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Giuliani: "Of course" taking Iraq's oil would have been legal: "Until the war is over, anything is legal." #ThisWeek
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That's IDIOTIC. What for you to, mayor, bring big boats to "take the oil"? Or invade and conquer like Hitler did? Idiot.
he's become a lunatic. depressing
he always was, just had some good media spin for a while.
always has been.
the "become" is my favoritest thing ever.
insulting Rudy on 9/👇 You're the LUNATIC - Hillary recd $20m fr Saudis - 3/4th terrorist were Saudis😡
Losing it, is he? It is the company he keeps!!!
there is only so much you can blame on the "company he keeps".
can't blame the company for Trump, can't blame the company for Manafort or Bannon, or or or or...
they are ALL awful and responsible EACH and ALL
"If the President does something, then it's not illegal..." The marriage of Trump and Nixon.
and would play major role in Trump admin
no, you are the lunatic. Corrupt media protecting Killary is depressing & #deplorable
Giuliani has always been crazy. It's just people didn't care when he could keep it focused on black people killed by police.
he's been a lunatic he was keeping it quiet.. now he see Trump n thought let me be myself publicly
RYAN: Even your higher-profile surrogates seem shaky. I respect Giuliani, but-- TRUMP: Yeah, he's lost it. I caught him screaming at a pear
Not to mention the millions of dollars he's made off the lives lost on this solemn day.
amazing, we've basically had front row seats to his descent into madness @ThisWeekABC
don't act as if you're bit also quite looney, Jennifer.
always been a raaging lunatic shud be deported like his ancestors were, con artist HerrTrump
Read his history. Sadly he always has been in many ways.
I totally agree. I find it so sad it's hard to watch.
So true. What the hell happened to him.
Yes Giuliani has gone completely nuts
ah another nonsensical remark
not true
what's not true?
That it's legal to do anything in wartime. R. Giuliani @ThisWeekABC
Paying4Iraqinvasion w/oil revenues was part of original plan #RiggedMedia @realDonaldTrump🇺🇸 @Morning_Joe #DeplorablesForTrump
Iraq would keep the oil and pay us back. Not that we'd physically keep the oil
Bush original plan had war crimes designed into it? NO it didn't.
the invasion your candidate insists he did not support. Sad
Talking about oil rev plans-I know ur intellectually inferior Liberal sucker try2 pay attn
And your boy GW Bush floated that oil plan. Just like the invasion built on false Intel.
Is this meant to be insulting? Your candidate is a liar and you position is immoral & hypocritical.
I am fascinated by those who choose to degrade & demean people who disagree. It's a pathetic impulse.
You missed the word “illegally” from the the start of your tweet.
Being celebrated as liberators was also part of the plan and Mission Accomplished
pity that part of the plan failed.
I think that was used to sell it to us rather than really being serious policy.
War Crime to Steal Resources.Quit Lying its Deplorable
is that plan available anywhere online?
Sigh. Where is the line drawn? Women, children, plundering and looting? Decency. Rules. Values.
All surrogates still trying to do a good #SPIN job on this. Trump has been too specific about his views on it too many times.
this guy's rep is in tatters
Giuliani's laugh after the statement sent chills down my spine.
Sincerely believe the Mayor is "losing it." His erratic behavior & bizarre rhetoric challenge reality. :(
This man has become a ghoul.
remember him as mayor outside of 9/11... This has always been the case.
Oh, I was there. Lived in NYC since 1988.
Yes, I saw in your bio. This man has not changed one iota.
A few minutes earlier, Rudy's delusions made him claim he NEVER used 9-11 to advance himself politically.
Of course, you corrected him. it would be the least you could do for the public after allowing him a venue to speak.
US journalists are worthless, imagine not following up on "it's a war, anything's legal."
Nah, cant do that. Only @amjoyshow has the cojones to stop her guests from lying.
spoken like a true imperialist wannabe
so in his world, there is no such thing as a war crime?
And it would make us no better than those we fight against.
blood for oil. Wonder if Iraq War vets & families of those soldiers who lost their lives are cheering Guiliani
He's just given up caring. Wow.
That is a demonstrable stream of lies. Demonstrably empirically provably mendacious. Stephanopolous so passive in response!
So, uh, the holocaust was legal then?
Please tell me someone corrected him.
Might makes Right, especially in a syphilis ridden brain.
I guess when Trump increases the military 10 fold, we can just roll up in there and take what we want. And the Oreos too.
Trump is still boycotting Oreos I think. LOL
I knew at least one person would get that joke. 😉
I bet he eats the generic ones. #deplorable
fun fact, Oreos are the generic ones. Hydrox is the original
yeah my Grampa ate those. Liked them with his instant coffee. 🙊 @ThirtyBirdy
LOL better have milk with those oreos, Rudi needs to stfu
while cutting taxes too! Mexico will pay for a tenfold increase in our already bloated military, believe me!
Giuliani thinks he's a pirate?
Hey Rudy, if you're gonna have to Trump-splain every Sunday, you should probably work on your delivery. As in, try honesty..
Hmmm ... There is so much wrong with this statement that I don't know where to start, but ... ok how about Nuremberg?
How about Auschwitz? Legal?
and 50% of Trump supporters won't know what, or where, that is; or why it is relevant to the Trump philosophy.
See he has lost his mind... He wants the U. S. To steal a Sovereign Countries natural product...that's Imperialism
I know no campaigning, but this is fucked up.
This is BS. He does say take it for ourselves. He complains about 6 trillion bill, and says we should have gotten some back.
Giuliani is a testament to conservative stupidity! You have to think this man is mentally just not all there!
i just dont know why this old cargo man always lying all the TIME
What an Asshole, it's not legal at all
so rape is legal? murder of civilians is legal? theft is legal? Giuliani is a RWNJ
Thank you. That is horrible thinking.
Top of the list must be the Trump Water he is drinking
that's why blacks do not VOTE for Republicans.. They have no consideration for what is RIGHT!
So the Holocaust was legal b/c Nazi Germany was at war with Poland? Frigging unbelievable! @ThisWeekABC
what the hell
There was NO war. No declaration, nothing. Just troops invading for no reason but Bush/Cheney lies.
Deplorable, immoral, and false. @RudolphGiuliani
And if you needed proof...
the women could have been working on cotton fields. Organ harvested.. Anything else
Both obscene and insane. And he claims to understand law...
Giuliani is a fucking imbecile.
Oh @MayorRGiuliani how far you've sunk since #September11
Giuliani will not disagree with Trump and endanger his cabinet appointment.
Why didn't they just take their women and first borns too.. the guy is nut.. History will not look favourably on him.
Has he never heard of war crimes?
"Until the war is over, anything is legal". Hitler would be proud of you, Ghouliani.
why do you keep having him on, it is really sad to watch
That laugh! "Until the war is over anything's legal." Keep this man away from power please! @ThisWeekABC
y'all need to relock Julia up in a mental institution
of course its legal..psychopath
OMG! What are we savages. These are not wars of acquisition. What a jerk.
looting a country of its resources is legal? Sounds like Neera Tandem
war crimes aren't war crimes if it AMERICA that is committing them
So that Geneva Convention thingy isn't relevant.
Why does anyone take Rudi seriously. he wants us to just commit war crimes.....he is disgusting
15 yrs ago, this man spoke from the soul of the nation. Today, he cackles manically while promoting pillage & plunder. @ThisWeekABC #shame
sanity has left the #GOP
In other words, war crimes are not crimes if committed by Americans… Spoken like a Trumpster!!!
This man needs stop dishonoring the men and woman that perished and that ran towards ground zero 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Yikes... What has happened to Rudy. He is totally nuts now.
Giuliani can be Trump's Colonialism Tzar
this is immoral, this is not how America conducts its wars. Not everything is legal while there is war, not everything is moral
Uh, no Rudi. It really isn't. It's called a "Code of Conduct". Look into it. It's supposed to be what makes us the good guys. @ThisWeekABC
he knows nothing about code of conduct, remember he wanted wife & mistress in Gracie Mansion at the same time #loser
Not the Code of Conduct- that governs behavior as evader/POW. Law of Armed Conflict but your point is correct.
Yes, yes... I meant a Code of Conduct in the general sense, as in something for people who actually possess ethics.@Crazy_Heinz @ThisWeekABC
You could also point to the UCMJ, Article II of the Constitution, Geneva, War Crimes Act of 1996, etc... @Crazy_Heinz @ThisWeekABC
A host of rules & regs that anyone engaging in public policy for as long as Rudi, damn well should know about. @Crazy_Heinz @ThisWeekABC
when will people realize somethings wrong with Giuliani? Trump's surrogates all seem disturbed. @MSNBC @CBS @CNN @FoxNews
this is legit terrifying
He must have hated the Marshall Plan.
"until the war is over, everything is legal" could have been a quote by Attila the Hun.
OMG George, you win DUFUS question of the year! Is it Legal? Really? Was it Legal they killed 3500 ppl 9/11?
until the break and enter at your home is over, anything is legal
1: Geneva conventions 2: War crimes 3: We couldn't wait to get rid of Giuliani on 9/10/01 4: He put command center in WTC #sad
Yeah sure. And then you would have not only ISIS against you, but the whole freaking population of Iraq! Good call jackass
ummmm, no its not.
not even a little bit accurate, or true. So murder is legal in war? Rape? Just as long as war is still going?
how dare he chuckle. Is war funny to him? To Trump? Pieces of shit.
Hey George, no pushpack on 1) legality and 2) Trump's actual words about taking oil?
What the hell are you thinking? Who cares if it's LEGAL? War is War. After 9/11, what they had was OURS.
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Yeah, sort of like the Nazis stealing artwork? How will we give oil back in 50 years when we are told it's a crime? #Hague
Blast From Yer Past, May 2004
Hillary is right. We need to expand mental health care services.
This is sad, watching Giuliani losing it in such a public fashion.
No, Rudy. It wouldn't have been legal. "War" doesn't make anything legal, dumbass.
- what an idiot. I think he has mental instability issues or something
Giuliani and @realDonaldTrump's policy: "To the victor goes the sp(OIL)s"... @chrislhayes
If you REALLY believe this, you're far dumber than I thought
Rudy wake up.
Does Guliani mean we should have turned our military into "CrudeOil Depot" #noted
absolute lunatic.
you're still an ass Rudy
amazing how far dumb people can get in life
Today I learned Rudy Giuliani doesn't know what a war crime is. Delightful.
Does anyone in our military?
They'll only learn if they lose, because war crimes are only for the defeated.
Since the war on terror isn't over; rape, torture, assassination are all still in play. #TrumpsWorldView
.....war without end... neocon justified
this is so wrong! I can't even listen to #RudiGuliani anymore.
Don't let a little thing like the Geneva Convention get in your way. #FascistRudy
is that an official "war rule" or is he making up his own rules? If there was no oil america wouldn't have given one shit
Don't we have a mercenary orangegutan running for office spewing idiocy? Why give time to his idiotic minions?
yeah- we want these guys running things.... Sure
Has Giuliani had a stroke?
But when it is all over, everyone, horrified, asks, “For heaven's sake, how could I?”-Albert Speer, writing from Spandau Prison
Media is being very irresponsible continuing to put someone who is obviously ill on camera. Shame on you.
Did he ... What the .. How the???😒 Unsurprising I guess, the concept of war crimes is abstract to BoD ... No-one's paying😞
it is not Georges job to be a Clinton Campaign add but of course all ABC is a big Democrat Campaign ad.
Rudy was correct as usual , George was taking a side. Nazi party was a left wing socialist party.ABC propaganda
of course! That's what Hitler would have hoped for: after the war all would be ok, crimes and all else.
Rudy, once again, that he is an utter, deplorable moron and sad excuse for a human being
Why would you plunder a country in ruin when it was our fault this happened.
We must seriously consider the consequences of our decisions.
and the decent into complete senile behaviour continue!
And that wouldn't create more hate against us idiots??
Rewriting history. GW not PBO agreed to leave bcuz Iraq, a sovereign nation to whom we brought "liberty," said "get out"
Not even close.
isn't it time to retire this old fool to a senior assisted living facility in Florida? #ImWithHer
this man needs to be institutionalized
There is something called international law dummies! Read this, especially the last part on Iraq.
To think, this buffoon is advising @realDonaldTrump . #ScaryAsHell.
Rudy. A message to you, Rudy. A message to you... This isn't a pillaging adventure.
Why, WHY is this guy still being interviewed?? Why is he on tv at all???
"war = anything is legal".... Wasn't that the leading cause of deaths among former German soldiers in Nuremberg for a while?
he's an embarrassment. He's speaking like a warlord in bad fitting suit.
So remember, he's on the record for saying ISIS was created because of Bush/Cheney & NeoCon failures. #FACT
his ignorance is beyond astounding.
No...See that's where you, Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld are wrong and later three should have reservations at the Hague.
Where are his kids? It's time for Shady Oaks, Rudy.
Wait, that isn't how free markets work?
I am almost 100% that the existence of the term "war crimes" shows otherwise.
Or what if the war itself is illegal?
So after BinLaden declared war on the U.S. everything they did after that is legal ? Giuliani your a fucking joke !
That's war criminal behavior. #WTF dude?
how does a former politician not know of War Crimes.. i.e, things u CANT DO during war
I suppose it would supply an added incentive to have more wars and make them longer.
Ghouliana has become a fucking embarrassment, a right wing nazi disgraceful scumbag who wants the US to commit war crimes.
We could actually just take all the stuff, everywhere.
that is an extremely dangerous conception. Unfortunately one that sometimes trickles through the command. See: Abu Ghraib
it's frightening that this lunatic might be part of a future government
Please stop giving that psychopath a megaphone on TV. He is a dangerous fool.
Poor Rudy, his moment has passed and he's left as a husk, spouting nonsense for eternity.
One Word: Nuremberg
and that's why @realDonaldTrump loves war, because he can get away with anything, you'll never catch his family on the front.
Does Giuliani remember Iraq had an election & we were liberators. Imagine the outrage throughout the Mid East if we grabbed oil
War crimes are not legal! #WarCrimeRudy
"Well, when the president does it, that means it is not illegal"
Why do people try to change Trump's words.
geneva convention?? Fuggeddaboudit!!!
That might be the most idiotic thing Giuliani has ever said.
Rudy Giuliani is an freaking idiot!
Giuliani then suggested we could have taken anything we want from the Iraqi people,after making a regime change.. @ThisWeekABC @ABCPolitics
Words have meanings. And this is why the word "fascist" is appropriate for this campaign.
no one asked him why they invaded Iraq .They Founded Isıs in order to be able to speak and act accordingly .
"Become" a lunatic & a ghoul? When was he not a dangerous narcissistic right winger?
Rudy should never be given a platform to spew his INSANITY and lies from.
I remember 9.11, who did it, who we went after instead,where they came from, and when Bin Laden got away. Fuck the GOP.
Terrible journalism. Call these idiots out when they spew lunacy. War crimes, ISIS controls Syrian oil.
how they justify in their minds complaining about our involvement in other countries and at the same time endorsing THIS.
wow....this dude...war mongerer without serving
The Hague Convention might disagree w/Rudy Kazoody.
Not to mention threats made to other countries & the perfect calm w/ which they encourage a proliferation of a nuclear world.
Hmm...just as legal as the Nazi's plundering other countries then?
GO HOME, you're drunk
Halloween is right around the corner.Looking forward to that GIULIANI MASK! Grimacing GIULIANI!! SAD!
How does Giuliani get away with this level of ignorance and misrepresentation? @ThisWeekABC
In the Age of Celebrity, chutzpah is treated as a substitute for knowledge and factual accuracy.
Unless you're a woman running for president. In that case, calling bigots bigots is some kind of taboo, it seems.
he's a trump supporter that's how
Of course, the media continues to allow this rhetoric to continue. Way to go! War crimes & Geneva mean nothing. #MediaGarbage
must precede headline with "Giuliani incorrectly says:"
How many times is this quack gonna defend Trump?!?!
Tell me SOMEONE reminded him of the Code of Conduct. No wonder their against nation building. Hitler is in hell cheering.
Along with Vladimir Putin
So then it was legal for the NAZIs to exterminate Jews, Communists, Gypsies, and others in their Death Camps? Got it, Rudy.
Shocking how Giuliani has turned into Trump's puppet.
Did not #DickCheney remark that #Iraq has the oil for the taking?
Has he always been insane?
Giuliani is a disgrace to our country because he's so desperate for a job and to be relevant #Pathetic
Giuliani is off his rocker.
Great! Let's teach our soldiers to rape and pillage during war. Can we take back "America's Mayor" tag from this idiot?
Very sad to see Giuliani losing his mind. Somebody who used to be coherent and well regarded.
he "didn't mean take it for ourselves," that's why he said, "To the victor goes the spoils" not "to the victor go the oils!"
"Until the war is over, anything's legal." You know, that's the same excuse us Germans used 75 years ago. What a bumbling idiot
This is like the movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers, this can't be a real human being talking nonsense like that.
A medieval thief in the 21st century.
Where did they get the arms?The military industrial complex orchestrated this to keep the "war" going with the aid of both D&R.
what the hell happened to this man? so plunder and rape during war time is cool now?
The man is a former prosecutor? So Rudy why persecute Nazis and war criminals if every is legal during war? Dementia much Rudy?
Giuliani doing Jon Lovitz's liar--in reverse--to try to justify Trump's words. "Yeah, that's the ticket. That's what he meant."
Surrogate's gone wild the Trump craziness continues.
this isn't the freaking middle.ages, you azz. We don't steal a sovereign nation's resources. That's what happnd here
Comrade #ClownMeat has his pal Fooliani spewing his nonsense on #ThisWeek
Giuliani dementia. Nazi felt until the war is over, Anything is Legal… #VoteOutGOP #TrumpPutin
Why, why, why does anyone bring on this lying, soulless, partisan hyena as a legitimate pundit?
Once he was a man who inspired the world. Now he's just sprouting stupid Trumpkin talking points.
"...anything is legal." Seriously. Nazis believed the same thing. We hung them Ruddy. Time to retire.
If this is what you get from him why do you have him on? Why funnel this crap to the American people? Do you think it helps?
This was NYC AG. No clue of the law of war and Geneva Convention Articles.
really? Then say IDK. Seems should know since he considered run for Prez but if didn't don't spout off with Trumpisms
oh God! Someone squeeze his prostate quick to get him back to his senses!
really really frightening shit
Monday morning quarterback.
yeah anything is legal like raping, killing and taking the families of the enemy as slaves.
Another old man that just wants to be somebody again.....
(No comment)
Apparently he is unaware of the term "War Crimes".
Like Trump, Rudy dodged the war through bogus deferments, but seems to know all about fighting wars.
If you believe a statement like this, then the obvious incentive is for *permanent* war. RT @ThisWeekABC
Which is what you get with the Global War On Terror.
amazing how much he looks and sounds like klemperer in "Judgement at Nuremberg"
I think Mr. Giuliani may be having a medical episode, possibly for the past few months. Please investigate.
So Rudy wants to be a thief like Donald
you asshole millions died for that f*** oil and its illegal
Pillage and Rape: the new Republican military doctrine.
This is 100% wrong.
this entire segment makes the case for renewable energy...
Rudy Giuliani is the weakest puppet to come on the scene. At least Bush Jr had Cheney to pull his strings. #KeepLaughing
war crimes are obviously a liberal invention.
That's as good a definition of a war criminal as I've heard. Right up there with I was only following orders. Disgusting.
İSİL say same thing.killing millions jews during WW2 legal then!!! idiot republicans they dont have brain.
Rudy, we've got a nice little basket over here that you definitely belong in. #BasketOfDeplorables
To Take Iraq Oil (Trump's Spolis Of War Idea), After the War Or From Any Country After A War, Is A WAR Crime!
"I'll take "Things Hitler Would Say for $200 Alex"
So has he literally never heard of "war crimes"? Geneva Conventions? Nuremberg rings no bells?
Rudy Giuliani, taking right-wing nut-jobbery to new levels each day
And who would have gotten the oil? Is there a national oil company that I don't know about? Or would it be just for friends?
DEFINITELY needs a psych eval. This man is NOT stable
More surrogates explaining "what Trump really meant" & why didn't @GStephanopoulos mention Geneva Conventions?
I'd like to get some of the weed Giuliani has been smoking. Must really be super krypie.
Stephanopoulos does it again. Rudy lies about what Trump says about taking oil and George lets him skate.
I can't wait for him to die
ah yeah, "securing" Iraq's oil from terrorist forces america has put there and endows actively; he sunk deeper as he spoke on.
Well, that is what Rumsfeld and Cheney said we were going to do. They said it would pay for the war that would be over in a day
Rudy, your fellow GOPers were so right in passing on you for Commander in Chief when they had a chance.
"My name is William Calley, Jr., and I approve this message."
And the Geneva Conventions, International Law are just a menu option.
So we went into Iraq, killed a million innocent Iraqis, 4500 American servicemen, $3 trillion, 1 million innocent Iraqis
Then we left and the Chinese came in and took the oil. The war was obscene start to finish. Those opposed said it was re: oil
He's been seeing too much of Netanyahu.
each Soldier could have a gallon jug to fill up before they leave the battlefield.
Really??? No Geneva Convention?? Rape, pillage, etc all legal??huh??? Wow people are actually following this guy!
That man would likely be In a Trump cabinet.