a bad move long term.
this doesn't matter as much considering platform lock. Google is ahead but lacks a meaningful entry point.
Cook clearly a fine CEO, maybe be called excellent in any other corp. however Apple has always had higher stds, both int. and ext.
I listen to the episode last night. I think you missed one category. The smart Home. Amazon Echo competitor?
Unless it's an ott for user generated stuff, not sure I get it
Never understood how @Apple couldn't negotiate directly with channels to cut out the middle man of cable/satellite.
machine learning
and voice assist (alexa/siri)
spending more money on buildings than R&D? Owning Apple product isn't considered cool anymore?
My new MacBook won't charge while I'm using an external monitor. Not a "vertical," but cause for concern. Also just weird.
you need the pass through dongle...
Not ANOTHER dongle... After 3 MacBooks and Pros, I basically have a Dongle Drawer... I guess I lack "courage."
"Because you are a slave Neo...." - Morpheus @Lons @Jason
I have the MacBook. I don't really miss having many ports. I have the dongle with three ports (charging, USB and monitor).
I don't need 18 ports. Just let me charge and, I don't know, use a damn flash drive because it's 2016 and we can do that.
It's not unusable. I'm saying it's awkward and customer-hostile. Just include the dongle, or at least tell me I need it.
I agree. Include the dongle, I paid $40 for this one!
Haha, I get you! Do you think they could have made the same laptop with two ports or more?
I 100% think they could've thrown another USB-C on this bad boy. I mean, I don't BUILD LAPTOPS, but... come on...
I'm thinking, if they could, then why not? Who knows man...
More courageous. I think part of it is definitely "You will change because we say so. We are Apple. Resistance is futile."
Haha. I think Jony Ive has more say when it comes to design, no?
Honestly, it could be Seth Rogen As Woz making these decisions, for all I know. I just think it's inconvenient and... odd.
it's so obvious @tim_cook should have put a second USb-c on the other side of the amazing macbook
It's so clear to me! Otherwise, couldn't be happier with it.
would say: have you heard of "iCloud"? It takes courage to force you to use it and not use a flash in 2016!
I work on video content with a big team. Sometimes I need to just throw something on a stick for someone.
But the larger point is, why does Tim Cook even get a say? Give me some options. That's all I want.
I know, same team here. But do u know what Mr. Cook w'd say? For video editing, You should buy the MB Pro 😂
You are in the right place. Are you able to charge your MacBook when you are not connected to an external monitor?
Oh, yeah, it's not a technical issue. I can charge, I can hook up the monitor. Just need more dongles!
maybe, you were targeted by bots :)
phones, drones
big issue is AI / Machine Learning. Facebook, Youtube, Spotify, Pinterest = huge on "discovery". Apple Music = hiring DJs.
and left behind while still being secretive is just stupid.
however, on the flip side, they could just buy the leader in VR with the extra change in their ash try, if they so chose.
Music could be so much better. I think they're stallled there. And no new iPods!! 🙄
TV is MIA And Apple Music sucks...?
they just missing the passion for invention (scared to loose $cash?) + way more efforts 2 keep existing market share than required.
re AR/VR maybe have something better than all the competition but won't show it until the market is ready?
I dunno. The Apple Watch made $6B in last year, #1 most selling smart watch. Also, best UX of market by far
VR/AR: Apple has never been the first to market, and that hasn’t seemed to matter (phone, watch, MP3, laptop)
for the car, it’s prob the biggest endeavor the co has ever taken on, road bumps were to be expected, still very early
6 reasons to be excited about Apple: 1/ most valuable brand on earth, evokes passion like crazy 2/ gets UX like no one else
3/ is years ahead on mobile semiconductors (equivalent of decades in other industries)
4/ has its own, huge distribution channel 5/ has a tight team of extremely solid executives 6/ has fucking $200B in cash!
Don’t forget the intangible, but ultra-rare, luxury of deep wells of shareholder patience to plow free cash flow into new stuff.
I don’t know if the shareholders are patient rn, their PS ratio is 2.6 despite growing dividends and nice margins
Some of that is just perception, I think - compared to comparably sized companies, feels like AAPL gets a lot of slack.
still unconvinced, esp when compared to GOOG which does get an insane amount of slack for “moonshots”
True. Totally different businesses tho.
7/ is no longer required to prove its expertise in advanced software development
yeah, although it seems to have gotten downhill in last couple of years @Jason
I mean: photo processing, force touch, security, TouchID, the large number of APIs...
Yes, because @Apple ships upgrades that break Wi-Fi, music, iCloud, Time Machine, iWork, etc.
application of mobile semiconductors? Definitely. Not on tech itself, though; slightly behind TSMC, further Intel. But matters less
disagree on 2/. Best of breed ios /Mac apps are not made by Apple. Not to confuse with popularity.
more talking of the OS. Android Wear doesn’t come close to watchOS, Android to iOS, Windows to macOS…
agree on OS. But not native apps part of the OS…(Mail calendar etc etc)
some yes, some no. The Photos app is the best imo, Reminders, Notes really good. What do you use for Calendar?
sunrise. Soon google calendar. For pics no one can compete given tight integration with os.
iPad sales have gone backwards and they're mimicking the Surface instead of inventing
I agree @Apple growth has stalled.
I've always been surprised that apple didn't deliver us a service like Spotify. Seemed an obvious move for them
Apple TV / media, and no Alexa like device
also, iPads not selling nearly as good as we once thought they would / no growth
Cloud Computing and AI/ML/Bots?
See stock chart of RCA! enough said! If another co blindsides $AAPL the way $AAPL crushed $BBRY, its game over!
Some old fashioned shareholders prefer to make money.
drones and AI/Bots?
's iPad pro isn't close to matching the versatility or professionalism of @surface.
they are making Sony mistakes all over ?
you forgot , completely lost the cloud business? Far away on laptops design? Or have way too many verticals?
how about years behind on machine learning?
If Apple can offer a car software that will also work with Android & not just IOS , Then Car companies will jump atvit.
Is the car project stalled or is everything still somewhat under the radar?
they acquired PrimeSense (Kinect), Faceshift (face cog), Linx (depth imaging) and metaio (AR). They are executing on a solid vision.
but what if they just wait and chose to acquire the next hottest business in either one of those two missing verticals ? #cash 💰
I use to think Apple would fall off, but it never happens. In fact, they just keep managing to Excel.
apple hits a market when Ready
they have creepy scary chips that are way ahead on the rest of the market.
Hardware is useless w/o the content to create demand. @Sony learned it the hard way. @oculus trying to avoid that fate.
2) This market is at least two-three years out from Apple offering something. Still an unproven product demand.
Apple's problem is investors and the press want them to enter new markets, and Cook is more liable to listen, now we have the watch.
The entire wearables market beyond fitness is investor driven, and it's a niche market at best.
you're into something, too many fields where $aapl is loosing.. And even the iphone flagship might loose ground...
only second gen apple watch. Same as iPhone 3G. iPhone was not first smartphone at time either. Plenty of time to grow.
iPhone bruh, the future.
People thought Microsoft was crushing Apple on the phone front before the iPhone was unveiled, and the tablet front before iPad.
I'm not saying Apple has game-changing VR/AR hidden up their sleeve, but if so there's a solid track record showing we wouldn't know.
1) No one has any idea what Apple is doing in this space until it has a prodct for sale.
don’t forget the bigger picture though. Just look at the Siri in your ear, look at watch look at phone..
Dual camera = VR. Wait one year
two firms have very different strategies... apple is more short term, microsoft is long term
they also haven't proven they can build a great app or social network.
what do you think the dual camera is really for? Vr/ar is a capture game.
dual camera won't help. Yes, it may take a 3D picture but you need a 360 camera set up to capture true VR. AR can be done with 1
They're going to wait until VR is user friendly, then jump on board.
look at their VR patents, they obviously plan to.
Not sure VR will be high profit business in the end. They are probably waiting on AR like they do everything else
Apple Watch hardware work will be portable to an AR device too, so don’t count them out yet.
Since when did being ahead matter to APPL or the market?
#iPhone7 #AppleEvent probably missed the bus. Phone fatigue setting in for decade old phone users. My #TwoBits #2017
I don't feel like I'm missing out w/my iphone6s+ / There's no drive to upgrade.
7 plus will have 3D camera software update in less than 6 months
but they have jet black! And COURAGE
Finally we can have some competition on the market... I can't wait till someone comes up with a new platform #bringbackBB :)
Agree with everything you stated, but you and everyone in circle will be getting the iPhone 7, same with my circle. Says sumtn
the whole headphone jack reminds me of the Crown in the first Watch presentation. They will never mention it again as groundbreaking
That's called incremental innovation! Problem with that is: It could be expected from a 2nd string startups, but not from @Apple!!!
Actually, #iPhone7 is a good move for #Apple because with future wireless protocols consumers will switch to wireless headphones
just for me personally, as a filmmaker, the 7 is a significant advance: Dual Camera + 256 GB (+ 4k & OIS) is incredible.
curious, would you actually use it professionally or just for personal photos?
Oh, man, I've been using the 6S Plus professionally (and I'm not alone). But 2 challenges had been storage & lack of zoom.
PS: For documentary filming, the combo of incredible (!) lightness and high quality amaze me every day.
😒 come on Jason. I've been there ( Apple Doom n Gloom). Yet, every year people clamor for there devices.
EXACTLY! Jobs would have never caved to Wall Street & paid dividends either. Would have kept the cash to improve, expand, innovate.
"Steve Jobs would have...." is a lazy argument
Apple is sifting to different products to reduce Iphone sale impact. Reportedly have $500bn in the bank so can afford to go it alone.
& if not, can buy a few startups like facebook have been doing to catch VR. They also raised a lot of capital recently via corp bonds
Yes, Mercedes is the obvious choice, especially as they seem all-in on future vehicle tech in the past couple years.
Totally agree with you! its not the same without him
like the AT&T Motorola iTunes phone? Or the Apple TV set that has been coming for a decade? Never happened under Jobs 🙄
that's going to take courage
prob more worried about Twitter!
My dream partner for the Apple car is Porsche but imagine if they could license Tesla....
Elon wouldn't do that.
so easy to predict what Apple will launch next which is something you could not do when Steve Jobs was there.
which obviously large market to disrupt? That is problem #1. IPhone is a huge market. That is problem #2. Who'll disrupt iPh?
filed as #claimchowder. Apple is fucked for over 20 years now. Their bank account says NO. -1 for the Jobs bullshit
Abandoning the pro/creator markets 7 years ago was the first.
everybody will come up with new stories to move the stock because $AAPL is not going to talk about their Future products anyway :)
it's about value capture, not cool demos. Little concern until rev of these markets greater than a rounding error for $appl
, So... Why worry about it???