Rich, if u re going to write about my positions at least get them correct, although NRO is HRC's #1 enabler.
My @politico column today: "Julian Assange Is Still a Creep"…
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+@politico +@POLITICOMag The ppl being exposed by Assange are at least as creepy if not worse. #Ohio #Philadelphia
I @NRO and @RichLowry STILL putting themselves ahead of country? #unuseable
+@politico +@POLITICOMag FU SEAN YOU RACIST.Your views don't make AMERICA
And you're Demagogue Trump's #1 sycophant.
- Not so bad backing Trump vs a Marxist thief, race-baiting liar, rapist-protector, god-mocking puke. YOU should get on board.
You're an American hero using your voice to stand up for American values and our Constitution! God bless!
Definitely I will bash and slam and smear these guys if Hillary gets elected, Keep it up Sean. They are traitors, definition.
is that one of your official conservative positions? @RichLowry @politico @POLITICOMag
+@politico +@POLITICOMag Billy is also HRC enabler as well.
+@politico +@POLITICOMag NRO while thinking it is so pure has made it harder to defeat Hillary. It's time 2 rally
+@politico +@POLITICOMag no. You are. For backing the only person who can't beat her
keep dreaming... And where are the others that can beat her??Show me please!!🙄🙄
Don't be a fucking baby @seanhannity you can't all the sudden care about getting things correct just because it's you @RichLowry @politico
Sean, I'd be honored if you'd be my 60th follower!
+@realDonaldTrump#TrumpTrain🚂 😳@billclinton👉🏼Getting Blow Jobs As Terrorist🕌Planned 9/11‼️ #deplorable👆🏽#MAGA🚂🇺🇸✨🚂🇮🇱
Sean, if you're going to have your own TV, at least don't spout lies and falsehoods on a daily basis.
Prove one lie Prove one falsehood. U can't cause u r afraid to believe the truth. Hillary equals COMMUNISM.
you literally pulled 3 statements from 2013, 1 from 2008 and a joke said last week. You're a joke
- Now you get to name one, that or shut up, quit smearing people without evidence. Go to newsbusters 4 penance
not exactly important issues. Doesn't even say what was incorrect in those statements. Weak!
let us tell it to CNN, NBC, etc
+@politico +@POLITICOMag If only you read NRO. Uber Sycophant. Pathetic.
Here comes one of the DEPLORABLE reich wing neo-nazis and pathological liars Hannity supporting his beloved Vladimir Trump.
U R A disgrace to that uniform. Liberal equals COMMUNISM. TRUMP all the way. May your Hillary be cursed 4 ever
let me guess, you think being never trump helps the country and are willing to have 4 yrs more this crwp? #sowise
hey alan why are you being intolerant? Isnt tolerance what you libs all preach? I guess it only goes 1 way
You just can't handle the truth about your DEPLORABLE alt-right white nationalists? Intolerant cry-baby asshat
except the Nazis were leftists just like today's Dems
- Alan, I know paid lib liars at CBS ABC NBC teach hatred to naive liberals. But why did YOU swallow their fact-starved bile?
Poor baby...all you have is your #VladimirTrump #DeplorablesForTrump hatred of America and support of Putin and Russia...
Problem is, there is no lies. I believe the left are the new Nazi far more than anyone else, just like you.
HRC's deplorable Muslim men who married 14 yo girls,abused women& thugs burned American flag.Let's honor them.Geez
Not to mention RAPE of 10 year old boys is a cultural thing. May GOD destroy them all. May Hillary loose.
Proving once again that the #Deplorable alt-right white Nationalist Trump dick suckers are mentally ill. Good blow job!
NRO stands for globalism. They are not for the interests of Americans or America.
just repeat globalism and " huuuuge... " .. Bleh .
But Trump, who praises former KGB leader Putin, Kim Jong-un, and Saddam Hussein is? Great logic
All because Trump brushed his teeth with the water running, or said "poop" they are insane.
+@politico U position is a hypocrite. The same crap u said Obama does that u hate trump does the same.
So let me see u said in 2008 McCain would win. What happend? The same in 2012 with Romney. In 2016 HRC
what's a matter sean u can't tweet back. I see u only tweet to Ur dumb Republican friends.
+@politico +@POLITICOMag Sean don't worry Rich Lowery is a creep.
+@politico I love Rich's seasoning salt.
- Since these fruits never truly fight vs Dem Marxist traitors, it's tough believing they ever were conservative at all.
if Assange were doing this to Trump, Lowry would be calling him a Patriot!!
your position is to be a #BOTTOM
#wanker Who is Rich Lowry? Never heard of her.
+@politico Rich Lowry is a Mutt Romney wonk. Take whatever he says with a grain of salt.
Well it is for sure that silly inane so called conservs are undermining Trump+GOP efforts to win Congress as well as POTUS.
Julian A will only show the truth
If the DOJ or FBI did their job, we wouldn't need him! But we need him desperately.
100% right with every thing you say
+@politico +@POLITICOMag Rich - you've become quite the cuck. Please go away. #establishmentRINO
+@AJDelgado13 +@politico +@POLITICOMag careful now....Rich may call you deplorable.
+@politico +@POLITICOMag facts would destroy Rich's false narrative
+@AJDelgado13 +@politico he belongs at politico full time.
Rich Lowery is a creep! No word him better or more accurately!
You tell 'em @seanhannity even Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles can see through the backstabbers who support #DeplorableHillary
+@politico +@POLITICOMag Julian's a hero - exposing deceit&lies.I am one of those in #BasketOfDeplorables TrumpPOTUS.
Hard to tell which is the bigger enabler, NRO or WS
Way to keep on-subject Sean. You've got a lot to learn from Daddy Donald when it comes to changing positions and lying about it
am I getting your old position on assange or your new position on assange wrong?
"A hat, a broach or a pterodactyl..."
An alternative take is that Assange is the one who changed.
He may be sort of a doofus, but he's got the HRC-enabling aspect of @NRO right.
While we're on this subject, is Assange on the HRC's D-List.
Sean has lost all credibility. Very disappointed.
what's in it for you to work against Trump at this point? This close to stopping her, it's f'ing absurd, grow up.
I stopped watching @seanhannity he has no core values.
It's more likely you're purposely misrepresenting them both in an attempt to shield your neocon candidate.
Rich, your elitist attitude is getting very old. Get on board or get left behind, and leave Sean alone.
He's hoping @wikileaks & #Assange will do what he and DJT can't do - derail HRC's campaign #DJKhaledbeforeDJTrump
+@JonahNRO Wait 5 will change again.
+@JonahNRO That would all depend on which one was pro @realDonaldTrump DUH
+@JonahNRO Sean's positions change with the wind. Whatever helps the GOP is normally where you will find Sean.
+@JonahNRO to be fair, he did say "positions". @seanhannity is an asshat. That's my position. And, I will stick to it
+@JonahNRO Have you two considered starting the Right UberAlles Whig party to maintain your conservative purity?
rich,you and everybody like you can kiss the Supreme Ct.goodbye and conservatives goodbye.
+@Popehat at least @seanhannity acknowledges multiple positions
There was a time when Lowry cared about a conservative SCOTUS too. Guess we all change over time.
If HRC wins,God forbid, NRO out of business can't write articles complaining about their candidates terrible policies/decisions
kind of like how you're DTs number one enabler?
+@AJDelgado13 +@politico +@POLITICOMag who's Rich?? Still alive???
never Trumpers like Rich Lowry are creeps in my book. Their fault if Hillary is elected. Doesn't get any creepier than that.
I also don't understand changing what you believe to suit Trump's needs, even if you support him
Rich your another power hungry DC insider scared to risk your mediocre influence with DT administration.
while u all argue about ideology which Trump only deals in common sense immigration, the enemy is the Left 🙄
GP Most likely @seanhannity has no fixed beliefs other than boosting his ratings, making money, and gaining power. Hence, Trump.
Rich, I didn't realize you are a HRC troll!!!!
Rich, glad you're engaging here but you're going too easy on this cowardly, morally bereft cretin.
rich ur completely redirecting the argument here. Plz explain why we should trust @HillaryClinton after theses lies
Explain why we should trust trump after his lies? Both are liars
what did trump lie about? Hillary was investigated by FBI and protected!
If you can sit there & ask what trump has lied about by this time, you're a fool or a fraud
Hillary is completely scandalous. That's the last thing we need now. Gov is already corrupt!
+@realDonaldTrump says silly stuff sometimes. However, @HillaryClinton does several illegal things! That's the diff!
Isn't that what you did w/GW Bush re the 2d (nation-building) part of the Iraq War & the welfare for financiers/insurers in 2008?
The former was misguided because it had no military objective & the latter perverted our free enterprise system. & you knew that.
Hannity is deplorable all these years. He can only parrot, don't waste too much time on him
We get it. Deplorable bitter clingers give you the vapors. You're with her NeverTrumper.
that’s simple…selling out one’s principles
exactly. Prob is if sean didn't change his beliefs to kiss DJT's ass he wouldn't come on his show.
Hannity had no principles, rather like Sir Richard Rich, what do you need him to say, he'll say it
making lapdogs great again.
" A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds"- Emerson.
We have Dem in Republicans clothing is what you're saying right...but a Dem is a Wolfe in sheeps clothing
Sean didn't change. You did. Nothing principled or conservative abt going AWOL in battle 2 stop Hillary& her SCOTUS.
Nothing principled or conserv abt electing a corrupt liberal 2 keep a diff corrupt lib from winning
Somewhere along the line Hannity's balls got lodged in a vault in Trump Tower...awkward.
+@Nolejax65 if your principles are determined by a leader then you are in a cult. <--- definition of Hillary/Donny
Don't usually agree with you but this is spot on. The man is more than a creep. He's a criminal. Now so is Hannity
Because Sean's in love with Trump. Now that gay marriage is legal maybe Sean wants to be the 4th Mrs Trump
+@realDonaldTrump has been fearless&unapologetic about energy/taxes/police/trade/border/military&FIGHTING BACK!!!
+@realDonaldTrump has run the most masculine muscular conservative campaign I have EVER seen=Yes more than Reagan
you two go at it more illegal aliens cross the border. Who didn't support Bush working papers?
You asked and answered in the same tweet Rich #DJKhaledbeforeDJTrump
NRO (specifically Williamson and French) thought it was clever to call Trump supporters "white trash drug addicts".
NRO's relentless assault on Trump (and, his supporters) has helped him far more than hurt him. Far more.
Own it Rich baby!!!
+@JonahNRO well that one is easy, if you're a hack
You Republican fence sitters are nuts, just looking at one thing-SCOTUS. We forever doomed if Hillary elected!
+@kris_kinder #Hannity is manic in the way he projects his ideas onto #Trump and leads him through 'interviews'.
+@JonahNRO Sure hoping you two read "The Flight 93 Election " at It fits you both !
& his @politico pals need to come out of the closet & admit that they are DemocRATS who despise freedom. #MAGA 🇺🇸
Your positions are usually somewhere up Donald Trump's butthole.
I fully understanding ppl reluctantly supporting trump,I don't understand jumping in w/ both feet when cruz was still viable
Hannity helped damage Cruz. Cruz will come back. I hope Hannity does not.
Give it up, Lowry. Cruz lost all by himself.
I shockingly realized @seanhannity is a fraud when he abandoned & attacked Ted Cruz given what he's been preaching on his show
Cruz had too many 'alleged' affairs
Cruz viable ship is now resting with the Titanic & GOP HATED him 2 Trump or #CrookedHillary #Soros Stop bickering
try to keep up Rich. Acc'dg to @seanhannity Cruz is just a globalist RINO now. His last intv'w when Cruz was still viable=telling
hannity gets #owned, thinks if he yells loud his incoherent logic makes sense. Fake tough guy.
nro is hillarys #1 enabler? No one who reads nro and or subscribes is voting Hillary, they are #NeverHillaryOrTrump
if it makes the two of you feel any better you can have this argument again 8 years from now.
That's useless nostalgia. Now u r 4 @realDonaldTrump or u r a useful idiot for Clinton.
Many thought Cruz was even less electable. Literally every woman I know thinks he was creepy and weird.
We didn't 'jump in with both feet' I voted for Cruz in primary. Any thinking person is Never Hillary. Now I am in !
because Hannity is a hack who sold out for ratings. Betting Fox new leadership has a new direction post election
Especially not when Hannity has made his bread and butter calling himself a conservative.
I truly believe people like Rich Lowry at the NRO need to get a life...they are bitter losers with no ideas
What you understand about people would fit on the head of a pin.
let it go Rich, that times gone!
He fell in love with Trump (literally) from the very beginning!
He jumped in when multiple candidates were still viable. But claimed neutrality.
Noticed that the despicable fox ladies& @GeraldoRivera helped their perverted boss Ailes& @rupertmurdoch smear CRUZ
Sorry but Cruz was no picnic, either.
U R ahead of me Rich! I don't comprehend ANYONE with functioning brain cells supporting Trump or Killery! Only libs!
Why talk abt Primary Richy? The question is how U can indirectly back HRC over the Nominee?
rich, I think because Ted Cruz was so unlikable there was no way he could win against Hillary. Trump has a chance
I'm baffled that @seanhannity still "covers" the race after being revealed as a Trump advisor. It's a nightly 60-min campaign ad.
bc Cruz is the worst possible outcome. Trump > Cruz although I won't vote for either.
this is exactly right
Viability, apparently, is in the eye of the beholder. Why do you think Trump defeated the entire retinue?
The problem for @seanhannity is that u can't make any case vs Rich. Rich's a conservative and we found u're not.
Conservative what? Sharia Law is considered conservative.
Why did @seanhannity support the 2008 party line liberal #Democrat @HillaryClinton donor #Trump? Stupid or a liberal? @RichLowry
Cruz had no chance
Here it is @RichLowry more people wanted @realDonaldTrump than Cruz. That's why we vote. @seanhannity
Cruz was not viable after SC and then slaughtered in the southern states. Remember, his ground game failed. +IA liar
Exactly! Completely inconsistent w conservatism to choose Trump over Cruz.
Cruz never viable except to a handful of evangelicals who drank the Kool Aid. Nobody else bought his moral facade.
Well, when we got a 17 person field splitting the vote, most of whom were worthless RINO's, what did you expect?! @seanhannity
don't waste your twitter breath talking to a fraud like @seanhannity
Cruz lost so if you cared at all about the consequences of Hillary winning, you wld support Trump.
Cruz is a Hillary shrill, if you support Cruz your a conservative liberal bigot that wants Clinton to win!
cruz was never really viable and would have been a bad general candidate
Why? Cause his dad killed JFK or because he believes in God ?
Cruz caught asking DNC for $ to send Never Trump delegates to GOP Convention? #DNCLeaks
TED CRUZ POSES WITH HILLARY "Correct the Record" EMPLOYEES. Say bye bye to your senate seat Lyin Ted!
Cruz caught lying too much. Too much baggage and too many alleged affairs
I liked Cruz too, but Trump was right. Cruz didn't keep his word. Did not keep the pledge. LYiN TED !
Cruz had too many 'alledged' affairs
Cruz wouldn't have fared better than Trump. Cruz is arrogant condescending divisive, wouldn't have played well
Cruz was never and never will be viable. Wake up
Cruz is an extremist... he would never appeal to the masses necessary. Totally destructive mindset that u
Cruz was never viable. As unprincipled as Trump. Equally unelectable.
+@politico +@POLITICOMag YOU own @realDonaldTrump, the biggest "chocker". We'll remember, Sean. This loss is on you.
"NRO is HRC #1 enabler". I get it, you're all in for your guy. But seriously, wtf happened to you?
Besides bending over, which position did @realDonaldTrump tell you to take today Sean? Update us please.
question: assuming russia is interfering in our election, as a fierce nationalist, do you support or oppose that interference?
Everyone opposes it. But if HRC keeps getting busted with criminality actions .Then we all cannot deny she's wrong.
Rich....keep trying buddy. These "points" of yours aren't working out too well. #FAIL
Rich, get ready for him to use your question to regurgitate a new version of "You own Hillary.
we meddle in everyone else's what is right about that?
is waiting to hear from the campaign. They have sent a priority request to the Kremlin asking if answer could be No
No different than Soros running our govt and HillaryClinton campaign
he supports it if it causes Hillary to lose.
+@jbarro Protecting his own personal vision of country comes before the country's interests. That's not patriotism.
+@jbarro breaking...Russia Today will pay top ruble for @seanhannity.
+@jbarro good question!!
Answer: He's NOT a "fierce nationalist". He's a fierce White nationalist.
+@jbarro If interference is on behalf of my candidate - okey dokey If interference is against my candidate - should be stopped
+@jbarro he is not a nationalist, he is an opportunist. He sees a big payday coming from Trump TV.
Rich thinks Hillary making up s*** about Russia to distract from her lies scandals and crimes has credibility. Lol
Hannity, you misguided buffoon, NRO is conservative. You, apparently, are not.
Nope. Hannity has made decent money yapping about the things that he's now for. Fake.
P.C., if I have to explain it after all this time, it's not worth the effort.
one example will be fine
P.C, I'm new to Twitter, not efficient yet. Hannity didn't used to be ok with Putin, but, Trump!
it's a pathetic leftist attack, u don't understand context, At 25:05
How many foreign elections has US tried to influence? Start with most recent elections in Israel.
Also y do u assume @wikileaks is working for Russia? +Hillary hd no problem revealing US secrets if she benefitd $$
RL, wer u equally outraged at obola trying desperately2 interfere w Israel Iran UK et al elections on taxpayr dime?
it's a bad assumption, one based 100% on speculation and you ought to know better
dumb question - what "interference" - how about French PM interfering
French PM illegally hacks RNC emails! Breaking news on Breitbart...
He'd support, spin it as "leadership" & the @GOP base would nod and go along with it saying "Thanks Obama" #faktriot
Hannity's a fraud. I'm surprised he's made it this far, given his lack of brain power.
you were almost as enthusiastic giving air time to Rubio pushing gang of 8 as you have been giving air time to trump
when is Hannity going to follow ReGreta and just leave.
after all, Trump is his new hero
Sean is waiting until after trump loses so he can go work for Trumptv.
Rich your kind doesn't deserve our respect.
Not how I remember it. At first he was open to bull until He figured it out and then pointed out its problems.
Rich focus on the enemy, you know the one who is not in the #basketofdeplorabes
SH was trying to push Rudy on us constantly and insistantly back in '07. Didn't work. DT wasn't his doing.
Hannity kind of admits that Rubio took him in re Gang of 8 amnesty.
Hannity timeline: gave all the Rs air time, backed Cruz strongest, then pushed in his chips for Trump.
and i don't care what he says, I have listened for years and know for a fact he had a different tone then.
Rich you and Natl Review are no longer fooling us. Your motives have been exposed
All the crap going on with liberals and you decide to go after Hannity? Writing for Politico is where you belong.
+@JonahNRO Hey Lowry, is your little boy feelings hurt? #MAGA
+@JonahNRO Rubio was the best Candidate that could've actually beat Clinton and made us all proud real Conservative
+@JonahNRO Leave Rubio alone Hannity destroyed Rubio's Candidacy gangof8 misconstrued agreed with DT on same policy
+@FoxNewsMom Rich lowery went 2 my high school & became a punk later on. All those punkservatives not supporting DT ARE LOSERS.
the idea that tiny National Review is going to hand HRC the presidency is asinine
+@politico +@POLITICOMag Bill Buckley would tie you in a pretzel you stupid shit.
but when the chips were really down in 2013 you and the gop establishment supported amnesty, we didn't
Hannity doesn't handle the facts well. But he does do Twitter-tantrums well.
Rich I can't believe this hi makes millions and has a national show - his comments are sophomoric
Sean knows he turned his back on conservationism. That's why he reacts with vitriol & threats when it is pointed out
while we are taking abt reliably describing positions, you said a wk or 2 ago we want cheap labor for our corporate buddies
Wow, Hannity really triggered poor Rich. Every1 knows Fowler and NRO is financially supported by Saudi Arabia, yes?
You're the biggest Hillary enabler, Sean. You act as Pravda to Trump, the only person she could beat. #NeverHannity
+@AJDelgado13 +@politico +@POLITICOMag didn't you want to execute him 5 years ago? Hypocrite
ROFL, you don't even realize your hypocrisy in this tweet, do you?
final point: principles are important.They are what make it possible to hold unpop positions,like opposing amnesty bk in 2013
we are not boycotting NR. We won't read it ever again
you have no principles . You have ego . Buckley turning in his grave .
Rich, I have a yes/no question: would you rather Trump as POTUS instead of Hillary?
Good for you Rich. About time someone held @seanhannity accountable for his flip flops!!
Which will be a wasted effort if @realDonaldTrump doesn't win. If u don't win win your principles have no chance.
Now, if you could get someone to send this to @seanhannity in Trump talking point format, it will be his next show.
your principles will mean nothing when Hillary is in charge. They won't matter. @seanhannity
His principles remain intact. Trump has none.
this dude really wants and needs @HillaryClinton YOU are deplorable.
Rush was for Gang of 8 as well. Even had Rubio on the show.
you're trying to reason with a white nationalist. Spoiler: won't work. @seanhannity
Why did you oppose amnesty? Because it wasn't good for the country..right? Ur principles are weak if u sell out USA @seanhannity
Rich's donors have already sold out the USA. Hence they're supporting President Hillary.
You & your principles are all talk! When establishment & status quo are threatened, you cave! Btw, I voted Cruz! @seanhannity
Now you turn around & claim principle won't allow you to support Trump. That makes you a hypocrite! @seanhannity
You can rationalize all you want! Ppl like you told us we HAD to support Romney & McCain! Look where that got us!@seanhannity
you dumbass nevertrumper's principles will saddle your offspring with unrelenting left wing governing. Good job
Muh principles! Cucking for Saudi Arabia and your patrons takes lots of priciples. Right "rich"?
Hannity wants to be Trump's Baghdad Sean. Lol.
Rich, the fact remains. If HRC wins, you can kiss your "principles" good bye. Zero chance of recovery. shortsighted.
Many more facts that elite right media like bought Rich hides from you:…
Here is what Rich's principAls do when any politician dares to support Trump:…
Rich, you can wallow in your principles while Hillary destroys America as we know it - YOUR FAULT!!
Rich, it's your fault if Hillary gets elected. PERIOD!
Your principles endanger millions... what your organization is doing is treasonous and a betrayal to all those b4 u!
+@politico Hillary has a new ad with Lindsey Graham Romney & 2 other Republicans against Trump. Deployable 4. Shame
&assange is still reprehensible america-hater even if he disdains hillary.That u of all ppl don't realize this is dispiriting
Dispiriting is possibility of criminal Hillary becoming President. If Assange has emails, I want them made public.
But if he awakens Americans with facts of cover ups the we can use him, remember bill clinton, real creepy
It's interesting that @seanhannity and @billmaher are both Assange acolytes. He plays them both like a violin.
Why even waste a hashtag on that nitwit pseudo-conservative? #ScrewSeanHannity
it occurred 2me years ago that he didn't quite get Liberty cuz his show theme song was about killing abusive husband
the only thing dispiriting is you Rich. You nevertrumpers have lost all respect. See you in the Dick Morris woods
Dispiriting is having the American hating president Obama in the White House. Assange is not an American. HRC-NWO
Oh, we all that know @seanhannity realizes it, but his credibility is shot now after giving us Trump and he needs a lifeline.
+@GayPatriot if the media did their job wouldn't need him
Sean gave us Trump? U morons! WethePeople voted Trump in! 2 bad ur narrative was 2 weak! Real weak
Yes, and no matter how much he screeches at conservatives, HE OWNS THIS.
So now Asange is a good guy? Does the same go for Snowden and Putin?
Imagine how @seanhannity would behave if Assange was releasing Trump documents. #Hypocrite
Hypocrite, if Assange was dropping dimes on Trump you'd be tweeting every word.
He absolutely realizes it, he's using Assange as a tool to bash Hillary. He'll throw out principles to win.
reprehensible American hater funny stuff. The both of you shut up and wave some flags.
"So long as Boss Vlad likes him, he's like a brother to us."
+@seanhannity &assange is still reprehensible america-hater even if he disdains hillary.That u of all ppl don't realize this is dispiriting
I get the feeling you're a large @HillaryClinton supporter
a guy in the press that doesn't support a free press. Sounds about right
All journalists are equal, but some are more equal than others?
Assange = truth teller. We have so little of that these days. We have come 2 💞 him & pray he survives HRC hitlist.
what's dispiriting is pundits like u who don't work for a living call people who disagree a #BasketOfDeplorables🐶
Assange threatens the neocon war machine. That's all this boils down to. Lowry is the traitor. Clinton mole.
Assange is the only hope left for America, since elite right-wing media like Rich has abandoned the people!
He's exposing the corruption & cancer that exists and flourishes within our own institution; Gov't not 4 the people.
Sean is dirty like Trump. They're deplorable.
+@JonahNRO For me, the greater threat always has been, always will be, enemy within, whether a conspirator or simply compromised
+@JonahNRO FINALLY!! I kept sayin that.he hated Assange bac then.suddenly,he is okay w/ this info stealin theif
+@JonahNRO Interesting point. But who has done more long-term damage to US security? Julian Assange or James Comey?
+@JonahNRO Seriously... @seanhannity is the primary reason I might not vote for Trump. Not sure I can suffer the embarrassment.
+@politico +@POLITICOMag You remain, as ever, a child.
true, he didn’t quote the entire blowjob you gave Assange the other day. @RichLowry
you lied for Trump and covered for him and you thought we'd all just go along with you. You were mistaken.
I'm seriously struggling to not let my dislike of national manipulator SH turn to pure hate
did no homework & fluff interviews #HannityforHillary
+@politico +@POLITICOMag liberals the group that hates stereotyping but stereotypes all that disagree with them 👍🏻
+@politico +@POLITICOMag He's Trump hater who has lost (or perhaps found) his way.
+@politico They have no respect for 9-11 there protesting Sunday everyone needs to boycot them
+@politico +@POLITICOMag I guess Rich doesn't want certain corrupt people exposed Tells a lot about him
+@politico Need to boycot football games tv got them in pocket see how quick they stand for our anthem
+@politico +@POLITICOMag And Sean Hannity & FNC is DJT #1 & #2 enabler!
Hysterical! | MT @seanhannity “…@NRO is HRC’s #1 enabler.” #CriticalTrumpTheory, @RichLowry?
+@politico You don't have positions, you support whatever your mancrush tells you to. What a fraud.
+@politico +@POLITICOMag Someone should check Sean's bank account for monthly deposits from Trump. #BoughtAndPaidFor
+@politico +@POLITICOMag No one is creepier than RichLowry, his look alone is creepy w/an olive inside his cheek.
+@politico +@POLITICOMag Rich Lowry is ridiculous & wants HRC to win for his own ego. Smh
+@Ricky_Vaughn99 +@politico +@POLITICOMag NRO is chamber of commerce rag
How dare you oppose the Vichy Republicans at NRO!
+@politico +@POLITICOMag Rich only needs a few lines for that. Sean is a back stabbing asshole.
+@elvisinoregon +@politico +@POLITICOMag I'd roll with Sean any day. Matt or for survival. Matt meaning mma of course
+@politico Sean, I hope you get free (from Trump) someday.
+@politico +@POLITICOMag Rich should write about how Hillary put our people in danger with her emailer Orcorruption.
+@politico Says the moron who routinely blames Trump's pending loss on #NeverTrump strawmen. What an epic hypocrite.
+@politico W.F. Buckley rolling in his grave watching the dimwits that have taken over his once revered magazine. Sad
+@politico +@POLITICOMag if media did their job,wikileaks would not exist, journalists could protect us& report,they👎
+@politico +@POLITICOMag Should I assume that Rich won't be sitting in for you on Hannity any time soon?
+@politico Isn't this the pot calling the kettle black, Killary accepts 20k from kkk, as you were saying HRC
+@politico Rich, you are poor in common sense, discernment & patriotism.. STOP HELPING THE ENEMY OF AMERICA TO WIN!!!
+@politico +@POLITICOMag rich u r helping your love Hillary who thinks half of America is deplorable
+@politico +@POLITICOMag it's moronic to think this never trump crap is doing good, moronic. She wins, US is done
+@politico +@POLITICOMag why do you people not see there are no other options? Trump only choice
I have 16 months sendin you emails letters, voice masgs. I am trump supporter please I need to have a conv.
Exactly. NRO is part if the DC cabal.
I thought the Democratic Party was her #1 enabler.
+@politico Got that right. Must be one of the Establishment types.Their way or no way. My way is Trump all the way.
Many facade Repubs are frightened because they know Assange could ruin hiLIARy's chance to win election - they want her to win!
NRO does not enable #Hillary u god damn stupid lying Mick NRO cares about truth & has integrity U & Trump dont know what r
Oh snap! (Sean H!)
u have been the enabler for Trump. U need to own it itself #hypocrite
Rich is mad today. World is not going his way.
+@politico +@POLITICOMag cancel my subscription last year.
things are really falling apart for you aren't they? You're a fraud. You were never one of us. Levin must be ashamed of you.
No, you're Hillary's #1 enabler, Sean. You shilled for the one guy that she could beat. Own it, fraud.
+@politico "NRO is HRCs #1 enabler" That's your rebuttal? LOL, Trump did say he loved the stupid.
+@politico +@POLITICOMag Sean, keep up the good work buddy.
+@politico +@POLITICOMag take a look at this pic all of you failed Libitards
+@politico +@POLITICOMag Rich is an establishment hack fuck him
Trump hump Lumpy is the chump who is a clump of dump from Trump's rump.
Looks like he did get your views correct.
- @FoxNews is Trump's #1 enabler. Each side gets to have one for balance, eh? Can Wallace be fair moderator? @davidbrockdc
+@politico +@POLITICOMag So you would rather your Gov spy on you and break the law?
Lowery you are an idiot!!
if you're going to write about @NRO 's positions, at least get them correct.
+@politico +@POLITICOMag Ugh.. The drumofpsters think noting how Un conservative the candidate should just be ignored
Sheesh dude, do you ever stop whining?
+@politico +@POLITICOMag Rich has always been the enemy.
+@politico it's about assange not you everything is not about you you're not that popular
This is what happens to you when U OD on the Trumpkin Cultist Kool-aid.Denial of truth is a normal condition of useful idiocy